Chapter 388 - TCM vs Western Medicine, again

Xu Rui was actually feeling anxious, but he knew he couldn’t show it on his face and had to intimidate the victim’s parents. However, he underestimated the stubbornness of the parents.

The father instantly fought with Xu Rui. Although Xu Rui had some skills, he was still left in a terrible-looking state by the insane father.

His hair was a mess and his shirt was torn apart with a few of his buttons having fallen and a bite mark left on his wrist. Furthermore, there was also a trace on his nose that was left when the father headbutted him in the face.

With the help of the hospital’s security team, the two of them were finally separated from the scuffle.

After Xu Rui calmed down, he knew that he had to ensure the victim’s life so that he could help his son get a lighter sentence.

Wang Hong also couldn’t leave for the time being due to such a massive incident and he had to be the mediator to prevent them from fighting again.

“President Wang, I’m willing to donate ¥1,000,000 to the hospital if you guys can treat that child!” Xu Rui spoke as he adjusted his collar.

Letting out a sigh, he knew what Xu Rui was trying to do and shook his head with a wry smile. “You can keep that money to yourself. It’s not that we’re unwilling to save that child, but the victim’s condition is too severe.”

The moment Qin Ming heard about the sum, he immediately gave Wang Hong an eye signal. Still, seeing that Wang Hong wasn’t bothering him, he took the initiative to speak, “If the victim’s parents insist on saving the child, we can try with surgery. But there’s also a high chance of failure.”

Hearing those words, Wang Hong knitted his brows, but he kept his silence.

Qin Ming was a specialist at brain surgery. Although the rate of his success was slightly higher than the rest, there’s a high fatality rate with Brain Stem Hemorrhage. For the operation, it was optimistic if a world-classed specialist could have a 5% chance of success.

As Xu Rui’s face sank, he solemnly said, “How about this, as long as you guys are willing to try and treat the victim, I’ll donate ¥1,000,000 regardless of the result!”

Seeing how generous Xu Rui was, Qin Ming immediately nodded his head. “I’ll talk to the victim’s parents later. After all, they’re the guardians of the patient, and I need their signature for such a high-risked surgery.”

With a smile, Xu Rui glanced at the parents in disdain. “I’ve paid so much money to save their son, so what reason do they have to refuse?”

Hence, Qin Ming confidently walked over to the parents and started to explain the risks.

It was just like how Xu Rui expected. The parents would grasp onto any hope they had, even if they knew that it was a kindness granted to them by their enemy.

Xu Rui knew that he had to raise some money to increase the chance of a lighter sentencing for his son. Although ¥1,000,000 might not be much for him a few months ago, his company was facing difficulty now. So it’s a massive sum for him. He left in a hurry to transfer the money from his company’s account.

Wang Hong pulled Qin Ming to the side and criticised, “Qin Ming, I know that your medical skills are pretty good, but the risk of this surgery is too big…”

However, Qin Ming confidently waved his hand. “President Wang, don’t worry about it. I had success in the past, and the patient is a child. So if we do nothing, he will only die. But taking this risk, we might be able to save his life!”

Although Wang Hong felt that it wasn’t proper, he thought that they could give it a try, seeing how confident Qin Ming was.

Wang Hong understood Qin Ming’s thoughts. After being promoted to Vice-President, everyone felt that the latter only got promoted because of his support. Hence, Qin Ming still lacked in prestige. But if he could obtain ¥1,000,000 for the hospital, then it would stabilise his position in the hospital, and no one would gossip about him in the future.

Receiving the case file from his assistant, Qin Ming started examining the patient’s condition. Although it’s not the best condition to perform surgery, they’re in critical times, and they had to quickly perform surgery.

At this moment, a silhouette appeared in the hallway, which Wang Hong furrowed his brows together at the sight of this person. What is he doing here?

After a night of the emergency rescue, it’s roughly 8:30 a.m. now. The newcomer was Su Tao, who had immediately rushed over after learning that a child was in critical condition due to Xu Ran through the television.

After all, this matter was related to him. If he hadn’t destroyed Xu Ran’s mountain bike, the latter wouldn’t look for a repair shop, and this incident wouldn’t have happened.

“Why are you here?” Wang Hong asked curiously.

“Hello, President Wang. I’m here to treat the Brain Stem Hemorrhage patient!” Su Tao said after catching his breath. He immediately rushed over since Brain Stem Hemorrhage was a severe condition, and the patient could die at any moment. 

Shaking his head, Wang Hong bitterly smiled. “I know that your medical skills are pretty good, but the internal bleeding has gone over 5ml with the patient constantly in a high fever. It’s practically impossible to treat with medicine, and Qin Ming is preparing for surgery right now.”

Hearing those words, Su Tao’s face turned solemn as he warned, “President Wang, you’re also a Neurologist yourself, and you should know that surgery isn’t an appropriate approach. Even if the surgery succeeds, the brain would still be damaged in the process, inflicting irreversible effects. Death is a possibility, and there’s another possibility of the patient being in a vegetative state and will never regain his consciousness.”

However, Wang Hong’s face was unpleasant as he solemnly replied, “We’ve already informed the parents about this matter, and they have agreed to the surgery!”

“Despite knowing that the patient cannot be treated and still want to force treatment, this surgery is practically a murder!” Su Tao indifferently criticised.

Hearing those words, Wang Hong’s face alternated between red and white as he knew that Su Tao was right. But many times, there were things beyond a doctor’s control. Sometimes, they would have to perform surgery at the request of the patient’s family despite knowing the slim chance.

“Really? Then do you have a better alternative?” At this moment, Qin Ming came out of the ICU and furiously spoke up after hearing Su Tao’s words.

“President Wang, I’m willing to give it a try, and I will take full responsibility if anything happens to the patient.” Su Tao solemnly said. He wasn’t familiar with Qin Ming, but he knew that the latter has some position in the Neurology Department.

Shaking his head, Wang Hong firmly replied, “Although you’re a nominal Vice-President here, and you’ve also proven your ability, I can’t take this risk to allow a physician to treat a Brain Stem Hemorrhage patient. This is simply a joke!”

Standing to the side, Qin Ming burst out in disdain as he ridiculed, “Everyone calls you a divine physician, and you really consider yourself to be a doctor that can bring back the dead?”

Letting out a sigh, Wang Hong shook his hand. “Now isn’t the time to fight. Qin Ming, prepare for the surgery, and the patient will be in your hands. If you manage to treat the patient, it would be a great contribution to the hospital itself!”

With a smile, Qin Ming glanced at Su Tao and suddenly started scheming, “There’s still an hour till the surgery. Since Divine Physician Su is so confident in treating the patient, why don’t we let him have a go at it?”

Although Qin Ming’s words weren’t direct humiliation, each of his words held a blade that was more unbearable.

After a brief stun, Wang Hong knew that Qing Ming was purposely trying to make things difficult for Su Tao. Although he did not have any good impression of Su Tao, he couldn’t allow any internal conflicts as a qualified leader. Hence, he wanted to warn Qin Ming not to take things too far.

But just when he wanted to speak, Su Tao said with a smile, “President Wang, then please give me an hour! If I can’t do anything to help the patient, then you can perform the surgery on the patient!”

Hearing those words, Qin Ming started to fan the fire, “President Wang, Su Tao here is the favorite of Bureau Chief Di. If you don’t agree to it, I’m afraid that he might get Bureau Chief Di to give you an order!”

Instantly, Wang Hong’s face sank as he reprimanded, “Qin Ming, enough!”

Finally, Qin Ming shut his mouth since he understood Wang Hong well. He spoke the heart of the latter, which was the reason why Wang Hong lost his temper.

As Su Tao sighed, he firmly responded, “President Wang, just as Qin Ming said. If you don’t give me an opportunity, then I can only give Bureau Chief Di a call to request him!”

Su Tao wasn’t placing him in his eyes. The act of bypassing a direct superior was a bottom line for both a workplace or the political world which cannot be crossed. Hence, Wang Hong waved his hand in annoyance. “Forget it. If you want to treat the patient, then go ahead!”

Seeing how Su Tao got hooked up in his scheme, Qin Ming added, “Su Tao, President Wang is giving you an opportunity now. But opportunities aren’t given without any reason. What if you can’t treat the patient?”

Seeing his cold sneer, how could Su Tao not guess Qin Ming’s thoughts. But right now, life was at stake, and he didn’t want to waste too much saliva with Qin Ming. Thus, he declared, “If I can’t treat the patient, then I will resign from my position in Jianghuai Hospital! Since the TCM Building’s funds are already in place, it won’t affect anything even if I leave the hospital, and the TCM Department in Jianghuai Hospital will still smoothly develop in the future.”

“How heroic!” Qin Ming raised his thumb and mocked, “Then, I wish you success! That is also a piece of good news for me if you manage to resolve the problem. Otherwise, I will have to spend tens of hours on the surgery!”

Glancing at Qin Ming in disdain, Su Tao knew that this person was a scumbag, and continuing their conversation would just lower his standard.

Standing on the side, Wang Hong shook his head. Although his impression of Su Tao was ordinary, he did not approve of how Qin Ming plotted to hook Su Tao into a scheme.

Hence, Su Tao took the patient’s case file from Qin Ming and started looking through it.

As Wang Hong looked between Su Tao and Qin Ming, he suddenly realised that this was a direct battle between TCM and Western Medicine.

If Su Tao managed to treat the Brain Stem Hemorrhage, then that meant that the TCM was highly capable in neurology!

However, Wang Hong did not believe that TCM could treat Brain Stem Hemorrhage. Still, he had a foreshadowing that the actual development might surpass his imagination since he knew how much admiration Di Shiyuan had for Su Tao.

An unnoticeable sneer rose on Qin Ming’s lips, feeling that Su Tao was just pretending. How could a young physician understand the terms used in Western Medicine on their documents?

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