Chapter 387 - Young Criminal

Xu Ran was dumbfounded as he looked at Xu Rui in astonishment and the emotions in his eyes slowly turned to rage.

“Shut up!” Xu Rui hollered. “Do you know how much trouble you’ve brought me this time?!”

From Deng Feng, Xu Rui came to know that his son had offended Yan Jing, and he actually wanted to take his gun to take revenge. Hence, he slapped his son to wake him up. Otherwise, his son wouldn’t even know how he loses his life.

Xu Ran’s lips were twitching. Although Xu Rui was never a qualified father in his heart, his father has never laid a hand on him.

“From today onwards, we’re no longer father and son!” Xu Ran bellowed as he took his bag and left the house.

Looking at his son’s silhouette, Xu Rui was a little helpless. How could he not know that his son was arrogant? But in his view, his son was only a rebellious youth.

Returning to the room, the naked woman in the bed placed her phone aside and asked with a smile, “Boss, are we still playing? We had an agreement earlier that I would only accompany you for three hours!”

As Xu Rui’s glance wandered on that woman’s body, he instantly tossed his son’s deed to the back of his mind and took out a set of clothes from his closet before throwing them over. “Change into these!”

When the woman flipped through the clothes, it was a leather shirt, trousers, whip, police baton, and even a police cap!

“Boss, you really know how to play!” The woman started to change into this fetish uniform.

As the woman wore the cap in a slanted way, she smiled and brandished her arm with the whip crackling in the air!

Licking his lips, Xu Rui immediately pounced over to the woman.

After Xu Ran left home, he headed to an underground internet pub and wanted to spend his night there.

Since he was here often and was also generous, everyone practically knew Xu Ran.

“Young Master Ran, you don’t seem too happy.” A hoodlum handed a cigarette stick over. “There’s something special added inside, and I guarantee that all your worries will be gone by the time you’re finished with it.”

Xu Ran usually refrained from touching these since there might be drugs added inside, which he knew that his life would be gone if he did. However, his mood was rock bottom right now, and so, he took it and lit it up. But after taking a few puffs, it didn’t suit his taste since it was too choking and threw it into the ashtray.

“Don’t waste it!” The hoodlum immediately picked it up and lit it for himself. “Why don’t I find a few chicks for you to kill some time with?”

Xu Ran knew that this fellow was just trying to get some money out of him, which he took out ¥600 from his bag and handed it over. “Make a small party!”

Waving his hand, that hoodlum declared, “Young Master Ran is treating again!”

Immediately, a few people followed the hoodlum out to the nearby supermarket to buy some snacks and drinks.

Grabbing the Budweiser, Xu Ran crossed his legs, looking like his father as he sat on the chair, giving out orders.

A youth dragged a girl over and pushed her over to Xu Ran. “Young Master Ran, here’s a chick for you!”

That girl had a fresh face and looked reserved, while the youth persuaded, “Young Master Ran is the boss here, and if you’re open enough to serve him well, you can resolve anything in the future with a single call! You like League of Legends, you’ll be able to play any champion you want! If you like Mobile Legends, you can have any skin you want!”

However, the girl was still shy and violently shook her head.

Glaring at that youth, Xu Ran said, “What’s the use of being so gentle? In ancient times, you couldn’t even qualify for a pimp!”

When he finished, he gave that girl a slap, which caused the girl to be dumbfounded. After that, he chuckled and pulled on the girl’s chest with his hand wandering to her bra. But even so, he didn’t find it exciting enough and wanted to drag her trousers off.

At that moment, a yell came from outside, “The police are here!”

Xu Ran immediately turned his head over. This was an underground internet café, and many customers here were still underage. Since the boss wasn’t usually around, a manager was assigned here. But the manager had already fled when he heard that the police came.

As Xu Ran cursed his misfortune, let go of the girl. Looking at everyone as they fled, he calmly stood there. He believed that with his father’s ability, he definitely wouldn’t be in any trouble, even if he’s arrested.

“Are you Xu Ran?” An officer asked after comparing the photo. In his heart, he felt that this brat was pretty bold since everyone has already fled, and yet he’s still here.

“I am, what’s wrong?” Xu Ran fearlessly asked.

“We’re suspecting that you might be involved in a case of Malice Murder, so please cooperate with our investigation!” When he finished, another officer came forth and restrained Xu Ran with handcuffs.

“Have you guys made a mistake?” Xu Ran felt that he misheard. Wasn’t the police here to seal off the underground internet café? Why did they come for him?

“You beat up an 8-year-old child today at a bike repair shop. The child suffered heavy injuries with Brain Stem Hemorrhage and is still in critical condition.” The officer sighed, feeling that Xu Ran was really calm. He beat up someone in the afternoon and still dared to visit an internet café at night as if nothing had happened.

As Xu Ran was brought into the vehicle, the news soon spread to Xu Rui, which the latter felt his entire world collapsing.

After Xu Rui wore his clothes and got the woman to leave, he immediately drove to the station that kept his son while making calls to inquire about the situation.

Although Xu Rui’s company could no longer stay in Hanzhou City, he still had his resources, which he immediately found a lawyer through his contacts.

However, the lawyer helplessly replied, “Xu Ran is already over sixteen, and he’s considered a lawful adult. Although the difference between Malice Assault and Malice Murder is only one word, Xu Ran will have to bear the crime of murder if the victim dies. But if the victim only suffered heavy injuries, then Xu Ran’s sentence will be lightened. However, the victim is still in critical condition, so there isn’t a conclusion yet!”

Hence, Xu Rui immediately turned his vehicle around and headed for Jianghuai Hospital. At this moment, he knew that he had to pray for the safety of the victim for his son’s life and prospects!

Within the emergency room in Jianghuai Hospital, all the specialists were practically gathered here with grave expressions. Through their examinations, the patient’s condition wasn’t too ideal.

Brain Stem Hemorrdge was a serious nervous system condition with a high fatality rate. If the internal bleeding was at 3ml, the fatality rate was roughly 70%. If the bleeding was above 5ml, the fatality rate would be at 90%, and if it went over 10ml, the fatality rate was practically 100%.

Due to the massive blow to the brain, the patient’s internal bleeding has exceeded 5ml, which meant that the chances of surviving weren’t high.

The patient was only eight, and his parents were common folks. But due to this sudden calamity, they faced the danger of having their family ruined.

Wang Hong was also a neurologist in the past, but he was also helpless with this condition. Standing to the side, Qin Ming weakly sighed and said, “We can only tell the patient’s parents the truth!”

When they came out of the room, the patient’s mother was crying as she kneeled on the ground. “President Wang, please! Please save my son; he’s only eight!”

Standing to the side, the patient’s father slapped his face with regret. “It’s all my fault! If I knew this would happen, I wouldn’t have caused any trouble! If my son dies, then I’ll die together with him!”

It was because of him slapping Xu Ran, which resulted in the revenge being taken out on his child and creating this tragedy.

However, the specialists have already worked a few hours on it, but there weren’t any signs of improvement. Hence, they have already done their best.

Looking at the parents who have been waiting outside for a few hours, Wang Hong sighed out in regret, “I’m sorry, but the patient’s injuries are too severe. We tried several methods, but we weren’t able to stop the patient’s condition from worsening.”

Brain Stem Hemorrhage was one of the severe cases of the brain’s internal bleeding. The brain stem controls one’s consciousness, and it’s the foundation of life. Hence, surgery is impossible, and they could only resort to treatment.

Modern Western Medicine’s treatment for it is to provide oxygen for the patient, injecting respiration stimulants, and stop the bleeding from worsening.

But during the treatment, there’s a high chance of the vital signs going chaotic, so doctors could only deal with it from the symptoms.

“The patient is having persistent fever, and it’s extremely unfavorable for treatment.” Qin Ming weakly sighed. “If his condition worsens, then we can only resort to using a breathing apparatus to try and lengthen his life.”

When the patient’s mother heard those words, her eyes rolled back and instantly fainted.

Wang Hong wasn’t surprised by this incident since it wasn’t rare. Letting out a sigh, he instructed the nurses to tend to the mother and perform psychological counseling.

At this moment, a silhouette appeared at the lift. Xu Rui finally found his way over. When he saw the mess outside, he recollected himself and walked over. “I’m Xu Ran’s father. Please use the best medication, and I will bear all the cost of it!”

Xu Ran?

The patient’s father raised his head and grabbed ahold of Xu Rui’s collar with rage in his eyes. “You’re the father of Xu Ran?!”

Gently pressing on the hand of the patient’s father, Xu Rui unhappily replied, “My son is an impulsive child, but we’re all responsible for this matter, nor do we wish for this to happen. I promise that if your son really dies, then I will give you guys sufficient compensation.”

However, his words were akin to adding oil to the fire!

So what if you’re rich?

That patient’s father instantly threw a punch at Xu Rui’s face, in which the latter easily blocked it.

Pushing the patient’s father away, Xu Rui threatened, “Consider it well. If your son dies, it’s pointless for you guys to pursue this matter if you don’t get any compensation out of it!”

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