Chapter 386 - Kicking onto a metal plate

After receiving Deng Feng’s instruction, a thug immediately smashed the beer bottle and pointed at the soup. “Why is there a cockroach here?! Boss, come and look at it yourself! Bloody hell, it ruined my appetite!”

Little Wen’s father was startled before he immediately went over and saw a cockroach swimming in the soup. Evidently, it was just placed in.

He immediately knew that this group of people must be behind it, but he could only lower his head and apologise, “I’m terribly sorry about this gentlemen, it was a fault on our part. How about considering this meal on us?”

“On you?” Deng Feng snickered, “We’ve eaten unclean food, what should we do if we fall sick?!”

However, Little Wen’s father managed to tactfully reply, “If you guys fall ill, I will surely bear the medical costs!”

“Interesting!” Deng Feng knocked his finger on the table and demanded. “Since you’re willing to pay for the medical expenses, sure. Give all my brothers here ¥500 each!”

Giving ¥500 for everyone in the three tables meant at least ¥15,000. How could their family afford it?

Hence, Little Wen’s father was instantly dumbfounded.

“Take the money from me if you want!” Yan Jing smiled with her eyes narrowed as she looked at Su Tao, which she was implying that Su Tao was finding trouble for her.

But since Su Tao asked for her help, then she naturally had to help since it was just a small matter to her anyway.

Yan Jing casually took out a checkbook from her purse and wrote ¥20,000 on it before gently smacking it on the table.

However, Little Wen’s father immediately shook his head and refused, “This has nothing to do with you, so how can we let you pay for us?”

When a lackey saw that not only was Yan Jing gorgeous, she was even generous, he strode over and took the check. When he glanced at it, it was truly ¥20,000. Instantly, he smiled with his eyes narrowed into seams as he came to Deng Feng and asked, “Boss, see if this check is real.”

Taking the check over from the lackey, Deng Feng glanced at it, and his face was instantly drained of all color. Beads of sweat gathered on the tip of his nose before he immediately waved his hand and whispered into the ears of another lackey. Shortly after, that lackey ran in and reported the car license to Deng Feng.

Hearing the license, Deng Feng was pale. The check could be counterfeited, but the owner of the car wouldn’t!

Under Xu Rui, Deng Feng could be considered a figure in the underworld. Hence, he naturally heard of the Venomous Widow’s reputation, in which he imprinted her car plate license into his mind.

Although he wasn’t involved in how Xu Rui was extorted when the latter punctured a vehicle under Yan Jing’s company, he heard that even his boss could only lower his head before Yan Jing. Compared to his boss, he was only a lackey, so why would he dare to receive this check?

After Deng Feng carefully stood up, he respectfully walked over to Yan Jing and returned the check. “I was blind, I never expected to encounter Director Yan here!”

Yan Jing smiled, “Your name is Deng Feng, the subordinate of Xu Rui, right?”

Deng Feng immediately trembled. “I am! I never imagined that Director Yan would remember my name!”

“Xu Rui knows that his business isn’t doing well in Hanzhou City, and is preparing to move his business to another province. Right now, the person representing him in Hanzhou City is someone called Deng Feng, so I’ve once seen your photo. Go back and tell Xu Rui to know his limits, especially when he’s earning from the government.” Yan Jing indifferently said.

Although it was still the beginning of spring, the weather was still pretty cold, but beads of sweat could be seen dripping down from Deng Feng’s nose. At this moment, he was so terrified that he didn’t even dare to wipe it.

As for his lackeys, they were also trembling and they did not dare to utter a sound.

Who could have expected that they would encounter the Venomous Widow, whose reputation resounded the Huainan and Huaibei Provinces?

“Here’s your check back!” Deng Feng immediately took out his wallet and pulled out a few red bills. “Boss, the bill, please!”

Little Wen’s father initially thought that he would be extorted. He never imagined that not only was Deng Feng dropping that matter, he even wanted to pay for the bill.

“Hold it!” Yan Sha stood up and obstructed them. “You guys still owe money for food for the past few days as well!”

Hearing those words, Deng Feng wryly smiled.

Those who came to eat for free weren’t part of their group, so it must have been another group under Xu Ran’s orders.

But there was nothing he could do at this moment, he was just unlucky.

Right now, that debt was also on his head as well.

Despite Yan Jing being alone, he knew that she could sweep waves in Hanzhou City’s underworld with a whistle. He might have over thirty men here, but they weren’t even enough to deal with her pinkie. The reason why Yan Jing didn’t make a move was because he’s an ant in her eyes, and she couldn’t be bothered to deal with someone like him.

Hence Deng Feng could only pull out a few more bills and passed them over to Little Wen’s father with a fawning smile. “I’m terribly sorry about that. I’m paying for those bills as well. Please do not be offended by crude people like us!”

Little Wen’s father was utterly stunned by the development, but he recovered after a long time had passed. At this moment, he knew that he met a benefactor today.

Thugs like Deng Feng might be fierce, but they could only hold their tails between their legs when they meet someone more powerful.

Sitting to the side, Su Tao sighed. This was the Venomous Widow’s lethality. She only spoke a few words and wrote a check to intimidate over thirty people.

After all, it was best for the problem to be resolved without any violence since Little Wen’s parents were ordinary people, and they had to do business. So it would only affect their business in the future if the matter blew up.

Yan Jing probably considered this matter, which was why she gave out the most appropriate solution.

As Su Tao raised his thumb to Yan Jing, the latter smiled. “I’m hungry, get the boss to serve the dishes quickly!”

Little Wen’s parents were filled with gratefulness and immediately went to whipping up dishes. When they were adding the ingredients, they put too much into the dishes.

However, Yan Jing was calm without any reaction, which Su Tao sighed. The Venomous Widow’s charm was truly formidable.

When Xu Ran saw Deng Feng and the rest returning in dejection, he furrowed his brows. “Uncle Deng, why are you guys back?”

Letting out a weak sigh, Deng Feng replied, “Young Master Ran, I suggest you don’t bother this street food stall anymore.”

However, Xu Ran was perplexed. He ordered a few lackeys to come and eat for free just a few days ago, but nothing happened. So why was Deng Feng so overly cautious now?

Xu Ran’s first reaction was that Deng Feng only had a reputation without any substance, and wasn’t ruthless enough when handling matters. If he knew about it earlier, he wouldn’t have spent one month’s worth of pocket allowance to treat these people to a meal.

With his brows locked together, Xu Ran asked, “What’s going on?”

Seeing that Xu Ran’s tone has changed when talking to him, Deng Feng instantly became unhappy. After all, he was a subordinate of the former’s father, and it was also because of his father that he came to help today. Letting out a sigh, Deng Feng wasn’t willing to continue with his explanation. “I’ll explain this matter to Mr. Xu, and he will talk to you about this matter.”

As Deng Feng waved his hand, everyone immediately went into the vans and drove off so that it wouldn’t obstruct the business.

Seeing that Xu Ran wasn’t willing to leave, Deng Feng cursed in his heart. This little brat really has a talent for creating trouble. With Xu Rui encountering a problem in his business, wouldn’t it be even tougher since they’ve offended Yan Jing now?

Deng Feng knew that Xu Rui’s powerful momentum had disappeared, and he was now pondering if he should look for another boss!

When Xu Ran returned home, he immediately charged to Xu Rui’s room. After knocking on the door a few times and not getting any response, he resorted to kicking down the door.

Xu Rui was currently having a sweet talk with a woman, and he naturally heard the commotion outside. But he felt that if he left it alone, his son would ultimately give up. However, he never expected that his stinking son would kick down the door.

Startled by the commotion, Xu Rui felt a numbing sensation on his lower body and his face turned red. He kissed the forehead of that woman and gently said, “Babe, I’ll come back shortly!”

That woman was in her twenties and she was playing with her phone on the bed. Although the lights in the room were dim, Xu Ran could see her appearance. She actually shared some resemblance with Jiang Qinghan.

When that woman saw that Xu Ran was staring at her, she wasn’t bothered about it. She took the mineral water on the shelf and took a small mouthful before she gave him a bewitching smile.

However, Xu Ran had no interest since he knew that this woman wasn’t a decent woman. Judging from her looks, she should be a lady from a nightclub. Then again, she looked to be one of those high-end ones, which Xu Rui must’ve spent quite a bit of money on her.

Arriving at the living room, Xu Rui looked for his wallet. Letting out a sigh, he took out a dozen bills and threw them on the table. “Your dad’s business isn’t doing too great recently, and I’m a little tight on money. So you have to learn how to spend wisely,”

Glancing at the bills on the table, Xu Ran did not even take them as he replied, “I don’t want money!”

“Haha!” Xu Rui burst into laughter. “Did the sun rise from the west today? My son is actually not asking me for money!”

“I want that gun in your safe!” Xu Ran solemnly said.

Immediately, Xu Rui’s laughter stopped and he looked at his son in puzzlement. “What do you need a gun for?”

“To kill someone!” Xu Ran gnashed his teeth.

Xu Rui was instantly startled by his son’s declaration. He knew his son’s temper, and his son was impulsive whenever his anger flared up. Locking his brows, Xu Rui asked, “Tell me, what’s going on, and I’ll consider giving it to you!”

“Ask Deng Feng! Your subordinates are all useless fools!” Xu Rui responded.

Raising his hand, Xu Rui knew that his son had suffered outside. Hence, he patiently persuaded, “Let me give Deng Feng a call, don’t bother me first. If someone really provoked you, then I’ll surely handle it for you!”

Xu Rui pampered his son a lot. Although he was unscrupulous when it came to managing his company, he placed all his hope on his son.

Hence, he gave Deng Feng a call, which the latter swiftly picked it up and slowly explained the matter. As Xu Rui heard the explanation, his face grew darker.

“Dad, Deng Feng is completely useless! He’s a coward!” Xu Ran fanned the fire from the side. “I feel that you should fire him. Someone like him isn’t suitable to be your assistant!”

When Xu Rui hung the call, he turned and gave a cold look at Xu Ran.

At this moment, Xu Ran was still furious about Deng Feng. “He can’t even handle a small matter, so how can he stay in the underworld? Why don’t I introduce you to a few people that are definitely more reliable than him!”

However, Xu Rui’s response was a resounding slap on his son’s face.

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