Chapter 384 - Brain Stem Hemorrhage

Xu Ran took his mountain bike to a repair shop. When the boss saw how tattered the bike was, he immediately waved his hand. “Just sell this bike to a scrap collector, and it might be able to fetch you ten-something yuan.”

“Do you think I care about that money?” Xu Ran was angry and slapped the boss.

The boss was dumbfounded. He never expected that the temper of this kid would be so bad. Thus, he immediately charged forth and got into a fight with Xu Ran.

Although Xu Ran has practiced a few days of Taekwondo, he did not put his heart into it. On the other hand, the bike repair shop’s boss often did physical activity, so he easily gave Xu Ran two slaps before kicking the brat out.

He got his bike destroyed and even got bullied by the boss of a bike repair shop today. Hence, Xu Ran instantly felt the rage burning within his chest. He then immediately gave a call to his father.

Half an hour later, four grey vans arrived outside the shop with thirty to forty people stepping out of those vans. They were all burly and surging with killing intent.

When the boss saw this situation, he immediately wanted to dial for the police. But just when he pressed on a number, one man charged over and shoved him to the ground while the rest smashed his shop with metal bats.

However, this was a repair shop, so there was black oil lying around. Hence, smashing it wouldn’t make the scene worse than it already looked. So after a few minutes, everyone stopped their trashing.

The repair shop’s boss was being stepped on the ground by a robust man. After a brief pondering, Xu Ran took the cup on the table and poured away the tea in it before unzipping his pants and urinated in it.

When everyone saw the young master’s actions, they instantly burst into laughter.

Pinching his nose, Xu Ran took the cup and came to the repair shop’s boss. “Uncle Deng, help me pry this bastard’s mouth open!”

As Deng Feng chuckled, he went along with it. “Alright, that’s a virgin’s pee. This fellow got a bargain!” As he spoke, he pried open the boss’ mouth.

“This is not a virgin’s pee. This young master is no longer a virgin!” Xu Ran explained as he poured the urine into the boss’s mouth.

The boss was unfortunate. He was an infamous figure in this region decades ago. Still, he slowly pulled himself out of the underworld after he got married and had kids, in which he started a business by repairing bikes and even took a few brands of electric-powered bikes, living a decent life.

But how could he endure being slapped by a brat? Hence, his rage ignited and returned those slaps to Xu Ran.

However, he never imagined that that was the beginning of his calamity. When he was glorious, he only had a dozen lackeys around him. However, this brat managed to call thirty to forty people over with a call. Hence, he knew that this brat wasn’t simple, and he had bumped into a metal plate.

With the stench of urine permeating from his mouth, it created waves in his stomach before he violently retched.

Watching this scene, Deng Feng smiled. “Young Master Ran, does that feel better?”

Nodding his head, Xu Ran glance at the door and saw a young married woman with a boy who seemed to be eight.

That young married woman locked her brows together and hollered, “What are you guys doing?”

Pointing at the young married woman and the little boy, Xu Ran ordered, “Bring those two over!”

Letting out a sigh, Deng Feng knew that Xu Ran was the same as his boss, Xu Rui, in this matter. The moment they encounter their enemy, they would become ruthless. But there was nothing he could do, since he was given an order to deal with the problem here. Hence, he could only go along with Xu Ran’s wish and nudged his lips towards those two.

As Xu Ran walked over, he immediately grabbed ahold of that little boy.

When that little boy started to cry, the young married woman somehow managed to break free from the restraint and pounced over out of motherly love.

However, Xu Ran unleashed a punch in the towering chest of that young married woman, which made her gasp for her breath before unleashing a barrage of slaps on the little boy for a few minutes.

“If you want to blame someone, you can only blame your father for being blind!” Xu Ran was ruthless with his slaps, causing the little boy’s cheeks to swell with blood hanging on the corner of his lips.

Fearing that the little boy might die, Deng Feng immediately charged over and held onto Xu Ran’s arm. “Young master, don’t kill him! Let’s go, quickly. It won’t be easy to deal with if the police arrive later!”

After venting his anger, Xu Ran finally calmed down and glared at the young married woman before he waved his hand and laughed, “Sorry for the trouble. Let’s go. I’ll treat you guys to a meal!”

A long while after they left, the boss of the shop got up with great difficulty and came to his wife and son.

His wife was crying as she embraced their unconscious son. The boss staggered and looked for the tattered phone. He then placed the battery in before calling for an ambulance.

He did not choose to call the police, since he was once in the underworld. In this kind of matter, he could only choose to swallow it up. Otherwise, he would face revenge from the other party.

Jianghuai Hospital

Wang Hong was currently discussing the next development for the hospital with doctors that were at least at the Department Head-level.

It has been a few months since Wang Hong transferred over, and he had a rough idea of the current hospital’s situation. Di Shiyuan has laid out a good foundation, and under Di Shiyuan’s help, Wang Hong managed to smoothly get used to the environment here.

Compared to the other hospitals, Jianghuai Hospital had more patients with more complicated cases. But despite the great difficulty in their work, the income of the doctors here wasn’t any different from the other hospitals. Hence, many of their specialists went to other hospitals during the weekend to moonlight and weren’t willing to work overtime.

So the moment Wang Hong took over, he immediately performed a tremendous readjustment to the salaries, which the doctors were now passionate about their work.

As Wang Hong glanced at the TCM Department’s Head, Zhang Chao, he was a little unhappy in his heart. Yet again, Su Tao was absent from the meeting. Although Di Shiyuan told him that Su Tao was only holding a nominal position here and to not make too many requests to the latter, Wang Hong still felt a little unhappy. After all, Jianghuai Hospital has been giving out the salary akin to a Vice-President to Su Tao monthly.

“Why isn’t Vice-President Su here? Did you guys even inform him?” Wang Hong questioned as he looked at Zhang Chao.

Recently, Su Tao hasn’t been to Jianghuai Hospital much, which Zhang Chao could only smile and explained, “Vice-President Su has been having meetings outside, and he has also taken a leave of absence. This is the reason why he wasn’t here recently for any consultations!”

Wang Hong has actually seen Su Tao’s leave of absence request, but he knocked his finger on the table. “The TCM Building’s construction has already started, so your TCM Department has to closely follow up on it and conduct a strict bidding on the apparatuses. I initially planned to hand the entire project to Vice-President Su, but since he’s so busy, then we can’t leave it to him. Let’s have Vice-President Qin take over!”

Qin Ming was the newly promoted Vice-President, and was a Neurologist. At the same time, he’s also a good friend of Wang Hong’s. After Wang Hong became the President of Jianghuai Hospital, he immediately promoted Qin Ming as the Vice-President to handle the matters in the hospital.

Hearing those words, Zhang Chao locked his brows together and remained silent. Wang Hong’s intention was evident, he wanted to weaken Su Tao’s authority here.

It has really been some time since Su Tao came to Jianghuai Hospital, so Wang Hong’s action was understandable.

But for Zhang Chao, that meant that his authority would also be affected. Su Tao washed his hands clean from all matters, and if there was a bidding for TCM’s apparatuses, the highest authority would fall upon Zhang Chao. But now, Wang Hong assigned Qin Ming to handle this matter, which ruined his entire plan of fishing for some benefits.

Letting out a cough, Zhang Chao still sounded his doubt, “But TCM and Western Medicine are fundamentally different. I’m afraid that Vice-President Qin won’t be familiar with our apparatuses, right?”

Waving his hand, Wang Hong unhappily said, “In terms of apparatuses, Western Medicine is more complicated than TCM. Qin Ming has years of experience, and it will be fine leaving it to him.”

Zhang Chao was just a Department Head, and despite the current popularity of the TCM Department, Wang Hong did not feel that the former had the authority to question his decisions.

Waving his hand, Wang Hong declared, “Dismiss!”

In the end, Zhang Chao could only helplessly sigh as he left, shaking his head.

Walking over to Wang Hong, Qin Ming gave his thumbs-up. “Thanks for venting this resentment for me!”

Wang Hong was surprised as he glanced at Qin Ming. He was only judging the matter as it stands. Hence, he asked out in perplexion, “What’s wrong? You had a conflict with Zhang Chao?”

“Oh, no. I’m just unsatisfied with those physicians in the TCM Department.” Qin Ming said with indignance. “Right now, the TCM Department of Jianghuai Hospital is extremely famous outside, and there were also many rumors of it being superior to Western Medicine. When patients visited Western Medicine’s departments, they would have a different diagnosis after visiting the TCM Department. After this matter was blown up, the patients were all under the perception that our Western Medicine was sloppy when it comes to diagnosis.”

Letting out a sigh, despite his complaints about Su Tao, it was undisputed that the latter was the one who created the TCM branding in Jianghuai Hospital. The reason why patients created a din was because TCM gave out a more effective solution than Western Medicine. Thus, Wang Hong patiently persuaded, “Then, Western Medicine has to buck up. It’s good for there to be competition between the two factions in the hospital since that will drive for improvements!”

Hearing Wang Hong’s words, Qin Ming knew that he would be too petty if he continued speaking. Thus, he endured his words and planned to wait for the right time to announce to the TCM Department that Western Medicine is the key to development in the medical industry.

Especially that Su Tao. Qin Ming was young, and he has always been the representative of the younger doctors in Jianghuai Hospital. But ever since Su Tao appeared, the latter instantly became Di Shiyuan’s favorite, reducing him to that of a supporting role.

After Wang Hong and Qin Ming came out of the meeting room, the latter’s phone suddenly rang. When he picked up the call, his expression turned grave as he verified, “What? Brain Stem Hemorrhage? I’ll come over immediately!”

Wang Hong wasn’t a stranger to Brain Stem Hemorrhage. It was a lethal condition. In the entire history of Jianghuai Hospital, there weren’t many successful cases.

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