Chapter 383 - Black Sheep

Xu Ran’s father could be considered as an influential figure in Hanzhou City, and Xu Ran has been causing trouble for his father ever since he entered Junior High School. Putting it in a nutshell, Xu Ran was a black sheep to his father!

Ever since Xu Ran’s mother passed away when he was young, Xu Rui did not discipline his son much and focused most of his time on his career. Every so often, Xu Ran would witness his father bringing different women in to spend the night. Thus, he was enlightened by the sexual matter between men and women at an early age to the point that he forced himself onto a female classmate in his first year.

That matter was resolved by Xu Rui with money, spending a total of ¥400,000 to ¥500,000 before he managed to appease the other party. Although the parents of that student were considered dignified people, they were terrified by Xu Rui’s underworld means. Hence, they ultimately accepted the money and left Hanzhou City.

During his second year in Junior High School, Xu Ran became even more unbridled and visited more prostitutes than his father.

To ensure that Xu Ran could complete his school, Xu Rui would donate at least a million to the school annually. Although this was considered a small sum for him, he was helpless against his son.

As time passed, Xu Rui got over it since Xu Ran wasn’t studying material back then, so since his son had no interest in studying, he planned to allow his son to spend a few years in school before having him help in his company. If that didn’t work, then he could buy some property for his son to have a stable income. At that time, he would have already done the best he can as his obligation as a father.

Seeing that Yan Sha refused his request, Xu Ran felt embarrassed and figured he had to show Yan Sha some color before she could be docile to him.

When they came out of the school gates, Xu Ran waved his hand and several hoodlums in black jackets who looked to be seventeen or eighteen came over. As Xu Ran gave them a few cigarettes, he whispered in their ears.

Xu Ran was experienced in clogging the path outside the school, and those hoodlums were dropouts from schools and wandering in society. Because Xu Ran often visited internet cafés, ice rinks, and billiards halls, he managed to recruit them and became generous himself, establishing a small local triad — the Ignition Hall!

Xu Rui also knew about this matter, but he did not stop his son and even increased the latter’s pocket allowance. He felt pride that his son has achieved what he did at his age, like father, like son. Although his son wasn’t good in his studies, he had the charm of a leader. In the future, Xu Rui felt that his son might be able to make a name for himself!

When those hoodlums saw Yan Sha, they started to whistle, which the parents on the sidelines had loathe in their eyes. However, those reactions made the hoodlums even rowdier instead.

One of them laughed, “Young Master Ran, your chick is really hot. You have good eyesight!”

Shrugging his shoulders, Xu Ran replied, “Don’t be so crude, call her your Sister-in-Law!”

Another one of them bootlicked, “Sister-in-Law is really pretty! Shall we go and greet her?”

After a brief pondering, Xu Ran decided to bring his lackeys over to meet with Yan Sha and Little Wen. This way, he would be able to make Yan Sha behave. Thus, he returned with his mountain bike.

However, there was something unusual. Yan Sha waved her hand towards the roadside, where a young man was smiling as he walked towards Yan Sha.

Receiving the bag from Yan Sha, Su Tao greeted Little Wen, “I’ll send you home!”

When Little Wen saw Su Tao’s arrival, she inwardly felt relieved, before subconsciously glancing at Xu Ran.

At this moment, Xu Ran was coming over with his lackeys.

“It’s no wonder why you’re not willing to get on my bike, so someone is here to fetch you in a car! But it’s just a Volkswagen, is there anything great about it?” Xu Ran suddenly pushed his bike, which crashed against the Volkswagen CC.

At this moment, Su Tao finally knew the reason why Yan Sha was unhappy. It turned out that this fellow was harassing her.

Letting out a sigh, Su Tao glanced at Xu Ran. “You’re still a student, so I will not hold it against you. Retrieve your bike, and I’ll ignore this matter!”

The lackeys beside Xu Ran were fearless, but speaking bluntly, they’re just kids who still haven’t experienced the world.

One of the lackeys even tried to show his loyalty by pulling out a machete from his waist.

Su Tao was startled by this matter. He had heard rumors that kids nowadays would usually bring a machete with them when they visit the internet café or school. So it turns out to be true!

Taking half a step back, the lackey holding onto the machete felt a flash before his eyes before the knife in his hand flew out and brushed against his scalp before falling to the ground.

Although Xu Ran was arrogant, he wasn’t a rash person. He could tell that Su Tao knew martial arts!

The reason why Su Tao made a move was because he wanted to do so before Yan Sha. Yan Sha was still a student, and her image would be affected if she fought with a bunch of hoodlums outside the school. Hence, Su Tao didn’t mind doing the dirty work.

“Don’t get in the car yet, you two!” Su Tao glanced at Xu Ran before he entered the Volkswagen CC and started the engine.

After the vehicle rumbled, it went over the mountain bike, then he reversed and repeated this a few times and only stopped after the mountain bike, which was worth ¥20,000, was reduced to a pile of scrap metal.

Watching this scene, Xu Ran’s chest was burning with rage, but there was nothing he could do. Su Tao was skilled, and his lackeys definitely couldn’t fight against him. He would only be humiliated if he fought now.

Thus, he could only leave a threat behind. “Alright, just you wait! I will surely repay the humiliation I suffered today!”

“I destroyed your bike because you used it to crash against my car, so we’re even now.” Su Tao faintly glanced at Xu Ran before he continued, “I’m Su Tao, and I live in the Three Flavour Hall located on the Old Street. You can come to look for me anytime!”

When he finished, he flicked Yan Sha’s forehead and gently pushed Little Wen’s shoulder. “Come, let’s go home!”

After he watched the Volkswagen CC disappear, Xu Ran came to his bike with his face drained of all color. His lips were trembling and the parents in the surroundings looked over with disdain and ridicule.

Balling his fists together, Xu Ran gnashed his teeth. “I will surely make them pay!”

After the vehicle passed through two traffic lights, only then did Su Tao manage to find out that that school tyrant was actually Xu Rui’s son. Instantly, he felt unhappy in his heart. What is this father-and-son pair trying to do? The father approaches Jiang Qinghan, while his son goes after Yan Sha?

He had taught Xu Rui a lesson, and in addition to the problems he encountered in his career recently, he stopped pestering Jiang Qinghan. So why was it his son’s turn now?

“Senior Brother, it’s troublesome now!” Yan Sha knitted her brows together and reprimanded, “I’m not afraid of Xu Ran pestering me. With my skills, dealing with him is easy for me. But he’s using Little Wen to threaten me!”

“What’s going on?” Su Tao smiled. He has considered Yan Sha to be a child in his heart. So he naturally did not think much of Xu Ran.

“Actually, someone has been coming to my parent’s midnight street stall to eat for free ever since a few days ago, and I suspect that they must have been sent by Xu Ran. But because my parents have to maintain their stall, they did not enter into an argument with them.” Little Wen weakly said.

“Something like that happened? Why didn’t you tell me about it?!” Yan Sha immediately became anxious before she turned to Su Tao. “Senior Brother, you must help Little Wen! She’s my best friend!”

Su Tao did not expect that Xu Ran would be so rotten. He smiled. “Don’t worry about it. I’ll deal with this matter, so just focus on your studies and achieve good results.”

Hearing Su Tao’s promise, Yan Sha sighed and kept quiet.

At this moment, Su Tao realised why gorgeous girls usually wouldn’t have a good result. Even if you don’t provoke others, others would still flock over because of your outstanding appearance.

Yan Sha shared a few similar characteristics to Jiang Qinghan. Both of them were independent, unyielding, and have practiced martial arts since young. So they’re not good targets to be bullied. If it was another girl, they would’ve probably jumped into the fire when facing Xu Ran’s threats.

The vehicle stopped outside the Jade Moon Court; this was a small district for those who were reallocated due to demolition. Most people staying here were from nearby villages. After Little Wen got out of the car, she ran towards a simple tent and placed her bag down before she went over to help her parents, where customers would start to flock over about an hour later.

Su Tao’s gaze was on Little Wen’s father’s finger. He quickly knitted his brows and asked, “Her father is a handicap?”

Nodding her head, Yan Sha explained, “Her father was initially a technician of a lathe factory, and had three of his fingers crushed in an accident. In the end, the factory gave him some compensation and discharged him. Right now, her father works as a security guard at a relative’s factory during the day and comes back to manage a street stall at night!”

Hearing those words, Su Tao’s brows were locked together. He never imagined that Little Wen’s family circumstances would be so difficult. It looked like he really had to help them!

After sending Yan Sha to the Yan Residence, Su Tao pondered if he should tell the old man about Zhao Yongde’s matters. After all, a poison expert was hard to guard against since they can poison water or through the manipulation of insects.

When Yan Wujin heard about this matter, his brows were knitted together. “No wonder I’ve been having an ill foreboding recently!”

After reaching Yan Wujin’s level, the organ functions would be heightened to a whole new level and possess a sixth sense for danger.

“I will dig out Zhao Yongde’s helper as fast as possible!” At this moment, Su Tao didn’t have any better methods. The other party was in the shadows, while he’s in the light. Hence, he could only wait for the other party to show themselves before he could find an opportunity.

Yan Sha’s actions today were unusual, she had locked herself in her room upon returning home. Su Tao whipped up a few dishes since he wanted to have a few cups with Yan Wujin. However, Yan Wujin noticed that Yan Sha wasn’t out so he went to knock on her door. But after he did not get a response for a long time, Yan Wujin pushed the door open, and realised that Yan Sha wasn’t around. Even her sword that was hanging on the wall wasn’t there.

“When did she go?” Yan Wujin was worried and knitted his brows.

“I know where she went!” Su Tao soon figured it out and continued, “We’ll eat first. I’ll bring her back later!”

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