Chapter 382 - Weeds

With the coming of spring, the field was flickering with a gentle green. When the bell rang, a bunch of lively Junior High School students entered the field.

A towering man who had a more robust figure than the rest took out his cigarette box from his pocket and handed cigarettes to his four lackeys. A lackey took the cigarette and placed it by his nose to take a sniff. “Boss, what sort of cigarette is this?”

“You bunch of bumpkins. This is an imported cigarette that a friend of my father brought from Switzerland. The taste of their cigarettes there is stronger. Give it a try!” When Xu Ran saw his lackeys lighting up for him, he hung the cigarette in his mouth and took a deep breath. After the spark ignited the cigarette, he easily blew out a few tricks.

When the lackeys saw that Xu Ran had started, they also lit their cigarettes. Although they couldn’t taste the difference, they still tried to bootlick, “The taste is excellent! Foreign cigarettes are truly not the same, and they’re even rumored to be less harmful!”

As a grin spread out on his lips, Xu Ran nudged her lips in another direction. “The Bella is out!”

A fatty chuckled, “Sister-in-Law is getting prettier! Look, she even removed her jacket! Damn, her figure is really hot!”

“Bloody hell!” Xu Ran slapped on the fatty’s head. “She’s your Sister-in-Law, so what are you staring at her for? Be careful that I might gouge your eyes out!”

Xu Ran did not hold back in his slap, which the fatty rubbed his head and said while trembling, “I’m only admiring her beauty without any other thoughts!”

Pointing at a girl not too far behind Yan Sha, Xu Ran chortled, “Look at you, you can only find someone like Cai Yuhua as your girlfriend!”

Cai Yuhua was a nickname given to her by all the males. Her real name is Cai Tiantian, a plump girl. Even if she was only sixteen, her height was at an astonishing 5’7”. She had a thick figure with tanned skin, and her looks were terrible. When the fat lackey looked in that direction, Cai Tiantian was currently looking over with a smile, which the fatty instantly clamped his legs together and avoided her eyes.

The next class was physical education, which was also an important subject that would be tested next month in Junior High School. Thus, everyone was working exceptionally hard in it.

As Yan Sha removed her jacket, her sweater was revealed and she tied her hair into a braid with strands of her hair still sticking out. Matching with her fair skin, she was filled with youth. Since she practiced martial arts, her figure was much more developed than those around her. In the heart of other boys, she was like a gorgeous flower in a snowfield.

When Xu Ran saw the other males in the class staring at Yan Sha, he immediately became unhappy and threw the cigarette on the ground before whispering to his lackeys.

After receiving his orders, his lackeys all went to those boys and gave them a warning.

Feeling satisfied in his heart, Xu Ran started to ponder in his heart. Yan Sha, you will become my wife in the future, and I won’t tolerate anyone looking at you! He was currently in puberty, so it was unavoidable for him to be a little rebellious and self-centered. After being further brainwashed by crime and triad films, he was simply fearless.

Little Wen shared the same table as Yan Sha in class, which she held onto the latter’s arm and whispered, “Xu Ran and the rest are secretly smoking again!”

Hearing those words, Yan Sha looked over with loathe. When Xu Ran noticed that Yan Sha was looking at him, he immediately adjusted his collar, which Yan Sha turned her head away and commented, “Childish!”

Letting out a sigh, Little Wen continued, “Xu Ran got someone to stop me when I was going home yesterday!”

“He’s pretty daring!” Yan Sha was instantly furious as she asked, “Are you alright?”

Nodding her head, a wry smile appeared on Little Wen’s lips. “Xu Ran knew that our relationship is pretty good, so he used the fatty to threaten me. He told me to convince you to become friends with Xu Ran, or else…”

Yan Sha’s face immediately sank as she pursued, “Continue!”

“The fatty will keep pestering and even woo me!” Little Wen softly replied. “I hate that fatty the most, and I will practically go insane if he follows me around!”

Bursting into laughter, Yan Sha sighed, “Don’t worry about it. Just follow me after school, and I’ll show them some suffering if they dare to annoy me!”

Little Wen knew that Yan Sha practiced martial arts, but her face was still crumpled and she couldn’t feel her mood being alleviated.

The bell rang at this moment and the teacher came over with documents. Yan Sha was the representative of the physical education class, so she made a signal for the other students to form into rows, which everyone cooperated and swiftly went into rows.

The physical education teacher declared, “The physical education examination will soon arrive. It’ll include 50-meter sprint, standing long jump, sit-ups, soft throw, and 1000-meter run for males with 800-meter run for females. Please pay attention since we will start our training soon!”

Although Yan Sha was a girl, her foundation was good since she originated from a martial arts family. Hence, she has always been amongst the top of the list for physical education, which the teacher has recommended her to consider going into a sports school. However, Jiang Qinghan was against that suggestion since she wished for Yan Sha to enter a special force in the military. This could also be considered as Yan Sha inheriting her father’s dying wish.

When the physical education teacher saw that Yan Sha was arranging everything so smoothly, he might as well goof off, in which he headed back to his office.

Seeing that the teacher has left, Xu Ran came over and coughed, “Yan Sha, are you free tonight?”

Yan Sha was currently performing standing long jump, which she leaped three meters out, obtaining a perfect score that not even the boys could achieve.

Looking at Xu Ran in disdain, Yan Sha indifferently said, “If you can defeat me in standing long jump, then I’ll consider giving you a chance for a date!”

Xu Ran knew his level, and he knew that he could only perform 2.7 or 2.8 meters at best. On the other hand, Yan Sha was simply a freak! Thus, he awkwardly smiled. “Yan Sha, don’t make things difficult for me. If you don’t wish for anything to happen to Little Wen, then listen to me! According to what I know, her parents manage a midnight snack stall. If someone often goes there to make trouble for them, wouldn’t their business be affected?”

Standing beside Yan Sha, Little Wen tugged the corner of Yan Sha’s clothes with timidity in her eyes.

Little Wen’s results were at the top of the class, in which she was extremely diligent in her studies. However, her family circumstances were ordinary.

In the city, students were being classified into two sections, with the first being the wealthy, while the second belongs to students on scholarships for their academic results. Evidently, Xu Ran belonged to the first tier, while Little Wen belonged to the second tier.

Hearing those words, Yan Sha’s face sank. If it wasn’t for her grandfather’s strong request for her to not use any martial arts in school, she would’ve beaten the teeth out of Xu Ran by now.

“Alright, I’ll have a chat with you after school!” Yan Sha helplessly agreed. Little Wen was her best friend. Yan Sha knew martial arts, and her mother was a police officer, so she wasn’t afraid of this school tyrant. However, Little Wen was just an ordinary girl, and her parents were common folks. So they would undoubtedly suffer if they provoked Xu Ran.

As Xu Ran whistled, he winked his eyes in the direction of his lackeys since he finally managed to get a date with Yan Sha, which made him be in an excellent mood!

Standing beside her, Little Wen sobbed, “Yan Sha, I’m sorry for putting you in a difficult position!”

Casually waving her hand, Yan Sha coolly replied, “Don’t worry about it. He won’t dare to do anything to me!”

Lowering her voice, Little Wen whispered, “Please… don’t tell your mother about this. She’s the Chief of the Criminal Investigation Division, and she can get someone to protect you!”

Smiling sourly, Yan Sha responded, “Do you think that an officer of the Criminal Investigation Division can dispatch anyone she pleases? As long as Xu Ran doesn’t commit any crime, there’s nothing my mother can do about him! Not to mention that I can’t have my elders make an appearance for everything. I’ve decided to handle this myself!”

Little Wen’s eyes were filled with admiration as she glanced at Yan Sha. “You’re really brave!”

With a smile plastered on her lips, Yan Sha encouraged, “Go and train. Your physical education results haven’t been great, and I’m afraid that someone might catch up to you in academic results with their physical education if you don’t work hard!”

Nodding her head, Little Wen knew that she had to rely on her own academic results to change the fate of her family and herself!

Standing on the starting line of the standing long jump, Little Wen brandished her hands forth as she leaped. Although her face had turned red, she only managed to get 1.3 meters out, causing the surrounding students to burst into laughter.

After glaring at those laughing students, Yan Sha readjusted Little Wen’s posture and explained to her how to exert force. Under her guidance, Little Wen made another attempt and reached 1.8 meters this time.

Sitting on the bar, Xu Ran smoked and shook his legs with a smile on his lips while looking at Yan Sha. He made up his mind that no matter what, he had to make Yan Sha his woman today at all costs!

On the way back to Qiongjin City, Su Tao received a call from Jiang Qinghan. there was a result in the investigation of Zhao Yongde, the criminal from that Song Dynasty tomb a while ago.

Zhao Yongde’s identity wasn’t simple. It was commonly heard that the Miao Clan’s Poison Insect Art was formidable, which Zhao Yongde possessed those techniques. Those spiders weren’t from the tomb, but Zhao Yongde nurtured them. Although he was currently imprisoned, Zhao Yongde still remained arrogant and claimed that someone would take revenge for him; he even warned Jiang Qinghan to watch out for her family members.

The reason why Jiang Qinghan gave Su Tao a call was due to an ill foreboding she had, and at the same time, she was worried for the safety of her daughter.

Since Jiang Qinghan was on an official trip, she hoped that Su Tao could look after Yan Sha.

The reason why she didn’t tell her Father-in-Law, Yan Wujin, was because the old man was getting on his age, and she didn’t want to worry him.

Through this period of interaction, Su Tao knew that there was a trust that was formed between him and Jiang Qinghan.

After sending Liu Jianwei and Xia Yu back to the Three Flavour Hall, Su Tao drove towards the school. After waiting for about forty-five minutes, the cars by the roadside started to increase and he could tell that the class of the parents here were pretty wealthy.

Most of them were medium-priced cars, with some luxury cars. Those who came to fetch the students were either chauffeurs, full-time housewives, and a few young married women. The women were chatting amongst themselves while making comparisons with each other.

When the school gate opened, the teacher on duty stood outside to maintain order, so Su Tao gave a call to Yan Sha.

“Senior Brother? What’s the matter?” Yan Sha was surprised by the call.

“Look out for my car later when you’re out!” Su Tao smiled. “Isn’t it a surprise?”

However, Yan Sha wasn’t as happy as she imagined herself to be and locked her brows together. “But I have something to do later!”

“What is it?” Su Tao knew from her tone that Yan Sha had a problem.

“I’ll tell you about it later!” Yan Sha sighed while she helplessly shook her head.

Xu Ran rode a mountain bike, which he used to catch up to Yan Sha and patted on the backseat with a smile. “Why don’t you get on?”

Knitting her brows, Yan Sha asked, “What do you want to do with so many people?”

“What is there to fear? Even if a teacher saw it, they won’t dare to dip their hands into my matter!” Xu Ran threatened.

Little Wen kept her head low as she followed Yan Sha closely behind and didn’t dare to speak.

Coldly looking at Xu Ran, Yan Sha solemnly said, “Xu Ran, don’t take it too far!”

With a smile, Xu Ran responded, “It looks like I have to do something to show you my charm. Tonight, there will be something interesting at the street stall, and you guys remember to be present to watch!”

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