Chapter 381 - Glory of a General is built with innumerable corpses

In Qiongjin City, the Mist Pub was extremely famous due to a rumor that many innocent married women would occasionally come here for an extraordinary encounter when they’re tired of their household lives. Hence, it attracted many males who held a fetish for married women.

Wang Guofang was sitting at the counter and ordered the most expensive liquor, which he had already drunk two cups of. Although there were well-dolled women who occasionally tried their luck with him, they were all chased away by Wang Guofeng since those women smelled like prostitutes. How were they innocent?

At this moment, Wang Guofeng knew that he had been fooled. Those rumors were probably fake to attract more customers, which he fell for it!

“Hi, handsome. Can you buy me a drink?” Due to the loud booming music, it’s impossible to hear any voice unless it was spoken directly beside the ear.

Knitting his brows, Wang Guofeng found that the voice contained a magnetic charm, which he felt that it must be a beauty. However, he was briefly stunned when he turned around and wore a wry smile. “Rangure?”

Snapping her fingers, Rangure ordered a Martini from the bartender. It’s a classic cocktail made of gin and vermouth. “You don’t seem to welcome me!”

Taking a sip of his drink, Wang Guofeng bitterly smiled. “I’m surprised that you will take the initiative to look for me!”

As Rangure took a sip of her Martini, the lights reflected off her bewitching cheeks, casting a golden screen as she licked her lips. “You seem to have suffered a terrible loss!”

“I did! I’ve lost everything!” Wang Guofeng finished his cup and slammed the empty glass on the counter, causing it to shatter. The bartender was startled by this and cast a warning glance at Wang Guofeng.

Seemingly to have found a channel to vent his emotions, Wang Guofeng roared, “I’ve spent decades studying medicine, but I’m now informed that I am not allowed to practice medicine anymore. Do you know what I’m feeling right now?!”

“You haven’t lost everything yet!” Rangure reminded. “Don’t forget. You’re the Chairman of the Medicine Deity Corporation!”

“Medicine Deity Corporation?” Wang Guofeng suddenly burst into laughter. “It’s a joke now! Bai Fan has been investigated, and the Medicine King Valley is under the control of the other sects. The Medicine Deity Corporation’s image has greatly fallen. This is the reason why my grandfather wanted me to leave the TCM industry, since I can’t hold my head up anymore with so many negative images on me. I will only become the Wang Family and Medical Dao Sect’s shame!”

After Rangure patiently waited for Wang Guofeng to vent his emotions, she smiled. “Humans change, and according to my knowledge, there are many great figures who have abandoned their profession as a doctor to do something great. Mr. Sun is a classic example!”

“I never expected that a foreigner like you would understand China so well!” Wang Guofeng looked at Rangure with a complicated gaze before his face suddenly turned sinister and grabbed onto the latter’s wrist. “Speak, who are you?”

Rangure wasn’t surprised, but gently shook her wrist, which Wang Guofeng felt a slip as she broke free from his grasp. Pursing her lips together, she smiled. “You’re actually smarter and more sensitive than Bai Fan. Not to mention that you know how to hide well! Bai Fan thought that he managed to control you and you’re his puppet, but thinking about it now, his wits overreached itself. Your stratagem far exceeds him! I can’t tell you my identity, but I can tell you that if you cooperate with me, I can help you rise again.”

Wang Guofeng’s eyes flickered with a complicated light as his heart underwent turmoil. He could smell a threat from Rangure, but already had nothing now, and he didn’t want to sink down like this for his entire life.

Winking her eyes, Rangure said, “I can help you obtain the Medicine Deity Corporation and the Medicine King Valley. At the same time, I can support you in being a successful entrepreneur. Perhaps you might not be able to become a doctor again, but you can enjoy the wealth that doctors will never receive in their lifetime.”

“State your terms. There’s no free lunch in the world, and I want to know, why me?” Wang Guofeng’s tone turned grave.

“I want your unconditional help when required!” Rangure smiled bewitchingly. “But for the time being, there’s nothing you need to do!”

Letting out a sneer, Wang Guofeng stated, “I don’t want to become a puppet again!”

“That’s for sure. I need a partner, not a vase for display!” Rangure placed a name card down and continued, “The Medicine Deity Corporation will be under your control within three days, and I have made appointments for someone to manage the Medicine King Valley for you. Then again, you can feel free to make new appointments if you can’t trust them!”

Tapping on the name card, Wang Guofeng knew that Rangure was trying to test him. “I’m naturally reassured with the men appointed by you!”

Nodding her head in satisfaction, Rangure smiled. “You’re truly more cunning than Bai Fan!”

If Wang Guofeng rejected her appointed men, then she wouldn’t consider him anymore. That wasn’t an act of suspicion, but an act of not adapting to the circumstances. If someone with nothing tried to bargain, it’s not having a backbone but being completely stupid!

After Rangure disappeared, a silhouette walked in. After taking a clear look at that person, it was Bai Fan’s Junior Brother, Luo Ran, who became Bai Fan’s assistant after Ole Seventh was arrested.

“Nice to meet you, Chairman!” Luo Ran stretched out his hand.

Shaking hands with Luo Ran, Wang Guofeng smiled. “Mr. Luo, nice to meet you, too. I hope that we will enjoy a good cooperation together!”

After a brief stun, Luo Ran did not expect that Wang Guofeng would be so casual. However, he humbly replied, “According to Ms. Rangure’s orders, I am to be your assistant. Please trust that I will do all I can to support you!”

Nodding his head, Wang Guofeng smiled. “You don’t have to be so reserved. Come, have a drink with me!”

The bartender soon delivered their drinks, which Luo Ran drank with complicated feelings. After all, Wang Guofeng and Bai Fan weren’t the same.

For example, Bai Fan was a treacherous person in and out, in which Luo Ran was fearful of standing beside him since he could lose his life at any time. On the other hand, Wang Guofeng was someone who disguised himself well as righteous with good background and education. But a person like him was extremely sophisticated and the slight carelessness would result in falling into his trap.

While Wang Guofeng chatted with Luo Ran, he felt a chill down his spine. The reason why Luo Ran wasn’t present during the whole episode in the garbage dump was because he was being hidden by Rangure.

Didn’t that mean that Rangure was the mastermind of the entire incident?

Although Rangure was harboring unfathomable motives, what she did today was giving Wang Guofeng a new opportunity.

His grandfather was determined to forbid him from practicing medicine, and with his grandfather’s status, no one would dare to accept him, even if he wanted to practice medicine.

In that case, he would walk another path for himself to go into business and become a successful businessman. There will be a day when he proves to his grandfather and father that he’s qualified to be the heir of the Wang Family!

Medical Dao Sect

Zhang Qingsong’s face was unsightly as he knocked on the door, which a voice sounded out, “Come in!”

To be able to determine his identity from his footsteps, the Sect Master’s ability has truly reached an unimaginable height.

When Zhang Qingsong entered, he stood to the side. The Medical Dao Sect’s Sect Master was currently reading a book with a writing brush in his right hand, and an ancient book with traces of oxidation on the cover in his left.

The Medical Dao Sect’s Sect Master did not look like an immortal sage as everyone has imagined. On the contrary, he looked like an ordinary person with a black casual jacket and well-comb hair. Rather than a Sect Master, he looked more like a politician, instead. But looking at his hair, one would notice some unusual factors. As a person gets older, his hair would turn white which would slowly spread to the ends of the hair. However, his hair was completely black without any traces of aging.

It wasn’t because he had dyed his hair, but because he has taken good care of himself.

The Sect Master of the Medical Dao Sect was already in his seventies, but he looked to be in his forties to fifties instead. Every once in a while, Zhang Qingsong would notice that the Sect Master would become younger, which left him in envy.

“I tried persuading Mr. Wang Xi, but he was stubborn and firm with his decision. I’m afraid that we might really have to give up on Guofeng!” Zhang Qingsong sighed. “The Medical Dao Sect has placed so much effort in Guofeng over the years, but in the end, it all went down the drain!”

Raising his eyes to glance at Zhang Qingsong, the Sect Master washed the writing brush before he hung it on the rack and faintly said, “Qingsong, you have to let nature take its course. Since it has already happened, then we will try our best to deal with it. But if we can’t resolve it, then it means that it’s fated. I was responsible for teaching Guofeng, so I am also at fault.”

When Zhang Qingsong wanted to speak, he held his words back in the end and shook his head in sorrow.

With a faint smile, the Sect Master of the Medical Dao Sect continued, “Although there’s an incident with the heir, we can’t allow the Medical Dao Sect’s inheritance to break. You have to prepare to nurture a new heir.”

Knitting his brows, Zhang Qingsong asked, “But isn’t Ling Yu a little too young?”

Waving his hand, the Sect Master smiled. “That opponent of Guofeng is the same age as Ling Yu, and we only have Ling Yu who has the potential and talent to compete with that person.”

Cupping his hands together, Zhang Qingsong responded, “I understand now. You want Su Tao to become the whetstone for Ling Yu!”

Letting out a smile, the Sect Master sighed, “A person who has attracted the two grandmasters, Song Sichen and Dou Fanggang’s attention. I’m really looking forward to what changes he can bring to the TCM industry!”

However, Zhang Qingsong was perplexed. “I can tell that you admire him! But why…?”

The Sect Master of the Medical Dao Sect placed his finger by his lips and hushed to interrupt Zhang Qingsong. He could see through the hearts of people, so he knew what Zhang Qingsong wanted the ask. The latter wanted to ask why he sealed off all cooperation possibility with the Three Flavour Hall if he admires Su Tao.

After Zhang Qingsong left, the Sect Master of the Medical Dao Sect came to the door and looked at the blue sky before letting out a sigh.

The path of a hero was one meant to be filled with obstacles to grow. After all, even the glory of a general is built with on innumerable corpses, and there would always be someone turning into stepping stones.

Wang Guofeng became Su Tao’s stepping stone, and if Su Tao was that hero in the TCM industry, what fear does he have in becoming a stepping stone himself?

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