Chapter 378 - Strategic Cooperation Signed

Not only was Pan Zhuyun disappointed in Wang Guofeng, but she was also disappointed in the Medical Dao Sect.

Over the years, the Aqua Cloud Stream has maintained good cooperation with the Medical Dao Sect, so who could have imagined that they were actually prey in the other party’s eyes?

When Pan Zhuyun appeared, Wang Guofeng was utterly dumbfounded and collapsed. At this moment, he realised that this was a scheme within a scheme.

Initially, he thought that his performance was perfect, and he could even obtain an Oscar award for his acting. But it turned out that Su Tao already had a counterattack planned.

Firstly, he arranged Xiao Jingjing to follow Mo Sun’er and pay attention to the latter’s actions to protect her from being hurt. Secondly, he arranged Xia Yu to keep an eye on Wang Guofeng. So Wang Guofeng’s actions were all within Su Tao’s control. Lastly, it was also under Su Tao’s watch when Mo Sun’er duplicated the key and stole the secret formula.

In the end, Wang Guofeng and Bai Fan underestimated Su Tao’s intellect. How could he allow such an important thing to be stolen by Mo Sun’er so easily?

Whether it was Wang Peng allowing Mo Sun’er into the concoction room or how she easily obtained the key, it was all within Su Tao’s plans.

For Mo Sun’er, she was in the dark the whole time. Although he lied to her, it was well-intended to wake her up from Wang Guofeng’s shams.

When Pan Zhuyun watched the entire event, she first felt guilty for Mo Sun’er’s innocence and irrationality before having lingering fear for Wang Guofeng’s selfishness and sinister character. She finally knew the reason why Liu Ruochen would cancel the engagement, which, she was filled with admiration for her disciple.

Compared to her disciple, she was blind.

“What do you intend to do with him?” Liu Ruochen asked. She heard Su Tao’s relentless threat through the device, which left her concerned.

Hearing those words, Pan Zhuyun’s face had also turned solemn. Evidently, Su Tao’s words from before not only intimidated Wang Guofeng, but it also scared this master and disciple.

“Don’t worry. I’m only trying to scare him.” Su Tao shrugged his shoulders. “I won’t go so far to dirty my hands for scum like him.”

Liu Ruochen was relieved from Su Tao’s words. Although she has seen many deaths as a famous physician, killing someone was against the law. For such a talented young physician with great potential, it would be a stain on his résumé.

“But letting him go will be far too easy on him!” Liu Ruochen had a mild character, but her chest was burning with rage from how Wang Guofeng hurt Mo Sun’er; she only did not show it on the surface.

She and Wang Guofeng nearly became husband and wife, so they had more interactions in private. Although Wang Guofeng tried to show himself off as a gentleman, she could still see through him from some details that he occasionally missed.

Liu Ruochen had a pure and innocent heart, and it was something she decided after pondering for a long time.

“He can be spared from death, but he won’t be spared from punishment!” Su Tao faintly said. “I’ve investigated Wang Guofeng, and everything will be revealed tomorrow through the various large forums. I believe that many people will come to know what kind of person he is!”

At this moment, Wang Guofeng looked at Su Tao with turmoil in his heart. Even if he doesn’t die, he wasn’t feeling good since he had put on a disgraceful performance earlier, which has already been seen by Liu Ruochen and Pan Zhuyun. So even if the Medical Dao Sect stepped in for him, his reputation would be foul. In the National Healer Candidacy, there’s an important section that investigated the medical ethics of the candidates, which he would surely be at a significant disadvantage.

At this moment, Bai Fan was hurled out by Liu Jianwei. The former’s injuries were graver than Wang Guofeng’s, since Liu Jianwei had terrifying strength. However, he exercised restraint when torturing Bai Fan, so he did not harm the latter’s life, and this emphasised his skills.

Bai Fan’s bones were harder than Wang Guofeng’s. Thus, he snickered, “I’m in your hands today, but what can you do? The ones who tricked Mo Sun’er were Ole Third and Old Mai, not to mention that they did not inflict any physical harm on Mo Sun’er. You guys better let me go now, or the Medicine King Valley will do all we can to take revenge on you guys. As for Wang Guofeng and I, we both share the same objective as you guys; we came here to rescue Mo Sun’er!”

Letting out a cold chuckle, Su Tao came to Bai Fan and hurled a jab at the latter’s abdomen. Having his abdomen struck, he instantly reacted. Su Tao had added Qi into his jab, so the force wouldn’t dissipate and would continue to wreak havoc within Bai Fan’s body. The latter’s eyeballs instantly bulged out as he retched and twitched before he ultimately fainted.

After he regained his consciousness, Su Tao’s voice coldly resounded, “I know that you’re mighty, but I also believe that the guilty will not escape from the long arm of the law. You’ve done all sorts of evil, and I believe that the law is just.”

When he finished, he gave Jin Guoxiang a call and explained the situation to him. Half an hour later, several black military jeeps arrived at the garbage dump to seize Wang Guofeng and Bai Fan.

Su Tao did not hand Bai Fan, Wang Guofeng, Ole Third, and Old Mai to the police, but the military.

So even if the mastermind wanted to save the two of them, they would have to spend a great deal of effort.

After returning to the Three Flavour Hall, Mo Sun’er locked herself in her room. When Pan Zhuyun wanted to talk to her, she was stopped by Liu Ruochen. Letting out a sigh, Pan Zhuyun knew that Mo Sun’er has already grown up, and she had to make this step out by herself.

Su Tao invited Pan Zhuyun and Liu Ruochen into his office. Although it was an office, this place was often used as a consultation room when it gets busy, so the decorations here were simple. Su Tao handed the contract that he had already printed to the two of them.

Although Pan Zhuyun said that she would leave all the decisions to Liu Ruochen, she still wore her presbyopia-prescribed spectacles to read the contract.

In the end, she was afraid that Liu Ruochen might suffer a loss. After going through what they just experienced, Pan Zhuyun gained a new understanding of Su Tao. Despite his age, he was extraordinarily steady and experienced when handling matters.

After Liu Ruochen went through the contract to ascertain that it was as they had discussed, she nodded her head with a smile.

Immediately, Su Tao sought Pan Zhuyun’s opinion, which the latter coughed, “I feel that we should increase the exchange of shares from 5% to 8%.”

Locking her brows together, Liu Ruochen gave a wry smile to Su Tao.

The 5% was after they had discussed for a long time, and it was also Su Tao’s bottom line.

“Senior Pan, those terms are what Ruochen and I have discussed. But since you find a need to increase it, then we’ll just go as you’ve suggested!” Su Tao’s reply left Liu Ruochen in surprise. After all, she has wasted so much saliva, and Su Tao still wouldn’t budge.

“Master, looks like your words are more useful than me!” Liu Ruochen smiled after glancing at Su Tao.

With a faint smile, Pan Zhuyun said, “I initially wanted to find an excuse to make things difficult for him, but I never expected that he would be so straightforward to agree to it. Alright then, we’ll just go with it!”

Although the difference between 5% and 8% was only 3%, it meant that the Aqua Cloud Stream would be the third-largest shareholder in the Three Flavour Cosmetics International. If there’s any major decision to be made, the Aqua Cloud Stream would have a voice in it.

Su Tao has taken an enormous step back!

Su Tao wore a faint smile. The Three Flavour Hall urgently required the addition of the Aqua Cloud Stream. Since the Medical Dao Sect has already issued a blockade, then they would have to source their human resources from elsewhere for the Chain Store plan to progress.

Naturally, if the Aqua Cloud Stream and Medical Dao Sect still maintained a close relationship, then Su Tao would have to guard against them, fearing that they might help the Medical Dao Sect to deal with him.

But it’s no longer the same now since the current and previous Sect Masters of the Aqua Cloud Stream have seen through the Medical Dao Sect’s objective, they would surely fight against them. Hence, Su Tao could now consider raising the shares.

After adjusting the contract again, Su Tao and Liu Ruochen signed it and even agreed to have a press conference three days from now to announce the matter. But it would be only a formality as the cooperation between the Three Flavour Hall and Aqua Cloud Steam has already begun, and Liu Ruochen became another strategic partner of Su Tao’s.

Liu Ruochen took the initiative to give a handshake, which Su Tao shook her hand.

“I wish us a happy cooperation!”

“Let us get rich together!”

Standing to the side, Pan Zhuyun sighed as she smiled in relief.

In Qiongjin City’s General Street, there was a district that not even tycoons could reside in. When the country was founded, the first batch of high-ranking military officers were all arranged here. As time passed, there weren’t many that could move in here, but anyone here could shake the entire country with a stomp of their feet.

The Wang Traditional Medical Hall was located in the second building of General Street. It had a shop front with a courtyard behind, which the Wang Family’s status could be seen with their ability to open a medical hall in such a location.

The in-house doctor of the Wang Traditional Medical Hall was Wang Ru. His father was a National Physician Grandmaster, Wang Xi. But despite his high age, he would still make outpatient visits and was known as Thousand Gold Wang, which meant that you could only invite him if you offered money equivalent to a thousand gold.

As Wang Xi’s heir, Wang Ru’s medical skills were outstanding, and it was the reason why this unremarkable pharmacy would often have a long queue. Aside from patients from General Street, they would also have patients coming from far away. However, Wang Ru had a high threshold for his patients. Even if you’re not a resident of General Street, you need to be a merchant with a net worth of over ¥1,000,000,000, or a Vice-Minister position in the political world.

But despite such high standards, it did not stop patients from coming. On the contrary, it further increased the Wang Traditional Medical Hall’s worth instead.

The antique-designed copper gate was gently pushed opened and a middle-aged man appeared. Cupping his hands in the direction of all the waiting patients, he weakly sighed, “Ladies and gentlemen, I’m sorry, but there’s a family incident, so I’m afraid that we will not be able to open for business today. Please understand our difficulties.”

When he finished, he turned to hang a closing sign. However, the patients did not leave immediately and they briefly waited before they sighed and started to leave.

Under an old locust tree in the courtyard, Wang Xi was lying on his rattan bed, knocking on the pipe. “Are they all gone?”

“Yes, dad. They’ve all dispersed!” Wang Ru respectfully replied. 

“Let’s go!” Wang Xi slowly placed the pipe down on the table. “Guofeng is unbecoming, but he’s still a descendant of the Wang Family. I will use my face to guarantee his safety, but you have to listen to me. After he returns, he is never to become a physician again!”

“But dad, he has talent!” Wang Ru still wanted to persuade his father to change his mind.

“Talent, my ass! He’s not qualified to practice medicine!” Wang Xu bellowed. “If it wasn’t for your wife kneeling outside my room for an entire night, I would surely erase him from the ancestry record!”

“As you wish!” Wang Ru knew that his father had a stubborn character. Letting out a weak sigh, he could only save his son first before anything else.

All parents would worry about their children, and even if their children were the vilest person on earth, their parents would still be able to show tolerance with them.

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