Chapter 33 - Medicine King Valley and Medical Dao Sect

Chapter 33 - Medicine King Valley and Medical Dao Sect

Roughly half an hour later, a middle-aged man rushed in, leading five others with him, and introduced, “Are you Broken Finger? I am an old comrade of Old Dou.”

Cai Zhongpu was still in a feeble state as he spoke in a weak tone, “All of this is not related to my daughter and Su Tao, I’ll follow you guys.”

The middle-aged man nodded his head. “Let’s not delay, we have to leave here swiftly, or we will encounter trouble. After all, your matter has implicated many people, so many people want to kill you.”

Cai Zhongpu sighed, “I hope that you guys can protect my daughter! I will cooperate with you guys and come clean.”

The middle-aged man briefly hesitated before nodding his head. “Rest assured, we will do our best! When we release the news, the other powers won’t dare to do a thing. After all, they will do their best to hide after your identity is revealed, making the Emerald Antique Brook the safest place on the other hand.”

Cai Zhongpu was carried out by two men while Cai Yan was brokenhearted and brawled.

When Cai Zhongpu was close to her, he whispered in her ears, “I have already told Su Tao to take care of you. Don’t worry about me. I’m just getting what I deserved.”

When the car left the Old Street, Cai Yan felt her entire body soften and she nearly fell onto the ground. But before she fell onto the ground, she felt her waist being supported and saw Su Tao beside her.

Subconsciously, Cai Yan planted her head into Su Tao’s shoulder. She felt that it was very sturdy and gave her a sense of security.

“What will happen to my dad?” Cai Yan choked with tears for a long time before pushing Su Tao away and asked.

“As long as he is alive, everything is well. His choice is also the only path left for him. Naturally, he also did it to protect you.” Su Tao analysed, “His enemies will be wary since he has surrendered, no one will touch you and the Emerald Antique Brook. Right now, whoever makes a move towards you will fall into the police’s surveillance.”

Cai Yan wiped her tears and clenched her fist. “I must save him.”

Su Tao nodded, “Then, you must become stronger to achieve that.” 

At this moment, Su Tao could only appease Cai Yan in this matter. After all, it’s better than her being in depression.

Suddenly, Su Tao recalled Cai Zhongpu’s last request. He not only had to protect Cai Yan; he even had to let her live healthily and happily.

There’s a land in the east of Huaibei Providence’s He City known as the Medicine King Garden that’s used for farming herbs. It was led by the Nie Family that formed into a regional alliance in the TCM industry. They were also involved in adding fuel to the fire regarding the rise of the caterpillar fungus’ price a few years ago.

However, every one of the older generations knew that the reason behind Nie Family’s wealth was due to tomb robbing. Even if the Nie Family had been trying their best to wash their name, they were still stuck with the name of Tomb Robber.

The Medicine King Garden had a large scale. Aside from the farm, there was also a marketplace with many merchants gathering here yearly. There was a saying; there were no herbs that cannot be sold here. Furthermore, if you were rich enough to purchase a store in the marketplace, it could guarantee a neverending business.

Roughly a kilometre away from the marketplace, there were ten-odd luxurious three-storey Bungalows that were reserved for the Nie Family.

In the centre of all the Bungalows, there was one that was larger than the rest, the main building for the Nie Family, where they are having a meeting.

Nie Haitian sat at the centre of the round table with a heavy expression, while his younger brother, Nie Haipo spoke in a solemn voice, “Just a moment ago, the Medicine King Valley has sent a piece of news to us that Yaozhong was crippled, even the Medicine King has no way of saving him. Big Brother, he is a talent that our Nie Family has been nurturing, we must definitely take vengeance for him!”

The Medicine King Valley was in the lead in terms of medicine research, and their support was the reason why the Nie Family could establish themselves in this field.

Nie Haitian remained silent while Mrs. She said, “I have a question here. Why did Yaozhong hide it from me and return to the Emerald Antique Brook?”

Nie Haipo knitted his brows and replied unhappily, “Elder Sister-in-Law, he’s just trying get rid of the evidence after Cai Zhongpu died!”

Mrs. She coldly smiled. “I don’t think that it’s that simple. I already had a plan to remove it. There’s no need for him to return. Could it be that he had taken favour with Cai Zhongpu’s daughter and returned?”

Nie Haipo’s face drastically changed as he pointed at Mrs. She. “What are you saying?!”

Mrs. She sighed, “In the car, he once praised Cai Yan for her looks. According to my knowledge, Yaozhong hasn’t been restraining his lifestyle. Even if Cai Yan and Yaoguo never consummated their marriage, they were still married in name. He’s too bold to actually to put his thoughts on his Cousin-in-Law.”

“Nonsense!” Nie Haipo bounced up from his seat and continued, “Elder Brother, we’re now discussing to revenge Yaozhong, but Elder Sister-in-Law is here berating him. If you guys are not willing to do it, then I will resort to my own resources.”

Nie Haitian replied in a stern voice, “Haipo, it’s not that I am not willing to help you, but I have just received news that Cai Zhongpu has surrendered himself. The matter from twenty years ago will be dug up once more, that will not only implicate the Nie Family, some important people will also be implicated. It’s not the best time for us to make a move now.”

“It has been so many years, and Cai Zhongpu is merely an outsider. How much can he know?” Nie Haipo refuted in disdain.

Nie Haitian furrowed his brows before waving his hand towards an assistant. “Let Haipo look at the letter.”

Shock flashed in Nie Haipo’s eyes after receiving the letter. “The echelons have actually spoken?!”

Nie Haitian sighed, “The person handling this case is known as the best criminal police, Dou Qinhu. He was also responsible for investigating this case many years ago. A few days ago, he was seen in Zhongnanhai. I’m afraid that he must have received some task.”

It was evidence of his ability that he could go in Zhongnanhai as a criminal police.

Nie Haipo sneered, “I never thought that he’s still not letting this go. We gave him a warning back then, who knew that he was still biting onto this case.”

Nie Haitian glanced at Nie Haipo and spoke in a stern voice, “Father has always said that your evil-foreboding air is too heavy. If you didn’t harm his wife and child, how would he still be chasing after the Nie Family?”

Nie Haipo sneered in disdain, “He’s just a criminal police, I’ll get someone to get rid of him!”

Nie Haitian sighed, “Times have changed, and killing can no longer solve the problem. According to the echelons, they want us to lay low and wait for the right opportunity.”

Although Nie Haipo agreed, he still felt reluctance in his heart. His son was someone deemed as the heir of the Nie Family, an outstanding appearance and the direct disciple of the Medicine King. 

Nie Yaozhong was initially one of the targets to nurtured with priority, but someone crippled him. So how could he let it go? He had already decided to use other means to punish the culprit.

Shortly after the meeting, Mrs. She followed behind Nie Haitian when the meeting came to an end and sighed, “Haipo has started to get restless these years, disrespecting you with the fact that Yaozhong is the heir. Yaozhong has also been too careless this time. The Emerald Antique Brook should already be in our pocket, but it was screwed up by him.”

Nie Haitian waved his hand, stopping Mrs. She from speaking. “Let’s not discuss this for the moment. Right now, the pressing matter is to find Cai Zhongpu.”

Mrs. She nodded her head. “I have already sent someone to do it. We should have good news in two days.”

Nie Haitian’s fist crackled as he clenched them. “We have been planning this for years, just what occurred that ruined all our efforts? I really can’t figure it out!”

With a low voice, Mrs. She answered, “It is due to a young man from the neighbouring pharmacy.”

“Oh?” Nie Haitian revealed a grave expression.

“His name is Su Tao!” She sighed, “Yaozhong’s martial abilities are decent, but he has underestimated his opponent too much. His opponent used a unique method to seal dozens of his acupuncture points, turning him into a cripple.”

“Sealing acupuncture points?” Nie Haitian’s face turned cold. “Get someone to investigate him. I want to know who it is that dares to go against the Nie Family!”

“It has already been done.” Mrs. She nodded her head. “I feel that Haipo will surely not let this matter rest. Will he cause any trouble?”

Nie Haitian was annoyed as he responded, “Haipo’s evil-foreboding air has been too heavy lately. Let him suffer some bitterness. It will be beneficial to the development of the Nie Family.”

“Evil-foreboding air? You mean greed!” Mrs. She sighed, “In the face of power, who can resist the temptation?”

Nie Haitian’s brows were raised, but he did not speak. As the Patriarch of the Nie Family, he could naturally tell that Mrs. She was instigating disharmony between the brothers.

When Nie Haipo left the building, he spat on the ground. In the end, his elder brother wasn’t willing to take revenge for Yaozhong. If Yaozhong was well, perhaps his brother might teach the other party a lesson for the prestige of the heir. But being crippled would mean the Nie Yaozhong had lost his rights as an heir. Therefore, Nie Haitian had forsaken him, not willing to take any chances of causing trouble. This was the cruel reality of influential families.

But as his father, Nie Haipo must surely take revenge for his son.

Nie Haipo entered the car and dialled the number of the Medicine King, Xu Tiande. “As I have expected, my elder brother isn’t willing to issue the order.”

The Medicine King’s voice sounded from the other side, “I will naturally take revenge for my disciple.”

Nie Haipo replied, “Then, I’ll have to request that of you. I will increase the support we have for the Medicine King Valley next year.”

“Wait for my news.” The Medicine King said.

However, Nie Haipo still wanted to confirm his son’s condition and threw a question, “Is Yaozhong really hopeless?”

With a deep voice, the Medicine King replied, “The other party used an acupuncture technique that even I have not seen before. There is nothing I can do! However, I will request the help of other sects and see if they can help.”

The Medicine King Valley excelled in terms of medicine treatment, while there were other sects like the Medical Dao Sect that excelled in acupuncture techniques.

Finding a strand of hope, Nie Haipo responded, “Then, I’ll have to trouble you in this matter.”

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