Chapter 318 - A competition that mustn’t lose

“Report, something has happened to Sire Cao!” Ah Jun reported.

Hearing the report, Sire Shui removed his presbyopia-prescribed spectacles. He wasn’t surprised, since he already had a foreshadowing from Su Tao. “How’s the situation? Did he die?”

“He is still alive after taking the ginseng you sent over.” Ah Jun answered and added further after a brief pondering, “It’s exactly two weeks since Physician Su took a look at Sire Cao!”

“Little Su’s medical skills are simply at the peak of perfection!” Sire Shui nodded with a grave expression.

After witnessing so many events, Ah Jun was also infected. With a soft tone, he asked, “What should we do now? Should we get Divine Physician Su to return?”

Tapping his finger on the desk, Sire Shui pondered before saying, “Let’s not get to that stage for the time being. Let those specialists look at Sire Cao first. After all, Little Su has already made a trip over, and we would be putting him in a grievance if we get him again. Furthermore, Little Su might not necessarily be the only one that can treat Old Cao. There are still so many doctors in China!”

Ah Jun knew that Sire Shui was putting himself in Su Tao’s shoes. The Cao Family has treated Su Tao as a charlatan, and Su Tao would lose his prestige if he showed up now.

The reality has proven that Su Tao’s prediction was spot-on. Even if it wasn’t confirmed if Sire Cao was suffering from Senile Dementia, it shouldn’t be too far from the prediction.

As Sire Shui sighed in his heart, he felt that TCM was truly magical. Even he was shocked by Su Tao’s skills from time to time.

“Then, I’ll await further orders!” Ah Jun responded.

Letting out a weak sigh, Sire Shui waved his hand. “Don’t just do nothing. There’s something that you have to attend to immediately. Su Tao has gotten himself into deep trouble this time in South Korea. That Venerable Father has connections to many people in the upper circle of South Korea, and those people know many secrets. With the Venerable Father captured, they will surely try to harm Su Tao, and I’m afraid that the embassy won’t be sufficient to protect his safety.”

“I will immediately head to South Korea!” Ah Jun replied.

“Yeah!” Sire Shui trusted Ah Jun’s ability, and the latter was practically a younger clone of Jin Guoxiang. Amongst the Eastern Military Camp, Ah Jun was an elite amongst the elites. “Bring Su Tao back personally. With Old Cao’s situation, I’m afraid that he can’t wait too long!”

After he saw Ah Jun leave, Sire Shui came to the courtyard. Qiongjin City’s weather was terrible, with thick clouds covering the horizon. Receiving bad news in this weather, it made his heart even more depressed. Thus, he returned to the room and unrolled a writing paper with a brush in his hand. The Golden Vajra Sutra was beside him and he started to calmly transcribe it.

The International Medical Summit was an event in the medical industry. Based on past events, the rules were strict despite being sponsored by famous medical apparatus enterprises. It also attracted public attention due to the strong professionalism. But the uproar this time was caused by the mutual learning session between the Super Nova of South Korea’s medical industry, Kim Jung-ho, and the famous young doctor from China, Su Tao, on this International Medical Summit.

Although it was considered as a mutual learning session, everyone knew that it was a competition between the two countries.

Kim Jung-ho was a famous young divine physician in South Korea, and he was the sweetheart of many women. Furthermore, since he was often involved in scandals with female celebrities, his reputation was higher than ordinary celebrities in South Korea. Many management companies even tried to scout him into the entertainment industry, but they were all refused by him. Even so, Kim Jung-ho’s name often appeared in the news.

The other protagonist also had high fame in South Korea due to his recent scandal with Hwang Ji-yeon, where the two of them stayed in a secluded room for five to six hours. Although this matter was explained as a misunderstanding with many people considering it as a gimmick for advertisement, Su Tao relied on his good image to rise to fame. His fame instantly soared, and because the hype still hasn’t died down, his popularity was even higher than Kim Jung-ho at this moment.

When specialists from all over the world arrived, they noticed that the entrance were blocked by many youths with a distinct separation of factions. Standing on the right were Kim Jung-ho’s supporters, while those on the left supported Su Tao.

With the keen senses of the media, any reporter would have already camped here, waiting for the protagonists.

A reporter came to Kim Jung-yeon, who established Su Tao’s fan club. Because he had done his homework, he knew who Kim Jung-yeon was. Thus, he went straight into his question, “Jung-yeon, you’re the sister of Kim Jung-ho, so why are you supporting his opponent?”

“Kim Jung-ho is my brother, and I respect him. But that doesn’t mean that I can’t support other talented doctors.” Kim Jung-yeon tactfully replied.

“Does that mean that you feel that Su Tao’s medical skills have surpassed Jung-ho?” That reported threw one sensitive question after another.

“Loving someone is not about his ability or appearance. Most of us here were captivated by Su Tao’s past experience. Regardless if Su Tao brings the victory home, we will still support him nevertheless!” After a brief pause, Kim Jung-yeon emphasised, “Of course, I believe that Su Tao Oppa won’t lose!”

The reporter was teased by Kim Jung-yeon’s playful reply and chuckled, “I would surely be heartbroken if I was Kim Jung-ho!”

“No, you won’t. I understand my brother, and this is a battle between two elites. He will respect a strong opponent, and regardless of the outcome, he and Su Tao Oppa will become best friends.” Kim Jung-yeon’s eyes flickered with intelligence as she tactfully responded to the reporter.

The reporter found the key to a story. He wanted to get more information about Kim Jung-ho and Su Tao from this lady, which he could then process into an article.

As lights flashed, an old man entered. He suffered obstructions once again and was surrounded. He was the grandfather of Kim Jung-ho, a pioneer that listed TKM as an intangible cultural heritage. He’s the modern father of TKM, Kim Han-joo.

“Mr. Kim, what are your views on this competition? Do you think that TKM can defeat TCM?” A female reporter charged with all her might, leaving a group of male reporters eating her dust.

“I can’t predict the result, but I’m confident about my grandson’s ability. He is the best physician that the Republic of Korea has ever seen. Not only did he learn everything from me, but he is also versed in Western Medicine.” Kim Han-joo replied with modesty.

“Mr. Kim, I still have another question. Why is your granddaughter supporting Su Tao?” That female reporter hurled another question out.

“Who can predict the mind of girls? But Su Tao is outstanding, and I will not refuse if he becomes my grandson-in-law!” Kim Han-joo laughed humorously as he promoted the Kim Family. He was the source of Kim Jung-ho’s ability to create stories.

Kim Han-joo had a good connection with everyone in South Korea’s medical industry. Upon entering the hotel, someone from the same industry in the country immediately came over. Even that person did not expect such a commotion to be caused by this International Medical Summit.

“Mr. Han-joo, the organising committee is pleased that the International Medical Summit managed to attract such great attention in South Korea. A television station contacted us yesterday, saying they wanted to broadcast the battle between Kim Jung-ho and Su Tao live.” A middle-aged man said to Kim Han-joo.

“This is effective in spreading medical science. I hope that we can have a good opening.” Kim Han-joo was a consultant that the organising committee had specially engaged. So he was happy that the International Medical Summit could receive such attention.

Under the guidance of workers, Kim Han-joo sat in the seat that was indicated with his name card. There would occasionally be someone walking over to greet him. He was confident his grandson would be able to fulfill his wish in this grand event, proving that TKM has surpassed TCM before all the specialists here.

TCM has kept their skills to themselves, and their reputation was also tainted with the appearance of scum. Although TKM was created on the foundation of TCM, how were they willing to acknowledge it with the current deteriorating situation of TCM?

Since the pioneer was useless, then TKM had to stand up and take the lead.

As claps resounded, Kim Han-joo directed his attention over and saw Kim Jung-ho entering with firm steps. His face was flushed with lights and he wore a modest smile while waving his hands. Looking at his grandson, Kim Han-joo nodded his head in satisfaction and felt that his effort spent on his grandson was all worth it.

Walking over to Kim Han-joo, Kim Jung-ho gave a deep bow. “Grandfather, please be reassured. I will definitely force Su Tao to use the Heavenseizing Hand and defeat him before everyone to prove that TKM is the greatest!”

“You just have to do your best. Regardless of the result, you will always be my pride.” Kim Han-joo did not give his grandson too much pressure. With all the pressure that represented South Korea now on his shoulders, he had to try and help his grandson relax instead.

Shortly after, applause resounded once again as Su Tao entered.

That fellow wore a Chinese-style long robe and even seemed to have faint makeup on his face. His figure was slender and instantly attracted everyone’s attention.

Wearing a smile on his face, Su Tao gently waved his hand towards the reporters that were amicably chasing after him as if he was their friend.

Standing behind Su Tao, Kim Jung-yeon looked at him and just recalled that Su Tao had patted her shoulder when he entered. She suddenly blushed. Why is he so handsome?!

Su Tao was in his early twenties, but he did not panic despite such a grand spectacle. His calmness proved that he has been trained in the past.

Walking over to Kim Jung-ho, the former stretched his hand out. However, his hand was gently slapped away by Su Tao with a smile. While Kim Jung-ho was at a loss, Su Tao’s calm voice resounded, “Remember, I’m your opponent. You must bring out your greatest strength, and don’t disappoint me!”

Su Tao’s voice instantly caused a commotion in the surroundings. Declaring such words in the public of South Korea, he was practically pulling hatred onto himself.

With endurance flashing in Kim Jung-ho’s eyes, he smiled with disdain. “Trying to play a psychological battle? I won’t fall for it!”

Su Tao realised that Kim Jung-ho was smarter than he had imagined, and his act was exposed.

However, that didn’t mean much. At least Su Tao managed to nick Kim Jung-ho’s heart. As for the reason why he resorted to this trick? It’s because he was like Kim Jung-ho, and he couldn’t afford to lose!

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