Chapter 317 - Outbreak of Senile Dementia

A piece of news was playing from a Seoul’s television station, “Seventy-two high schoolers were found trapped in a villa and were nearly burnt to death.” This television station was in a good relationship with the SG Chaebol, and this was secretly actuated by the Park Family to apply pressure on the Kwon Family. In the news, the prosecutor, Han Jung-yul, was accepting an interview from the media. The suspect of this case had already been arrested, and they declared that they would dig the truth out of this incident for an explanation to the public.

Park Joong-sun specially treated Su Tao to a meal due to this incident. Even if the outcome hasn’t been determined and he might not obtain the result he wanted, the Kwon Family was doomed to suffer a significant blow.

In order to receive Su Tao, Park Joong-sun invited a Chinese chef to whip up an ample banquet of Chinese cuisine. However, Su Tao felt something unusual about it upon eating. He soon managed to figure out the reason. Due to the chef’s extended stay in South Korea, his cuisine had been altered to fit South Koreans’ tongue.

“Thanks for your help!” Park Joong-sun offered a cup of wine to Su Tao with a smile plastered on his face. In the process of dealing with the Kwon Family, Park Joong-sun was praised for his contributions. However, only he knew that he was merely riding on Su Tao’s coattails.

“You’re putting your words too seriously.” Su Tao wasn't being courteous, since his enemy was Master Qian, and he only helped the Park Family because they had a common enemy.

Park Joong-sun ate a piece of braised pork. The grease filled his mouth when he chewed. Wiping his mouth with a napkin, Park Joong-sun said, “I’ve already asked around for you. Because Master Qian is a citizen of Thailand, we’re required to hand him over to Thailand for their government to hand out his punishment. But this is a serious matter, and he will face life imprisonment. This incident has caused an international uproar, so not even the Thai authorities will tolerate him.”

Nodding his head, Su Tao sighed, “I never expected that such a monk with high attainments would turn out to be a vile witch doctor. His believers are all innocent, so I’d like to ask for your help to make arrangements regarding them.”

“That’s for certain!” Park Joong-sun smiled. “Although those believers will be sent back to Thailand, they will not face any punishment, since they were being manipulated.”

When Bassoon’s figure appeared in Su Tao’s mind, he sighed. Ever since these people started to form their memories, they lived their lives for Master Qian. Putting it another way, they were Master Qian’s slaves. So if they were truly granted freedom, it would take a long time for them to adjust.

However, Bassoon made a private request. He wished to follow Su Tao to China. Aside from rescuing his younger sister, Nida, he also hoped to become Su Tao’s loyal subordinate.

Bassoon was an obstinate person. Although Su Tao did not know him for a long time, it was also a piece of good news to have someone like him around. After all, the latter was a suitable kamikaze.

“Although the Kwon Family is finished, the SG Chaebol still has to be cautious against their retaliation.” Su Tao warned.

This matter has trained Park Joong-sun’s mind, so he replied, “This is a good matter for the Park Family. Due to the close relationship between the Lee and Kwon Families, they have been cleared out. In the future, my father will have absolute authority over the SG Chaebol.”

Nodding his head, Su Tao felt that it was reasonable.

After a brief pondering, Park Joong-sun took out a check from his pocket and passed it over to Su Tao. “This is a token of appreciation from my father!”

When Su Tao swept his gaze over and saw the number of 0s, he shook his head with a smile. “I can’t accept this!”

“Why?” Park Joong-sun started to grow a little anxious at Su Tao’s words. “If it wasn’t for you, we wouldn’t have been able to get rid of the Kwon Family. This is what you deserve!”

“I’m merely a doctor, and I don’t take anything aside from consultation or treatment fees. Furthermore, this sum is too huge, and I’m afraid that I might be robbed before I even return to China.” Su Tao smiled humorously. He had no idea if there was a plot behind this money. He might be a dynamic person, but he was also cautious at the same time.

“I’ll feel bad if you don’t accept this.” Park Joong-sun said sincerely.

“How about this? Why don’t you invest this sum into the Qihuang Charity Funds? This way, you can become a shareholder of the fund.” Su Tao suggested after a brief consideration. In this manner, he would be able to accept the money without worries. As for the shares, he wouldn’t hand too much of it to Park Joong-sun.

“Divine Physician Su, your character is truly admirable.” Park Joong-sun initially hoped to buy Su Tao’s heart with this money. His parents and wife have treated Su Tao as a lucky star, and becoming a shareholder of the Qihuang Charity Funds was also a method to build a closer relationship between them as partners.

Su Tao’s suggestion made Park Joong-sun look at the former in a new light. If it was someone else, they would surely accept the money without any hesitation. However, Su Tao wanted to invest it instead of pocketing it. His breadth of mind has truly exceeded ordinary folks.

It was also partly because Park Joong-sun didn’t understand Su Tao well enough. To Su Tao, he wasn’t lacking in money, since he had higher pursuits. The Qihuang Charity Funds was his baby, and even if he did accept this money personally, he would still channel it to the funds. The Qihuang Charity Funds was still lacking in attention, and the Park Family was a titan in the business world. So it would bring more benefits for Park Family if they joined the funds instead.

Su Tao’s impression of Park Joong-sun was pretty good, since the latter has placed down his own status and married a wife that wasn’t compatible with him in terms of status. This proved that Park Joong-sun was a person true to his heart, and he could tell that Park Joong-sun was genuinely grateful to him for what he has done.

Perhaps Park Joong-sun was only grateful to him on the surface back then, but Su Tao could sense that it came from the bottom of his heart at this moment.

As the two of them ate, Park Joong-sun mainly did the talking while Su Tao loaned a listening ear. It turns out that Park Joong-sun’s life wasn’t smooth when he was young. His mother, Shin Chae-won, was disliked by his grandfather. Hence, everyone in his family used to be an ordinary employee without any special treatments.

When he attended university, his grandfather passed away. Shin Chae-won was extremely close to her mother, and at that time, Park Yong-ha also gained a footing as an executive of the company. A person’s character was related to his experience. Hence, Park Yong-ha did not put on any airs and remained casual when interacting with others.

When the two of them ended their meal, Park Joong-sun personally sent Su Tao back to the hotel. While looking at Su Tao as he entered the hotel, Park Joong-sun’s feelings became complicated. It was a pity that such a talent wasn’t from South Korea. Although he had been trying his best to pull Su Tao over, he still felt a barrier between them for some reason.

However, his career would soon expand to China, so it was also beneficial for his career to form a good relationship with Su Tao, who possessed unique abilities.

As Park Joong-sun adjusted his clothes, he returned to his vehicle. After Su Tao participated in the International Medical Summit tomorrow, the latter would leave Seoul. However, there were plenty of opportunities for them to meet in the future. Hence, Park Joong-sun felt that it was worth forming a deeper friendship with Su Tao!

He had a strict classification of friends and acquaintances. He could have many acquaintances, but one true friend for life was sufficient. Since Park Joong-sun shared his stories with Su Tao, that meant that he had taken the initiative to pull their friendship closer.

Su Tao naturally took note of how Park Joong-sun was trying to pull their friendship closer with money and feelings.

But that was the human society. When you’re weak, others would only sympathise with you. But when you’re strong, there would be many people rushing to build a friendship with you.

In Minnan Province, Cao Family. Cao Dingjun followed his daily schedule as per usual, waking up early and practicing martial arts.

Spring came after the Chinese New Year. It was comfortable basking in the warmth. With a holler, Cao Dingjun started practicing his martial arts. Every single move of his brought along a powerful force behind it as he started performing the Five Animals Form.

Cao Dingjun was trained in a variety of martial arts. The reason why he practiced the Five Animals Form today was due to the recent discomfort in his body. The Five Animals Form was a technique used to nurture the body, and it was beneficial to one’s health.

Every day before Cao Huaiqing went to work; it was a habit of his to take a look at his father. Despite the medicinal cuisine that a physician, who was a good friend of Xia Dechun, prescribed for his father, the cough in his father did not get better. However, his father was stubborn and would not see any doctor, which made Cao Huaiqing worried.

Cao Dingjun was practicing Dong Wenhuan’s version of the Five Animals Form. This version had a total of 54 moves, and they were simple, yet refined. The Tiger Form was the main show, with a total of 13 moves. Cao Dingjun’s movements were proficient, but when he reached the Deer Form, he suddenly got stuck. He repeated the motion several times, over and over again, as he muttered, “No, this movement doesn’t seem right!”

Because Cao Huaiqing was watching his father from the side for half an hour, he suddenly realised that there was something unusual with his father. The Five Animals Form should be coded into his father’s muscle memory, so why did such a scene occur?

“Dad, why don’t you take a rest and have some water?” Cao Huaiqing immediately took the teapot and walked over.

Taking over the teapot, Cao Dingjun took a huge gulp. The temperature was perfect, but gurgling sounds suddenly came from his throat.

“Dad, what’s wrong with you?” Cao Huaiqing subconsciously supported his father’s shoulder.

All of a sudden, the tea gushed out of Cao Dingjun’s mouth, and his pupils rolled backward as he staggered a few steps back. Fortunately, Cao Huaiqing was prepared. He immediately held onto his father.

“Help!” Cao Huaiqing bellowed.

Guards and servants immediately ran in, and they were startled when they saw Cao Dingjun’s eyes rolling backward.

“What are you guys still standing around here for?” Cao Huaiqing immediately grew anxious. “Quick, take the 1000-year-old ginseng that Sire Shui sent over earlier!”

When the guard retrieved the 1000-year-old ginseng, Cao Huaiqing cut a slice and opened his father’s mouth then placed it under the latter’s tongue.

The 1000-year-old ginseng’s medicinal effect was strong, and despite being a small piece, the effect was simply magical. It was effective in preventing the body from going into shock.

Thus, Cao Dingjun’s last breath was hung by the tyrannical1000-year-old ginseng.

But his eyes were wide open and his facial muscles were constantly twitching. It was a horrifying scene.

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