Chapter 316 - Ruining the Evil Sacrificial Ceremony

“Oppa, what are you doing?” Looking at the blazing flames, Lee Jun-na’s face was drained of all colors.

Those were seventy-eight lives. Just how big of a sin would they bear if all of them were burnt to death?

Lee Jun-na was a cunning and unscrupulous woman, but she wasn’t someone without humanity.

“This is a ceremony to make a sincere wish to Talbert! Under Master Qian’s lead, they will all be led to eternal happiness!” Looking at the flames, Kwon Woo-bin couldn’t conceal his excitement.

Looking at the spreading blazing flames that were about to reach those kids, Lee Jun-na felt her legs wobbling and she fell to the ground. With her eyes widened, she muttered, “This is murder! This is simply murder!”

She had the determination to kill, or she wouldn’t have staged Sim Chang-suk’s suicide bombing incident. But her ruthlessness was directed at her enemy, not the innocent!

Glancing at her in dissatisfaction, Kwon Woo-bin sighed, “You’ve disappointed me! If you want to do big things, then you must have the determination. Not only is this ceremony meant for my Kwon Family, but it is also bringing fortune to the entire country. History will not forget their contributions!”

His words instantly left Lee Jun-na speechless. She first looked at Kwon Woo-bin before turning to Master Qian. She suddenly realised that this ceremony had been planned for a long time, and Kwon Woo-bin was following the instructions of his backer.

Upon making more of an analysis, Lee Jun-na felt a chill down her spine. What did that mean? That meant that even if someone reported this matter to the police, no one would arrive on time to stop the ceremony.

As the flames grew higher, the temperature also continued to rise. Lee Jun-na had tears covering her cheeks as she painfully looked at these unfortunate students. She knew that what happened today would follow her for life; it would be her eternal nightmare tormenting her conscience.

Suddenly, a commotion came from outside before someone ran to Kwon Woo-bin and reported the situation.

Locking his brows together, Kwon Woo-bin nodded his head. “Stop them at all costs. Don’t let anyone ruin the sacrificial ceremony!”

But when he finished giving out his instructions, a loud boom came from the tightly shut doors. Someone was trying to knock the door down and Kwon Woo-bin’s face turned solemn before he waved his hands. Immediately, the bodyguards took out their weapons and stood by the gate.

With another loud boom, the door was destroyed by an armored car and the bodyguards were all sent scampering.

With his face covered, a soldier in a bulletproof vest charged onto the field and started firing his gun. As the bullets found their targets, the victims collapsed onto the ground.

This scene caught Kwon Woo-bin by surprise before he immediately pulled out the pistol on his waist and unlocked the safety to return fire. He knew that this matter has been exposed, and at this moment, he could only flee. Otherwise, he would have to suffer an interrogation if he was captured. At that time, not only would his enemies not let him go, even his backer would try to silence him.

When the bullets sprayed onto Talbert’s statue, they bounced off and created sparks. Master Qian’s countenance sunk before the shadow troop formed a human barrier and protected him. However, it was a pity that it was a barrier made of flesh. So when the bullets struck the heads, they immediately fell to the ground. The shadow troops were well-trained, and their skills weren’t inferior to elite soldiers. But when facing bullets, they were riddled into a honeycomb.

The shadow troops fell one after another. These people were extremely loyal to Master Qian, but the other believers immediately started to scamper.

Master Qian’s countenance sank. He was too preoccupied to be concerned about those disloyal believers. Even he had no idea what went wrong in his plan.

According to logic, Kwon Woo-bin was someone with the most authority in Seoul. Furthermore, this sacrificial ceremony was requested by someone higher, so something like this shouldn’t have occurred.

The soldiers were all rushing to rescue the students, since every passing second would put a life at risk. This was the reason why they rained bullets upon the enemies. Finally, someone pulled the firehose over and water gushed out towards the flames. A few minutes later, the fire was finally under control.

Kwon Woo-bin didn't lack bodyguards, but they were soon shot dead while facing the elite soldiers.

Sitting before the Talbert statue, Master Qian shut his eyes, then looked like a wrinkled tree. He wanted to live, so he didn’t make any action. Otherwise, he would be shot dead by the soldiers.

As Lee Jun-na watched the fire become weaker on the floor, her emotions were complicated and she subconsciously looked at Kwon Woo-bin. The latter no longer maintained his gentlemanly bearing. His eyes were replaced with insanity and brutality. His aim was accurate, and every shot would find its target.

Even if Kwon Woo-bin only had a pistol, he managed to briefly suppress the opposing party.

“Quick, follow me!” Kwon Woo-bin ordered.

“I can’t move! I don’t have the energy to move!” Lee Jun-na weakly said.

With a cold snicker, Kwon Woo-bin violently dragged Lee Jun-na by her hair before him and bellowed, “Stop your fire! Otherwise, I will kill her first!”

Lee Jun-na still hadn’t recovered from the shock, since her lover was holding her hostage in the blink of an eye. She subconsciously looked at the Venerable Father. The latter’s eyes were closed as he sat there and said nothing.

“Don’t struggle!” Kwon Woo-bin whispered to Lee Jun-na, “Cooperate with me. I’ll let you go once I’ve left here safely.”

Lee Jun-na was trembling from the terror. She regretted her decision to be together with such a relentless man.

As someone who knew his future path, Kwon Woo-bin had to survive. Thus, he had to rely on his wisdom and strength to escape.

The Kwon Family had powers all over Seoul, and he would be able to leave the country immediately after breaking free from the pursuit of these elite soldiers. He had already bought properties in a country located somewhere in Europe. That country had already promised him political asylum and a good sum of money to lead a luxurious life.

Suddenly, a cold breeze blew past Kwon Woo-bin’s waist, and he felt like urinating. In the next moment, he lost control of his bladder, and everything was unleashed.

Being the person closest to him, Lee Jun-na could smell a foul stench coming from his body!

Kwon Woo-bin stared at the region where the numbing sensation came from. There was a silver needle plunged into his skin. He immediately tried to pull it out, which Lee Jun-na took the opportunity to take a bite at his arm.

He suddenly roared out in pain and threw the pistol in his hand away.

One of the elite soldiers, which was nearest to him, pounced over. Although Kwon Woo-bin’s marksmanship was brilliant, his martial arts were ordinary. Hence, he was swiftly subdued and had a gun to his head. Just when he wanted to stand up, he was struck with the hilt of the gun, and his eyes rolled backward, losing his conscious in the process.

Through the rescue, the fire was gradually being extinguished and the students were saved. If they were ten minutes later, those students would’ve died in the fire. It was an extremely perilous situation.

Within the suffocating smoke, a figure walked towards Master Qian and kicked the latter in the face.

When Master Qian crawled up, he wiped the blood off the corner of his lips and raised his head to look at the person.

It was a young man with stunning features. His figure was slender, and it was he who used a needle to mount a sneak attack on Kwon Woo-bin.

“Hand over the antidote!” Su Tao ordered. He never hated someone so much in his life. Master Qian had violated his bottom line. This person had no concern about the lives of others and treated others like his toys and trampled on their freedom.

Standing beside Su Tao, Bassoon translated his words.

Looking at Bassoon, Master Qian cursed, “You traitor! You will definitely go to hell!”

Gnashing his teeth, Bassoon raised his hand and threw a powerful jab at the Venerable Father’s face. When the other believers saw this, their eyes were filled with astonishment and reverence.

Bassoon was once the Venerable Father’s subordinate and had suffered endless humiliation. Hence, that jab was powerful and stronger than Su Tao’s kick.

As blood filled Master Qian’s mouth, he coldly stared at Su Tao, since this man was the culprit who ruined his ceremony!

Ignoring Master Qian’s eyes, which were fuming with anger, Su Tao gave Bassoon a signal. The latter immediately bent down to search Master Qian’s body for the antidote. Although Su Tao could save everyone here with his medical skills, it was easier with the antidote.

As Bassoon hollered in Thai, the other believers immediately helped to treat the fainted students.

Looking at this scenery, Su Tao sighed, since the believers under Master Qian were also victims.

At this moment, they were afraid that they might be implicated by Master Qian, so they tried their best to make up for their mistakes.

Elite soldiers charged forth and restrained Master Qian. Walking towards Kwon Woo-bin, Su Tao bent down and locked onto the Kwon Woo-bin’s jaw with his hand. Using his needle, he removed a silver pellet that was in Kwon Woo-bin’s mouth. It was a lethal poison that could be taken to suicide.

Capturing someone alive had more worth than retrieving a dead body.

Su Tao’s thoughts were meticulous, since Kwon Woo-bin was involved in a complicated network. This was the reason why he paid attention to this fellow.

The leader of the soldiers walked to Su Tao and gave the latter a respectful bow before ordering his men to arrest Kwon Woo-bin. After taking the antidote, the students regained their consciousness. Since they lost consciousness earlier, they had no idea that they had brushed shoulders with death.

“Mhm? Jung-eun, look! That handsome fellow looks familiar!” Ko Ki-jun was shocked as she said to Kang Jung-eun, who was beside her.

Su Tao wore a robe, so he stood out from the crowd. Standing alone by himself made himself even more noticeable.

“It’s him!” Kang Jung-eun also recovered and she looked at Su Tao with excitement in her eyes. But it was a pity that Su Tao had already left, so she did not have the opportunity to greet her idol, nor did she have her phone with her to record this moment.

“Thank you for your information!” A prosecutor dressed in a western suit, Han Jung-yul, expressed his gratitude as he shook hands with Su Tao.

Park Joong-sun acted as the translator. When he saw Su Tao charging into the scene earlier, his heart was swept with respect and admiration. Amidst gunfire, not everyone possessed that sort of courage.

“It was nothing! But you will be facing more difficult problems now. Your opponents will be powerful!” Su Tao said as he looked at Han Jung-yul.

There’s definitely someone behind Kwon Woo-bin who controlled this sacrificial ceremony. Although Han Jung-yul dared to face evil, who can guarantee his success?

However, Su Tao couldn’t be concerned with that, since he was just a passerby.

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