Chapter 315 - Swastika Blazing all Calamities

Gasping came from the penthouse of the villa located in the west. A man and woman held a tennis racket facing the liquid crystal screen with a virtual tennis court on the screen. The roof was a transparent glass that revealed the skies, decorated with stars. The woman was trying her best to hit the ball, which the man returned fire. As the woman cried out, she laid down on the ground. She lost this match.

“I won!” That man smiled with pride.

Shaking her head with a wry smile, the woman replied, “Your interest is really unusual.”

Who would have thought that the man invited the woman to play a round of tennis under this atmosphere? According to logic, shouldn’t they do something romantic to match with the atmosphere?

After a brief moment, the man took the glass cup left on the table and had a few mouthfuls before he smiled, “Master Qian was right. You’re a good woman!”

That couple was Kwon Woo-bin and Lee Jun-na!

As Lee Jun-na wiped her forehead with a napkin, a towel draped on her shoulder as she came to the window and lit up a cigarette. “Mr. Kwon, I’m actually a materialistic woman, and I hope that you can help my Lee Family gain control of the SG Chaebol.”

“It’s because of your materialism, which is why I’m so obsessed with you. You’re not the same with those women whom I’ve met in the past. They got close to me because of power, and they acted unconcerned about it. As for you, your motive is blatant, and I know what you want in your heart. As long as I satisfy you, you will not betray me!” As he spoke, Kwon Woo-bin walked over and embraced her waist with his hand gently on her back.

He was a heartless man, and he never lacked women in his life. But for some reason, he was extremely obsessed with Lee Jun-na’s body. Lee Jun-na knew her own advantage, and she knew that she was only a body to him. This was the reason why she lowered herself to satisfy him.

Suddenly, Kwon Woo-bin’s phone rang, so he answered it, “What? You failed?!”

Kwon Woo-bin came to the balcony and peace returned to the room. Lee Jun-na felt a little lonely here. The surrounding lifeless furniture gave her a feeling of desolation.

A brief moment later, Kwon Woo-bin returned. Swirling her finger on his sturdy chest, Lee Jun-na asked, “What’s wrong?”

She could vaguely feel something was amiss. Could it be that something happened?

“I planned a car accident for Park Joong-sun to take revenge for the previous incident. But I never expected that he was so lucky to avoid it.” Kwon Woo-bin raged. Although Park Joong-sun appeared to have encountered a traffic accident by coincidence, it was actually something planned.

Raising her eyes, Lee Jun-na replied, “Park Joong-sun is just an heir. Why don’t you target his father, Park Yong-ha, instead?”

Pinching on Lee Jun-na’s cheeks, Kwon Woo-bin smiled. “You’re truly vicious. Park Joong-sun is your cousin, and Park Yong-ha is your uncle. You’re actually so heartless. It’s as if they’re not related to you!”

“If the Park Family treated us like family, why would they send my brother to jail?” Lee Jun-na gnashed her teeth.

“This is what I like about you!” Kwon Woo-bin took a deep breath. “I can’t touch Park Yong-ha for now, since there’s a hidden power protecting him.”

“A hidden power? Who?” Lee Jun-na was perplexed. She might be a smart woman, but she knew nothing about the battle within the upper circle.

“Park Yong-ha is the representative of the pro-China party. If anything happens to Park Yong-ha, it will attract an unimaginable retaliation from the neighboring country.” Kwon Woo-bin weakly said. “If we want to deal with the Park Family, then we can only intimidate them. We have to be steady, and can’t be too radical about it!”

A dim light flashed in Lee Jun-na’s eyes. She did not think that far. She only wanted to step on the Park Family so that the Lee Family would rise.

Kwon Woo-bin had a perfect grasp on Lee Jun-na’s thoughts. Waving his hand towards Lee Jun-na, he gave out a weird smile and instructed, “Wear your clothes. I’ll bring you to a place!”

Hearing his words, Lee Jun-na was briefly stunned before she wore her clothes and followed Kwon Woo-bin out of the villa. When they turned onto a path, they were guided by bodyguards. But the night was humid and the breeze made her hair stand on end. Although Kwon Woo-bin did not wear many clothes, his steps were steady.

After about twenty minutes of traveling, they finally arrived at another villa. There weren’t any lights lit, which made it seem dim and eerie. It was akin to a scene out of a movie, with spooky bird cries resounding from the forest, startling Lee Jun-na.

“It’s just a bunch of birds, relax.” Kwon Woo-bin turned around and held onto Lee Jun-na’s hands.

When the bodyguards opened the door, the couple entered. The lights were dusky here with a foul odor in the air. When the lights were turned on, Lee Jun-na finally got a clear look at the environment. The decoration of this villa wasn’t marvelous, but she was surprised, since there were praying mats on the ground. At the center of the living room, there was a Buddha statue that was four to five meters in height.

The statue was nothing like those she had seen in the past. The corner of its eyes tilted downwards with tusks stretching out from its mouth. It had a crown, decorated with human skulls on its head.

“The Evil Deity, Talbert!” Lee Jun-na had done her research on the ten Evil Deities of Thailand. Talbert was known to consume supernatural beings. Its original form was Buddhism’s Hayagrīva. It’s one of Avalokiteśvara’s form with three heads and six arms and was said to be able to destroy all karmic hindrances.

“A Buddhism Assembly will be held here two days from now. After it ends, the calamity that the Kwon Family is facing will disappear!” Kwon Woo-bin smiled. “When the time comes, we can get engaged, and you will be my wife from then on!”

“Isn’t it a little too rushed?” Lee Jun-na was startled by Kwon Woo-bin’s abrupt decision.

“I’m a believer in Buddhism. Since the Venerable Father said that we’re destined, then I’ve also determined you!” Kwon Woo-bin casually smiled. Thinking about it, was this considered a proposal?

“Well, I don’t have a reason to refuse!” Lee Jun-na bashfully smiled with her head lowered. By sticking with the Kwon Family, her Lee Family would be able to defeat the Park Family and gain control of the SG Chaebol.

Two buses slowly climbed up a mountain with music resounding within it. The music came from the teens who were seventeen or eighteen. At this age, girls in South Korea had started to put on makeup. Compared to them, there was nothing remarkable about the males, but half of them were fatties.

“Jung-eun, what are you looking at?” Seeing the girl beside her being so silent, Ko Ki-jun curiously asked as she glanced at Kang Jung-eun’s phone.

“You’re hateful!” When Kang Jung-eun was exposed, her face blushed and she glared at Ko Ki-jun.

“Aren’t you just looking at a man’s photo? I know this man! He’s recently gained fame from the scandal with Ji-yeon!” Ko Ki-jun’s memory wasn’t good, since she couldn’t recall the name of that man!

“He’s Su Tao! He’s from China, and he’s a physician!” Kang Jung-eun said with a solemn expression.

“Oh! Jung-eun, I never expected that you would have such a deep understanding of him.” Ko Ki-jun said, before she asked, “Are you perhaps, in love with him?”

Rolling her eyes, Kang Jung-eun glared at Ko Ki-jun. “Don’t talk nonsense! I’m only interested in TCM.”

Shrugging her shoulders, Ko Ki-jun was baffled. “TCM? Sounds really boring.”

However, Kang Jung-eun’s interest suddenly rose. “But it’s truly magical! You must not have seen the video. This man only used a few needles to wake someone who has been in a vegetative state for years!”

“That patient must have been afraid of pain, so he woke up from the pain!” Ko Ki-jun instantly replied.

With disappointment flickering in her eyes, Kang Jung-eun weakly said, “You can choose to disbelieve, but don’t dishonor my idol.”

“Tsk, tsk! Idol!” Ko Ki-jun’s mouth was really vicious. Because Kang Jung-eun was one of her few friends, she changed the topic, despite the disdain in her heart, “Jeong Wun-yun originally wasn’t included in this Buddism Assembly, but he came for you! Ever since we boarded the bus, his gaze has been occasionally drifting in your direction. Why don’t you go and greet him?”

“No way! I don’t like someone like him.” Kang Jung-eun’s gaze fell on her phone and she watched another video that belonged to Su Tao.

With a helpless sigh, Ko Ki-jun bitterly smiled with a sigh. “It’s not easy to walk into a woman’s heart when it belongs to someone else.”

The bus finally stopped before a villa and everyone came out, before looking around curiously. When they entered the courtyard, their interest grew as they looked at the decorations that were around.

“Wow, how cool!” Just when Ko Ji-jun wanted to take a video of the environment with her phone, a man dressed in black walked over and seized it before making an announcement, “Upon entering, I’d like to ask all of you to keep your silence. You’re also not allowed to use any phones or cameras. So I have to ask all of you to make a marking on your phones before handing them over.”

“We’re not allowed to use our phones? Wouldn’t it be a little too boring?” Ko Ki-jun was depressed, and that went the same for the other students as well. But they were all students, and they swiftly handed over their phones under the instructions of their teacher.

There were a total of seventy-eight praying mats, which the students all sat down on the mats with their names indicated. After that, a skinny monk walked out from the back of the Buddha statue, shaking the bell in his hand and chanted prayers. He sat at the center of the praying mats, with over a dozen believers following him before they sat around him and started chanting. At this moment, the villa was filled with a holy atmosphere with chants that resounded from the surroundings.

“This is the Buddhism Meditation Assembly? What a grand scene. It looks like something out of a movie!” Ko Ki-jun’s expression turned grave. She was being influenced by the atmosphere.

Kang Jung-eun sat near to Ko Ki-jun. Just when she wanted to reply, she saw an unusual smile on Ko Ki-jun’s lips and her body swayed before she slumped to the ground.

In the next moment, Kang Jung-eun also felt a wave of dizziness assaulting her brain. She subconsciously looked in the surroundings and saw everyone starting to fall to the ground. Soon after, she also lost her consciousness.

When all of the students were unconscious, Master Qian stood up and bowed towards the Evil Deity, Talbert, before speaking out in Thai, “Let the ceremony begin!”

As the believers stood up in a uniformed manner upon receiving Master Qian’s instructions, they took the oil barrels that were long prepared and poured them into the long curb around those students. Looking from the sky, those curbs formed into a vast ‘卐.’

After everything was prepared, Kwon Woo-bin walked out in a white Buddhist robe with Lee Jun-na, who wore a white dress, following behind. Receiving the torch from a believer, he bellowed out in Sanskrit, “Blazing all calamities and let fortune descend!”

The statue located in the center had a ‘卍’ engraved on its chest, which was an auspicious sign.

Hurling the torch, it drew a radiant trajectory in the sky. Just when it was about to land on the oil, Lee Jun-na covered her mouth in shock. She finally realised the objective of this ceremony. It was a sacrificial ceremony of nearly eighty students to resolve the calamity and bring fortune to the Kwon Family!

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