Chapter 314 - Insanity before the fall

Being rejected was within Su Tao’s expectations. After all, how could the Sect Master of the Aqua Cloud Stream be so easy? If it was that easy, Su Tao would find it weird instead. In the end, his relationship with Liu Ruochen could only be considered as people who share the same ideals at this moment, and it was still far from being a couple.

When he returned to his room, he changed into proper clothing before letting out a sigh. He never expected that his attempt to seduce Liu Ruochen would have no effect. He didn’t have a habit of sleeping in a bathrobe, and he only did it to test human nature. He had once read in an article that women were as lustful as men, and it was just that they did not show it openly.

Recalling how Liu Ruochen panicked, a smile rose on his lips. It felt satisfying to prank someone. This way, he would be eternally engraved in Liu Ruochen’s heart.

Occasionally, you had to use tricks to hit on a girl!

As the saying goes, women go for the bad boys. If all you did was pamper and stick to the girl, they might find you too clingy. It was so much so that they might feel that you’re old-fashioned. Hence, you had to occasionally add some sparks.

Naturally, this trick from Su Tao left Liu Ruochen speechless.

He only heard that women often liked to play the sleeping beauty tactic to seduce men. However, he had used it on himself to seduce a woman instead. Just how confident and narcissistic was he?

But the result was only subpar, which Su Tao was somewhat disappointed. For some reason, he was heart-achingly depressed that his meticulously planned strategy failed.

Suddenly, there were some commotion from the balcony, so Su Tao knitted his brows. When he came out, he saw Bassoon climbing over the window. Seeing one of his legs over the ledge, Su Tao gave a wry smile. “You can just come from the front door if you want to visit me in the future. This method is a little scary!”

After effortlessly leaping over the ledge, Bassoon replied, “I was taught to be a shadow since young. So it’s not easy for me to change!”

Pointing at the couch, Su Tao signaled for Bassoon to sit before pouring a cup of water for the latter.

“Have some water!” Su Tao looked at Bassoon’s face and knew that this fellow must not have eaten or drank anything for the past six to seven hours.

Patience was required to hide around Master Qian, and Su Tao had no idea what method Bassoon used.

After a brief hesitation, Bassoon took the water and gulped it down. Pouring another cup of water for the former, Su Tao went to the phone and ordered a few Chinese cuisines.

Roughly a dozen minutes later, the waiter came and placed the food on the desk. Bassoon only briefly hesitated again before he started wolfing down the food. He was clearly starved.

After Bassoon cleared the food, Su Tao asked, “How’s the investigation going?”

“I contacted a few people and gave your antidote to them.” Bassoon returned to being respectful and continued, “If the medicinal effects are good, they will surely betray the Venerable Father! After all, they have accumulated their hatred for the Venerable Father, but they just didn’t dare to do anything.”

After forcing the roundworm out of Bassoon, Su Tao concocted a few medications that specifically targeted it. Although the effect wouldn’t be as instant as Bassoon, they would realise the change in their bodies after taking the medication for a week.

Master Qian used the southern’s witchcraft poisonous insect technique to control Bassoon and his believers. The moment the insect entered the body, it would affect the mind, and their willpower would be weakened. This was the reason why they were so easily hypnotised.

When the medication entered the body, it would kill the insects and allow them to regain their conscious. This would bring a considerable discount to the hypnosis. With Master Qian losing control over his subordinates, there would be fewer troubles for Su Tao when he fights with Master Qian.

“Nicely done!” Su Tao knew that Bassoon must have been under great danger to distribute the medication. “What is Master Qian’s objective in South Korea? Did you find out?”

Although Master Qian was nominally invited for the International Medical Summit, he must have another matter.

“Those that are responsible for secret tasks by Master Qian were all specially chosen elites amongst us. They’re extremely loyal to Master Qian, so it’s hard to obtain anything from their mouths.” Bassoon locked his brows together and continued, “But a few important members of the shadow troop are both participating and organising the Buddhism Meditation Assembly.”

“The Buddhism Meditation Assembly?” Su Tao’s face turned grave as he asked, “What is it about?”

“It’s having thirty-six men and forty-two women in a secluded environment to listen to the Dharma and comprehend the true essence of Buddhism.” Bassoon sighed, “Master Qian never held any activity like this in the past, so I’m not sure about the exact procedures. I only know that the Kwon Family is behind the promotion of this event with the shadow troop supporting it.”

“When and where is it being held?” Su Tao’s instincts told him that there was something unusual about this event.

“It will be held the day after tomorrow, and the location is at a villa in the west! The members participating in this event are high schoolers from a few schools in Seoul.” Bassoon reported everything to Su Tao.

“I don’t feel right about this…” Su Tao sighed. He was, after all, abroad. So there was a limit to what he could accomplish by himself. However, he already decided to try, since he might be able to defeat Master Qian through this matter.

After a brief hesitation, Bassoon continued, “Your senses are keen. There would always be a tragedy every time the Venerable Father goes overseas.”

“Oh?” Su Tao stared at Bassoon and asked, “What tragedies?”

“When the Venerable Father made a trip to Vietnam to preach in 1997, 49 people were found burnt to death in a valley after he left; when he made a trip to the Philippines in 2003, 35 people engaged in a gunfight with the police for around a dozen days, which they suicided in the end; in 2007 when he went to Cambodia, 81 people suffered a shipwreck on a lake, and all of them were drowned to death…” Bassoon’s gaze flickered. Although these matters didn’t seem to have any direct link to Master Qian, they were still fishy.

Despite following Master Qian for decades, he was only catching the wind without any substantial evidence. This meant that Master Qian’s executions were meticulous and did not leave any clues behind. At the same time, it was exciting to face such a cunning and brutal enemy.

“I see.” Su Tao stood up and immediately felt that this activity, which was co-held by the Kwon Family and Master Qian, seemed to be similar to sacrificial black magic.

Although he might be wrong, he still decided to dig into this matter. If Master Qian was indeed planning another genocide, then this was an opportunity for Su Tao.

“What do you require of me?” In Bassoon’s eyes, Su Tao was his life savior, not to mention that his younger sister was in his hands. Bassoon was smart, and he knew that he could only rescue his younger sister by obtaining Su Tao’s trust.

“Scout out the location. I will go with you tomorrow at this timing!” Su Tao further added, “Remember, safety is utmost important. Retreat if there are any dangers!”

Hearing those words, Bassoon was stunned. He never expected that Su Tao would be so concerned with his well-being. Nodding his head, he suddenly knelt and performed a kowtow before he leaped out of the window ledge.

Seeing that Bassoon couldn’t get rid of his habits, Su Tao helplessly smiled. A moment later, his face turned grave as he called Park Joong-sun.

He wasn’t strong enough to handle this matter by himself, so he needed help. Since the Park and Kwon Families are enemies, this was also an opportunity for the Park Family as well, if this event was what he speculated.

Park Joong-sun was currently handling his honeymoon matters. Due to the incident during the wedding and the SG Chaebol being split into two branches, he didn’t have the time to take leave. So when he heard that Su Tao had something to discuss with him, he immediately left what he was doing and was about to drive to the hotel. But when he left the car park, he saw a white truck dashing from the right. Fortunately, Park Joong-sun managed to react in time and turned the steering wheel to dodge.

When the truck smashed against the wall, it caved in with smoke rising. Park Joong-sun was covered in a cold sweat, and when he saw security rushing over, he gave an instruction, “Detain the driver!”

The driver had already lost consciousness from the crash. When police arrived, Park Joong-sun gnashed his teeth and was still covered in a cold sweat. He did not continue to drive. Instead, he flagged a cab to the hotel. He knew that he had been targeted, and he might suffer more assaults if he drove.

Park Joong-sun only felt relaxed when he arrived at the hotel. For some reason, seeing Su Tao made him feel safe.

Noticing Park Joong-sun’s mood, Su Tao inquired about it. Hence, Park Joong-sun revealed everything, fuming in rage, “The Kwon Family is now a bunch of maniacs!”

“When someone is about to fall, they will go insane first.” Su Tao felt that this matter took place at such a coincidence. With Park Joong-sun scared by this incident, the latter would surely agree to his plan.

Since Kwon Woo-bin wanted Park Joong-sun’s life, then the latter couldn't sit around and wait.

“Are you willing to take the opportunity to deal a finishing blow to the Kwon Family?” Su Tao first decided to probe Park Joong-sun’s opinion.

That was human nature. Piquing their interest was the prerequisite to get them involved.

“That’s for certain!” Park Joong-sun’s teeth creaked from gnashing as he continued, “The enmity between the Park and Kwon Families is irreconcilable!”

Nodding his head, Su Tao revealed his plan.

Upon hearing Su Tao’s plan, Park Joong-sun immediately slapped his chest and promised, “Divine Physician Su, don’t worry about it. Since this matter concerns a scheme from the Kwon Family, my parents will surely support you when they learn of this matter. They will investigate the truth about this matter.”

“No!” Su Tao shook his head. “The other party is cunning, so you can’t tell a third person about this matter, not even your parents and wife. What you need to do is to find a prosecutor that you can trust to dig into this matter once the truth is out. You can’t afford to allow anyone to cover this matter and obstruct justice!”

After a brief hesitation, Park Joong-sun raised his head. “I will make contact now! Amongst the prosecutors in the Republic of Korea, there are still a few upright ones, and they will not cower to evil!”

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