Chapter 311 - Disregarding him and inoring him

The two of them face-planted onto the ground from Su Tao’s kick before they fled in panic. As for the fighters, they supported Jeong Ho-bin and left, limping.

He went easy on the fighters, since they were under orders. The true culprit was Kwon Woo-bin.

However, Su Tao did not intend to kill Kwon Woo-bin. After all, the latter’s target was the Park Family, not him.

The one he was more concerned about was Master Qian, who was hiding in the shadows. That fellow’s plot was brilliant. He was using chess pieces without making a move personally.

As the saying goes, do not chase after a cornered enemy. Hence, Su Tao allowed them to leave.

The Park Family was in disarray at this moment, so what could he accomplish even if he managed to detain Kwon Woo-bin?

When Su Tao turned around, Park Joong-sun walked over and held onto Su Tao’s hands with revere in his eyes. “Thank you, Divine Physician Su!

At this moment, Choi Beom-gyu had gotten down from his back. How could she still be concerned with the traditions at this moment?

Under Kim Jung-ho’s treatment, Shin Chae-won regained her consciousness. Although Kim Jung-ho was beaten up, he managed to protect his fatal spots, so there was nothing serious about his injuries. On the other hand, Shin Chae-won suffered a concussion, but she regained her consciousness thanks to Kim Jung-ho’s acupuncture.

The guests seemed to be still reflecting on the staggering incident a moment ago. The divine physician from China has shown his might and kicked Kwon Woo-bin’s party’s butts. It was an exciting scene, as if it had been out of an action film.

Turning to look at Su Tao, their eyes contained respect. They did not think too much about the fame that Su Tao obtained through his scandal with Hwang Ji-yeon. After all, someone of their status usually wouldn’t pay attention to celebrity matters.

Su Tao’s display before the Park Family would soon spread throughout the upper circle in Seoul. In a short span of time, everyone would know that this divine physician from China not only possessed brilliant medical skills, his martial arts were also extraordinary.

At this moment, Park Joong-sun was fully convinced by Su Tao. Perhaps he might have been ‘blackmailed’ a few billion wons, but the Park Family wouldn’t dwell on that after Su Tao’s previous performance. On the contrary, they would even acknowledge Su Tao as the savior of their family.

As for Kim Jung-ho, he felt weak in his heart. The difference in his display, when compared with Su Tao, was too significant. He was beaten up by a group, and the latter had beaten up a group by himself. It was on a completely different level. Thinking about it, he had become a clown, a supporting character.

“That was a small setback. Let the wedding carry on!” Su Tao smiled.

Looking at the chaos, Park Joong-sun sighed then walked to his father and whispered in the latter’s ears.

After Park Yong-ha greeted the guests, the band continued with their music and the wedding ceremony continued. Although they had encountered a brief disruption in-between, they managed to conclude it.

During the ceremony, Kim Jung-ho went to look for Su Tao. His injuries had undergone a simple treatment with an ointment that was passed down from his family. The effect was pretty good, since the swelling had already subsided. “I never expected that you would make a move!”

“I like being unpredictable.” Su Tao replied with a faint smile.

“It’s not worth it for you to offend the Kwon Family!” Kim Jung-ho was baffled. Su Tao could have stayed out of it.

“The Kwon Family might have power in Seoul, but my foundation lies in China. So I can leave anytime I want.” Su Tao smiled. “On the other hand, why did you stand out? Aren’t you afraid of Kwon Family’s revenge?”

“The Kwon Family’s enemy is the Park Family. As for me, my position can change anytime. If the Kwon Family is willing to pay a higher price, I can become their medical consultant and work for them!” Kim Jung-ho explained his system of values.

Shaking his head in disappointment, Su Tao replied, “I initially had some admiration for you. But your words have left me disappointed!”

Kim Jung-ho was more fickle than he had imagined and was lacking in spirit. He was undependable when facing authority, that left Su Tao somewhat disappointed in him.

“Disappointed?” Kim Jung-ho appeared to be happy before he continued, “I initially thought that you'd disregarded my existence.”

He would often have a misperception from Su Tao, thinking that the latter was disregarding and ignoring him, which made him feel pressured.

The greatest humiliation in the world was when your opponent treated you with contempt and disregarded you.

However, Su Tao revealed an important clue. In fact, Kim Jung-ho was an opponent worthy of his respect.

“You’re a smart person, but be warned that cleverness may overreach itself.” Su Tao knew that his words might be useless, but he still wanted to warn this talent of TKM.

“Thanks for your compliments.” Kim Jung-ho waved his hand and continued, “There will be a competition during the International Medical Summit, and I believe that you’re courageous enough to fight me.”

“Trying to nudge me?” Su Tao helplessly smiled as he wondered, Why is this fellow so confident in his victory?

“Indeed, I am! I believe that you won’t disappoint me.” Kim Jung-ho left behind his comments before leaving.

This was Kim Jung-ho’s challenge to Su Tao, and the former seemed pretty determined.

“I accept.” Su Tao looked at Kim Jung-ho’s silhouette and continued, “But I have a condition!”

“What is it?” Kim Jung-ho turned around and solemnly looked at Su Tao.

“You have to change the name of your medical center to Three Flavour Hall if I win.” Su Tao smiled. “That goes the same for me. If I lose, my Three Flavour Hall will be named after your medical center.”

“Deal!” Kim Jung-ho never hesitated and agreed with Su Tao’s suggestion. This was a battle of honor, and he couldn’t afford to take a step back.

“Based on your confidence now, I will leave some dignity for you so that you won’t lose too terribly!” Su Tao smiled and permeated a powerful aura.

With a sneer on his lips, Kim Jung-ho replied, “Don’t boast just yet. When the time comes, I will make you take back your words today.”

This time, Kim Jung-ho decisively turned around. He had calmed his heart and prepared himself to teach Su Tao a lesson during the International Medical Summit.

However, Su Tao was qualified to be arrogant. Kim Jung-ho knew that he was just trying his best to support himself, and he wasn’t confident about defeating Su Tao.

After all, the latter was the heir to the Heavenseizing Hands; it was a legendary art that was lost in history.

When Kwon Woo-bin entered the car, his phone suddenly rang. He still hadn’t recovered from the defeat and his back was feeling numb. His heart was assaulted by various emotions of humiliation, anger, and shock.

“Your father just fainted, and he has already been sent to the emergency room.” A nurse from the hospital called. “We will be performing the emergency treatment. We need you to be here and sign the papers.”

Furrowing his brows together, Kwon Woo-bin felt downright unfortunate. Bad things came for him in a chain. At this moment, he firmly believed in Master Qian’s words that it was all originating from the Park Family. Hence, he made up his mind that he had to make the Park Family pay the price, regardless of the cost.

“Jun-na, how’s the task going?” Kwon Woo-bin coldly questioned.

“My father has already invited around a dozen small shareholders. Adding the shares in our hands, we will surpass the Park Family.” Lee Jun-na carefully replied. “But this required a huge sum of money. Amongst all the corporations in South Korea, the SG Chaebol is the only one that has maintained a good relationship with the Chinese government. Facing the shrinking of China’s market, many people have maintained a firm ground, since stocks have been rising continuously. So those old foxes won’t sell the shares in their hands so easily.”

This was what Kwon Woo-bin was satisfied with when it came to Lee Jun-na. Not only was this woman skilled in bed, but she also had a good brain for business operations. It was no wonder why Master Qian would call her his lucky star. When his hand wandered around her thigh, it made Lee Jun-na clamp her legs together, despite the layer of clothes, and an unusual excitement rose in her heart. As the chauffeur drove, Lee Jun-na’s breathing had turned rough from Kwon Woo-bin’s groping. However, she wasn’t comfortable with it, and it was purely an act. But Kwon Woo-bin was satisfied with her, since only a woman that knew how to put on an act could walk further down the road with him.

“Don’t worry about it. Although the Kwon Family isn’t listed, we’re fully capable of buying two SG Chaebols with our wealth!” Kwon Woo-bin smiled. “This is actually going against our ancestral teachings. My father taught me since young that we have to lay a sturdy foundation and not dip our hands in finance. But this time, I would like to give it a try!”

The financial market was hazardous. Although many people knew that most people were only there to make up the numbers, they still couldn’t hold themselves back from the temptation. In the end, they lost everything.

The reason why he chose to clash with the SG Chaebol this time was due to that great figure. The Kwon Family invested so much in her, and all their efforts would go down the drain if she fell. This was a gamble that Kwon Woo-bin couldn’t afford to retreat from.

When the car finally arrived at the hospital, Kwon Woo-bin saw his father through the window and received an authorisation form from the nurse. Signing it with his name, he turned to instruct his assistant, “Prepare a vehicle. I want to make a trip to the monastery.”

He was naturally going to visit Master Qian.

The hospital told him that his father was incurable, and he only had half a year left, even if the surgery was successful. When humans encountered something that they couldn’t resolve, they would generally resort to seeking help from religion. This was the only choice left to them after they met a dead-end.

Devout, he had to be devout!

Kwon Woo-bin was constantly strengthening his devotion.

“The Kwon Family and Park Family clashed sometime ago!” In the South Korean mission, a military officer, Shi Yong, explained the situation to Beijing’s Foreign Affairs Bureau. “But the conflict was only brief, and the Kwon Family’s scheme ultimately failed!”

“How’s Su Tao?” But at this moment, Shui Junzhuo was only concerned with one person.

“He’s fine. He was the one that made a move and chased the Kwon Family away.” Shi Yong locked his brows together and continued, “But the Kwon Family is powerful in Seoul, and he has got himself into trouble this time. I’m afraid that the other party might take revenge!”

Taking a deep breath, Shui Junzhuo pleaded, “Uncle Shi, please promise me something. No matter what happens, please protect him.”

Shi Yong was briefly stunned before he slapped his chest and promised, “Junzhuo, don’t worry about it. I have already dispatched my men around him. He now has great fame in South Korea, and he fits the requirements for us to protect him from the shadows.”

Hearing those words, Shui Junzhuo felt a load being lifted from her heart and she stood by the window, her gaze drifting at the scenery.

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