Chapter 31 - Death Acupoints Revival

Chapter 31 - Death Acupoints Revival

When Mrs. She left, the father and daughter went to the store and retrieved the Song Dynasty’s painting behind the safe. Cai Zhongpu revealed complexity in his eyes as he sighed, “I never expected this to be a scheme!”

Cai Yan was puzzled. “What scheme?”

Cai Zhongpu lowered his voice, “This painting is a dirty good, Old Crow didn’t get it through the proper channels.”

Cai Yan furrowed her brows. “But the Emerald Antique Brook had also taken such items, didn’t we successfully sell them?”

Cai Zhongpu bitterly smiled. “I have just tried to call the buyer; his number is no longer in service. This never happened before.”

Cai Yan figured out the situation, “Could that buyer be someone from the Nie Family?!”

Cai Zhongpu nodded his head. “I have been blinded by greed in the past. Now that I think about it, I have always been taking in the dirty goods from Nie Family to launder them without knowing it.”

Cai Yan further asked, “That means many of the collections were arranged by the Nie Family to pass them to you through Old Crow and make use of a buyer to get them from you. This way, the items with uncertain origins would have no relationship to the Nie Family, and the Emerald Antique Brook would bear all responsibility! But, why did the Nie Family choose us?”

Cai Zhongpu coldly replied, “Because I am easy to be controlled, and you are related to the Nie Family!”

Cai Yan still couldn’t figure out the relationship between them. “What do you mean by ‘related’?”

Cai Zhongpu sighed, “You’re the Nie Family’s Daughter-in-Law. So if anything happens, it will give Nie Family a reason to interfere in this matter.”

Cai Yan deeply sighed, “They want to swallow up the entire Emerald Antique Brook?”

Cai Zhongpu nodded his head. “That’s right! The moment something happens to the Emerald Antique Brook, I will not be able to escape any responsibility as the owner. At that time, do you think you can fight with the Nie Family?”

The Emerald Antique Brook had been building up wealth, a fish raised by the Nie Family. Once the fish was fattened, the Nie Family would proceed to swallow it up.

“That’s too vile!” Flames were spewing from Cai Yan’s eyes.

Cai Zhongpu bitterly smiled. He had been cautious all these years, never revealing his wealth. He never expected that without him knowing, he had been a pawn of the Nie Family.

He fished out a bank card. “Cai Yan, this is the result of my wrongful decisions. I will bear all the responsibility. This card is registered to your name, and the PIN is your birthdate. From tomorrow onwards, you will have no relation with the Emerald Antique Brook.”

Tears welled up Cai Yan’s eyes. “Dad, how can you say that?”

Cai Zhongpu shoved the card towards Cai Yan and sighed, “I’m bearing my own crimes! Furthermore, you have to leave Hanzhou swiftly. I will notify a trustable friend to send you out of the country to hide.”

Cai Yan finally couldn’t hold back and her tears rained down her face. She had always hated Cai Zhongpu for her ghost marriage. But in the end, blood was thicker than water, so she could only hate herself for being powerless when Cai Zhongpu sounded like he was arranging his will.

Cai Zhongpu sighed and felt dizzy. A mouthful of fresh blood gushed out from his throat before he fainted.

It all happened in an instant before Cai Yan could react.

Suddenly, a youth walked into the Emerald Antique Brook and saw Cai Zhongpu lying down on the floor while Cai Yan was panicking and smiled. “Oh, why is Uncle Cai lying on the ground?”

Cai Yan’s gaze followed the voice and saw the youth that followed Mrs. She. “Who allowed you here? Get out!”

The youth burst into laughter. “Cousin-in-Law, let me introduce myself. My name is Nie Yaozhong, the younger cousin of your husband and also the rightful heir of the Nie Family.”

Cai Yan felt that this matter was too much of a coincidence since her father was perfectly fine before Mrs. She came.

Nie Yaozhong clicked his tongue when he saw tears staining the corner of Cai Yan’s eyes. “Cousin-in-Law, I really find you pitiful. How about this, call me younger brother and I’ll help you treat him. My medical skills are pretty good, and I can guarantee his complete recovery!”

Judging from his words, she knew that he must be related to her father’s poisoning. She gritted her teeth and roared, “Get lost, or else I will call the police and report you for trespassing!”

Nie Yaozhong’s gaze lingered on Cai Yan. He felt that even when she was angry, she still looked so beautiful, which left him a little unexpected. Upon closer look, he realised that she was still a virgin!

Nie Yaozhong smacked his lips before he sat on the chair and crossed his legs with a smile while appreciating Cai Yan’s beauty. “Since I have fallen for you at first sight, let me reveal some things to you. In just fifteen minutes, your father will die of poison, and by 8 a.m. tomorrow, the Emerald Antique Brook will be investigated for smuggling national treasures. After that, Mrs. She will borrow the name of your husband to take over the Emerald Antique Brook. All the bank accounts will be frozen, and you will be left with nothing.”

Nie Yaozhong stood up and pushed Cai Yan towards the wall. He could smell a unique fragrance coming from her, which made him feel the urge to make a move on her. However, he suppressed the temptation; he pinched Cai Yan’s face and whispered, “How tender!”

Cai Yan smacked her lips and hollered, “Shameless!”

Nie Yaozhong lowered his eyes to her chest and smiled while shaking his fingers. “Among the women that I fancy, you’re the first to scold me. I’m actually here to save you.”

Cai Yan pushed Nie Yaozhong and knitted her brows. “You guys are in this together, how can you expect me to trust you?”

Nie Yaozhong broke into laughter. “Have you never heard of the term, every man thinks for his own? If you act according to my plan, not only will your father be alive, I can also guarantee the Emerald Antique Brook.”

She could tell that Nie Yaozhong and Mrs. She weren’t too united, judging from his words. But for some reason, Cai Yan felt that he was terrifying and sinister. In the end, she shook her head and rejected, “I refuse!”

Nie Yaozhong’s eyes coldly flashed. “Are you going to watch your father die?”

Cai Yan raged, “I can save him!”

“Save him?” Nie Yaozhong found this woman to be impervious to reason. “Aside from me, there’s no one that can save him in this world!”

“Oh? Really?” A composed voice came from outside, and Cai Yan’s eyes flashed with joy since Su Tao was the only one that she could rely on at this moment.

Su Tao came to send some Beautifying Cream for Cai Yan and bumped into this incident. When he saw Cai Zhongpu lying on the ground, he was shocked before he swiftly paced towards the latter and pressed onto his Renzhong Point.

Seeing no reaction, Su Tao proceeded to press on Cai Zhongpu’s Quzhi, Guangu, Yangming and Neiting Points. However, there weren’t any improvements. Cai Zhongpu looked as if he was about to die anytime.

Nie Yaozhong looked at Su Tao with a grave expression since he couldn’t discover Su Tao’s arrival even with his guard up.

He could see that Su Tao could accurately pinpoint the acupuncture points, but he didn’t believe that Su Tao could save Cai Zhongpu. This was a unique poison refined by the direct disciple of the Medicine King Valley. If it could be so easily treated, wouldn't they be a joke?

Thus, he ridiculed, “I never thought that there’s a beauty protector here. No harm letting you try, he still has ten minutes. If he’s not saved before then, even deities won’t be able to save him!”

Su Tao glanced at Nie Yaozhong. This person was slightly more handsome than himself; however, the way he spoke was a little peculiar. But, saving Cai Zhongpu was his main priority right now, so he didn’t have the time to entertain Nie Yaozhong.

Su Tao’s hands swiftly moved in Nie Yaozhong’s eyes. In just the span of a breath’s time, Su Tao had already pressed ten-odd acupuncture points on Cai Zhongpu. What left him even more astonished was that Su Tao also pressed several points that belonged to the death acupoints!

There were a hundred and eight harmful acupuncture points on a human’s body, in which seventy-two of them weren’t fatal. As for the remaining thirty-six, all of them were fatal, something most assassins would use.

Take the Shenting Point, which was located on the head, for example. It could cause dizziness. As for the temple point, it could cause dizziness, blacking out of vision and ringing by the ears…

Su Tao’s hand had wandered around these points in just two breaths. Surprisingly, Cai Zhongpu suddenly retched and spat a mouthful of blood with a group of dark-brown worms wiggling in the puddle of blood.

This was the Death Acupoints Revival, a legend that had only been seen in the canons of his sect. Witnessing this with his two eyes, Nie Yaozhong felt disbelief.

These worms were a unique poison to the Medicine King Valley; every single one of them cost a high price to nurture. This group of worms alone would cost a few hundred thousand.

The Death Acupoints Revival must be paired with the Heavenseizing Hand. Although he had no idea which part of Cai Zhongpu’s body was infected by the poison, the technique could guarantee that Cai Zhongpu’s condition wouldn’t worsen for a day by infusing qi into the death acupoints.

Su Tao’s face loosened up since he had finally forced the worms out. But the poison had already invaded deep in Cai Zhongpu’s body. He would require at least half an hour to get rid of the poison. But naturally, there was another, better, way of resolving this.

Su Tao stood up and stretched his hand towards Nie Yaozhong, then demanded, “Hand over the antidote!”

Nie Yaozhong laughed. “In the end, you still need my antidote.”

Su Tao sighed, “The antidote is just nearby, why should I waste more energy in the treatment?”

Nie Yaozhong’s face turned sinister. “Do you think that I will hand over the antidote as you wish? I still have to deal with you for killing so many of my worms!”

These worms could still be reused. The reason why he came back was to wait for Cai Zhongpu to die before he retrieved the worms and destroyed evidence at the same time.

Su Tao sighed before he took two steps forth and spoke in a stern voice, “The Medicine King Valley is one of the famous medical sects. I never thought that there would be a vile person like you in there.”

Nie Yaozhong had already determined that Su Tao possessed extraordinary medical skills. He cautiously took two steps back and placed his hand in his pocket to retrieve the medicine pack. However, he never expected that Su Tao would immediately stretch a finger towards Nie Yaozhong’s face!

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