Chapter 309 - Out of hands

Shortly after, Wang Guofeng recovered from the shock and said to Murong Hong, “Oh, I forgot to tell you something. Su Tao wasn’t idling around when he was in South Korea. He was busy creating a scandal with a female celebrity to promote his company.”

“Oh? Something like that actually happened?” Murong Hong knitted his brows. Due to his age, he preferred a person with a steady temperament.

“His medical skills aren’t bad, but his attention is not focused. He’s busy with various matters.” Concern flashed in Wang Guofeng’s eyes, looking to be worried about Su Tao.

“We just have to focus on ourselves and not poke into other affairs.” Murong Hong wasn’t stupid. He could tell that the relationship between Wang Guofeng and Su Tao wasn’t good. Despite Wang Guofeng’s complaints about Su Tao, he also got himself involved with the Medicine Deity Corporation.

“You’re right. But I never expected that Su Tao would dip his hands into the entertainment industry now. I wonder what will become of TCM in the eyes of others.” Wang Guofeng sighed.

“A few years ago, there were many scammers under the pretense of TCM, creating a disastrous image for TCM in variety shows. So it is truly inappropriate for Su Tao to be involved in a scandal with a celebrity.” Murong Hong’s face was stern as he continued, “But he’s not part of the system, and he’s beyond the TCM Association’s control. So there’s nothing we can do about him. At best, I can only say that we’re not of the same kind!”

Although his voice wasn’t loud, it raised different feelings in the hearts of other specialists. Perhaps they might be famous back in China, but their position was awkward in South Korea.

Despite being a physician as well, Su Tao has garnered himself a fanbase. Thus, anyone could expect what they’re feeling right now. Even without Wang Guofeng fanning the fire, Su Tao had already become an enemy in their hearts.

Jealousy was a common trait in humans.

Looking at the fans gradually disappearing from their sight, Liu Ruochen helplessly smiled. “I never expected that you would be so popular. Do you need a manager now?”

Even Su Tao was startled by the appearance of those fans. They practically disregarded their lives and charged in his direction. If any of them got injured because of that, he would feel guilty about it.

At this moment, his phone rang. It was a call from Kim Jung-yeon. She said, “Why did you run?”

How could Su Tao not figure out that it was her doing in this matter at that moment? Hence, he sourly replied, “Why didn’t you inform me about it beforehand? I thought I was in trouble!”

Tapping on her lips, Kim Jung-yeon was pleased. “I never expected that your popularity would be this good. You summoned over fifty fans for the first meeting. As long as you keep working on it, you will garner more fans. Remember, you have already authorised me to handle your international fan club.”

Su Tao felt that Kim Jung-yeon and Kim Jung-ho was getting more interesting. Although their methods were different, the two of them were actually trying to create fame for him. Letting out a sigh, Su Tao helplessly replied, “It suits you, then!”

After all, the matter has escalated beyond his control at this moment, and he became a public figure. However, it was beneficial for him to spread both TCM and his plans. At the same time, he had also reflected that he should be more low-profile so that no one would pick a bone with him.

Park Joong-sun’s wedding progressed as planned. Typically, someone of his status would pick a grand location in Europe to host his wedding. However, Park Joong-sun was more low-profile and chose a traditional Korean wedding instead.

As a guest invited to his wedding, Su Tao held a prominent position. Not only did he save the two of them, he even brought the two of them together.

Choi Beom-gyu wore a traditional Korean outfit that was tailored for her. Naturally, the cost went without saying.

The couple sat on a large table with fine refreshments and snacks prepared by the female party to serve the guests. After the guests had those refreshments, the wedding was moved to the next section.

The couple first kowtowed towards the elders of their families, thanking them for their upbringings. At the same time, the elders also gave their heartfelt wishes for the couple. After that, Park Joong-sun would pour wine, while Choi Beom-gyu served it.

Thereafter, the two of them held a piece of silk, embroidered with lotuses and willows before catching the items that their parents tossed to them. Choi Beom-gyu caught a chestnut, which was a message for her to bear a son, causing her mother-in-law to smile happily.

As for the last event, Park Joong-sun carried his bride on his back and walked three rounds in the ancestral hall. In the entire process, Choi Beom-gyu’s feet were not allowed to touch the ground, since it represented that she would hold her traditional role as a wife to assist her husband and educate their children.

Just when they were about to exit, a commotion came from outside. A peculiar light flickered in Shin Chae-won’s eyes before she instructed the newlyweds, “Enter the bridal room!”

Knowing that his mother was superstitious, Park Joong-sun carried Choi Beom-gyu and were about to walk out. But the commotion outside was more intense than they had expected and a group of men in black clothes and baseball caps charged in, waving the bats in their hands.

Although the Park Family had arranged security for the wedding, they were all helpless when facing those well-trained fighters.

While the couple was obstructed by the door, Choi Beom-gyu hugged tightly Park Joong-sun with panic flashing across her pupils.

At this moment, Shin Chae-won and her husband, Park Yong-ha, came out. As the spiritual figure of SG Chaebol, the former’s countenance did not change from the commotion and she hollered, “What are you guys doing?”

When the fighters heard the bellow, they immediately stopped beating up the security and stood in a line with their hands behind their backs. At this moment, a man and woman walked in from the entrance. The man was tall, with a height of 6’, while the woman held his arm and smiled, “Aunty, I’m here to participate in cousin’s wedding. But they blocked my path, so these people helped me out of justice.”

Seeing Lee Jun-na, Shin Chae-won, was infuriated. “Jun-na, are you trying to ruin your cousin’s wedding?”

Shaking her head, Lee Jun-na looked innocent as she tapped on her lips. “Why would I ruin cousin’s wedding? I’ve just mentioned that I’m only here to participate.”

“Mr. Kwon, do you really want to do this?” Shin Chae-won asked in a deep voice.

Removing his sunglasses, Kwon Woo-bin pinched Lee Jun-na’s cheeks before replying, “Madam Shin, your Park Family has been an enemy of my Kwon Family the moment you touched the land in Seoul that we had our eyes on. We have had a few conflicts because of that, so I naturally have to send my gift for your son’s wedding.”

Wearing a smile on his lips, he clapped. Someone dragged in a big bag over, and upon opening it, it was filled with snakes and rats. Those snakes and rats have been trapped for a long time, so they started scattering around the moment they were released. Everyone here was someone with status in Seoul, but they lost their composure from those disgusting pests. Women no longer had their elegant bearing as they ran in their heels, screaming. There were even a few men hopping onto the table as they looked at the pests in horror.

“I never expected that the Kwon Family would take vengeance so openly!” Kim Jung-ho was a physician, and he often handled pests. Thus, he managed to maintain his composure. Although he had plotted against Su Tao, his skin was thick and stuck beside Su Tao as if nothing had happened.

Although Su Tao had enmity for Kim Jung-ho, he didn’t feel a need to fall out entirely. After all, the latter had helped him in boosting his fame. Hence, he decided to give Kim Jung-ho some face for Kim Jung-yeon’s sake of helping him.

“The Kwon and Park Family’s conflict has gotten out of hand!” Su Tao showed a wry smile. The Kwon Family was an old family. On the other hand, the Park Family rose recently. In the eyes of those old families, those newly emerged families were just wealthy without any cultural foundation. Thus, the Kwon Family’s revenge for the Park Family was also an act of showing their strength.

This level of confrontation wasn’t frequently seen, but the Kwon Family was under the instigation of Master Qian and Lee Jun-na.

Letting out a sigh, Kim Jung-ho decided to help out in the situation. After all, he was the medical consultant of SG Chaebol, so he had to help out now that his employer was in trouble. Similarly like Su Tao, he also brought a medical box with him at all times. After ransacking through his box, he took out a spray and started spraying it in the surroundings.

Those pests immediately responded as if they had encountered their nemesis. They started emitting weird cries before scampering away from the spray. When the guests saw the pests fleeing, they felt saved and regained their composure.

Looking at Kim Jung-ho, Kwon Woo-bin asked in a solemn voice, “Mr. Kim, do you know what you’re doing right now?”

Letting out a sigh, Kim Jung-ho helplessly replied, “The SG Chaebol employed me. If the Kwon Family is willing to provide me with a wage, then I will be willing to help if you’re in trouble!”

“What a loyal hound!” Kwon Woo-bin was fuming with anger. He looked at the fighters before pointing at Kim Jung-ho. “Beat him to death!”

Kwon Woo-bin had a firm character, and he hated men like Kim Jung-ho who looked like a woman. Mainly, he investigated Lee Jun-na and found out that the latter had an extraordinary relationship with Kim Jung-ho. In his eyes, he has already treated Kim Jung-ho as his love rival.

Kim Jung-ho was also taken by surprise. He never expected that Kwon Woo-bin would be so brutal. The latter did not even allow him to talk. The fighters pounced at him. Facing this momentum, he could only retreat and hollered, “Kwon Woo-bin, did you know that you’re now under the control of Master Qian? Your father’s illness has nothing to do with the Park Family, and Master Qian instigated this matter for the two families to fight!”

However, how would Kwon Woo-bin listen to the words of an enemy? He only felt that it was a childish plot.

“Oppa, this has nothing to do with Mr. Kim!” Seeing Kim Jung-ho being surrounded, Lee Jun-na tried to persuade. After all, she clearly still had feelings for the former.

Shoving Lee Jun-na away, Kwon Woo-bin coldly warned, “Are you feeling heartache? Stay there and wait. I will make you scram if you say another word, and the Lee Family can give up on gaining control of the SG Chaebol!”

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