Chapter 308 - The virgin experience of being wooed by a celebrity

Along with the end of the press conference, the load on Su Tao’s heart was finally relieved. Truth be told, he wouldn’t be affected even if he was involved in a scandal. He’s a doctor, and he relied on his medical skills to earn a living. As long as his reputation as a physician wasn’t ruined, then there wouldn’t be a day that he would lose his rice bowl!

On the other hand, Hwang Ji-yeon’s prospects might be greatly affected. After all, most people were under the delusion that men were dissolute if they fool around. But if a woman fools around, they would be shamed as sluts.

He could tell that Hwang Ji-yeon was passionate about her career, and she was a professional celebrity. Thus, he didn’t mind lending her a helping hand.

Naturally, the unique experience abroad had also given him an unforgettable night.

When Hwang Ji-yeon stepped out of the press conference, she sent Su Tao a message. Although she could converse in Mandarin, she was illiterate. Thus, she could only send a message in English, “Thank you, Dear Su!”

Looking at the message, a smile rose on the corner of Su Tao’s lips. But all of a sudden, he received a call from Vera, who was in Russia.

He had disrupted her plans, and he could imagine Vera’s mood at this moment…

“Tao, do you know that I’ve suffered a great loss because of you? I’ve already gotten a professional team to research, and the Three Flavour Cosmetics International needs a better spokesperson to display our worth. Hwang Ji-yeon might have some fame in Southeast Asia, but she has close to nothing in Europe…”

When they distributed the workload back then, Yan Jing was responsible for management and operation, while Vera was liable for introducing new markets. Hearing the unprecedented grumbling from Vera, Su Tao smiled. “How are you these days?”

His words left Vera briefly stunned before she sighed, “I’m pretty good, hmph!”

“We’ve not contacted for so long, and I’m somewhat heartbroken for you to reprimand me the moment you call me.” Su Tao sighed in disappointment.

“Who asked you to be involved in a scandal with a South Korean woman?!” Vera blurted the thoughts in her heart before she interrogated, “Justify yourself honestly. Did you have a relationship with that woman?!”

“Haha!” Su Tao laughed. “So, the reason for your reprimand is regarding this!”

Taking a deep breath, Vera responded in a jealousy tone, “Yeah, I was nearly driven insane by you! Right now, everyone knows that you’ve stayed with a South Korean celebrity alone in the hotel for a few hours!”

“Then, how should I remedy this?” At this moment, Su Tao could only compromise.

“I will tell my father that you’re my boyfriend,” Vera responded in a serious tone.

“Then?” Su Tao smiled as he asked cautiously.

“Then you will become the focus of attention!” But after a brief pondering, Vera decided against that idea. “Forget it. You can just remain as my secret lover to spare you from all the danger.”

Weakly shrugging his shoulders, Su Tao replied, “Then, I have to thank Princess Vera for going easy on me!”

Letting out a sigh, Vera responded, “Because you’ve decided a spokesperson yourself, our plan has to be readjusted now. Hwang Ji-yeon is a South Korean, and she has the temperament of an Asian woman. We will still get another influential spokesperson and promote the two of them together.”

“See, I knew you had a backup plan.” After a brief silence, Su Tao asked, “So, when can I see you?”

Hearing those words, Vera’s heart melted. Even the dissatisfaction in her heart had dissipated by the warming words of her lover — it was an effective medicine for the mentality.

“I’ll look for you after I’m done with everything here.” Even her voice had softened. “Several European companies are showing interest in the Beautifying Cream and Restoring Serum. I’m currently seeking a suitable distributor, and there will be an outcome soon.”

“I don’t care about any Beautifying Cream or Restoring Serum. I only care about you!” Su Tao instantly went into his flirting mood.

Pursing her lips together, Vera smiled. “I like your cheesy words!”

Initially, Vera planned for the Three Flavour Cosmetics International to expand into the European market first. Although South Korea had a huge demand for cosmetics within Southeast Asia, Vera’s ambition was greater than that. She wanted the products of the Three Flavour Cosmetics International to conquer the hearts of every woman in the world.

The products from the Three Flavour Cosmetics International was simply magical. As long as a woman uses it once, they would undoubtedly fall in love with it. At the same time, Vera had marketed the Beautifying Cream and Restoring Serum as high-end products like Dior and Chanel. Despite Su Tao’s opinion about having his products down-to-earth was better for China’s consumption, Yan Jing showed support for having a high-end branding for the Three Flavour Cosmetics International.

These two women were ambitious, since they intended to create the first high-end brand that originated from China.

But that was only the first step. After the products have convinced everyone, they would branch into clothes and leather products. Su Tao was a blank paper when it came to the world of upper-class women, but even he felt his blood boiling from their discussion.

Naturally, it was because their products were up to the mark, and now, it’s time for them to develop into the brand.

Although this incident was unexpected, the effect it garnered was pretty good. The Three Flavour Cosmetics International had also taken a step out in its branding route.

For the next two days, medical representatives from all over the world arrived in Seoul. Su Tao and Liu Ruochen first met up with the representatives from China. They met many medical experts within the country, and at the same time, they also noticed Wang Guofeng’s presence.

When Wang Guofeng saw Su Tao and Liu Ruochen together, his mood was complicated. He no longer had any relationship with Liu Ruochen, so he could only endure seeing the two of them whispering into each other’s ears.

From China’s medical representatives, Su Tao could tell the current position of TCM in the country. There were roughly twenty representatives for Western Medicine, but there were only five or six for TCM. The representatives clearly had different arrangements for the two branches in medicine. Even their meals were separated.

The reason for that was simple. The sponsors for this event were famous medical apparatus enterprises in the world, and only doctors practicing Western Medicine could help them to promote. It was something that TCM specialists couldn’t do.

It was also an unspoken rule. By gathering so many Western Medicine specialists together, the enterprises would be able to promote their products. This would serve as free advertisements when those specialists returned, and it was also a good deal that they could be rewarded for it.

“Youngsters must be more humble. The reason why there are so few TCM specialists willing to participate in this event is because it was an event that Western Medicine wields the authority of speech, and we’re just cooperating with them.” The physician with the highest position amongst the TCM group, Murong Hong, helplessly consoled.

Locking his brows together, Wang Guofeng replied, “TCM is being underestimated. We must display the strength of TCM during the competition to change their mindset about it.”

He was an elite amongst the younger generation, and Murong Hong was a good friend of his father. Thus, the latter nodded his head and smiled. “I’m gratified with your courage.”

Sweeping his gaze over the table beside him, Murong Hong asked, “That young man sitting beside Liu Ruochen is the famous Su Tao?”

Seeing Murong Hong mention Su Tao, Wang Guofeng felt uncomfortable in his heart and replied, “He’s just someone lucky.” But the moment he spoke those words, he immediately regretted it. Su Tao defeated him several times, and it wasn’t relying on pure luck.

Murong Hong’s gaze changed. He felt that Wang Guofeng was still too young and lacked the breadth of mind. Compared to his father, the latter was still too tender. The reason why his father and grandfather could become national physicians wasn’t purely due to their medical skills, but their personal skills in social interactions. Upon having a higher status, not only were their medical skills put to the test, but they were also tested in their comprehensive ability of their own person as a whole.

Murong Hong was a national physician, and he had close relations with the Wang Family. So seeing Wang Guofeng losing his bearings, he reminded, “We’re now abroad, so we have to put down our differences and work together.”

“Thank you, Uncle Murong, for your reminder!” Wang Guofeng replied immediately.

Murong Hong secretly examined Su Tao. That young man caused Song Sichen to establish the TCM Alliance and withdraw from the TCM Association, which made him feel baffled. Before boarding the plane, Song Sichen even personally gave him a call and requested him to take good care of Su Tao.

He had also heard of Su Tao’s accomplishments during the Physician King Tournament last year, but he wasn’t part of the judges. Thus, he did not have a personal experience like Song Sichen. Although Song Sichen wasn’t a national doctor, he was still a heavyweight in China with influence stronger than him.

But compared to Su Tao, Murong Hong thought more highly of Wang Guofeng. After all, the latter had his family as a foundation and was also an outstanding disciple of the Medical Dao Sect. He was an orthodox seed, while Su Tao was unorthodox. Thus, Murong Hong did not think that he was comparable to Wang Guofeng.

After their meal, Murong Hong walked over to Su Tao and smiled. “You must be Su Tao? I’ve heard Old Song talking about you. Let me introduce myself. I’m Murong Hong!”

Song Sichen had introduced Murong Hong to Su Tao beforehand. This was a specialist with skills up to the mark and an expert in bone-setting. Hearing the polite tone, Su Tao replied, “Senior Murong, nice to meet you!”

Nodding his head, Murong Hong smiled. “You did not come together with because you had some private matters. If it’s all resolved, then rejoin the group!”

Pondering about it, Su Tao would be restricted by joining the group, and his relationship with Wang Guofeng wasn’t good, it was an awkward relationship. Hence, he refused, “I’ve left my luggage in another hotel, and it’s inconvenient for me to move around. Please understand my difficulties, Senior Murong. But don’t worry about it, I will surely attend any activities at a call.”

Murong Hong was testing Su Tao. Upon hearing the latter’s tactful reply, he inwardly nodded his head. Su Tao was unlike the rumors claiming that he was being arrogant, so there must be someone trying to defame him.

The taller trees in the forest would be exposed to the wind when compared to the rest. Standing at a higher position, they would be exposed to defamations.

After the meal, Su Tao left with Liu Ruochen. All of a sudden, he saw a group of people coming in his direction.

Su Tao was frightened at this scene and immediately shoved himself into a cab, while the pursuers stopped more than a dozen meters away.

This scene had also startled Murong Hong, Wang Guofeng, and the rest who were walking out. They exchanged a glance and were baffled by this scene. What is going on?

Amongst the group, there were many of them holding a polystyrene board. Despite most of them being in Korean, there were also a few of them in Mandarin, along with pictures. “Su Tao Oppa, I ♥ you!”

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