Chapter 306 - Out of the valley and soaring up the tree

Son Tae-hee only knew basic Mandarin greetings such as “How are you?”, “Goodbye”, and “Have you eaten?” Thus, Hwang Ji-yeon acted as the middle-man in the conversation.

Shortly after, Hwang Ji-yeon understood why Son Tae-hee was being so polite to Su Tao. He had become a great client of their management company and was planning to invite Hwang Ji-yon to endorse for the Three Flavour Cosmetics International.

From his medical box, Su Tao took out a Beautifying Cream and made a gesture. Son Tae-hee soon understood his meaning and stretched her hand out. Although Son Tae-hee had thick makeup on her face, making her look fair, anyone could tell from the back of her hand that her natural skin complexion was much darker. Dipping his finger into the cream, Su Tao applied it on the back of Son Tae-hee’s hand. The latter soon felt a chilling sensation spreading out from the back of her hand, along with the herbal fragrance permeating throughout the atmosphere.

The Beautifying Cream had been altered numerous times to fit the demands of the market. Not only was there a readjustment in the prescription, but there was also a moisturising fairness effect. Not to mention the additional layer in the fragrance.

“Amazing!” Son Tae-hee complemented it in English, since she knew that Su Tao couldn’t understand Korean.

However, Su Tao couldn’t even understand English. But he could tell that Son Tae-hee was pleasantly surprised before pointing his finger at Hwang Ji-yeon’s hand and applied some on her hand as well.

“Wow! It’s really good!” Hwang Ji-yeon was initially worried, since she wasn’t clear about this cosmetics company. However, Su Tao seemed to be able to read minds and immediately allowed the two of them to try it.

“Truth be told, a good spokesperson can bring success to a good product. Looking at it from another angle, a good product can also allow the spokesperson to be the focus of everyone’s attention.” Su Tao wasn’t boasting. The other shareholder of the Three Flavour Cosmetics International, Vera, probably had her eyesight directed at the international market. She always had the intention of inviting international celebrities to endorse the products. After all, Hwang Ji-yeon’s reputation was close to none in the European market, despite her fame in Southeast Asia.

 The ultimate objective of the Three Flavour Cosmetics International wasn’t limited to Southeast Asia, but the international market.

Looking at the pigment on the back of her hand gradually disappearing, Son Tae-hee knew that this was a miraculous product. Thus, she made a decision that she had to get a set for herself.

She maintained sufficient respect for Su Tao and smiled when she heard Hwang Ji-yeon’s translation, “As for the spokesperson’s matter, we still have to wait for the company’s executives to make a decision. As you know, I’m only a manager, and I can’t make any decisions. But I will do my best to persuade the company to swiftly reach an agreement.”

“As for the scandals outside, I believe that your company’s public relations department has a way to guide it onto the right track. In fact, Ji-yeon and I were talking about this matter yesterday, but I did not think that everyone would misunderstand it.” Su Tao replied with a gentlemanly demeanor.

“Don’t worry about it. Ji-yeon is a celebrity of our company, and we will do our best to protect her, even if we have no intention of cooperating.” Son Tae-hee had already heard of the Three Flavour Cosmetics International’s quote. Yan Jing definitely gave out an irrefutable price.

“That’s for the best. I’ll take my leave first.” Packing up his medical box, Su Tao wore his sunglasses and mask before leaving.

Seeing the Beautifying Cream Su Tao left on the table, Son Tae-hee walked over with a smile and stored it in her bag.

Although Hwang Ji-yeon was also fond of it, her face wasn’t as thick as Son Tae-hee.

“Ji-yeon, first and foremost, I would like to apologise to you for losing my temper this morning.” The changes in Son Tae-hee’s face were even faster than flipping the pages of a book. “Please forgive me. You’re a popular celebrity, and the company will host a press conference shortly to clarify the scandal. I believe that your fame will soar even more, and you’re still my lovely Ji-yeon!”

Tugging her arms together, Hwang Ji-yeon coldly looked at Son Tae-hee. She knew that the reason for her manager’s change was due to the business contract with the Three Flavour Cosmetics International. As her manager, Son Tae-hee would naturally have a huge reward.

“I’m sorry, Tae-hee Unni. But I’m afraid that our cooperation will end here.” Hwang Ji-yeon replied.

“What? Are you joking around with me?” Son Tae-hee immediately bounced up from her seat with her chest heaving and looked at Hwang Ji-yeon in disbelief.

Times change and Son Tae-hee was now in the anxious position. She knew that Hwang Ji-yeon had the authority to pick a new manager.

“I hope that my manager can stand together with me at all times, and not push all the responsibility onto me whenever there’s a problem.” Hwang Ji-yeon continued, “I am grateful for your help these years, but I am more thankful for myself since everything I obtained so far was my hard work.”

Immediately, Son Tae-hee’s eyes turned cold. However, she still squeezed out a smile and fawned, “Ji-yeon, you should really reconsider this matter. Without me, can you have come this far? Just treat it as a small mistake, and I promise that I won’t repeat it again in the future.”

“Please leave my apartment!” Hwang Ji-yeon calmly instructed with her confidence returned.

Hwang Ji-yeon wasn’t a heartless person, but she knew that Son Tae-hee had relied on her position to cheat the company and took in money. The method was simple, and if any investor required Hwang Ji-yeon’s appearance for an activity, they would just transfer the fee to Son Tae-hee instead of the management company. Son Tae-hee was only so arrogant because of her experience and Hwang Ji-yeon. As for Hwang Ji-yeon’s leg injury, it was also because Son Tae-hee took too many advertisements to squeeze Hwang Ji-yeon dry for money.

But through this incident, Hwang Ji-yeon finally understood Son Tae-hee’s character. At the same time, she also had the qualification to make demands.

The management company was extremely realistic, not to mention their cooperation with the Three Flavour Cosmetics International. Thus, they would surely fulfill her request for a change of manager.

When Son Tae-hee furiously stomped off, Hwang Ji-yeon sent a message to the executive of her management company on her decision. A few minutes later, she received a reply, “A new manager will be at your front door half an hour from. Make preparations and participate in a press conference. Before going up, please take a look at the information.”

The reporters camped outside the hotel swiftly scampered off, since the management company had issued for a press conference. Thus, every single reporter of the entertainment industry immediately changed their focus.

When Su Tao returned to the hotel, Liu Ruochen was in his room watching the television. Seeing Hwang Ji-yeon on the television, he was briefly stunned before he turned to Liu Ruochen and smiled. “You don’t understand Korean, so why are you looking at it with such interest?”

“I believe you’re unaware of this matter! Many mainstream news websites in China are also broadcasting this live.” Liu Ruochen smiled as she shook her phone.

“I never expected that the Sect Master of the Aqua Cloud Stream would be interested in gossip!” Su Tao helplessly shook his head. Despite his words, his gaze was also focused on the television. There was a name card before everyone on the platform, which Su Tao recognised one of them. She was the chief of Three Flavour Cosmetics International’s branding department.

Su Tao never expected that the Three Flavour Cosmetics International would have such efficiency. Yan Jing probably got someone to contact the management company immediately after their conversation, and that chief probably booked the earliest flight. This made Su Tao feel a warmth in his heart. Although he wasn’t in China, he wasn’t fighting his battles alone. What he needed to do was immediately retaliate, and his actions would be backed up!

Sitting at the center of the platform, Hwang Ji-yeon looked confident and dazzling after her makeup. Facing the constant flashes of the camera, she maintained a smile on her lips to prevent any unglamorous photos of her taken by the reporters that could affect her image.

When the press conference started, Hwang Ji-yeon started explaining the reason why she stayed in the hotel for a few hours last night.

Firstly, she would be having cooperation with the Three Flavour Cosmetics International as their spokesperson. It was because of this matter that she took the initiative to pay a visit to the hotel.

Secondly, the pictures captured of her socks removed was due to receiving medical treatment from Su Tao. Not only was Su Tao the founder of the Three Flavour Cosmetics international, but he was also a divine physician with superb skills. Her old ailments that threatened her career had been alleviated through Su Tao’s treatment.

Thereafter, Hwang Ji-yeon signed the cooperation contract with the representative from the Three Flavour Cosmetics International at the press conference.

At this moment, many reporters knew that they had been fooled. The scandal to the press conference was less than twelve hours ago, and the reason why they responded to the scandal so swiftly could only mean that it was all planned.

This was a brilliant marketing tactic to advertise the Three Flavour Cosmetics International to enter the South Korean market.

On the other hand, Jo Myung-young had lost all motivation to interview. For any reporter, it was an embarrassment for their article to be part of a marketing scheme.

Beside him, another reporter mocked, “Reporter Jo, I’m afraid that your news in the future won’t receive any attention. You actually received money from the two companies to do free marketing for them?”

Using a newspaper to cover his face, Jo Myung-young left with his tail between his legs. At this moment, he hated Kim Jung-ho. He initially thought that he had grasped a piece of major news, but it turned out that he was merely being fooled.

Sitting in the living room, Kim Jung-ho calmly watched the television as he drank tea. He helplessly shook his head and sighed. He had to admit that Su Tao was a tough opponent. Knowing that it was a trap, Su Tao had already worn a bulletproof vest beforehand and made use of his plot to soar to greater heights.

Although the outcome was beyond his expectations, Kim Jung-ho still achieved his objective. He wanted Su Tao to swiftly obtain fame, and through this event, there’s no one in South Korea who didn’t know his name.

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