Chapter 301 - Socks Removed

Before he could even speak his mind, Su Tao realised that he had underestimated Hwang Ji-yeon’s resolution. He clearly rejected her, but she still threw herself at him. Su Tao had no idea if a woman forcing herself on a man was considered rape in South Korea, but his soul soon flew out of his body from the awkward development.

Did this woman want to violate him?

No, he was already being violated by this woman!

Along with the agile tongue dancing like a butterfly exacting pollen, every single movement would send a wave of shock in his mind.

Finally, Su Tao couldn’t restrain himself anymore, so he raised his head and widened his mouth without a voice. At this moment, he resigned himself to the situation. It seems that he wasn’t fated to be the modern day’s Liu Xiahui, nor would he want to try and become one.

Silence followed after the battle and Hwang Ji-yeon quietly sobbing dragged Su Tao back into reality.

He instantly felt a little guilty upon hearing her sobs. If he had vigorously resisted against the temptation, he could push Hwang Ji-yeon away.

“You regret it?” Su Tao sighed. He was helpless in his heart. What happened earlier was Hwang Ji-yeon taking the initiative, and he felt as if he had made a mistake at this moment, seeing her heartfelt sobbing.

A long period later, Hwang Ji-yeon stopped her sobbing and shrunk back. She covered herself with her clothes and quietly sat to the side with her hands covering her face. Her shoulders were trembling and she continued to quietly sob. Under the dusky light in the room, Su Tao could clearly see her face. She had a platinum necklace on her neck with a sapphire embedded on it. After a brief hesitation, she suddenly ran to the bathroom and started retching.

The retching was mostly caused by the discomfort in her mentality. Thus, he could tell that Hwang Ji-yeon didn’t do this often. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have such a big reaction.

When Su Tao wore his clothes, the lights in the room were lit up and he wanted to light up a cigarette at this moment. Perhaps he would be able to reflect on what just happened.

As an intelligent man, this unbelievable incident had given him a conclusion. He couldn’t afford to make this sort of mistake again.

Naturally, he was just consoling himself. Under that sort of situation, not even Liu Xiahui could resist it if he was reborn.

But since the event had already taken place, then he had to resolve the issue. After all, he had enjoyed his time, and it's time for him to solve Hwang Ji-yeon’s problem now.

At this moment, he felt a headache. It’s as if he was still dreaming. How did such a ridiculous incident occur to him?

Most importantly, his body betrayed his heart. Despite the firm refusal in his heart, his body actually wanted it.

As he pondered, the bathroom’s door was opened. Hwang Ji-yeon had washed her face with water dripping down her jaw. She subconsciously lowered her head and did not dare to look at Su Tao. Her body was also trembling, as if she was feeling tormented by regret and fear at the same time.

Pointing at the bed, Su Tao sighed, “Wear your clothes. Let’s talk.” Su Tao did not want to turn into a heartless person, so his tone towards Hwang Ji-yeon had changed.

Nodding her head, Hwang Ji-yeon soon put on her clothes and obediently sat on the bed. However, she seemed to be still vexing over it, and subconsciously raised her hand and covered her face. She did not want to let Su Tao see her face with tears occasionally rolling down her cheeks.

“Don’t cry! I’m the one that suffered, okay!” Su Tao anxiously tapped his finger on the table.

Grabbing onto her skirt, Hwang Ji-yeon uneasily said, “I’m sorry to have violated you. But I was forced to do so!”

Letting out a snort, Su Tao asked, “Kim Jung-ho sent you over?”

His words made Hwang Ji-yeon hesitate briefly before she admitted, “Yes, it was an instruction that he gave me. I have to spend a night with you if I want my injury treated.”

“Let’s see… If things have gone as I speculated, there should be a group of paparazzi waiting for you outside. Tomorrow, the scandal between us will go wild on the internet.” Wearing a bitter smile, Su Tao asked, “Aren’t you afraid of that?”

“Afraid?” Hwang Ji-yeon’s eyes flashed with a smear of resolution as she replied, “Which celebrity in the entertainment industry is afraid of scandals? It will be better if we can make it into the headlines!”

Upon hearing her words, Su Tao was instantly left speechless. He sharply glanced at her before saying, “I never expected that you would be such a snobbish woman.”

Wiping her tears, Hwang Ji-yeon smiled with self-ridicule. “Yeah, I am. You can continue to insult me!”

Shaking his head, Su Tao sighed, “I know that you’re just hiding the weakness in your heart.”

“Why do you say that?” Nibbling her lips, Hwang Ji-yeon lowered her head. “Just consider me as someone who would do anything to obtain what I want.”

Shaking his head, Su Tao replied, “I am actually also a doctor, and I understand your condition. Your body told me that you’ve never come in contact with any man. Furthermore, your service earlier… were stiff in some parts. So how can I believe that you’re one of those kinds of women?”

In South Korea’s entertainment circle, the management companies enforced strict control over their artists, despite the unspoken rules. The companies would also interfere with the lifestyle of some potential artists. It was so much so that there were regulations stated in the contract regarding them making a friend of the opposite sex. Hwang Ji-yeon was a pillar of her management company, so her company generally wouldn’t require her attendance in some social events.

The only reason why Hwang Ji-yeon behaved this way was due to the imbalance in her heart. Although the two of them did not break the last perimeter, what she did earlier was a fact. Su Tao was her first man.

Su Tao was smarter than she had imagined, and Hwang Ji-yeon’s eyes lit up. She sneaked peeks at Su Tao before she felt more relieved in her heart. However, she still had some doubts and asked, “Then, wouldn’t Kim Jung-ho be able to tell that as well?”

Su Tao knew what Hwang Ji-yeon was worrying about. If Kim Jung-ho managed to tell that she was still a virgin, then wouldn’t what she did today go down the drain?

However, Su Tao did not intend to lie to her. “That’s for sure.”

Biting her lips, Hwang Ji-yeon looked at Su Tao in a complicated light. She initially thought that she could act through it, and there’s no need to break the last perimeter. Thus, she asked, “Then, can you coordinate with me?”

“Nope!” Su Tao immediately waved his hand, and his head bobbled vigorously. “I don’t like the idea of using my body for a deal.”

Hwang Ji-yeon felt complicated in her heart to be reprimanded in this manner by a man. Her face and ears had turned red, but when she recalled her original intention, her heart sank. “Alright then…”

Seeing that Hwang Ji-yeon was not leaving, Su Tao helplessly asked, “Is there anything else?”

After a few seconds of hesitation, Hwang Ji-yeon replied, “I’m a little hungry. I haven’t eaten anything, to begin with, and I even vomited whatever was in my stomach.”

Rolling his eyes, Su Tao sighed and swept a glance at the telephone, then sighed again. “I don’t know how to speak Korean, so you can make the order!”

Not long after Hwang Ji-yeon ordered some food, the food was swiftly delivered. Su Tao initially thought that Hwang Ji-yeon had some sort of scheme, but he never imagined that she was genuinely starved. At this moment, he realised that he was a little too narrow-minded. However, he couldn’t be blamed for that. He was in a foreign country, and he had to hold his guard up despite the passion that Kim Jung-ho and Park Joong-sun showed.

Hwang Ji-yeon was severely starved. She quickly took a pair of chopsticks and a spoon. In just five minutes, she had already cleaned up the food before using a napkin to wipe her lips. Instantly, she realised that she had forgotten her manners. But when she looked at her foot, she kept her silence.

“You’re really not intending on leaving?” Su Tao rolled his eyes with a wry smile. It looked like this woman was really insisting on pestering him. She came with an objective, and she’s determined to follow it through.

With her cheeks blushed, Hwang Ji-yeon softly said, “You have to fulfill my request!”

Su Tao knew that she had made a great struggle to make a resolution. Hence, he sighed, “Today is our first meeting, and we’re not familiar with each other. Truth be told, I’m worried that there might be consequences after having a relationship with you.” As he spoke, he could see the indignance in Hwang Ji-yeon’s eyes. Those emotions were genuine. After all his probing, he finally came to a conclusion. Hwang Ji-yeon wasn’t trying to harm him, but she really wanted her injury treated.

“I’ll give Kim Jung-ho a call.” Su Tao’s face was grave as he called Kim Jung-ho.

When Kim Jung-ho returned home, he received a call from Su Tao. He wasn’t surprised by the call. He picked it up and smiled. “Su Tao, what’s the matter? Are you satisfied with my arrangements?”

“What are you trying to do here?” Su Tao replied with an unhappy tone.

“Nothing much, I just wanted you to feel the passion of a South Korean woman. Why? You’re not satisfied with her?” Kim Jung-ho purposely responded in an exaggerated tone.

“You’re bringing shame to your industry to blackmail a patient!” Su Tao spoke in disdain.

Shaking his finger, Kim Jung-ho warned, “Su Tao, please believe me. She was a willing party. Don’t misunderstand me!”

“Despicable!” Su Tao hung up the phone.

Shrugging his shoulders, Kim Jung-ho sighed. After that, he called the paparazzi that he had arranged and asked, “How is it?”

“Don’t worry about it. Hwang Ji-yeon entered his room for half an hour and even asked for a midnight snack. I even noticed that she wasn’t wearing any socks. It’s clear after comparing the before and after.” The paparazzi reported to Kim Jung-ho. He was extremely confident with this task.

“Alright, continue to follow the lead. I will let you know if I have any leads in the future.” Kim Jung-ho promised.

The paparazzi knew that Kim Jung-ho had a good relationship with celebrities, and it was akin to finding himself a huge tree. Thus, he replied, “Physician Kim, please be reassured. With Hwang Ji-yeon’s fame and a Chinese, the news tomorrow will shake the entire country.”

Nodding his head in satisfaction, Kim Jung-ho hung the phone while muttering in his heart that Su Tao was a hypocrite. He even stripped Hwang Ji-yeon’s socks, and called to reprimand him?

Although Kim Jung-ho had played an underhand tactic, he did not feel guilty about it. Creating a scandal wasn’t harming Su Tao, he was indirectly helping the latter.

However, he had a clear objective; to defeat Su Tao! But the prerequisite was that Su Tao had to be someone on his level. This way, he would feel the satisfaction upon defeating the latter. Kim Jung-ho was a man with strong confidence.

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Zhan Huo, also known as Liu Xiahui, was an ancient China politician and the Governer of District Liuxia. He was a man of eminent virtue, and is said on one occasion to have held a lady in his lap without the slightest imputation on his moral character. 

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