Chapter 300 - A Plot

“Who called?” Liu Ruochen took a few steps back and finally found a gap before asking and gasped for breath.

“How would I know? I don’t understand Korean!” Su Tao smiled with his eyes narrowed. He did not want to allow Liu Ruochen to flee.

However, Liu Ruochen did not allow him to prevail. She moved and fled through Su Tao’s underarm before sourly glaring at him. “Don’t treat me like those frivolous women. You’ve already touched my bottom line.”

Scratching his head, Su Tao sighed, “Neither am I one of those frivolous men. I only felt that we'd reached that stage, and I was trying to break the barrier between us.”

Shaking her head, Liu Ruochen replied, “That’s only your one-sided affection. In my eyes, you’re only a friend who shares the same ideals as me. Let’s forget what just happened and don’t mention it to anyone.”

Her firm words made Su Tao feel at a loss for words. Her eyes were brilliant, with a resolute conviction. Thus, he bitterly smiled. “So I’ve misunderstood!”

Walking towards the door, Liu Ruochen opened it and Su Tao left with his head lowered. When she closed the door, Liu Ruochen gently tapped on her rosy lips with a smile. How could I let that fellow prevail so easily?

Men would not cherish anything that they obtain easily, and Liu Ruochen was a smart woman. She knew that despite having affection for Su Tao, she couldn’t make a rash decision so easily.

She was lingering in fear when she recalled the previous situation. If it wasn’t for that call, she would have probably fallen. She felt her body going light, as if she was floating into the clouds.

She had always wondered what kind of men she would fall for, but she never expected that she would fall for someone younger than her.

When Su Tao returned to his room, he immediately went into the shower to appease the fire in his heart.

After his shower, Su Tao laid on the bed and took out his phone, then interacted with a few friends. Suddenly, the doorbell rang. Su Tao felt his heart clenched, wondering if Liu Ruochen had come to find him. He immediately got off of the bed and peeked through the peephole. However, he was taken aback. It wasn’t Liu Ruochen, but the South Korean Heavenly Queen, Hwang Ji-yeon.

“Hello!” Hwang Ji-yeon’s expression was somewhat awkward as she bowed towards Su Tao. She was in skimpy clothing with a fur coat on and her deep cleavage in a clear view.

“Hello, can I help you?” Su Tao was surprised, but he smelled something fishy. Why would this woman come looking for him?

“Can I have a seat inside?” Hwang Ji-yeon smiled while looking pitiful.

“I’m sorry!” Su Tao rejected as he shook his head. “It’s so late, and it’s not good for a man and woman to be in a room together. Not to mention that you’re also a public figure.”

After a brief shock, Hwang Ji-yeon smiled. “I never expected that you were gutless. Are you perhaps afraid that I will eat you up?”

Su Tao secretly glimpsed at Hwang Ji-yeon. I’m not afraid of you eating me, but I’m worried that I might eat you, instead.

After a long hesitation, Su Tao opened the door in the end and Hwang Ji-yeon entered. She then shut the door behind her. Despite noticing this detail, Su Tao did not speak a word, since he thought that she probably had a request for him.

But surprisingly, Hwang Ji-yeon took off her heels and even started to strip upon entering. Not only did she remove her fur coat, she even removed her short skirt, her black cleavage shirt, and socks. Within five minutes, there weren’t that many clothes left on her body. Since she exercised often, her figure was well-maintained. Her waist was tight without any excess fat. Although her legs were slender, her thighs were slightly thick due to the frequent choreography practice.

Under the dusky light, Hwang Ji-yeon’s action was a little too much.

 After calmly sweeping his gaze at her, Su Tao’s face sank. “I don’t welcome you here.”

“You want me to leave? Don’t you feel that it’s too much of a pity?” Hwang Ji-yeon asked as her pupils flickered.

“I’m sorry, but I’m not interested in you. Get dressed up! You’re not charming at all in this manner!” Su Tao sighed as he spoke against his heart. He even shifted his gaze from her body. He could only look at her, but he absolutely cannot take any action.

“Not interested?” Hwang Ji-yeon was surprised before she shook her head. “Then why are you afraid of looking at me?”

Su Tao was briefly stunned by her words before he turned to look at Hwang Ji-yeon. She started moving her right hand from her ear down to her neck with her figure moving along to her own rhythm.

He started recalling a popular gif on public transport. But evidently, the live performance was more charming.

Compared to those in China, artists in South Korea generally had a better foundation. They were forced to put in more hard work if they want to succeed due to the fierce competition, especially someone like Hwang Ji-yeon.

It was also due to the hard work that they cherished their careers even more and sharpened on their foundation.

Most artists in China got famous through the hype of social media, but they paled in comparison to their counterparts in South Korea.

The South Korean artists had swept up a wave, the Korean Wave in Southeast Asia.

As an elite amongst the artists in South Korea, Hwang Ji-yeon had her own unique charm with loyal fans spreading throughout the world.

Taking out her phone, Hwang Ji-yeon played one of her songs and her body made even bigger movements along with the music. She was trying to present her own talent and rouse the interest of this man before her. But she was helpless, since this man had a strong self-control. Her performance was basically useless on him.

Suddenly, a thought raised in her mind. Does this man have a problem?

Many times, enticement relied on the right moment. She had a perfect grasp of the moment and casually took the chair and performed chair dancing.

When Hwang Ji-yeon saw Su Tao’s eyes narrowed together, she knew that he’s finally starting to admire her. Kim Jung-ho gave her a request to accompany Su Tao tonight. Otherwise, he would refuse to treat her injury. Perhaps she was a brilliant celebrity in the eyes of the public, but her life wasn’t that perfect in reality.

Her management never lacked in potential seedlings, and her worth had been entirely squeezed dry by the company. If her body couldn’t keep up with the stress, then she would have to give up and allow a newcomer to take her spot.

Hwang Ji-yeon wasn’t willing to give up on her career, and she was ready to pay any price. Her management company was still in the dark about her injury, and she had to get it treated before they found out. This way, she would be able to extend her time as an artist.

Unlike celebrities in China, their counterparts in South Korea just had to go on a tour, and their income could easily go over millions annually. On the other hand, the management company controlled their income, and most trainees earned less than white-collared workers. It was just that Hwang Ji-yeon’s earnings were slightly better.

She did not want all her hard work to go down the drain. She has refused many unspoken rules in the past, but she made an exception in her heart this time. She considered it to be a transnational affinity. When this man goes back to China, they would have nothing to do with each other anymore.

Not to mention that the man before her was young and handsome!

After coming to a resolution, Hwang Ji-yeon pushed the chair away and walked towards Su Tao. The music was still playing in the background, and there was a rhythm in her movements. Stretching out her arms, she hooked onto Su Tao’s neck and gently caressed Su Tao’s face. Her face was extremely close to Su Tao’s before she separated his leg and sat on his lap.

Before Hwang Ji-yeon, Su Tao was akin to a monk in meditation.

He wanted to try and feel what’s it like to be a saint. But when Hwang Ji-yeon sat on his lap, his heart started jolting and nearly leaped out of his throat. After suppressing the fire in his heart with great difficulty, Su Tao gently pushed her away.

In the end, Su Tao still managed to resist her, since there was a voice in his heart, telling him that this matter wasn’t that simple.

There were no free lunches in the world, not to mention that it’s such a gorgeous babe.

There must be another story to Hwang Ji-yeon’s visit. Now that he’s in a foreign country, he had to be cautious.

Although her dance was enticing, he viewed it in another angle. She was a poisonous beauty.

When Su Tao disrupted her dance, Hwang Ji-yeon looked at Su Tao with disbelief. She never expected that her performance would be useless to this man. His will was firm and he managed to maintain his composure.

“Leave, I will consider that you’ve never come.” Su Tao locked his brows together. Hwang Ji-yeon’s visit must have been Kim Jung-ho’s arrangement. Since he knew that it was a plot, then he couldn't jump into it knowingly.

Naturally, Su Tao also felt compassionate for Hwang Ji-yeon, since someone prompted her to do this.

It looked like the rumors of South Korean artists’ harsh environment were true.

“No!” Hwang Ji-yeon finally couldn’t hold it back anymore. She had it all pent up earlier when she was dancing. At this moment, tears finally rolled down her cheeks and she stepped forth then hugged Su Tao.

“Let go!” Su Tao grew anxious as he tried to wriggle his way out and pushed Hwang Ji-yeon to the bed.

“No!” Hwang Ji-yeon pounced over again, leaving Su Tao dumbfounded. Her target this time left him shocked.

“What are you doing?” Su Tao might be courageous, but he was startled by Hwang Ji-yeon’s actions this time.

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