Chapter 299 - Try accepting you

“Why are you leaving in such a hurry?” Liu Ruochen was perplexed as she looked at Su Tao. Her intuition told her that there was something unusual about Su Tao’s actions.

“Why? You like seeing those revealing women twisting their bodies around?” Su Tao counter-questioned.

“I thought you liked it!” For some reason, Liu Ruochen felt that Su Tao’s pure eyes were ogling her body, as if he could see through her clothes. Though it was unbridled, it wasn’t to the extent of being hateful.

“That’s a different thing. The more you like it, the more dangerous it would be.” Su Tao sighed.

“Dangerous?” Liu Ruochen was baffled.

“The more you feel happy about it, the higher the chances of it being a trap.” Su Tao weakly sighed. “I’ve only met Kim Jung-ho a few times, and we don’t owe each other any favours. So why is he so courteous to me?”

“Perhaps he considers you to be a confidant!” Liu Ruochen further analysed, “The both of you are the luminous talent in each of your countries, so it’s natural for you guys to be attracted to each other. Doesn’t that make sense?”

“It doesn’t. You’ve underestimated Kim Jung-ho. He’s someone that knows how to hide well.” Su Tao sighed. Compared to Wang Guofeng, Kim Jung-ho was harder to deal with. Even as a rival, Su Tao would occasionally feel admiration for the latter. However, it was also someone like Kim Jung-ho that he cannot afford to let his guard down.

“You’re overthinking too much!” Liu Ruochen let out a sigh. Many times, Su Tao would show an uncanny sense of maturity in contrast to his age. Although he seemed approachable, he actually retained suspicion on everyone. Even she was included, and she has yet to obtain Su Tao’s complete trust.

When they returned to the hotel, Su Tao briefly pondered before he threw out an invitation, “Mind if I have a seat in your room?”

After a brief hesitation, Liu Ruochen opened the door to her room. She was feeling somewhat nervous, but she soon realised that she was overthinking the matter when Su Tao entered the room. Su Tao was worried that her room might be messed with, so he made a check at every corner.

“Found anything?” Liu Ruochen was curious. At the same time, she was also somewhat worried, since Su Tao’s room had just been intruded yesterday.

Shaking his head, Su Tao smiled. “The other party’s pretty polite. There are no signs of any tricks in your room!”

“That’s good!” After a brief pondering, Liu Ruochen smiled, “Why don’t you leave after a cup of tea?”

Su Tao did not refuse her invitation. He sat on the chair and admired the scene of Liu Ruochen brewing tea. Liu Ruochen retrieved a jar from her luggage and took out some dried tea leaves. Although there weren’t any professional tea sets, she still paid attention to the procedures by washing the tea leaves before brewing them with water at 70°C.

Taking a sip of the tea, the fragrance of it permeated in his mouth and Su Tao smiled. “The tea is fragrant, and the taste is also unique. Did you add some licorice root extract when you processed the tea leaves?”

“I knew that I couldn’t fool your tongue!” Liu Ruochen then explained, “This is the mixed tea of my Aqua Cloud Stream. The materials are all from the garden that we planted ourselves.”

“It’s a good tea. What a pity. Have you ever thought of selling this in the market?” Su Tao was perplexed. This tea wasn’t ordinary, it could nourish the lungs. If it was consumed for a long period of time, it could lessen the chances of having lung diseases.

“This is a tea handed down for generations. Like many prescriptions, they are kept secret and are not allowed to flow into the market!” Liu Ruochen sighed and continued, “I also want to introduce many products of the Aqua Cloud Stream to the market, but there were too many obstructions. Especially those traditional-mindset Seniors. They feel that these things handed down for generations must be kept a secret from the public!”

With a smile, Su Tao replied, “Anything can change with hard work. Although you can’t convince them now, that doesn’t mean that you can’t convince them in the future. I believe that you can continue to try.”

He had an understanding of Liu Ruochen, and the Aqua Cloud Stream grew more prosperous under her management. Many of their disciples were famous in the country in gynaecology and obstetrics and is only second to the likes of Medical Dao Sect, Medicine King Valley, and Great Compassion Gate. It’s a large sect with an unfathomable foundation. Although Liu Ruochen was young, she has also done an outstanding service in the reformation of the Aqua Cloud Stream as the Sect Master.

Being together with Liu Ruochen was relaxing. Although their topic would always be regarding TCM, it wasn’t dull, since they shared the same ideals. It was another form of happiness that he couldn’t obtain when he was with Cai Yan, Yan Jing, Vera, and the other ladies. Even Lu Shimiao wouldn’t have such rapport with him since Liu Ruochen was versed in TCM. Hence, she understood his ideals more than anyone.

For some reason, Liu Ruochen started sharing her story with Su Tao. Her parents were from the Aqua Cloud Stream, and she grew up in the sect since she was young. She started learning TCM when she was five by memorising books. At the age of sixteen, she displayed outstanding talent and was taken in as a private disciple of the Aqua Cloud Stream’s Sect Master. Since her age wasn’t too far apart from Wang Guofeng, the two sects behind them felt that the two of them were made for each other.

“You’ve made me come to a decision!” Liu Ruochen smiled. “My feelings for Guofeng isn’t love!”

“Isn’t this topic a little too serious?” Su Tao looked surprised as he continued, “Then, wouldn’t that mean that I have to take responsibility for you?”

“You don’t have to.” Liu Ruochen shook her head, “What I mean is that you were an opportunity to tell me and those around me that Wang Guofeng isn’t the chosen one! By shattering the halos that were around him, you’ve also resolved my troubles.”

After Su Tao tried his best to understand her words, he smiled. “I understand what you’re saying now. Those around you felt that Wang Guofeng was the future and hope for TCM, so marrying him was the best choice for you. However, my appearance proved that Wang Guofeng was just like everyone else. Therefore, it became reasonable that you rejected the marriage proposal.”

Nodding her head, Liu Ruchen sighed, “Ever since Wang Guofeng competed in the Physician King Tournament, he has been falling and even colluded with the likes of Bai Fan. He’s disappointed me, since I thought that he could undergo a transformation from that opportunity and progress further.”

“Indeed, I am also disappointed in him.” Su Tao shook his head.

“Why do I feel that you’re just shedding crocodile tears?” Liu Ruochen ruthlessly exposed.

“Really?” Su Tao burst into laughter as he continued, “I spoke from the bottom of my heart. If TCM wants to rise, then I can't achieve it by myself. I need a group of companions that shares the same ideals as me!”

“Then, are you willing to accept me?” Liu Ruochen couldn’t help herself from asking.

In that instant, Liu Ruochen felt herself swallowed by a vortex. In this tranquil and secluded room, the dusky light shone down into the room with Su Tao sitting on the chair. His looks were outstanding, and he even wore a faint smile on his lips, looking at her. Every single one of his breaths could contain the charm of a man as his bright pupils looked at her face. No, to be exact, it had enveloped her.

Liu Ruochen was casually leaning against the shelf, showing off her fiery-red shirt. Her calm expression was concealing the blazing flames beneath and her hair was draped over her shoulders. A tranquil maiden like her could stir the hearts of men. Su Tao even felt that she was purposely bringing her charm out. Even her enchanting pupils seemed like the twinkling stars in the nightscape. Her rosy lips seemed to be muttering while she was shrouded in a bewitching air.

Su Tao suddenly changed his posture, crossing his left leg over his right. Although Liu Ruochen’s observation skills weren’t comparable to Su Tao’s, they weren’t bad since she was a physician. She subconsciously twirled the corner of her hair and gently coughed. Her chest had been subconsciously loosened up, giving off an even more enchanting grace that paired with her curvaceous figure.

In that instant, Liu Ruochen saw a flicker in Su Tao’s eyes. He is being charmed by me!

With this thought in her mind, she changed her posture again and gently raised her chin with a clean smile. Her celestial beauty was akin to a blooming flower that unleashed her charm without any restraint.

Su Tao could feel a warm current coursing through his body that made it seem like his entire body was on fire. Holy cow… this fairy must be trying to seduce me!

It felt like the satisfaction of having a popsicle in summer.

To confirm his own speculation, Su Tao changed his posture again and looked at Liu Ruochen without restraint. His lips were slightly opened like a hissing snake.

“You won’t lose control, right?” Liu Ruochen looked at Su Tao’s fiery gaze. His actions in switching his posture had revealed his inner thoughts. Pulling her collar, Liu Ruochen exposed her snowy-white neck.

Finally, Su Tao couldn’t stay seated. He stood up and walked towards Liu Ruochen, forcing the latter to take two steps back. His hands were placed on her soft shoulder and he pushed his face forth. His face was only half an inch away from hers.

Just when their faces were a centimetre apart, Liu Ruochen stretched out her finger and placed it on Su Tao’s lips with a chuckle, “What are you doing?”

“Well, I’m trying to accept you!” Su Tao was literally pressing against her. Although there was a distance between their lips, the fragrance coming from Liu Ruochen made him feel like he was basking in the warm summer.

“Dream on!” Liu Ruochen subconscious raised her right leg to stop Su Tao from taking another step forth.

Su Tao felt a part of his body starting to panic, since Liu Ruochen’s knee was pushing against his abdomen. He was a little furious at this action. What does this mean? Thus, he gently bit and nibbled on that finger pressing on his lips. Although there was nothing remarkable about the texture, there was a comfort of satisfaction in his heart.

Liu Ruochen showed a wry smile. She wanted to pull her finger out, but she was speechless when she couldn’t remove her finger.

Her feelings for Su Tao had changed a long time ago. In the beginning, her feelings for Su Tao were that of admiration for someone in the same industry. However, affection was slowly inserted. Undoubtedly, Su Tao was a charming man. He was humorous and would permeate a shine despite all the stunning actions he makes that infects others so easily.

Finally, Su Tao let go of her finger. While Liu Ruochen shook her finger, she sourly stared at Su Tao. “Is there anyone as forceful as you?”

With a smile on his face, the phone in the room suddenly rang. Locking his brows together, Su Tao walked over and impatiently said before the other party could speak, “Call back two hours later if you have anything!” When he finished, he hung up the phone and walked towards Liu Ruochen again. Evidently, he was still trying to make use of the posture to grab onto Liu Ruochen.

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