Chapter 298 - Secret of Venerable Father’s prophecy

“Thank you for directly bringing me a patient.” Kim Jung-ho whispered in Su Tao’s ears in a good mood.

Hwang Ji-yeon’s fame was great, and she was one of the representatives amongst the Korean Wave celebrities. If she became his patient, it would significantly boost his reputation. Most importantly, he only had to do slight marketing for it to turn into a scandal that was effective in advertising his newly opened medical centre within a short period.

Su Tao felt that Kim Jung-ho was cunning, but after a little more pondering, it was also a method to introduce traditional medical skills into modern society. If he wanted to develop TCM, he would have to add in modern elements to reach out to more people. Thus, Su Tao had a plan in his mind to create a variety show when the Three Flavour Hall had sufficient funding.

China has now become one of the most important markets for South Korean celebrities. Hence, Hwang Ji-yeon picked up Mandarin so that she could perform Mandarin songs. So when she found out that Su Tao and Liu Ruochen were from China, she used Mandarin in her greetings.

Although Su Tao disliked the entertainment circle, he realised that it was something unavoidable for him. It was just that he didn’t have an excellent opportunity. In fact, this trip to South Korea might also be a chance for him to get to know more artists through Kim Jung-ho. In terms of modern elements, South Korean artists were more popular than the local artists in China.

Artists in China were unlike their counterparts in South Korea. Artists in South Korea would be managed by companies, along with a set of management styles. Not only did they have a high request for quality, but they would also force you to learn some skills to survive in the complicated entertainment circle.

Kim Jung-ho pulled Hwang Ji-yeon to the side and they spoke for a long time, even looking intimate. Watching this scene, Su Tao had to admit that Kim Jung-ho’s skills at picking up girls were formidable. But it was expected, since doctors held a high position in society, not to mention that Hwang Ji-yeon had something to ask of Kim Jung-ho. Su Tao examined Hwang Ji-yeon. She was wearing high heels despite her injury, and it would only further worsen her condition.

The performance in the pub was marvellous. Aside from pole-dancing, there’s also strip-dancing. The performers all had a common characteristic, where every single one of them had an outstandingly hot figure. Their bodies were voluptuous, and their breasts would sway along with the rhythm. Su Tao had his face turning red from the performances. When he looked at everyone at his table, they seem to be already used to it except Liu Ruochen. Letting out a sigh, Su Tao felt that the difference between South Korea and China was really significant. The open-mindedness between opposite sex was at a different level.

Exchanging a glance with Liu Ruochen, the two of them communicated through their eyes and Su Tao smiled. “You guys enjoy the show. We’ll take our leave first.”

Kim Jung-ho was somewhat surprised before he shrugged his shoulders. “Seoul’s nightlife has just started. Su Tao, why don’t you wait? There are more interesting programs coming up!”

At this moment, Choi Beom-gyu whispered in Park Joong-sun’s ears, which the latter smiled. “Since Physician Su wants to make a move first, then I’ll get someone to send you guys back!”

Shortly after, Park Joong-sun received a call and led both Su Tao and Liu Ruochen out of the pub. When he returned, he saw Kim Jung-ho’s depressed expression and smiled. “Why are you unhappy? Because your plan failed?”

Looking at Park Joon-sun with a complicated gaze, Kim Jung-ho sighed, “I never expected that Su Tao wouldn’t take the bait.”

Park Joong-sun let out a sigh as well, before he reminded, “Jung-ho, Su Tao saved me several times, and I have to warn you not to take it too far!”

Shrugging his shoulders, a cunning smile appeared on the corner of Kim Jung-ho’s lips. “He saved you for a price. Didn’t you spend a huge sum? That’s a few billion Won!”

With a grim light flickering in his eyes, Park Joong-sun said in a grave tone, “He was the one that got Beom-gyu and me together. There’s no price tag on our love.”

Letting out a sigh, Kim Jung-ho replied, “I only wanted to pursue my own love with my plans. I’ve seen many women, but I’ve never felt such an attraction to a woman like Liu Ruochen. However, her heart is fully focused on Su Tao.”

“So you want to arrange a woman beside Su Tao and make Liu Ruochen give up on him?” Park Joong-sun helplessly sighed before he continued, “I’m afraid that Su Tao has probably seen through your schemes.”

Park Joong-sun subconsciously glanced at Hwang Ji-yeon. This woman was acquainted with Kim Jung-ho, and their meeting wasn’t a coincidence. It was something that Kim Jung-ho had planned. Although it might appear that Kim Jung-ho wanted to hit on Hwang Ji-yeon, he actually wanted to introduce her to Su Tao. This way, Su Tao would have a partner, and he could pursue Liu Ruochen.

Sniffing his nose, Kim Jung-ho sighed, “That’s impossible. My arrangement was flawless!” He comforted himself that Hwang Ji-yeon might not be Su Tao’s type. He had already investigated Su Tao, and the latter wasn’t lacking gorgeous women around him.

With a weak smile, Park Joong-sun saw Kim Jung-ho whispering in Hwang Ji-yeon’s ears. The latter was briefly stunned, then felt hesitation. However, she nodded her head in the end and left.

“What did you tell her?” Park Joong-sun instantly became curious.

“I told her that she has to be more active if she wants her injury treated.” Kim Jung-ho spoke in a profound tone as he smiled. “You also know that the competition is high for Korean Wave celebrities. If she can no longer dance due to her injury, that means that she will have to retire from the entertainment circle. For a celebrity who is used to attention, she can do anything to save her career. I gave her a promise to treat her if she manages to hook Su Tao.”

“You’re a cunning fellow.” Park Joong-sun sighed and shook his head.

“I can’t help it since Su Tao is my rival. Although I admire him, he’s also the biggest rival in my life!” Kim Jung-ho sighed, looking helpless.

“I initially thought that you would defeat Su Tao openly!” Park Joong-sun said in disappointment.

“It’s not that I’m not confident in myself, but I have to create an incident.” Kim Jung-ho’s eyes flickered with splendour.

“Incident?” Park Joong-sun was perplexed as he looked at Kim Jung-ho.

Nodding his head, Kim Jung-ho explained, “Indeed. Both of us know about Su Tao’s fame, but he has no fame in South Korea. Putting it in a nutshell, it won’t mean much, even if I do defeat him.”

His words instantly gave Park Joong-sun some comprehension, so he replied, “You want to create a scandal between Hwang Ji-yeon and Su Tao, allowing Su Tao to swiftly gain fame in South Korea before defeating him during the International Medical Summit?”

With a smile plastered on his lips, Kim Jung-ho kept his silence, since Park Joong-sun finally understood his plan.

It was a plan that killed two birds with one stone. Firstly, he would be able to make Liu Ruochen doubt Su Tao’s character from the scandal. This way, he would have an opportunity to pursue her. Secondly, a battle between them was unavoidable. In Kim Jung-ho’s eyes, South Korea was his home ground. Although Su Tao was capable, his fame wasn’t strong enough. So it was natural in the hearts of South Korea for him to defeat Su Tao. Therefore, he wanted to let the South Koreans know Su Tao’s name, and the simplest method would be through a scandal.

He had already contacted some paparazzi to camp outside Su Tao’s hotel. Tomorrow morning, Su Tao would become a hot topic within every household.

Although his methods weren’t glorious, he did not feel guilty about it. After all, he has helped Su Tao gain fame. So even if the latter lost, he would still receive attention as a supporting role.

“I’ve investigated the Venerable Father from Thailand. He has been having intimate contact with the Kwon Family recently.” Park Joong-sun sighed with a complicated gaze. “The Kwon Family had a previous conflict with SG Chaebol when we bought the land that they had their eyes on for a long time at a high price.”

“The Kwon Family?” Kim Jung-ho showed a grave expression as he continued, “That’s not a good target to provoke.”

“Furthermore, I received information that Lee Jun-na has been paired up with Kwon Woo-bin of the Kwon Family. Last night, they even spent a night together in Kwon Woo-bin’s private villa.” Park Joong-sun continued with a deep tone.

“Really? Then the Lee Family will have a huge backing now. Your Park Family has to be cautious.” Kim Jung-ho suddenly recalled the visit from Lee Jun-na, where she even resorted to using her body to tempt him and finally understood what was going on. Although he wasn’t in love with Lee Jun-na, he still felt a trace of regret in his heart. It was just like the feeling of an unconcerned toy of yours being in someone else’s hands.

Through the suppression that the Park Family did to the Lee Family, the latter’s position was in danger within the SG Chaebol. But that was the business world. Everything was unpredictable. The Kwon Family had powerful funding. If they helped the Lee Family bribe some of the smaller shareholders of the SG Chaebol, the Lee Family would regain their position to fight with the Park Family.

“Everything is a scheme from the Venerable Father. It is said that Kwon Woo-bin’s father has been hospitalised, and the Venerable Father made use of it to instigate Kwon Woo-bin into thinking that the Park Family is the cause of their calamity.” Park Joong-sun focused his gaze on Kim Jung-ho and continued, “Are you able to mediate in this matter? If you manage to treat Kwon Woo-bin’s father, then the Venerable Father’s scheme would go down the drain.”

With a bitter smile, Kim Jung-ho replied, “The news has already spread throughout the medical industry. Kwon Woo-bin gave out an extremely attractive reward, but no one dares to take the job since his father is suffering from terminal cancer. With the current medical standards, it’s impossible to treat!”

“Even you can’t do it?” Park Joong-sun was disappointed at the answer.

With a bitter smile, Kim Jung-ho shook his head. “He has terminal cancer, and all the cancerous cells have already spread throughout his body. You can only try to lengthen his life, and it’s a miracle if he can even live for another month.”

“I see…” Park Joong-sun’s eyes flickered with anger as he continued, “That Venerable Father actually blames it on the Park Family and has made it so that we’re the cause of it! That’s simply ridiculous!”

“That’s the terrifying part about a believer’s conviction.” Kim Jung-ho sighed. “That Venerable Father must have seen that Kwon Woo-bin’s father had terminal cancer and gave out a prophecy to blame it on the Park Family. Not only can this strengthen the conviction in the believer’s heart, but it can also be used to set traps without rousing any suspicion.”

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