Chapter 294 - I can save you

Su Tao let out a sigh. He had picked up this technique from Liu Jianwei. He never expected that his assassin wouldn’t fall for it, and he could sense the increasing danger as the other party approached. Thus, he could no longer keep up with his pretence when the other party was about one meter away. He rolled on the ground and moved a few inches to the side. Although Bassoon was surprised, he reacted swiftly and held onto the hilt of the knife in his right hand then pounced towards Su Tao.

Aside from Muay Thai, Thailand also had traditional martial arts like the Krabi-krabong. Compared to Chinese martial arts, it wasn’t fancy and was more direct with high lethality.

Su Tao felt a cold wind blowing against his scalp as the blade scraped past his scalp. He wasn’t in the mood to see how many hairs were separated and immediately launched a counterattack.

His body’s flexibility was freakish as he lashed out a kick that caught Bassoon by surprise. Although everything happened in a flash, Bassoon knew that he would lose his fighting capability if that kick struck him. Su Tao’s ability to recognise acupoints was outrageous, which made even an experienced fighter like Bassoon feel troubled.

This was generally the mindset of experienced assassins. After testing the other party’s skill, they would be able to swiftly grasp the situation. Thus, Bassoon crouched down and leapt over with his eyes flickering with splendour.

Su Tao rubbed his arm, feeling as if he had clashed with a plate of steel from the previous confrontation. Bassoon had trained his body to the limit, so Su Tao had to avoid the next frontal clash and find a breakthrough.

At this moment, Bassoon was observing Su Tao’s actions. He wasn’t trying to kill Su Tao, but he wanted to capture the latter alive to find the location of his sister.

After a brief deadlock, the door was suddenly knocked and Su Tao was stunned. He speculated that it must be Liu Ruochen.

Thus, he instantly became uneasy. If it was a one-on-one fight, he could rely on his wits and agility to keep Bassoon at bay. But if Liu Ruochen appeared and Bassoon made a move against her, wouldn’t he be restricted?

Bassoon was sensitive and charged towards the door. At this moment, Su Tao could only give chase and lashed out a spinning kick at Bassoon’s waist. Bassoon felt a cold breeze blowing at his back. He knew that he had to dodge this move. Thus, he changed his footsteps and readjusted his posture before chopping down with his knife at Su Tao.

Facing the chop, Su Tao inwardly cursed, since the skill of this assassin was high. Even if Bassoon hadn’t reached Liu Jianwei’s level, it wasn’t far away. Bassoon was experienced, and his reaction speed was insane, along with an accurate judgment. The moment the door was opened, Liu Ruochen felt a coldness on her neck and a silhouette appeared behind her. “Don’t move!”

Bassoon was speaking in Mandarin. Although it was half-baked, Su Tao could make out what he was saying and coldly declared, “Let her go. If you dare harm her, I will bestow you a tragic end!”

Liu Ruochen, who initially felt nervous suddenly calmed down from Su Tao’s words for some reason.

Bassoon took a few steps forth, Su Tao had also retreated a few steps before the former asked, “What happened to Nida?”

His words instantly gave clues to Su Tao. This person must be related to that female assassin. Hence, he casually said, “She was arrested, and is currently kept in a special prison in China. If nothing happens, she will be imprisoned for a lifetime!”

“You!” Bassoon was agitated by Su Tao’s words and his eyes turned red with flames gushing out.

The reason why Su Tao showed such a strong front was due to his analysis of Bassoon’s mentality. If he replied weakly, he would be in a weaker position. Thus, he unyieldingly said, “We can talk things out, put down the knife first. As for Nida’s freedom, I believe that there is still room for negotiation!”

His words instantly made Bassoon fall into hesitation. He could tell that Su Tao was cunning, or the latter wouldn’t have pretended to lose consciousness to fool him.

“Let Nida go, and I’ll let her go!” He replied.

“Then you can kill her, then!” Su Tao chuckled as he continued, “This is South Korea, and there’s nothing I can do, even if I wanted to return Nida’s freedom!”

“Then I can only take revenge against you!” Bassoon snorted with bloodlust flickering in his eyes. His wrist moved and the sharp blade drew a line on Liu Ruochen’s neck with beads of blood oozing out.

Although Su Tao was feeling anxious in his heart, he remained composed, “Take revenge, then. What you do to her, I will do to Nida more severely.”

Gnashing his teeth, Bassoon hesitated. Su Tao really didn’t seem to be bothered by Liu Ruochen’s life.

Life was all about acting. Su Tao acted to be undisturbed while pouring himself a cup of tea before leisurely sitting on the chair and crossed his legs.

Looking at Su Tao’s appearance, Liu Ruochen felt a little hurt in her heart. Although Su Tao might be acting, she still gritted her teeth and felt that Su Tao was cold-blooded.

Bassoon wasn’t afraid of killing, but in his heart, the value of his sister’s life exceeded his own. Thus, it was unavoidable for him to give in.

Sipping his tea, Su Tao looked at Bassoon. In the end, Bassoon let go of the Krabi and Liu Ruochen at the same time.

Seeing that Liu Ruochen was freed, Su Tao’s tensed muscles relaxed and he calmly looked at Bassoon. “You made the right choice. Your sister will be fine.”

“Really?” Bassoon raised his head as he gave a doubtful look at Su Tao.

Nodding his head, Su Tao replied, “Yes, I will release your sister. But on the condition of you doing something for me.”

“What is it?” Bassoon asked with alert in his eyes.

“I want Master Qian to pay the price!” Su Tao faintly responded, “I’ve taken a look at Nida, and I can tell that there’s a toxin in her body that can only be controlled with the antidote. If I’ve speculated it correctly, you should also have the toxin in your body, and it is something that Master Qian used to control you guys. Hence, you guys aren’t truly loyal to him.”

His words caused Bassoon to be stunned. The latter did not expect that Su Tao would know so much, so he replied, “We’re disciples of Master Qian, and we have to take a drug every month. Otherwise, we will have to bear the torment of hellfire. If Nida isn’t found, then the toxin in her body will breakout and she will suffer great pain.”

After explaining the reason for his anxiety of finding Nida, Bassoon kneeled and took out a box before kowtowing. “Please, give this box of antidote to Nida.”

Su Tao exchanged a look with Liu Ruochen. The development of this situation had left them surprised.

“The reason why you looked for me was to give the antidote to Nida?” Su Tao sighed.

“Yeah. Although she might suffer the torture of interrogation in China, it pales in comparison to the toxin.” Bassoon lowered his head. He initially wanted to subdue Su Tao to force the latter to do his bidding. However, he never expected that Su Tao would be even tougher to deal with than he had imagined. Hence, he could only take a step back and hope to touch Su Tao with his sincerity.

“Get up!” Su Tao shook his head as he continued, “I can’t give this antidote to your sister.”

“Why?” Bassoon looked at Su Tao with a complicated gaze as he raised his head.

“If I’ve guessed correctly, this antidote should be your share. If your sister took it, then you will have to suffer the pain.” Su Tao gave out his reason.

“You’re smart!” Bassoon gained a new understanding of Su Tao. This young man before him seemed to be able to read minds, and none of his thoughts could escape from Su Tao. “Nida is my only relative in the world, and I’m willing to bear any pain as long as she can stay safe.”

Su Tao felt that Bassoon was stubborn, but it also proved the relationship between the two of them.

After a brief pondering, Su Tao said, “I don’t hate Nida, even though she had once tried to assassinate me. I know that she is only a tool for Master Qian, and Master Qian is the culprit. Your pain originates from Master Qian, and I believe we can cooperate. I might be able to grant you and your sister freedom.”

“You want me to betray Master Qian?” Bassoon’s body started to tremble. He only felt innate fear for Master Qian. He wasn’t afraid of death or danger, but his fear for Master Qian originates from the drugs that the latter used. They could torment his disciples, and it was engraved into their hearts.

Black magic comes from witch doctors, and despite having disciples, their line was only inherited by a chosen heir. In Master Qian’s eyes, Bassoon and Nida were puppets without any emotions that lived for him.

“Not betraying, but saving!” Su Tao continued, “Master Qian might be powerful and mysterious when it comes to using poison, but I’m confident about resolving the toxin in your body. I can save you and the other disciples under Master Qian’s control.”

“I don’t believe you!” Bassoon shook his head. “Master Qian is the best witch doctor out there, and his black magic is something that no one can resolve.”

With a faint smile, Su Tao replied, “That’s where you are wrong. Didn’t I break his legend a few months ago? Otherwise, why would he send Nida to China to assassinate me?” Su Tao knew that Bassoon wasn’t trying to claim his life in that instant when he appeared. This was also the reason why Su Tao dared to put up such a strong front against Bassoon.

In his heart, Bassoon knew that if Master Qian was akin to a demon, then Su Tao would be the angel that subdued the demon. In the hearts of those disciples, Master Qian was invincible, especially when it came to his black magic, which was practically impossible to defend against. However, Su Tao was the key to everything.

Suddenly, Bassoon bowed down again with his upper body closely sticking to the ground and sincerely said, “If you’re able to rescue us, I’m willing to wholeheartedly serve you as my master.”

Letting out a sigh, Su Tao knew that Bassoon’s betrayal was probably within Master Qian’s expectations.

Master Qian knew that his disciples might betray him the moment his black magic was resolved. This was also the reason why he assigned Nida to China. However, he was surprised that not only did Nida fail, but she was even captured.

“Get up. I can help you, but there’s no need for you to serve me as your master. In this world, all lifeforms are equal.” Su Tao responded.

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