Chapter 291 - Goosebumps

“Don’t touch him!” Police officers charged in and wanted to subdue Sim Chang-suk, but Su Tao stopped them. At this moment, Park Joong-sun also recovered from the shock, since it was a dangerous moment a while ago, and it was all due to Su Tao that they survived. Thus, he immediately translated for Su Tao, “Don’t touch him!”

Walking over, Su Tao examined Sim Chang-suk’s face before he turned around and said to Park Joong-sun, “He was under black magic! There are two methods of casting black magic. Either with poison or hypnosis, and he’s under the latter. The drastic change to his character is due to being hypnotised.”

Upon hearing Su Tao’s explanation, Park Joong-sun’s face changed. He and Choi Beom-gyu suffered from black magic in the past, but they never expected that it would come back to haunt them.

After Choi Beom-gyu heard the translation of Su Tao’s words, she said to Park Joong-sun in a soft voice, “Chang-suk Oppa is a good man, and he’s usually calm. He’s not the kind to take such extreme actions.”

Nodding his head, Park Joong-sun replied, “If he was really under black magic, I will testify for him.”

After Su Tao searched Sim Chang-suk’s body, he found a bullet wound and sighed. It should be the cause for the drastic change in Sim Chang-suk’s emotions. Many medicines could create hallucinations, and hypnotising could be achieved with some brainwashing through words. It was through this gunshot wound that the drugs got into Sim Chang-suk’s body.

Experienced witch doctors could control others. Although the theory was the same as hypnotising, it was more mysterious. There was news in the past in South Korea that there was a female celebrity under black magic and was humiliated without her knowledge. That also showed how formidable black magic was.

Taking out a few medicines from his medical box, Su Tao sprinkled them around the wound. A brief moment later, the wound turned black with a milky-white roundworm slowly wriggling out. The scene was a little terrifying, as if it was out of a Hollywood horror movie. As a pregnant woman, Choi Beom-gyu couldn’t handle this scene and started to feel sick.

After taking the roundworm with a silver needle, Su Tao placed it in a glass bottle before rising. “You can take him away now.”

Since the police had dispatched a bomb squad to disarm the explosive on the spot, the few of them left the scene. Looking at Su Tao with a respectful expression, Park Joong-sun knew that Su Tao had once again, saved the lives of him and his fiancée. He was surprised that not only was Su Tao’s medical skills superb, his martial ability was also impressive.

Standing in the hall on the first floor, Su Tao reminded, “You have to be careful for the next few days. This matter won’t end so easily, and it should be related to Thailand’s Master Qian if I’ve speculated correctly. You need to make a check and see if he’s here in South Korea.”

“Master Qian?” Park Joong-sun’s eyes flickered with rage as he asked, “Why does he keep coming after Beom-gyu and me?!”

“Master Qian might not have any enmity with you, but you have to analyse and see if you have other enemies. Looking at things now, the other party was trying to get rid of you without any bottom line!” Su Tao helped Park Joong-sun to analyse and continued, “It might be related to Lee Jun-hyuk.”

“Jun-hyuk is in prison.” Park Joong-sun coldly said, before he continued, “I’m suspecting that Jun-na is related to this matter. She likes mixing around with people like Witch Doctors, and the black magic that Beom-gyu and I were suffering should be through her connections. She’s the younger sister of Jun-hyuk!”

Su Tao knew that there wasn’t a need for him to be involved in this matter, since he was just a spectator. Park Joong-sun had a high position in SG Chaebol, with both his parents in power. However, Su Tao suspected that there was a high possibility that Master Qian might be in South Korea. If that’s the case, then he had to find an opportunity to resolve the grudges between them.

When Master Qian sent an assassin to China, it had riled his killing intent for the first time. The other party was already holding a knife at his neck, and he would be stupid not to retaliate.

It was already 11 p.m. when Kim Jung-ho ended the preparation meeting for his medical center. For a South Korean who knew how to enjoy his life, his day had just started. There were several messages on his phone, and they were all passionate invitations from his fans. If it was in the past, he might pick one of them to spend the night with them. But it was a pity that Kim Jung-ho had other thoughts today. His partner wasn’t a woman, but a man from China.

He made a call to Park Joong-sun, and he could sense the abnormal tone coming from the other side, “What? You guys were attacked?”

Park Joong-sun sighed, “It was all thanks to Divine Physician Su. Otherwise, you would have had to find us in the heavens.”

If it was in the past, Kim Jung-ho would feel that Park Joong-sun was joking around with him, but he couldn’t smile at this moment. Su Tao was a special guest that he has utilised various resources to invite for the International Medical Summit. If anything happened to Su Tao, then all his effort would have gone down the drain.

With a solemn voice, Park Joong-sun declared, “I must find the mastermind of this!”

“I will cooperate with you.” Kim Jung-ho replied immediately.

Roughly half an hour later, Kim Jung-ho rushed to the hotel and saw Su Tao along with Liu Ruochen, whom he had been admiring for a long time. For some reason, he felt butterflies in his stomach upon seeing Su Tao. He felt a little disturbed by the fact that he was actually excited to see a man.

“I’m sorry to come late. I was too busy with work since the medical center will officially open in a few days.” Kim Jung-ho said with an apology on his face.

“Understandable.” Although Su Tao had no good feelings for Kim Jung-ho, the barrier in his heart has started to loosen after interacting with him several times. Their nationality might not be the same, but Kim Jung-ho was experienced in handling matters and wasn’t a detestable fellow.

“Earlier, Divine Physician Su was saying that Master Qian, a monk from Thailand, was the mastermind of this incident!” Park Joong-sun said with a grave tone.

“Master Qian?” Kim Jung-ho’s eyes lit up upon hearing that name, before he continued, “He’s currently in South Korea, and he is also a guest in the International Medical Summit. He’s a famous doctor back in Thailand, and he holds great influence in Southeast Asia. Many Korean Wave celebrities are believers of his, and they often look for him to ask for talismans to protect themselves.”

“That scum!” Park Joong-sun balled his fists and gnashed his teeth.

“Do you know where he is staying? I have to meet him.” Su Tao spoke calmly, but everyone could feel a shivering killing intent permeating from him.

With a wry smile, Kim Jung-ho persuaded, “I suggest that you don’t take that risk. Master Qian is powerful, and he has many blind believers in South Korea. He even has connections to the military, so it’s akin to suicide to look for him.” After a brief consideration, he continued, “I suggest that you should stay in the hotel for the next few days. I will arrange to strengthen the security in the hotel to keep you out of danger.”

Park Joong-sun was shocked after seeing how concerned Kim Jung-ho was with Su Tao. “Jung-ho, you’re really concerned about Divine Physician Su!”

His words made Park Joong-sun’s face turn red before he immediately explained, “Su Tao is not only your guest, but he is also my opponent. At the International Medical Summit, I will issue him a challenge and defeat him!”

“Are you declaring a challenge to me now?” Su Tao could sense a little weakness and ridicule in Kim Jung-ho’s words.

“You can consider it that way! Not only does this concern my honor, but it also concerns the future battle between TKM and TCM.” Kim Jung-ho’s tone suddenly became forceful.

Waving his hand, Su Tao replied, “Firstly, I can only represent myself. Secondly, I don’t have time to be bothered by your challenge.”

Kim Jung-ho instantly grew flustered, then he responded, “Su Tao, you can’t be so rude. You must be a gentleman and straighten your backbone to seek honor like a warrior! You’re the best representative amongst the younger generations in China, and defeating you means defeating the future of China.”

“I’m not that noble, and South Korea is only a small country. It has an even smaller population than Huainan Province. So you might be an elite in TKM’s medical field, but China is vast, and there are hermits in every field.” Su Tao pointed his finger at Kim Jung-ho and continued, “Don’t be a frog in the well!”

 Kim Jung-ho adjusted his collar. He was enraged by Su Tao’s words. But he suddenly reflected. Since when has he become so irritated? A confident man should remain calm when facing all sorts of rumors. All they had to do was overwhelmingly defeat the opponent to slap their faces.

“I will make you take back your words today!” Kim Jung-ho waved his hand as he turned around and left, fuming in anger.

His actions left Park Joong-sun dumbfounded before he sighed, “I’ve known Kim Jung-ho for years, and this is my first time seeing him losing control of his temper!”

Shrugging his shoulders, Su Tao smiled. “Everyone has a temper. Otherwise, won’t they become machines? On the contrary, the fuming Kim Jung-ho interests me, since he looks more like a human being and not living his life with a mask. Not only is he tiring himself out, but it is also tiring for others.”

The pressure on Kim Jung-ho was something that he has given to himself. He had always told himself that he was the future of TKM, which Su Tao felt that the thinking was too narrow-minded. Without a sturdy foundation, you could only be a talented physician and not someone that could push forth the development of the field.

Su Tao had a different view than Kim Jung-ho. The latter was pursuing the summit of medical skills, but Su Tao wanted to push forth the development of TCM to build more of a foundation for physicians and furnish soil for the TCM culture.

“Surprisingly, Kim Jung-ho actually did not harass you today!” Su Tao smiled as he stood before Liu Ruochen’s room.

“That’s because you took all the thunder.” Liu Ruochen smiled and continued, “If you were a girl, I might even suspect that he has fallen for you.”

Su Tao never expected that Liu Ruochen was into boy’s love!

After a brief shock, Su Tao felt a shiver down his spine with goosebumps when he recalled Kim Jung-ho’s unusual gaze. However, he knew that Kim Jung-ho’s interest was straight. He might be charming, but he wasn’t charming to the point of bending the sexuality of a South Korean Divine Physician, right?

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