Chapter 274 - Prisoner and Noble Guest

Hans gradually calmed down. The reason why he shredded all his pretense was the unprecedented humiliation he suffered today. He coldly stared at Su Tao. He was engraving the image of this person in his heart.

He had already planned to send Su Tao to jail before making use of his connections to obtain Su Tao. After that, he would torture this fellow to vent the anger in his heart!

Suddenly, Miao Zhongtian blocked Xuan Wangjun. “You guys can’t take Physician Su away!”

Coldly looking at him, Xuan Wangjun said, “Miao Zhongtian, you’re the Chief of the Miao Village. Are you going to go against the law?”

Miao Zhongtian was unyielding as he confronted, “If it means that I’m not going to distinguish the right and wrong, then I would rather not become the Village Chief! Furthermore, do you even represent the law?”

Waving his hand in annoyance, Xuan Wangjun threatened, “If you insist on obstructing us, then we will take you together with us.”

In the house, Su Tao could hear the argument and instantly felt respect for Miao Zhongtian. It was no wonder why he could command such high prestige in the village. Although he wasn’t cultured, he was filled with righteous energy. Thus, he simply packed his medical box. Miao Yugen’s condition has stabilised after his treatment, so it would have to depend on his body’s healing capability now.

When he came out, he glanced at Xuan Wangjun and Hans before saying, “I’ll go with you guys!”

Standing to the side, Liu Jianwei was anxious. But just when he was about to make a move, he was stopped by Su Tao’s gaze and the latter faintly smiled. “I’m just following them. Don’t worry. They can’t do anything to me.”

Seeing that Su Tao was cooperative, Xuan Wangjun sighed in relief. After all, they’re in the Miao Village, the territory of Miao Zhongtian. So if the latter caused a ruckus, his group might not be able to retreat safely. However, he had taken note of Miao Zhongtian’s attitude. Didn’t Miao Village want to develop roads? As long as Miao Zhongtian remained as the Village Chief, he would find ways to suppress him!

When Su Tao boarded Xuan Wangjun’s car, Hans had already changed into a new set of clean clothes and coldly looked at Su Tao. Time changed, and in the blink of an eye, Su Tao became the prisoner while he became the noble guest.

After arriving at Xuan Wangjun’s organisation, Su Tao was brought into a secret chamber and everything on him was taken away, including his phone.

Roughly half an hour later, the door was opened and a middle-aged man walked in. “I’m giving you half an hour!”

Nodding his head, Hans patted his shoulder and sat opposite of Su Tao after the chamber closed.

“I’m surprised. I’ve always wondered what kind of person you would turn out to be, but I never expected that we would meet in such a situation.” Hans had found out about Su Tao’s identity through some means. He had a deep impression of Su Tao, since this fellow has spoiled his matters time and time again. However, he did not place it in his heart and treated Su Tao like a fly.

“Likewise. I’ve wanted to visit you at Yunhai, but I never expected to witness you breaking the law in the mountains.” Su Tao calmly replied.

Letting out a wave of laughter, Hans responded, “I have to admit that you’re different from what I imagined. In my eyes, all the physicians in China are greedy for money and fearful of death. But you’re much better than them. You have backbone, and I admire a talent like you. How about joining my company? If you’re bored in China, I can send you to Germany and live an unimaginable and wonderful life!”

“So, do you think that I should thank you for your generosity?” Su Tao had to admit that Hans was a charming man right now. His actions were elegant, representing a gentleman. If he hadn’t witnessed the bloody scene in the forest, he might’ve been misled by this foreigner.

Shrugging his shoulders, Hans tapped his lips. “You don’t seem too willing? Alright then, I will give you another path. Firstly, I will chain you up with the crime of assault and send you to jail. You know those prisoners like a tender man like you. After you've been thoroughly humiliated, I will send you to my underground research facility and suffer as a test subject. When you’re finally worthless, I will let you die a torturous death.”

Looking at Hans’ blue pupils, this man’s eyes were flickering with insanity despite his composed words. Su Tao smiled. “Why are you so confident that you can achieve those things that you’ve said?”

“Confident?” Hans stood up as he walked around before turning around. “It looks like you still don't understand my ability!”

Wearing a bitter smile, Su Tao replied, “I have to remind you that you’ve committed a grave assault in the mountain forest, and I’ve recorded it down.”

Upon hearing his words, Hans was briefly stunned before he mocked, “Video? Do you think that I’m afraid of that? I have to thank you, instead. If Miao Yugen died, then the matter might become somewhat troublesome. But since you’ve treated him, this conflict can only be considered insignificant.”

Su Tao realised that Hans was a cunning fellow, so he replied, “Although I’ve treated him, any doctor can find out that he has undergone brutal treatment. This is no longer as simple as a confrontation, but there was an intention for murder.”

Shaking his finger, Hans sighed, “the world is never fair, and when you possess both power and wealth, you can change the law to your liking. Indeed, I had the intention to kill Miao Yugen, that pleb. That person is disgusting, he even sent his wife to my bed for money. Do you think such a pleb like him is fit to waste the limited resources in the world?”

Hearing his words, Su Tao’s face turned grim. Although he knew that Miao Yugen wasn’t a good person, he never expected that the latter would be so rotten. Naturally, it was even more hateful that after enjoying so much, Hans would admit it and was filled with displeasure for Miao Yugen.

Taking a deep breath, Su Tao sighed, “You seem to like hanging the words of nobility and plebs on your mouth. As long as it’s life, they’re worth respect.”

“Respect? In my eyes, they’re just a bunch of dogs!” Hans’ emotion suddenly got triggered as he continued, “I have to tell you a piece of good news. After Miao Yugen regained his consciousness, he became understanding of my assault. Naturally, I gave him a check of ¥1,000,000 as compensation. To him, it was a suitable price for his life. In just a moment, you will be brought out from this room to the police station.”

When Su Tao heard that news, he bitterly smiled. He never expected that he would become the foolish farmer in the story of a farmer saving a snake.

Seeing the changes in Su Tao’s mind, Hans shrugged his shoulders. “I believe you must be disappointed that you were bitten by someone you saved. So, how does it feel?”

But very quickly, Su Tao calmed himself down. “There’s no escape when a man brings upon evil to himself. It’s still too early for you to see the conclusion.”

Walking towards Su Tao, Hans wanted to make a move, but he had refrained himself after thinking about Su Tao’s skills. Taking two steps back, he casually said, “Just watch how I mess with you!”

When Hans walked out of the chamber, two robust men came in with iron rods and they pounced towards Su Tao.

Sneering in his heart, Su Tao knew that Hans was a cunning man and wouldn’t personally make a move himself to torture someone.

The man in front raised his brows and faintly said, “Sorry!” When he finished, he raised the rod in his hand and swung it towards Su Tao’s head.

After Su Tao was taken away, Xiao Jingjing started making calls. The first person she reached out to was Cai Yan. After explaining the entire situation to Cai Yan, the latter said, “I’ll give a call to Big Sister Jing!” That was Cai Yan’s character. After being refined several times, she became calm and composed. She knew that she couldn’t provide any help in somewhere as far as Sichuan and could only place her hopes on the Venomous Widow.

When Yan Jing heard Cai Yan’s explanation, her brows locked together. She felt her heart tense up and she sighed, “Don’t be too worried about this. I will do my best to resolve this matter.”

Since the matter was too urgent, the two of them did not talk much. After a brief consideration, Yan Jing made a call to Geng Hong and gave out her instructions, “Contact Tang Hu!”

Geng Hong had a great understanding of Yan Jing, and she knew that this matter was urgent. Thus, she had swiftly carried out her orders.

Tang Hu was a chess piece in Sichuan, and it still wasn’t time for them to reveal this card yet. However, they had no choice at this moment. Perhaps it would ruin her plan in entering Sichuan, but it paled in comparison to saving Su Tao.

In Qiongjin City, the Shui Manor. As the afterglow of the winter sunset shone into the courtyard, it brought warmth along that showed signs of spring coming.

Sire Shui was currently focused on the chessboard, reminiscing his match with Su Tao.

Suddenly, a man came in and whispered a few words into Sire Shui’s ears. He was one of Sire Shui’s subordinates, Ah Jun.

Knitting his brows, Sire Shui shook his head, “That fellow is always causing trouble wherever he goes.”

“This matter has implicated Hans of the Cambell Pharmaceutical Company, and the two of them got into a conflict.” Ah Jun reported.

“Mhm? Then did that fellow suffer injustice?” Sire Shui asked.

The reason why Ah Jun could obtain news of Su Tao so swiftly was because he was under orders to investigate Hans, who had become prey.

“Not for the time being. He threw Hans and his mercenary bodyguards into a pigsty and fed them pig shit.” Ah Jun truthfully reported the situation.

All of a sudden, Sire Shui burst into laughter as he slapped his thigh. “This is the best joke that I’ve heard this year!”

A foreign investor was fed pig shit, that was too hilarious. The more Sire Shui thought about it, the more he held his stomach and laughed. When he calmed down from the laughter, he wiped his tears and ordered, “Let Junzhuo make a trip over.”

“But Missy has just returned!” Ah Jun was perplexed, since this wasn’t a complicated situation. So he should be able to efficiently resolve this matter.

“Let’s create opportunities for youngsters.” Sire Shui commented as he looked down on the chessboard once more.

Nodding his head, Ah Jun left the courtyard.

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