Chapter 272 - Subduing the Demon

The three of them headed in the direction of the gunshot. When they saw smoke rising, Liu Jianwei knitted his brows and coldly said, “These people are actually starting a fire on the mountain!”

Because it was winter, the leaves would be dry. Thus, the slightest mistake would cause a forest fire.

After they ran ten-odd meters out, the three of them hid in the forest and saw a group of people around a bonfire roasting meat. Although it was ten-odd meters away from them, they could smell the stench of blood with two sets of animal skin lying on a rock. They were second-tiered animals under the country’s animal protection law.

“It’s a bunch of foreigners.” Liu Jianwei’s brows were locked together as he continued, “There are also two mercenaries. We can’t move any closer, or we will be discovered.”

Although that party were roasting meat, the two of them had maintained high alert. From their eyesight and actions, Liu Jianwei managed to obtain a rough gauge of their strength.

As Su Tao looked at those foreigners, he felt that they were somewhat familiar. But in the eyes of Asians, it’s normal for them to consider foreigners being slightly similar in appearances, just like how foreigners would find Asians looking similar. However, he had studied information on Hans, so he had a pretty deep impression of that person. However, he had to admit that encountering Hans deep in the mountain forest of Sichuan was too much of a coincidence.

As the fragrance of roasted bharal meat permeated the air, they could smell the aroma despite the distance. As Hans sprinkled a bunch of salt and black pepper, the roasted meat was sizzling from the fire. Hans cut a bharal’s leg and handed it over to Miao Yugen. Miao Yugen had a smile on his face as he received it and took a bite at it. Since it was burning hot, he sucked a cold breath that looked comical in the eyes of everyone as they laughed.

Wild bharal’s meat was permeating the air, and even after a simple roasting with salt and black pepper as condiments, the taste wasn’t especially great. Taking two bites with great difficulty, Miao Yugen glanced at Hans before he toughened his scalp and bit on the bharal’s leg that hadn’t been thoroughly cooked. Instantly, a stench of blood entered his stomach. When he looked at how Hans and the rest were eating the undercooked bharal meat, he felt that foreigners were genuinely wild. How can they eat something that’s still dripping with blood so happily?

“So, they’re here to hunt!” Liu Jianwei lowered his voice and asked, “What should we do now?”

After a brief consideration, Su Tao sighed, “Let’s not bother with them for now. We still have important matters on hand.”

Although he was filled with hostility for Hans, this wasn’t the time to be rash. He might have Liu Jianwei, who was a powerful martial artist, but the other party also had experts and even firearms. No matter how good one was with martial arts, you could never be faster than bullets.

Just when they were about to leave, an incident suddenly occurred in that group. Miao Yugen was suddenly kicked to the ground by Hans with his face being stepped on.

It turned out that Miao Yugen couldn’t get used to the bloody taste and threw the bharal leg away. Hans teased, “Yugen, you can’t even eat medium-rare meat, so how can you satisfy your wife?”

Miao Yugen was feeling unhappy, to begin with, so he instantly became unhappy when Hans teased him. “I’m not a barbarian. You can enjoy your raw meat by yourself.”

When Hans saw how Miao Yugen indirectly insulted him as a barbarian, he instantly lashed out a low-kick on Miao Yugen. Although the latter wanted to retaliate, how could he fight back against the robust Hans? But he was kicked back down just when he managed to get up before Hans stepped on his face and cursed in German.

Miao Yugen never expected that Hans would suddenly just flip out like a demon. Just a moment ago, the latter was still giving him a roasted bharal leg.

While Hans vented his anger, Miao Yugen was instantly left powerless to fight back in that moment. Bending down to grab onto Miao Yugen’s throat, the former’s face was covered with blood, as if he was left with one breath, and sneered, “An inferior creature like you dares to insult me?”

Hans was nazism, and he felt that Germans were the noblest race on earth. In his view, Miao Yugen was just an inferior species and someone who could only listen to orders obediently like a dog. As for that bharal leg, it was just his charity to Miao Yugen.

Although Miao Yugen was humble, he was still a figure in the countryside. Since when had he experienced such humiliation? At this moment, he had forgotten respect and spat out a mouthful of blood on Hans’ face. “You motherfuckers!”

Hans never expected that Miao Yugen would retaliate under this situation, so he instantly felt a wave of anger burning in his heart as he threw Miao Yugen down and lashed two kicks against the latter’s head.

The mercenaries weren’t disturbed by this scene; on the contrary, they were enjoying the food as they watched this bloody scene. In their world, life and money were intertwined, and Miao Yugen’s life was only worth ten-odd grand.

When Hans lifted Miao Yugen again, the latter had already fainted. Removing the bottle from his waist, he poured it on Miao Yugen’s face.

“This is the mountain forest, do you think that someone will find out if we kill you here?” Hans revealed a sinister smile. He liked the excitement of killing. It had been some time since he killed anyone after that criminal police officer from Hanzhou City.

Suddenly, Miao Yugen was swept by a wave of fear and knew that Hans wasn’t joking around.

Drawing out a dagger from his boot, he scraped it on the surface of Miao Yugen’s face and smiled. “Don’t worry. I will purchase this mountain forest after your death, so you can rest here for eternity. As for those Chinese, they won’t be bothered by your death. Furthermore, they won’t even suspect me!”

“I’m sorry, Mr. Hans. I was blind, so please let me go!” Miao Yugen felt his legs turning jelly as a warm liquid dripped down from his crotch. Under extreme fear, humans would lose control of their bowels, and Miao Yugen felt the scent of death. As a ruthless person in Baitan Town, he had beaten others in the past. However, killing was a bottom line of his that he would never cross.

When the foul stench assaulted Hans’ nostrils, he snickered, “Weren’t you insulting me earlier? In the end, you’re still an inferior species. It’s too late now. I have already decided to kill you!”

Just when he was about the stab that dagger into Miao Yugen’s chest, the two mercenaries suddenly stood up with the hunting shotguns, startling Hans.

They’re deep in the mountain, and there shouldn’t be anyone here. Thus, there wouldn’t be any trouble for them to kill anyone and resolve the problems with money later.

In his eyes, there wasn’t any worth to them, and even that bharal that was on the verge of extinction was more valuable than the life of Miao Yugen. However, the prerequisite was that he had to kill without anyone knowing. If someone witnessed the entire process, then his image would be damaged. After all, he was the President of Cambell Pharmaceutical Company, so he couldn’t let others know that he’s actually a demon who liked killing.

Thus, he threw Miao Yugen away and looked in a direction.

A robust Chinese man was charging over as the mercenaries fired their hunting shotguns. The power of a 12 gauge shell had a lethal force of 30 centimeters within the range of 15 meters. So if it landed on a person, it’d make a beehive out of that person. Although mercenaries were more familiar with professional firearms, that didn’t mean that they’re not used to hunting shotguns.

After firing a shot, that man charging over issued a groan and fell onto the ground.

As the two mercenaries exchanged a look, they held onto the hunting shotguns and moved forth while showing their professional skills.

When they were roughly three meters away, one would provide cover while the other moved forth to check on that person.

Suddenly, the person lying down pounced forth and spun in the air with a peculiar posture and the mercenary felt a numbing sensation spreading on his neck before he fainted.

Suddenly, another shot was fired. The double-barrelled shotgun had two bullets. The first was meant for close-range, while the second was for long-range. 

Liu Jianwei dodged that bullet and pounced forth. He held onto that mercenary’s throat while the latter was reloading. However, since the second mercenary’s close-combat was better than the first one, he tried to struggle by pulling on Liu Jianwei’s wrist joint. But to his despair, Liu Jianwei was too powerful. He threw a knee forth and struck the mercenary into confusion before chopping at the neck of that mercenary.

Looking at this scene, Hans was stunned. He never expected that there would be such a formidable expert deep in the mountains. Holding onto his hunting shotgun, he took two steps back and hollered, “Who are you guys? Why are you attacking me?”

Liu Jianwei lifted the body of a mercenary as a shield. Although hunting shotguns were powerful, their penetration was mediocre. Thus, he would be safe with a meatshield.

Pointing at Miao Yugen lying on the ground, Liu Jianwei replied, “I saw that someone was about to commit murder, so I interfered out of justice.”

“Some things are better not to dip your finger into, or you will throw away your life.” Hans sneered.

As Liu Jianwei approached Hans, the latter suddenly felt his wrist going weak and lost control of the hunting shotgun. Liu Jianwei threw the body of that mercenary before charging towards Hans and threw a jab out, instantly sending Hans flying out and crash into a tree.

Su Tao suddenly walked out and took the pulse of Miao Yugen before letting out a sigh, “He suffered heavy injuries to his head, with signs of fracture and internal bleeding. He requires emergency treatment.”

Looking at Su Tao, Xiao Jingjing felt admiration in her heart. This injured person on the ground was clearly in the same group as those people and only resulted in a conflict after some arguments. So this might not be a good person. However, Su Tao managed to be impartial and immediately performed the treatment.

Roughly half an hour later, Miao Yugen regained his consciousness and was surprised that Hans didn't kill him. There were several strangers beside him, while on the other hand, Hans and the other mercenaries were tied up on the ground. Their mouths were stuffed with grass, and they could only let out whimpers.

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