Chapter 266 - Health as gift

Although Sire Shui was putting it casually, it was undoubtedly an order in Jin Guoxiang’s heart. When he’s free? It’s just telling him to put down all matters at hand and rush over immediately. This had always been how Sire Shui handed out his orders.

Thus, Jin Guoxiang immediately called Su Tao, which he turned around to explain after no one picked up the phone, “No one’s answering!”

Disappointment was written on Sire Shui’s face before he found a reason for Su Tao, “He must be busy treating patients!” 

However, Jin Guoxiang knew that Sire Shui seldom protected someone in this manner, and Su Tao was simply basked in great fortune.

Half an hour later, his phone rang, so he looked at the screen before smiling. “Su Tao is returning a call!”

A smile appeared on Sire Shui’s face as he replied, “Ask how he is doing recently.”

However, Jin Guoxiang knew that Sire Shui has been paying attention to Su Tao’s matters. He even made a call to the Provincial Committee’s Secretary regarding the incident in Baihe City. Otherwise, the Province Committee wouldn’t have made a decision so quickly. Before Sire Shui knew it, paying attention to Su Tao’s matter had become one of his hobbies. Whenever he heard anything with regards to Su Tao, he would always be in a good mood.

Su Tao was currently treating Little Yuan, and after one week of treatment, he had successfully stimulated her nervous system. She could now talk like other people, but it would require more effort for her to willingly open her mouth. It was just like opening a door for her, but he had to guide her to look at the beautiful scenery outside.

Putting it in a nutshell, no one could help her speak if she wasn’t willing.

“Are you feeling unwell?” Su Tao misunderstood that something must have happened to Jin Guoxiang. Although the latter’s leg had yet to recover fully, it should be fine as long as Jin Guoxiang takes the medication that he prescribed. The medication that he prescribed to Jin Guoxiang not only treated leg injuries, it would also slowly help nourish his body. Aside from treating illnesses, TCM could also be used for maintaining the body’s health, and it was more effective.

“I’m having a game of chess with Sire Shui, and he commented that your skills are superb. So he would like to invite you over to Qiongjin City.” Jin Guoxiang gave a tactful hint.

As a smart person, Su Tao immediately held onto the hint and smiled. “I will surely heed Sire Shui’s orders!”

“Then I’ll arrange for a vehicle to pick you up now.” Jin Guoxiang immediately replied.

Su Tao didn’t expect that Sire Shui would be so anxious, so he smiled. “Then I’ll have to trouble you!”

Although Sire Shui didn’t look affected by Su Tao’s visit, he arranged the servants to prepare a few dishes and even emphasised that they must be suitable to the tastebuds of youngsters.

When Jin Guoxiang watched this from the side, he sighed. But it was no wonder that Sire Shui would place such importance in Su Tao. After all, Su Tao not only saved his life, but his actions also made Sire Shui recall himself from when he was young. Although they were on different battlefields with different enemies, the two of them had their aspirations in trying to change the world with their own strength.

On the other hand, Su Tao was a little surprised that Sire Shui would invite him personally. After all, someone like Sire Shui was bound to have many affairs on hand, so there was no need for him to pay attention to Su Tao. However, there’s only one possibility; Sire Shui has something to ask of him. Thus, Su Tao prepared ammunition in his medical box for the battlefield.

But when he looked at the excellent complexion of Sire Shui, Su Tao felt relieved. Elderly were usually fearful of their illness’ relapse, and the old man had recovered pretty well. He must have heeded his advice to read Buddhism scriptures.

Taking the initiative to tease, Sire Shui asked, “You wouldn’t have come empty-handed, right?”

Standing to the side, Jin Guoxiang could only snicker, since it was rare for the old man to be humorous. Thus, he wanted to see how Su Tao would deal with him.

Taking out a bottle from his medical box, Su Tao smiled. “This is my gift to you!”

When Sire Shui received the bottle, he opened the lid and gave it a sniff. An herbal aroma instantly assaulted his nostrils that instantly energised his mind. Despite knowing that this bottle was priceless, he still purposely asked with his brows knitted, “You’re sending me medicine during the holiday season, are you cursing me?”

Knowing that Sire Shui was messing around with him, Su Tao tactfully replied, “Sire Shui, you can’t think of it that way. I’m not sending you medicine, but health. I hope that you will be healthy with all your wishes fulfilled!”

The medicine in the bottle was called the Longevity Pellet; it’s a healthcare product with miraculous effects for the elderly. Aside from calcium, it could also nourish the body. By taking one pellet a month, it can practically prevent all sorts of illnesses. Back then, when the Ming Dynasty’s Emperor sought longevity, the imperial physicians came up with this pellet. Although Su Tao didn’t have many of them, every single one of them was priceless.

“I like these words!” Sire Shui stuffed the bottle into his gown as he continued, “I heard that you'd caused quite a bit of trouble this time!”

With a smile, Su Tao immediately expressed his gratitude, “I have to thank you for your help in Jidong Province.”

Upon hearing his words, Sire Shui immediately became happy, since Su Tao wasn’t muddled. Thus, he nodded his head. “I can understand the matter with Jidong Province. After all, the chaos in that place was a little outrageous.”

After a brief pondering, Su Tao asked, “I actually have a question that I would like to ask you.”

“Speak as you will!” Sire Shui nodded his head.

“Cambell Pharmaceutical Company!” Su Tao knew that Sire Shui must know about this matter, so he only mentioned the name. After all, he had to keep things simple when conversing with the old man. Otherwise, it would cause trouble instead.

With a complicated expression on his face, Sire Shui sighed, “Indeed, the Cambell Pharmaceutical Company has a special background. They have in-depth cooperation with Germany’s Neuer International Corporation and some powers in the country, which they’re protecting the Cambell Pharmaceutical Company. However, we never expected that the matter would be so serious. The Cambell Pharmaceutical Company has established several private research facilities that have formed into a serious threat.”

“Since you guys know about it now, why didn’t you remove this tumour?” Su Tao asked in puzzlement.

“Things aren’t as simple as you think. This matter implicates many matters, and those forces have obtained quite a bit of advanced biological skills from Neuer International Corporation. So if Cambell Pharmaceutical Company is removed, it would mean that the partners would also be affected.” Sire Shui wasn’t annoyed with Su Tao’s question. On the contrary, he felt that Su Tao was a good man with a noble breadth of mind to ask this question.

“So for their so-called ‘interest’, they allowed the lives of common folks to be threatened?” Su Tao shook his head and continued, “If that’s the case, then I’m disappointed.”

Nodding his head, Sire Shui looked at Jin Guoxiang, who was standing to the side and questioned, “Hear that?”

“I know what to do!” Jin Guoxiang sternly replied.

Looking at the sky, Sire Shui continued, “If there’s a need, I can help.”

“With your support, then there’s nothing to fear.” Jin Guoxiang righteously said.

Every system had its own forces, such as the Cambell Pharmaceutical Company. Evidently, Jin Guoxiang wasn’t on that side. Although Sire Shui hadn’t made things clear, it was a clear order to him that Sire Shui talked about it before Su Tao. Thus, Jin Guoxiang decided to join in this matter and deal with Cambell Pharmaceutical Company’s underground research facilities within the country.

It was more effective than Jiang Qinghan investigating in secret to find the underground research facilities that have spread throughout the country. On the other hand, the Cambell Pharmaceutical Company had no idea that because of one tiny physician, they would face annihilation.

Since ancient times, every single imperial physician held great power. It’s easy for them to receive favours of those in authority, and their casual words could easily surpass even the words of a chancellor.

“Sire Shui is mighty!” Su Tao smiled as he immediately bootlicked, “Didn’t you say that you want to play chess?”

Sire Shui suddenly felt that Su Tao was intelligent and managed to tactfully change the topic, allowing the atmosphere to soften down. Pointing at Su Tao, he smiled. “Let’s go. We must have fun today, and you can stay over for the night!”

Standing on the side, Jin Guoxiang sighed as he witnessed this entire scene. After following the old man for such a long time, since when he had seen the old man placing so much importance on a person?

Naturally, it was also related to Su Tao’s character. Although his character had a mild temperament, he was filled with righteous energy, and he dared to mention such a sensitive topic before Sire Shui. If you’re saying that he’s stubborn, he’s also intelligent and knew how to discern facial expressions.

Reaching someone at Sire Shui’s age, they like intelligent young man, and they’re also willing to support them.

Suddenly, a thought rose up in Jin Guoxiang’s heart. Sire Shui wouldn’t really treat Su Tao as his grandson-in-law, right? Instantly, his mood became a little dampened. After all, outstanding young men were rare nowadays, and his wife has been mentioning more than once to let Zhitong and Su Tao nurture their relationship.

However, he really wasn’t confident to fight with the old man for Su Tao…

When two rounds ended, Sire Shui was furious. Su Tao’s chess-style had changed. It wasn’t as violent as before, and it had changed into a steady style. Furthermore, it was a little weird and seemed to have been ripped from records. Every single step would pose a significant threat to him.

“Where did you learn this from?” Sire Shui unhappily said. He had seen quite a few records, but he hadn’t seen anything like Su Tao’s style.

Su Tao had to admit that Sire Shui’s eyesight was keen, so he confessed, “I read it all from a medical book. When an imperial physician from the Song Dynasty treated the Emperor, he used chess to defeat the Emperor twice, instantly treating the Emperor’s illness of vomiting blood.”

Sire Shui’s interest was piqued at Su Tao’s words, so he asked with a smile, “Why is that so? Playing chess can treat illnesses?”

People like Sire Shui were interested in the vast history, and Su Tao was also adapting to his taste by quoting from classics.

“If someone is too prideful and arrogant for a long time, they would accumulate heat in their heart. Being an Emperor for a long time, his character would naturally be irritable and arrogant. Thus, that imperial physician had noted this, which was why he defeated the Emperor in chess. After suffering from constant defeat, the Emperor’s illness had also been treated.” Su Tao explained with a smile and continued, “This style was left by that imperial physician that defeated the Emperor.”

Pointing at Su Tao, Sire Shui smiled. “Stinking brat, you’re scolding me indirectly!”

Immediately waving his hands, Su Tao made modest remarks, “Old man, you’re not the Emperor. So don’t misunderstand me!”

“Hmph, I won’t argue with youngsters like you.” Sire Shui replied. But he has to admit that it was interesting to chat with Su Tao. Those around him would always be cautious with their words, which made him feel a little repressed.

On the contrary, Su Tao’s straightforward character made Sire Shui feel a sense of reality, which was the reason why he was in such a good mood.

Although Su Tao’s words might sound reckless, it was planned, since he had seen through Sire Shui’s psychological state. So despite the fact that every single step might seem impudent, it was actually great intelligence under the disguise of stupidity.

Through this, Sire Shui admired Su Tao even more. This young man wasn’t arrogant, and he was down-to-earth. Such a young man was truly hard to come by.

Naturally, the reason why Sire Shui had such a good impression of Su Tao was also due to their first meeting. The first impression is always the most important, and if it has a good start, they would realise more merit of that person. On the contrary, that person would seem irksome if the first impression was terrible.

When it was time for the meal, Shui Junzhuo returned, and she was a little surprised at the sight of Su Tao.

Waving his hand, Sire Shui instructed Shui Junzhuo to take out two jars of well-kept Nu’er Hong. Shui Junzhuo smiled as she replied, “Even Grandpa Guo was refused by you when he wanted to get wine for you at that time.”

Rolling his eyes, Sire Shui replied, “Old Guo already has one foot in the coffin. Giving him alcohol was practically a waste and killing him. It is only because Su Tao is here today. Guoxiang, even you’ve benefited from him.”

With an awkward smile, Jin Guoxiang smiled. “Old man, I don’t dare to touch any alcohol before a doctor here.”

“Sure! You don’t touch any of the alcohol, then. Let Su Tao drink with me.” Sire Shui continued to explain, “This alcohol was from someone I respect back then, and there are only two jars of it.”

Immediately, Jin Guoxiang couldn’t hold himself back and wiped his lips with a smile. “Then I must have a taste!” When he finished speaking, he peeked a glance at Su Tao.

Seeing that Jin Guoxiang was really listening to him, Su Tao smiled. “It’s fine once in a while. But just this once!”

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