Chapter 265 - Putting on airs

There was a piece of news regarding the Japanese celebrity, Nitta Watanabe. After acting as a Japanese in China films, he returned to Japan and acted as a Chinese, which soon brought him to fame. He swiftly rose up on the front page of the news. However, Su Tao wasn’t disgusted, but felt gratified instead. Due to Nitta Watanabe’s extended stay in China, the character that he chose to act was on the neutral side that wouldn’t defame Chinese.

In addition to that, Su Tao was surprised by Kim Jung-ho’s call. Even if he didn’t like to hear the half-baked mandarin of this prideful Korean physician, he still picked up the call with his nose pinched.

“Physician Su, Happy Chinese New Year!” Kim Jung-ho’s attitude was absolutely speechless.

It’s the holiday season, and Su Tao naturally wouldn’t slap someone that gives him respect. Thus, he replied respectfully as well, “Physician Kim, you too!”

As Kim Jung-ho laughed, he explained, “The reason why I’m calling you is to inform you that the International Medical Summit has given their invitation to China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and you’re included. Please don’t refuse our kind intentions.”

Knitting his brows, Su Tao replied, “I’m actually swamped with work, so I might reject the invitation.”

“Then a lot of people will be left disappointed!” Kim Jung-ho was a little pissed when he replied.

“I live to breathe with freedom, not for the sake of others. If someone else wants to lead me by the nose, then I’m sorry to disappoint them!” Su Tao showed an unyielding side the moment he became headstrong.

Upon briefly being stunned by Su Tao’s words, Kim Jung-ho took a deep breath and persuaded, “I’ll put it this way, then. The summit itself will lose a lot of meaning to it if you’re not participating. If Wang Guofeng from China participates, it’s practically a humiliation for TCM. Don’t you have an awareness to bear the TCM flag in China?”

“Don’t try to goad me!” Su Tao faintly smiled as he continued, “Physician Kim, I have to thank you for your invitation. As for my participation, I believe it’s my freedom of choice. Furthermore, I would like to thank you for your greetings, but I’m afraid I have to hang up the call as I still have many businesses awaiting me.”

So what if I want to put on airs?

That was his pride. Those not standing on the same side were bound to have different hearts. So there must be a motive for their invitation to the summit.

Battles were separated into hosts and guests. Although Su Tao was skilful and courageous, why should he let them arrange the battlefield?

He might be broad-minded, but he’s not a fool. So he would definitely not jump into a trap, despite knowing it.

Most importantly, he didn’t even care about this International Medical Summit hosted by Korea. So what if it was an excellent platform for him to display himself? He’s currently swarmed with work. Even treating patients in Three Flavour Hall was better than participating.

When Su Tao hung the call on him, Kim Jung-ho wasn’t pissed off. On the contrary, he felt that Su Tao was someone with a unique personality.

But this was how the world worked. If you’re incapable, being arrogant was just impudence. On the other hand, putting on airs would give you a peculiar charm when you’re capable.

Turning around, Kim Jung-ho bowed towards the old man before him and said in Korean, “Grandfather. I’m sorry to disappoint you, but Su Tao did not agree to participate in our International Medical Summit.”

Nodding his head, the old man had a profound look in his eyes as he poured tea and replied, “Jung-ho, you’ve encountered a formidable opponent this time. The Heavenseizing Hands! It was a long lost skill in TCM. If I can witness it in my lifetime, I would have no regrets, even if I die now.”

Upon hearing his words, Kim Jung-ho’s expression changed. “You don’t believe in my ability?”

Shaking his head, the old man smiled. “Jung-ho, I’ve nurtured you for years, and you’re the disciple that I’m proud of. Whether it’s your medical skills or ethics, they can be considered unrivalled. My yearning for the Heavenseizing Hand is due to my respect for TCM’s long history, but respect is not blind faith. There will always be someone that breaks the legend. Jung-ho, you’re the future of TKM, and I believe that even if that Su Tao has really inherited the Heavenseizing Hands, he’s incomparable to you.”

The old man spoke from the depth of his heart. Kim Jung-ho’s medical skills had even exceeded his own.

Even if Kim Jung-ho has surpassed his grandfather, he still held high respect for the latter because it was all due to his grandfather’s unconditional support that he could come this far.

Hearing the encouragement from his grandfather, a smile spread on Kim Jung-ho’s face. “Don’t worry. I will make sure that Su Tao attends the International Medical Summit at all costs, and I will defeat him before you.”

“If you really managed to accomplish that, then you will prove that TKM has surpassed TCM.” A gratified smile appeared on the old man’s face. He knew that Kim Jung-ho has suffered greatly when he was learning, and it’s time for him to reap the harvest now.

Kim Jung-ho sighed. He still wasn’t confident, even with his grandfather’s encouragement.

Even if TKM had been successfully claimed by Korea, the inferiority they felt still hasn’t disappeared, since it originated from TCM. In the long history of Korea, she was once a vassal of China. Thus, their culture was affected by the lording country. Although Korea’s economy has developed and wanted to showcase itself, they still needed the hard work from the elites of the various fields to work on the things that they’ve reaped from China’s culture.

He was an example, since he was the representative of TKM, so he shouldered a significant burden.

While Kim Jung-ho was taking a sip of tea, the wooden door was suddenly pulled apart and an elegant face was revealed. The bridge of her nose was exquisite, and her brows were akin to willow leaves. This woman would wear Hanbok whenever it's the holiday season. If it was a married woman, their hair would be bundled up. However, this was clearly an unwed woman, since she had a braid.

Wearing the purple Hanbok with embroidery of flowers, she sat beside Kim Jung-ho and pouted as she grumbled, “Oppa, grandfather, the both of you are so hateful! You didn’t even bother calling me over to chat together!”

“Jung-yeon, we’re discussing medical stuff, so wouldn’t we be torturing you to call you over?” Kim Jung-ho smiled as he explained to his sister.

Although plastic surgery was trending in Korea, this sister of his was a natural beauty. Hearing his explanation, Kim Jung-yeon shrugged her shoulders. “Alright then, are you guys done with your discussions? Can we play Go-stop now?”

Kim Jung-ho exchanged a look with the old man, then they helplessly sighed and started playing Go-stop. Although the two’s medical skills were superb, they were incomparable to her in Go-stop. Very quickly, their faces were stuck with all sorts of stickers.

Go-stop often appeared in Korean dramas, but it wasn’t originally from Korea. It was a game that was brought over from Japan in the 19th century. It was a card game that comprised of 48 cards, which every set of 4 represented the 12 months. The one who loses would have their hands smacked, a flick on their forehead, or have stickers on their faces.

“Oppa, I heard that there’s a physician called Su Tao who’s younger than you, right?” Kim Jung-yeon suddenly asked.

“Oh? Why would you suddenly ask about this?” Kim Jung-ho smiled in puzzlement.

As Kim Jung-yeon’s eyes blinked, she smiled. “Because of Joong-sun Oppa, the news about Su Tao has been spreading out.”

Kim Jung-ho was briefly stunned upon hearing her words, before he bitterly smiled. “What does it say?”

With a serious expression, Kim Jung-yeon replied, “SG Chaebol’s heir, Park Joong-un and his lover, Choi Beom-gyu experienced life or death in China. It was a magical and young Chinese physician who not only saved their lives, he even matchmade for the two of them.” After a brief pause, she showed a sly smile and continued, “Oppa, in the story, you’re a supporting character. Everyone says that you’ve lost to that physician.”

The story of a Cinderella gave the upper circle of Seoul a shock. No one imagined that an unmatched love relationship would take place. After that, it was spread amongst the common folks, and has now become a common topic for every household. In that story, the mysterious and young Chinese physician played an important role.

Hearing her story, Kim Jung-ho smiled. He showed no awkwardness, since that gossiping news wasn’t fabricated, and sighed, “You seem pretty happy about it.”

Nodding her head, Kim Jung-yeon smiled. “In my heart, Oppa’s medical skills are the best in the world. So I’m happy for you that there’s an opponent for you now.”

Glaring at her, Kim Jung-ho sourly said, “Jung-yeon, are you changing your affection now? Didn’t you always say that you would only marry me when you grow older?”

“Hmph!” Kim Jung-yeon pouted her lips and pridefully glanced at Kim Jung-ho. “Humans will change, and if there’s someone more outstanding than you, I can’t go easy, and I have to snatch him over!”

Hearing her words, Kim Jung-ho burst into laughter. He pampered this younger sister of his a lot, and in his mind, he had taken note not to let her meet with Su Tao.

He’s a narcissistic person, but he was a little uneasy when facing Su Tao. After all, that fellow was an innate main character, and he could be the focus of attention wherever he went. If his younger sister fell in love with his rival, wouldn’t it feel worse than losing a medical match?!

Shui Manor in Qiongjin City. Jin Guoxiang sat before Sire Shui, helplessly shook his head and surrendered, “I admit defeat!”

Today, the old man’s chess skills were especially domineering, which forced him to surrender.

Raising his lips, Sire Shui unhappily commented, “Boring!”

His words made Jin Guoxiang bitterly smile. Ever since Sire Shui experienced that major illness, his character had undergone a drastic change, and his temper wasn’t as fiery as before. His character was more like a child now. However, he knew what Sire Shui was thinking and smiled. “Sire Shui, you want to see Su Tao, right?” Sire Shui being domineering in the game of chess was to lure this topic out.

With a snort, Sire Shui unhappily said, “Don’t mention that sticking brat. He only called me to send his greetings for the holiday, and he didn’t even bother to visit me!”

“Old man, you can’t blame Su Tao in this matter!” Jin Guoxiang patiently explained.

“Why?” Sire Shui knitted his brows perplexedly.

“With your status, how would he dare to come if you don’t call him over?” Jin Guoxiang smiled as he continued, “The Shui Manor is a great family, while he’s just a little physician. So how can he come and go as he wishes?”

Nodding his head, Sire Shui reflected on Jin Guoxiang’s words. “I’ve overlooked this factor. You give him a call to tell him to visit when he’s free. Only playing chess with him is interesting; playing with someone at your level is just a waste of my time.”

“Roger!” Jin Guoxiang agreed immediately.

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