Chapter 264 - Someone with pseudo ambitions

The matters with the Qihuang Charity Funds had been implemented after Su Tao’s coordination. Vera also spared out an office space in the Three Flavour Cosmetics International’s headquarters and privately invested ¥50,000,000 under her name to obtain a share of the Qihuang Charity Funds. So from the accounts, Qihuang Charity Funds was considered a small-scale organisation. After excluding the operation costs, they now possess funds of over ¥200,000,000. Although it couldn’t be regarded as a massive empire, the funds could now be used for something meaningful.

Due to Su Tao’s outstanding performance of pulling funds, Song Sichen and Dou Fanggang no longer have any doubts about his ability. Thus, they handed the entire matter to Su Tao, while the two of them focused on the development of the TCM Alliance. Even at this moment, the TCM Alliance was still absorbing members, but with more people joining, the threshold would also increase.

Su Tao didn’t have a great ambition, and he had estimated that the Qihuang Charity Funds would invest about ¥3,000,000,000 in charity projects in the upcoming three to five years, which included orphanages, nursing homes, and the Mountain Herbs Project. As for the management team for the funds, Su Tao had acted as a go-between and planned a meeting between Qin Meimei and Lu Shimiao. Both of them were brought to Yan Jing’s private clubhouse, the Aqua Brook, and picked a pretty good room by the window.

The two of them had once met in the past when Su Tao treated Qin Meimei’s sleepwalking, which Lu Shimiao was watching from the side. Qin Meimei’s memory was also excellent and managed to recognise Lu Shimiao. At the same time, she gave Su Tao a look as if her eyes were saying that he was pretty skillful to get himself a beauty, who was his colleague!

But after she conversed with Lu Shimiao, Qin Meimei realised that this beauty was someone with her own thoughts and views. She had already done her homework before she formally joined the Qihuang Charity Funds.

“You will be in charge of support, while I deal with the investments.” Qin Meimei’s character was pretty straightforward, and she divided up the work. “Putting it in a nutshell, you will be responsible for earning money, while I’ll be responsible for spending it. But you can be reassured that all the money will be used wisely.”

In Qin Meimei’s view, Lu Shimiao’s image was pretty good, and she could be the front. So it should have a pretty good effect if she was the one pulling sponsors.

Lu Shimiao also wasn’t dominant with her attitude and agreed, “I truly don’t have any experience when it comes to management. So Big Sister Qin is more suitable than me.”

“Talking to you is so much better than talking with that fox, Yan Jing.” Qin Meimei smiled.

After a brief stun, Lu Shimiao also smiled. “But there is bound to be conflicts in our cooperation in the future, which I hope you can forgive me in advance for any rudeness!”

Her words made Qin Meimei feel that her EQ was extremely high, and her words were practically flawless. Tapping on her lips, Qin Meimei smiled. “Right, I’ll see what Big Sister Yan is doing. I’ll get her to come chat with us.”

Su Tao felt that this Qin Meimei was really not fearful of trouble. With the three ladies at the table, where would there be any room for him to talk?

However, Su Tao fell into the abyss of sorrow when Yan Jing really agreed to Qin Meimei’s request. Yan Jing arrived half an hour later, and she instantly examined Lu Shimiao.

She sighed at the fact that Lu Shimiao was gorgeous, and at the same time, she was also unhappy. Why are all the ladies beside Su Tao so beautiful? Not to mention that each of them is more beautiful than the other. But then again, she would naturally not show those emotions on her face.

Sensing that powerful atmosphere around Yan Jing, Lu Shimiao discovered that the former was someone that even a woman would find beautiful. Thereafter, she smiled and introduced herself, “Nice to meet you. I’m Lu Shimiao!”

“Yan Jing!” Yan Jing briefly shook hands with Lu Shimiao before glaring at Su Tao.

However, Su Tao ignored the sparks that flew in the air and focused on eating the seeds on the plate.

“I heard that you adopted an orphan?” Yan Jing calmly asked.

“I did, and I was an orphan myself in the past. Her name is Little Yuan.” Lu Shimiao showed a blissful smile. The appearance of Little Yuan made her feel that she was no longer lonely. Now, her life was filled with happiness.

When Yan Jing saw the sincere expression on Lu Shimiao’s face, she recalled her own daughter. So with a common topic, her tone instantly turned gentle, “I have a daughter myself as well, and due to various reasons, she once lived in the orphanage for a long time. Part of the reason why I invested in the Qihuang Charity Funds and the orphanage project is due to her.”

Hearing Yan Jing’s words, Lu Shimiao also felt closer and asked, “How old is your daughter?”

“Five!” The moment Yan Jing thought of Hua Yan, a blissful smile appeared on her face.

Initially, Qin Meimei wanted to watch a show. However, she never expected that the situation would be like this, so she sourly asked, “Since when did this become a tea party for mothers?”

Su Tao coughed, before he immediately smiled. “That’s because of a common topic, and this is also the reason why we came together for the Qihuang Charity Funds to benefit more orphans. Let’s treat this cup of tea as alcohol and cheers!”

Sourly glaring at Su Tao, Qin Meimei now knew how Su Tao could obtain the favor of so many women. He was witty. He had instantly extinguished the fire with his buffoonery. However, Su Tao was, indeed, good-looking. He was more mature than he looked, which was the type that attracted older women.

With the baby steps of the Qihuang Charity Funds, many things needed to be dealt with. Although Qin Meimei was dirty with her words, she was genuinely talented in management. With just a few calls, she managed to get quite a few things settled.

In the starting phase, Qihuang Charity Funds first needed volunteers to engage in charity work, which they’re mostly from members of the TCM Alliance by providing medical assistance. Aside from that, they still needed an official website, social media accounts, and even training for volunteers. There were many charity projects in society, so they had to market it in a way that it stood out, which was the first step for Qihuang Charity Funds.

Qin Meimei first suggested packaging Su Tao by having posters, and advertisements on the website revolving around him. However, this idea was rejected by Su Tao, since he was afraid that he might ruin the professional image of Qihuang Charity Funds with his dashing looks!

When the meeting ended, Su Tao coughed upon seeing that Lu Shimiao was keeping silent in the BMW. “Are you satisfied with those comrades that I’ve introduced you to?”

However, Lu Shimiao kept silent to express her unhappiness. She knew that she was feeling jealous of Yan Jing, which she couldn’t tolerate it. Just thinking of how Yan Jing helped in Baihe City’s incident made her mood become even more depressed.

Thus, Su Tao could only confess, “My relationship with Yan Jing isn’t as complicated as you think.”

Knowing that her depressed emotion was a little unreasonable, Lu Shimiao replied, “I don’t care!”

Women typically say words that contradicted their hearts. Although they cared about the matter, they wouldn’t admit it, no matter what.

Su Tao also did not expose her and asked, “Have you made a decision regarding Jianghuai Hospital?”

Taking a deep breath, Lu Shimiao smiled. “Since I’ve already made a decision, I will surely not regret it.”

“I will take responsibility for you. If you lose interest in Qihuang Charity Funds in the future, I can recommend you back as a Paediatrician.” Su Tao joked. Although with his current connections, it’s not a problem for him.

However, Lu Shimiao was on a better track by leaving the hospital system. She had now become someone responsible for ¥200,000,000 in the Qihuang Charity Funds, which many people could only dream about.

“You don’t need to take any responsibility! I made the decision, and it has nothing to do with anyone.” Lu Shimiao was cute when she was serious. She could vaguely feel that even though she would be entering a new environment and be on a new starting line, her every achievement would bask her in satisfaction.

As Su Tao whistled, his gaze fell out of the window.

The overall planning with the Qihuang Charity Funds had practically been fixed. If he wanted the TCM Alliance to have more influence, he would require the Qihuang Charity Funds to develop in the right direction.

Compared to the official TCM Association, the TCM Alliance could make use of charity projects to help more people and swiftly expand the influence of TCM.

Naturally, charity wasn’t something that could be done in the short term, and it had to operate steadily with actual achievements. The reason why he chose Lu Shimiao was through his understanding of her. The moment she determined her goal, she would stubbornly execute it. It was a trait that made Lu Shimiao similar to him.

As for Lu Shimiao’s first job upon her resignation, Su Tao had already decided it for her. Under the name of sponsoring, they would acquire Baihe City’s orphanage to forge it as the first model of Qihuang Charity Funds’ orphanage, since it was the place she grew up in.

It was also something that could give Lu Shimiao motivation!

At this moment, Su Tao had three paths that were steadily developing. First would be the Three Flavour Hall branching out in the country, providing consultation and treatment services, which the branch in He City would officially be in operation later in the year. Secondly, the Three Flavour Cosmetics International to become the largest TCM herbal skincare production facility in the country. Thirdly, the Qihuang Charity Funds. Using charity projects to increase the influence of TCM Alliance, by allowing TCM to integrate into the lives of common folks and change their image of TCM.

Aside from that, Su Tao was also the Vice-President of Jianghuai Hospital, in which the construction of the TCM Building would begin at the end of the year. Once the TCM Building is built, it would become a distinctive trait of Jianghuai Hospital, and it was also something that Su Tao had to focus on.

All of a sudden, he felt that he was drowning in work, and he had never once felt so busy. As the scenery outside the window continuously changed as the vehicle traveled, Su Tao felt as if he was dreaming.

He initially just wanted to continue the Three Flavour Hall so that he wouldn’t let his grandfather down. However, he never expected that his path would expand and develop. He had now become someone with ambitions, and he was starting to be dissatisfied with what he had now. He wanted more achievements.

Naturally, he could be considered as someone with pseudo-ambitions. The reason why he strived for better wasn’t for himself, but those around him.

Since everyone was expecting something out of him, could he bear to let them down?

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