Chapter 263 - The Brutal Police Bella

The moment Jiang Qinghan received a call that the female assassin was captured, she immediately rushed over. She was taken aback when she saw the assassin’s appearance. It was beyond her expectation that the assassin would have such outstanding looks, that assassin was a typical Southeast Asian petite girl.

Seeing her unconscious, Jiang Qinghan swept a glance at Su Tao and asked, “What did you do to her?”

“Well, I injured her first and saved her later.” Su Tao frankly explained.

Soon, Jiang Qinghan noticed an amulet in the glass jar and asked, “What’s this?”

“A medium for black magic!” Su Tao bitterly smiled as he continued, “If I was struck by it, I would be the one lying down here instead.”

Hearing his words, Jiang Qinghan’s expression turned grave and she declared, “Let me handle this matter!”

Shaking his head, Su Tao sighed, “Nope. You can’t resolve this.”

“You don’t believe in my ability?” Jiang Qinghan raised her brows.

Pointing at the amulet soaked in a special liquid in the jar, Su Tao asked, “Do you know what those poisons are?”

Jiang Qinghan was briefly stunned before her radiant pupils flickered and sighed, “You’re thinking of handling it yourself?”

“I don’t have a choice. Although I’m not willing, I can only have a battle with the Venerable Father behind this.” Standing beside the jar, Su Tao dripped a few special herbal liquids in it, which swiftly caused a reaction in the jar. It was a bizarre sight, as if they’re not in the storeroom of a TCM pharmacy, but a research facility.

Su Tao was just trying medicine out to find the antidote. If he wanted to fight with the Venerable Father behind this incident, he would have to resolve the other party’s black magic, which he was making preparations for at this moment.

Two hours later, the female assassin regained her consciousness. Subconsciously, she wanted to move her body. However, it was as if she was chained together and couldn’t exert any strength.

“She woke up!” Jiang Qinghan walked to the female assassin and looked down with a sharp gaze.

Nodding his head, Su Tao responded, “I’ll hand her to you, then.”

“You called me over to interrogate her?” Jiang Qinghan bitterly smiled.

“Yep. It’s easier to have a woman talking to another woman.” However, Su Tao’s intention was probably to see Jiang Qinghan. When that female assassin appeared, Su Tao was with Jiang Qinghan, and this female assassin was a special bridge between them that gave him an unforgettable night.

“Do you know how to speak mandarin?” Jiang Qinghan soon went into her role. She was skillful in interrogation as a criminal police officer.

However, the female assassin just coldly looked at Jiang Qinghan with a sinister expression on her pretty face.

Knitting her brows, Jiang Qinghan raised her hand and gave her a slap, which Su Tao was startled with her violence.

Sniffing her nose, Jiang Qinghan looked at Su Tao and explained, “It might be a bloody process, and you might want to give us some space if you can’t take it.”

“I initially thought that your interrogation method might be special, but it turns out to be the same as others.” Su Tao awkwardly smiled.

Rolling her eyes, Jiang Qinghan replied, “Dealing with criminals like her, it’s impossible to get the answer you want if you aren’t a little ruthless.”

After a brief consideration, Su Tao decided to leave the storeroom so that his impression of Jiang Qinghan wouldn’t be damaged. Despite his curiosity with Jiang Qinghan’s interrogation technique, Su Tao still contained himself. After all, it’s best that he didn’t know some processes.

Not only did the police Bella have a wise side to her, she also had a brutal side when facing criminals.

Soon, the screams of that female assassin resounded from the storeroom, which Su Tao ignored them. However, he couldn’t help imagining the brutal interrogation scene of Jiang Qinghan.

After waited outside for an hour, Jiang Qinghan was a little exhausted when she came out. Su Tao immediately went up to her and asked, “How is it? Did she confess anything?”

Letting out a breath, Jiang Qinghan answered, “That Venerable Father is called Master Qian, who is also her adoptive father.”

“How did you make her confess?” Su Tao curiously asked.

With a smile, Jiang Qinghan replied, “One of my ancestors was a detective, so there was an entire set of forced interrogation techniques passed down. She wasn’t as tough as she looked, so she submitted quickly.”

Seeing that Su Tao’s complexion was a little pale, Jiang Qinghan explained further, “There’s an ancestral rule of mine that it can only be used towards vicious criminals, and she fits the bill. If we weren’t lucky that night, we would’ve become cat food.”

Squeezing out a smile, Su Tao walked into the storeroom and saw that the assassin had collapsed. Taking her pulse, he immediately guessed that Jiang Qinghan’s interrogation technique was mainly used on parts of the body that would trigger extreme pain.

There’s a pain body chart that indicates the different levels of pain that a human body would feel. For example, receiving a jab on your face and chest would stimulate different levels of pain for the brain, and the face would feel more painful than compared to the chest.

“Her name is Nida, and she’s 18 this year. She has been living in a monastery since young.” Jiang Qinghan sighed as she continued, “Master Qian underestimated you, which was why he sent her to assassinate you. Naturally, he also chose her because she has a good command of mandarin.”

Nida was a pretty good assassin. Not only did she know the method of animal taming, but she was also trained in Muay Thai. If it was another ordinary physician, they would’ve most likely been killed by her.

Although this female assassin was hateful, the most hateful one was the mastermind of this incident, Master Qian.

Looking at Su Tao’s complicated expression, Jiang Qinghan said, “I’ll get this Master Qian’s information tomorrow through INTERPOL. As for Nida, why don’t you consider handing her over to me?”

Shaking his head, Su Tao sighed, “It will be complicated if I hand her over to you, and it won’t be easy to resolve.”

Holding onto her chin, Jiang Qinghan briefly fell into thoughts before she replied, “It’s best for me to take her away, since you do not possess any authority to detain her.”

Scratching his head, Su Tao gave in, “Alright then, I’ll hand her to you. But you have to be cautious. I’m afraid that the Venerable Father might receive the news of Nida being detained and send more people over.”

Glancing at Su Tao with pride on her face, Jiang Qinghan responded, “Don’t underestimate the power of the police. For special criminals like her, she will be locked up in the highest security prison. It will be impenetrable, and not even a fly can get in.”

After Su Tao removed the silver needles in Nida, Jiang Qinghan cuffed her before bringing her to the jeep.

This was the reason why Su Tao called Jiang Qinghan over. He’s a respectable physician, so he wouldn’t do something like detaining and using brutality on a young foreign girl unless it’s necessary. On the other hand, he could feel relieved after handing it over to Jiang Qinghan, since she could certainly take this seriously.

Furthermore, he was also pondering how to get Master Qian out. After all, that person was the mastermind.

On the seventh day of Chinese New Year, the Three Flavour Hall resumed its operation. Mo Sun’er and Chu Huilin also returned, so Su Tao conducted a small meeting to distribute red packets.

After the meeting, Mo Sun’er found Su Tao and dragged him to a remote corner.

Seeing Mo Sun’er hesitating in her speech, Su Tao smiled. “You want to ask about the promotion to an official employee?”

Time flowed, and Mo Sun’er had already worked in the Three Flavour Hall for months. Nodding her head, Mo Sun’er spoke in a wronged tone, “Senior Sister said that I'd be work in the Three Flavour Hall in the future. You’ve also seen my working attitude, so shouldn’t I be promoted to an official employee and have a raise in my salary?”

Mo Sun’er was a little innocent. Although she was occasionally irritable when treating patients, she still had the semi-final standards in the Physician King Tournament, and her skills weren’t any weaker than Chu Huilin. She was just inexperienced.

Nodding his head, Su Tao agreed, “Sure, I’ll promote you to an official employee. I’ll get Xiao Jingjing to prepare your contract later.”

Hearing his words, Mo Sun’er’s lips raised and dimples were revealed. “That’s more like it. You’re not that hateful, sometimes.”

“It’s really not easy to get your praise.” Su Tao helplessly smiled.

“Oh, I have something that I would like to ask you. How do you intend to deal with your relationship with my Senior Sister?” Mo Sun’er expression was like a barometer as it instantly changed.

After a brief consideration, Su Tao teased, “Well, if my relationship with Ruochen continues to develop, we will probably declare it publically shortly. I believe many people will send us their wishes.”

His words made Mo Sun’er’s eyes widen as she looked at Su Tao in disbelief. “You can’t be together with Senior Sister. Otherwise, Senior Brother Guofeng will be sad. They’re a perfect match, and you can’t be the third wheel in their relationship!”

Since Su Tao was going to tease her, he might as well go all the way and said in disdain, “Sun’er, you’re still young, and you have no idea about the relationship between man and woman. There can never be an eternal match. Your Senior Sister hadn’t met any outstanding men in the past, which was why she treated Wang Guofeng as a spare tire. Now that she met me, she would naturally eliminate the trash and choose the elite. You should feel happy for your Senior Sister, instead of obstructing her from pursuing her happiness!”

One could be shameless, but how could someone be so righteously brazen!

Instantly, Mo Sun’er’s eyes widened like bells as she raged, “You’re too shameless!”

Thoughtfully shaking his head, Su Tao replied, “I’m not the shameless one, but someone else is. He couldn’t obtain Ruochen’s affection and tries to play underhanded tactics. That’s the true meaning of shameless.”

Mo Sun’er was left speechless this time. She clearly understood that Su Tao was ridiculing Wang Guofeng for trying to stir trouble. However, he was right, since Wang Guofeng had called her during Chinese New Year and grumbled about how Su Tao came between his relationship with Liu Ruochen.

On the other hand, Su Tao was pretty speechless at Mo Sun’er. Was Wang Guofeng that important in her heart? Sooner or later, she would probably be dragged into the drain by Wang Guofeng.

He had studied Wang Guofeng as a person. Although the latter’s medical skills were pretty good, he had a tiny breadth of mind. The moment he bashed his head against a brick wall, no one would know what would he do.

It looked like he had to find an opportunity to talk to Liu Ruochen and persuade this Junior Sister of hers to guard against Wang Guofeng. Otherwise, she would greatly suffer one day.

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