Chapter 262 - Capturing the Assassin

Occasionally, the talks between women can be dirty to a whole new level.

Although it was tough for Yan Jing to put her trust in others, she was Qin Meimei’s most reliable bestie. So when she broke up with Li Fushen, she instantly came to look for Yan Jing. Although she might seem bothered, Yan Jing knew that she must be in pain right now.

After Su Tao left, Yan Jing retrieved two bottles of expensive wine and got the servants to prepare some snacks. As the two of them sat in the sunroom, they chatted as they drank. Qin Meimei was madly drowning herself in alcohol, and in just a while, she had finished more than a bottle. Thus, Yan Jing went to retrieve more alcohol to allow Qin Meimei to get wasted.

“Jing, am I cheap?” Qin Meimei asked with blurred eyes from the intoxication.

“Men are the cheap ones, and there are no good men in the world!” Yan Jing smiled as she comforted.

“No, there are good men in the world. Take Su Tao, for example.” Qin Meimei started teasing Yan Jing again.

“Su Tao isn’t a good man as well, he just has more warmth than other men.” Taking a sip of the red wine, Yan Jing continued, “Didn’t you say that I’m lacking in warmth? So I’m trying to steal some from him.”

Shaking her head, Qin Meimei replied, “Then be careful, don’t fall in it. You can’t put your trust in luck when it comes to relationships. Just look at me! I fell in it, and I couldn’t get myself out. In the end, look at the terrible state I’m in.”

Yan Jing rolled her eyes. Qin Meimei’s filthiness was out of this world!

Sitting in the Volkswagen CC, Su Tao was sorting out the matters regarding Qihuang Charity Funds, and he was thinking of renting an office in the Three Flavour Cosmetics International’s building to be the Qihuang Charity Funds’ office. Thus, he called Dou Fanggang. The reason why he called Dou Fanggang was due to his better relationship with Song Sichen, so it would be all settled as long as he could deal with Dou Fanggang.

Furthermore, he could hear the disappointment in Dou Fanggang’s tone when he sent his greetings a few days ago. This made him realise that Dou Fanggang felt that he was closer to Song Sichen, which made him feel neglected. Thus, Su Tao decided to ask for Dou Fanggang’s opinion this time first.

Old people usually wanted respect, and when Dou Fanggang felt that Su Tao’s plan was workable, he immediately gave a guarantee, “Don’t bother calling Old Song, I’ll convince him.”

Thus, Su Tao instantly thanked Dou Fanggang and even bootlicked the latter, “With Old Dou, I’m sure it will succeed!”

Nodding his head in satisfaction, Dou Fanggang was also a fox. So how could he not hear the meaning behind Su Tao’s words? After that, he laughed, “Oh right, there’s something that I would like to ask for your opinion about!”

“Please tell!” Su Tao immediately replied.

“I have a granddaughter who’s twenty this year. She’s similar to you in age, and I wonder if you’re interested in meeting her?” Dou Fanggang spoke in a solemn tone. Although he was matchmaking, he had to put on airs, since he was representing the woman’s senior.

“Aiya, Old Dou. I’m still young, and I want to focus on my career for now. I have no intention of dating yet.” Su Tao answered in haste.

“*Sigh* You can’t say that. You’re right when men must focus on their careers, but you need to have your own family, too. Isn’t it better with another person taking care of you? My granddaughter might not have outstanding looks, but she can take hardship and care for others.” Dou Fanggang persuaded.

“There’s really no need for that!” Su Tao had once seen the photo of Dou Fanggang’s granddaughter when Song Sichen tried to probe him. However, she really wasn’t suitable for him. Thus, he responded, “I actually have someone I like at the moment.”

“Ah?” Dou Fanggang sighed in disappointment before he awkwardly replied, “What a pity, then.”

He suddenly felt that he had lost a good grandson-in-law. If Su Tao could marry his granddaughter, then wouldn’t Su Tao be able to inherit his TCM career?

Although Su Tao didn’t want to hurt Dou Fanggang’s feelings so directly, he felt that he should be decisive. Otherwise, being half-hearted would just create more trouble.

When Su Tao returned to the Three Flavour Hall, he briefly stood at the gate before turning his gaze to the alley, where he and Jiang Qinghan were assaulted.

“Come out!” Su Tao paused and looked at the alley with caution.

Suddenly, a silhouette charged out like a bolt of lightning.

When Su Tao defended against that jab, he felt his arm hurting with a soft groan. Although it was a woman, and the force behind her strike wasn’t tremendous, he was struck in his elbow. The massive force behind it also caused Su Tao’s elbow to crash against her abdomen.

That was the style of Muay Thai, incorporating defense with offense to launch fatal attacks.

Taking a few steps back, Su Tao finally found an opportunity and struck between that woman’s chest.

A mouthful of blood gushed from that woman’s mouth before she flew out and crashed against the wall.

Shaking his hand that felt numb, Su Tao carefully walked towards that woman. Even if he knew that she had most likely fainted due to his jab, he had to be careful. After all, this assassin from Thailand was peculiar, so he couldn’t guarantee that she didn’t have any weird poison with her, which would be unfortunate if he fell for it.

The reason why he could determine her appearance was due to the little trick he used back then.

When that assassin left back then, she was hit with a needle in her Shanzhong Acupoint. So when she removes it, a small portion of the needle would sink into her Shanzhong Acupoint and affect her breathing as time passed.

Knowing her condition, that assassin would undoubtedly find an opportunity to strike at him. Thus, Su Tao had analysed that since this assassin was used to hiding in the dark, she would certainly hide in the alley when he leaves.

But unexpectedly, that woman should only be able to barely move after her acupoint was sealed. However, the force from her attack made him feel fearful. If he hadn’t undergone Yan Wujin’s teachings, he definitely wouldn’t be able to block that attack, and he would be the one lying down on the floor right now.

When he squatted down beside the assassin, Su Tao could take a clear look at her face. She wasn’t wearing a mask this time, and he was a little surprised, since he never expected that it would be a beautiful woman.

Although female assassins would generally be gorgeous in films, not many assassins could maintain their beauty in real life. 99% of the female assassins had given up on their gender and appearance, becoming brutal demonesses.

However, this assassin was one of that 1%.

After he carefully inserted ten-odd needles into that assassin, he carried her to the Three Flavour Hall after ensuring that she wouldn’t be able to retaliate.

When Xiao Jingjing saw Su Tao carrying a woman in, she was briefly stunned before she asked, “Master, who is this?”

Waving his hand, Su Tao urged, “Quickly prepare a room. Otherwise, she will die in ten minutes.”

When Su Tao unleashed that jab, it had caused the broken needle to sink deeper into the body. So if it wasn’t removed in time, this assassin would lose her life here.

Although he had no compassion for this assassin, she couldn’t die now. If she died, he wouldn’t be able to find that Venerable Father behind this incident and trouble would endlessly follow him.

Entering the consultation room, Su Tao got Xiao Jingjing to find scissors before he cut open the assassin’s clothes and bra without any hesitation.

Standing to the side, Xiao Jingjing’s face had turned red. She couldn’t accept how her master was treating a woman.

Looking at Xiao Jingjing from the corner of his eye, Su Tao explained with a sigh, “She’s an assassin!”

Assassin? Someone so beautiful? Xiao Jingjing found it hard to believe. After all, it was an unfamiliar term for her. However, she had absolute trust in Su Tao. So if Su Tao claimed that she’s an assassin, Xiao Jingjing believed that this woman must be an assassin.

Nodding her head, Xiao Jingjing looked at the assassin without any clothes. However, it felt as if she wasn’t wearing any clothes herself.

Su Tao couldn’t be bothered to examine the assassin’s body, since he knew that he had to grasp the time. His finger gently grabbed ahold of that assassin’s arms and squeezed towards the center of her body.

Watching this scene, Xiao Jingjing felt terrified and her eyes straightened. Is Su Tao really saving her? Isn’t he just bullying her?

However, Su Tao’s gaze changed Xiao Jingjing’s thoughts. She could tell that he was focused without any impure thoughts.

His technique was a little unique. It was as if his thumbs were tightly holding onto her arms. He forcefully squeezed inwards at a fast past, causing the female assassin’s body to violently tremble.

As time passed, Su Tao’s sweat dripped down from his temples. Letting out a long breath, he then pulled out the half-inch needle from her Shanzhong Acupoint on her chest.

Looking at this scene, Xiao Jingjing finally felt relieved, since Su Tao was really treating the assassin. But thinking about it carefully, if Su Tao wanted to humiliate this female assassin, he wouldn’t do it before her. However, Xiao Jingjing still felt that her legs were a little numb and a little uncomfortable. It was as if Su Tao was squeezing her body earlier.

“Put on clothes for her and lock her in the storeroom.” Su Tao looked at Xiao Jingjing. When he saw that her head was lowered, he could roughly guess her thoughts, so he sniffed, “Remember, we’re physicians. In our hearts, there are only patients and no genders.”

Nodding her head, Xiao Jingjing immediately went to retrieve her clothes. Walking over to the female assassin, Su Tao moved the clothes that he had just cut to cover the view on her chest. Knitting his brows, he made a rough estimation that it would probably take two hours for this assassin to regain her consciousness.

When Xiao Jingjing returned to put clothes on for the assassin, Su Tao grabbed the assassin and threw her into the storeroom.

Returning with latex gloves and medically-used mask, he carefully searched the personal items of that female assassin.

There weren’t many things, but there was an amulet that attracted his attention. After studying it a little, he rejoiced, since this amulet was a powerful black magic medium that contained several poisons. If he was struck by it, his outcome would be even worse than Park Joong-sun and Choi Beom-gyu.

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