Chapter 261 - Flirty New Member

The reason why Su Tao came up with the Mountain Herbs Project was due to the discovery of Cloud Grass. It should be something that had already gone extinct, so Su Tao was extremely shocked to see it. If that Cloud Grass was protected, then it was a fortune to many patients. Cloud Grass could be used against cancer, cardiovascular diseases, and even diabetes!

However, it had a harsh requirement of the natural environment to grow. Otherwise, artificially growing those herbs would not only be tough, but their medicinal effect would also be lost.

The project was meant to grant protection to those untainted and undeveloped mountains by turning them into natural production factories for herbs. At the same time, it could also be turned into a natural tourism attraction after partnering with tourist agencies.

Thus, this massive project required funding, which the ¥58,000,000 from SG Chaebol was insufficient. Therefore, Su Tao thought of seeking help from Yan Jing, and as he expected, Yan Jing was more straightforward.

“My confidence isn’t from your proposal, but you.” Yan Jing smiled after making a call to her secretary, Geng Hong. She had already given instructions to the latter to invest ¥50,000,000 first into Qihuang Charity Funds.

Unlike SG Chaebol, Yan Jing’s investment wasn’t unconditional. It was an exchange for 20% shares in Qihuang Charity Funds. In the future, when Qihuang Charity Funds commenced its operation, the Hongsheng Group would receive dividends.

With a smile, Su Tao sighed, “Big Sister Yan, your biggest merit is that you look at the person, and not the matter.”

Shaking her finger, Yan Jing raised her chin and smiled. “Isn’t this my greatest merit?”

As she spoke, her finger crawled down her neck before giving a wink at Su Tao with a bewitching gaze.

Su Tao’s eyes instantly went straight. This woman was starting to get dirty again.

But mature women were more experienced. So they could easily make others embarrassed with their teasings.

After Su Tao coughed, he earnestly said, “Aside from providing funds, I also need your help in finding a reliable funds management team.”

Nodding her head, Yan Jing smiled. “But you don’t seem to have made any effort for the Three Flavour Cosmetics International’s operation.”

What she said was the truth. Compared to the newly established Qihuang Charity Funds, the Three Flavour Cosmetics International had more market. As long as they continued to upgrade their products and protect their image, they would be able to obtain endless profits.

“Living in this world, we have to do something meaningful.” Su Tao gave a self-ridiculing smile, before he continued, “Just treat it like I’m insane.”

Shaking her head, Yan Jing smiled. “You get infected by those around you. It appears that my mentality isn’t sane, either.”

Suddenly, Yan Jing’s phone rang and Qin Meimei’s voice resounded from the other side. “What are you doing at home now?”

Winking in the direction of Su Tao, Yan Jing replied, “I’m having a date with my little boyfriend.”

“What the hell? Then I’ll come to be the third wheel!” Qin Meimei’s trail of thoughts was unlike ordinary people, to begin with. She continued, “I’ll be there in half an hour!”

Qin Meimei’s dressing was already tilting towards summer clothes, albeit that they’re still in the winter season. However, she looked ampler now and wasn’t as skinny as before, with a matured woman’s charm. The instant she saw Su Tao, she held onto his elbow and behaved coquettishly before Yan Jing, as if taking advantage of Su Tao to piss Yan Jing off was a joyful thing to do.

“Little Su, you come clean with me. Am I prettier, or Big Sister Jing prettier?” Qin Meimei was practically a step away from throwing herself into Su Tao’s embrace.

Although Su Tao didn’t mind being taken advantage of, he was restrained before the passionate Qin Meimei. There’s a saying that women in their thirties were akin to wolves. Even at this moment, he felt that she wanted to tear him apart and gobble him up.

Watching Su Tao being tortured, Yan Jing was happy instead of angry. Women liked to see men being put in an awkward position.

For some reason, the tone that they used to converse had changed, compared to before. In the past, she was on the dominant side, while Su Tao was on the weaker side. It was so much so that she would sometimes put herself in Su Tao’s shoes. However, she knew that Su Tao was becoming more important in her heart.

Because she cared about him, she wasn’t willing to hurt him. It was to the point that she would be cautious in her words and was no longer like the Venomous Widow befitting of her reputation.

Seeing Qin Meimei grabbing and groping around Su Tao’s body, Yan Jing felt balanced, since there’s finally someone that could deal with Su Tao.

However, she couldn’t take it anymore after five minutes and cleared her throat. “Should I get a room for the two of you? I don’t think it’s appropriate to be so intimate in the living room right in front of me.”

“Sure!” Qin Meimei bounced up and spun on the spot, then continued, “I pick your room! That way, you will think of Su Tao and me hugging together rolling around on your bed every night.”

“Get lost!” Yan Jing finally cussed as she continued, “Are you sick? You seem as if your appetite can’t be fulfilled. If you’re in heat, then go find gigolos, why did you come to my home?”

Pointing at Su Tao, Qin Meimei smiled with her eyes narrowed, “I like fresh meat. Hey handsome, are you interested in a threesome?”

Rolling his eyes, Su Tao knew that Qin Meimei was just all talk and no action. However, he had to admit her skills at teasing guys. In just a brief moment, she managed to make his heart flutter. If it was someone with less self-control, they would probably kneel on the floor right now, shouting momma.

“Why don’t you get to the main topic of why you’re here!” Yan Jing tugged her arms as she sat down. She knew that there must be a reason why Qin Meimei would suddenly come looking for her.

“I’ve broken up with the Li Fushen.” Qin Meimei bitterly smiled as she continued, “When a man obtains success, it appears that they would forget how we shared hardships.”

So it turned out that this woman had fallen out of love.

Li Fushen was a famous businessman, but it wasn’t his wife that helped him the most. It was his assistant, Qin Meimei, who later became his mistress.

With a smile, Yan jing replied, “Is there a screw loose with his brain? Without you planning for him, how far can his business empire go?”

Waving her hand in annoyance, Qin Meimei grumbled, “Don’t talk about that old man anymore. I’m telling you because I wish that you can help me find a stable job.”

Her words made Yan Jing shocked before she asked, “Even if the two of you have broken up, aren’t there quite a few properties under your name?”

“Those are trash that he threw to me, and I’m prepared to get rid of them so I won’t be vexed looking at them!” Despite Qin Meimei’s words, anyone could see that she was hurt.

When she graduated from university at the age of 23, she became Li Fushen’s assistant. Due to her innocence back then, she fell for Li Fushen and followed him single-mindedly. After ten-odd years, when Lu Fushen became a famous businessman, she willingly helped him manage his business empire from the background. In fact, Li Fushen was long tired of her, and the only reason he found her was due to her position in the corporation.

Ever since her sleepwalking was cured, she seldom met Li Fushen, and she realised that the latter was trying to force her to give up.

Nodding her head, Yan Jing replied, “If you’re willing, I’m welcoming you to Hongsheng!”

Bursting into laughter, Qin Meimei suddenly hugged Su Tao and gave a kiss on his face. “This is your reward!”

Watching this scene, Yan Jing’s face was pale and she nearly went insane. “What a nice thank you!” In her heart, she was cursing Qin Meimei. Not only are you touchy, you even kissed! If this continues, won’t you be rolling on the bed then?!

But after a long time, Yan Jing calmed herself down and glared at Su Tao. What a bargain for you, stinking brat!

Su Tao responded with an innocent look and subconsciously wiped his own face. His fair face had been tainted with a lipstick mark.

Taking two breaths, Yan Jing struggled for a long time before she said, “Meimei is a talent when it comes to managing, not to mention that she also has a massive connection. Su Tao, isn’t your Qihuang Charity Funds lacking someone to manage it? You can let Meimei handle it, and I can guarantee that she will give you a surprise.”

However, Su Tao gave a doubtful look at Qin Meimei. Although he trusted in Yan Jing, was Qin Meimei really as formidable as Yan Jing has claimed? Just look at how she had a screw loose in her head!

“Deal!” Qin Meimei patted Su Tao’s thigh and continued, “I’ll work for the two of you, and you’re not allowed to go back on your words!”

Instantly, Su Tao felt as if he had been forced upon the bridge. But after carefully considering it, Lu Shimiao had no experience in the operation of a charity, and if Qin Meimei could be her assistant, one of them could play the role of the front, while the other as an advisor. Thus, the two of them might cause an unexpected chemical reaction if they join forces together.

Standing up, Su Tao maintained a distance with Qin Meimei before he stretched out his hand with a smile. “Welcome to the Qihuang Charity Funds!”

“My entire life is that of serving others!” Qin Meimei winked charmingly.

Su Tao was already at his wit’s end dealing with the Venomous Widow, Yan Jing, but there’s another demoness now. He suddenly felt like taking a cold shower. Although he was being teased, it felt pretty comfortable when Qin Meimei forced him to take a grope at her.

Knowing that the two women had some intimate talks, Su Tao bade his farewell and left.

Sitting on the couch, Qin Meimei took out a toy and tossed it to Yan Jing with a smile. “Here, it’s for you. I just bought it from Japan, and there are two, which you can have one of them. Am I loyal enough as a friend?”

Examining the toy in her hand, Yan Jing passed it back to Qin Meimei with a bitter smile. “Meimei, you’re too unrestrained!”

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