Chapter 259 - Going on a long trip with his disciple

There were many wounds on her legs, which were more troublesome to treat, especially when Su Tao’s mind would run wild as he moved up her legs, making him feel like it was increasingly challenging.

He placed Jiang Qinghan’s leg on top of his. Although that posture looked somewhat awkward, it was the most appropriate posture after some consideration. Compared to ordinary women, Jiang Qinghan’s leg was a little thicker, but they weren’t swollen. On the contrary, they felt tight. But it was a pity that Su Tao couldn’t multitask to admire it.

Jiang Qinghan would also occasionally looked at Su Tao and she noticed that his gaze was pure. Although she had a peculiar feeling in her heart, she gritted her teeth and convinced herself that Su Tao was an ordinary doctor.

There were many wounds caused by the wild cats, and they had to be carefully treated. Although Su Tao was usually shameless, he was extremely focused at this moment. In his heart, there was a threshold that he couldn’t step through. Jiang Qinghan was his master, and he couldn’t have any profane thoughts.

Jiang Qinghan’s legs were smooth, and speaking indecently, her legs could be played for an entire lifetime.

Su Tao had to study the legs so that he could treat the wounds. As a top-tiered physician, he had to make sure that there were no oversights.

Her feet were clean and her toes looked like jade ingots. Although Su Tao had no particular fetish for feet, he couldn’t help taking another glance and wondered why there would be such an exquisite foot in the world.

He was trying his best to contain his impure thoughts. However, Su Tao still couldn’t help imagining in his mind.

But as someone obsessed with cleanliness, he wouldn’t have any filthy thoughts for the foot.

“Are you done?” Jiang Qinghan urged for the third time. Although Su Tao’s fingers were wandering on her legs, it felt comfortable and she could feel her muscles loosening up. However, she wanted to end this as soon as possible.

“A little more.” Since Su Tao couldn’t multitask, he started to focus on the actual business.

Su Tao wasn’t just simply treating the wounds, but he would perform a message on some tiny wounds to assist the absorption of the medicine.

If he really had impure intentions, how could he escape from Jiang Qinghan’s eyes?

“I’m giving you three more minutes.” Jiang Qinghan said unhappily.

“Alright, three minutes is sufficient.” Su Tao quickly sped up the process. Although he dragged the time by one or two minutes, it was still within Jiang Qinghan’s bottom line.

“Keep the matters today a secret, and don’t tell anyone.” Jiang Qinghan wore her clothes. Although she was just having her wounds treated earlier and nothing else happened, she felt that she should keep this a secret.

“What happened today?” Su Tao said in a serious tone as he tidy up the desk. Evidently, his skill of acting dumb had reached great heights.

“Good, it’s best since you’ve forgotten about it.” Jiang Qinghan’s mood also became lighter towards Su Tao’s understanding.

Su Tao wasn’t a fool, so why would he spread the word of him being intimate with his master? Wasn’t that a plain act of stupidity?

The secrets between men and women started from complicated stories that intertwined into a bridge deep in their hearts. So it was beyond your control, and you would recall those moments whenever you looked at each other in the eyes.

When Jiang Qinghan returned to her jeep, Su Tao nodded. It seemed that the Hundred Flower Pellet was pretty effective. Jiang Qinghan’s movements were more natural and smooth now.

Not long after the jeep left, Su Tao shut the doors to the Three Flavour Hall. It was already 2 a.m. right now after looking at the digital clock on the wall. Would Yan Wujin have any thoughts about it for Jiang Qinghan returning home so late?

However, Su Tao soon dispelled the thoughts in his mind. Jiang Qinghan often worked overtime, so Yan Wujin would certainly not be bothered if his daughter-in-law returned home late.

If one had too high an EQ, their emotions would be rich, which indirectly caused their thoughts to be meticulous. Ultimately, it would also lead to thoughts wandering and insomnia.

Lying on the bed, Su Tao was rolling around, since he couldn’t fall asleep for a long time. That assassin from Thailand was a threat, and he had to find an opportunity to deal with it.

Then again, he had to find out the mastermind. Otherwise, there would always be another assassin coming after him.

Although he wasn’t a schemer, that didn’t mean that he had no idea how to scheme.

Despite the holiday season, Su Tao did not idle around. He had to deal with all the matters since his employees had returned for the holiday. Furthermore, he also spent time to treat Miao Doudou’s Big-Foot Disease and Little Yuan’s Aphasia. To the extent that he refused Di Shiyuan and Yan Jing’s invitations to their homes.

Tang Nanzheng was a passionate man, so he came to help out on the fifth day of Chinese New Year now that Su Tao had invited him as a consultant. It was also because of him that Su Tao could be free today and inquired Fan Lihua about the herbs that she had previously given him.

While Fan Lihua was cleaning up the place, she smiled after seeing that Su Tao seemed pretty focused on this matter. “Physician Su, there are a lot of herbs behind the mountains near my hometown. You can go take a look when you’re free.”

Putting down the bag, Su Tao smiled. “I already have this intention, and I intend to go with you to your hometown after the holiday. At that time, I will still need you to guide me!”

Fan Lihua initially just said those words half-heartedly, which she immediately smiled in embarrassment. “My hometown is remote, and the bus can only bring you to the outer area. If you want to go in, you would have to walk ten-odd kilometers.”

Su Tao could tell that she wasn’t willing to return home. That was how humans were after walking out from their comfort zone into the big city and obtaining a new life. He had also once experienced it, and it was the instinct that drove people to seek freedom.

Suddenly, Fan Lihua’s phone rang. She immediately placed the tool in her hand down and went back to her room to pick up the call. Soon after, he could hear a conversation engaged in Sichuan dialect.

Although he had no idea what they were conversing, he could roughly guess that Fan Lihua’s husband had called to rush her to return. However, she wasn’t willing. She argued that she couldn’t return for the time being due to Miao Doudou’s condition, which her husband threatened her that he would personally come find her, along with all sorts of insults.

When the argument finally settled down in the room, Su Tao knocked on the door and Fan Lihua quickly wiped her tears, before she squeezed out a smile. “Physician Su, I’m sorry that you’ve witnessed an embarrassing moment.”

Walking over to Miao Doudou, Su Tao could see the little girl’s eyes swollen, she was probably worried about her mother. Thus, he smiled. “Big Sister Fan, since you’re an employee of the Three Flavour Hall, I consider you family. You can tell me if you’re experiencing any difficulties, and I can see if I can help you.”

Fan Lihua immediately sighed and weakly said, “Doudou’s father asked me to return, or he will come find me.”

Nodding his head, Su Tao commented, “He’s concerned about you.”

Shaking her head, Fan Lihua helplessly explained, “He’s not concerned about me. He told me that if I don’t want him to come find us, I have to send ¥2,000 back monthly.”

After a brief stun, Su Tao nodded his head. “I’ll give you a salary of ¥4,000 monthly, it should be sufficient, right?”

However, Fan Lihua immediately refused his offer. “Physician Su, you’ve provided accommodations and even food for Doudou and me. So I can’t be greedy.”

After a brief pondering, Su Tao smiled. “Big Sister Fan, I actually have something that I would like to trouble you with. I want to ask you to make a trip to your hometown with me in a few days.”

“Ah?” Fan Lihua was shocked as she looked at Su Tao. Evidently, it was tough for her to accept this request.

Su Tao knew that she had misunderstood his intentions. She probably thought that he wanted to send her back, so he immediately explained, “I’m intrigued by the herbs that you’ve given me the other time, so I would like to go and take a look. Thus, I will need you as my guide.”

Receiving Su Tao’s explanation, Fan Lihua sighed in relief, before she weakly replied, “But I’m afraid that if I return, I won’t be able to come back.”

Knowing her bitter reasons, Su Tao guaranteed, “Big Sister Fan, don’t worry. Since I’m asking you to make a trip with me, I will surely bring you back.”

Nodding her head, Fan Lihua forcefully squeezed a smile. “Alright, then. I’ll listen to you since you’ve helped me so much.”

Her words made Su Tao sigh. Fan Lihua has been in the Three Flavour Hall for a period now, and her complexion was much better than before. Thus, he could tell that she must be a beauty when she was younger, and it was due to the cruel torment of time and the lack of maintenance that made her this way.

On the sixth day of Chinese New Year, Xiao Jingjing returned to the Three Flavour Hall, along with some local specialties from her hometown. When she returned, she was more energetic than when compared to how she had to rush back through the train in the past few years and swiftly got absorbed into work.

While Su Tao was performing treatment for Miao Doudou, he allowed Xiao Jingjing to witness the entire process. She was smart, and she could understand the whole treatment process. Thus, Su Tao handed her the late-stage work.

The Big-Foot Disease was considered a parasite, so they had to clear the lymph and infected regions beneath the skin. Thus, Su Tao had chosen the medicinal combustion technique.

In the past, the medicinal combustion technique did not originate from TCM, but Tibet. They used herbs with powerful penetration and warmth from the physician’s palm by using herbs, acupoints, and heat for the treatment.

Although acupuncture can treat all sorts of illnesses, medicinal combustion was branched from the medical theory of acupuncture. It could avoid the pain from needles being inserted into the skin. This treatment was faster and more powerful; it could dissolve blood clots and relieve pain faster.

Since Big-Foot Disease was classified under infection, using medicinal combustion was pretty effective.

Waving his hand, Su Tao told Xiao Jingjing to leave the room.

Knowing that Su Tao had something to say, Xiao Jingjing cautiously asked, “Master, what is it?”

“I’m planning to go to Sichuan Province’s Fushan City in a few days. You’re someone from Sichuan as well, so do you want to go with me?” Su Tao asked with a smile.

After a brief pondering, Xiao Jingjing straightforwardly accepted her master’s invitation to go on a long trip. “Sure!”

Just the thought of it was intriguing to the imagination.

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