Chapter 258 - Treating for master

Although Su Tao was prepared for revenge after resolving the black magic on Park Joong-sun, he never expected that it would be in such an unusual way. He also didn’t manage to look at the face of that assassin, since she wore a mask the entire time.

Masks were classified into four types: human, deity, yaksha, and all sorts of animals. That woman was wearing an exquisitely made crimson yaksha mask that looked sinister.

When they came into the Three Flavour Hall, Su Tao first made a check on Fan Lihua and her daughter. The door was open, and the lights were also turned on. They were lying on the bed. He swiftly walked over and took the pulse of those two. Seeing that they were still alive, he finally felt relieved; they were just sedated.

If anything happened to the two of them, then Su Tao would make that woman pay the price, even if he had to chase her to the ends of the earth.

“You want to visit the hospital?” Jiang Qinghan looked at Su Tao and said in a worried tone, “Your injuries look serious.”

Su Tao’s tailored gown was riddled with holes with wool sticking out. The white fur covered in blood made Su Tao look terrible.

Shaking his head, Su Tao replied, “If we go to the hospital, they can only clean your wounds. But for rabies vaccination, you’ll have to wait for morning. Don’t forget that I’m a physician myself.”

Jiang Qinghan swiftly replied, “I’ve heard of this phrase that doctors shouldn’t treat themselves.”

Shaking his index finger, Su Tao replied, “That’s why you’re the one treating me.”

“Me?” Jiang Qinghan instantly became a little nervous. “But I don’t have any medical knowledge.”

Su Tao sourly replied, “Isn’t it just putting on some ointment? What knowledge do you need?.”

Fan Lihua and her daughter were just sedated, so they would be fine when they woke up.

After Su Tao and Jiang Qinghan came to the consultation room, Su Tao took a middle-sized bottle from his medical box and poured a few pellets onto his hand before putting them in a bowl and diluted them with warm water.

An herbal aroma soon permeated the air. This wasn’t the aroma of traditional medicine, it was close to the fragrance of flowers that could help the mind to relax.

“This is the Hundred Flower Pellet, it can guard against rabies.” Su Tao removed his coat.

This scene made Jiang Qinghan’s heart jolt. Su Tao’s wounds were more severe than she had imagined. The sharp claws and teeth of those wild cats had practically pierced through the coat and left injuries on the skin. Blood was oozing out and caused Su Tao’s clothes to stick to his body.

Turning on the air conditioner in the room, Su Tao bore the pain while removing his clothes, revealing his upper body to Jiang Qinghan. “You don’t have to worry about the injuries on the front, just help me deal with those on my back. First, use a sterilising swab to clean the wounds before applying the Hundred Flower Pellet.”

Jiang Qinghan was used to seeing corpses as a criminal police officer, but having a mature man before her with his upper body revealed made her heart flutter.

Su Tao had a good figure. Although he wasn’t muscular, his body felt healthy.

She was trying her best to calm herself before cleaning Su Tao’s wounds. Although Su Tao felt a little stinging at the beginning, he soon got used to the sensation, and the thought of having Jiang Qinghan applying medicine for him made him feel a bit excited.

“You have old injuries on your back?” Jiang Qinghan asked in puzzlement after seeing those densely-packed scars.

“Yeah, I’ve suffered quite a bit when I was young. Whenever I messed up in learning TCM, I would be hoisted and whipped.” Su Tao replied without any emotions in his tone.

“You’re speaking nonsense again!” Jiang Qinghan cussed while examining the wounds.

“I’m not joking around with this. Someone told me that a wrong prescription or procedure could cost a life, so I was punished every time I made a mistake.” Everyone had their bad memories, and Su Tao clearly wasn’t willing to talk about the story of him learning TCM.

His words gave Jiang Qinghan a whole new understanding of Su Tao. So the tenacious intrinsic quality of Su Tao wasn’t innate, but it was something he had obtained through tempering and hard work.

After the ointment was applied on his back, Jiang Qinghan smiled after a brief pondering. “Forget it. I’ll do it for you till the end. I’ll help you treat the injuries on your front.”

Scratching his head, Su Tao awkwardly smiled, “That’s a little embarrassing…”

Glaring at Su Tao, Jiang Qinghan felt like bashing him up. Letting out a deep breath, she suppressed her temper and tended to the injuries on Su Tao’s chest.

While the two of them sat face-to-face, Su Tao could feel Jiang Qinghan’s hot breath on his face, feeling a little ticklish. He was trying his best to keep himself composed and continually reminding himself that it was his master sitting in front of him, and he had to respect his senior. Thus, he couldn’t have impure thoughts.

As for Jiang Qinghan, she also felt a little weird. Although Su Tao was ten years younger than her, she did not really treat him as her disciple. Perhaps she only treated him as a little brother.

After Jiang Qinghan finished applying medication on Su Tao, she subconsciously wiped her sweat. For some reason, she could feel a burning sensation in her heart that made her feel warm.

“It’s your turn now.” Su Tao said after putting on his shirt.

“Me? There’s no need. I’ll go to the hospital later.” Jiang Qinghan widened her eyes as she decisively refused.

With a deep sigh, Su Tao asked, “You don’t believe in my medical skills?”

“It’s not that I don’t trust you, but I don’t feel that it’s appropriate.” Jiang Qinghan felt that it was already late at night, and if the news got out that she wasn’t wearing clothes with a man in a room, wouldn’t it affect her reputation?

“Master, aren’t you overcomplicating things? Firstly, you’re my respected master in my heart. Secondly, I’m a professional physician, and I’m purely a physician before my patients. I only wanted to help you with your wounds.” Su Tao said earnestly. It was so much so that he even spoke with a hint of humiliation in his tone.

“I just feel that it’s a little embarrassing!” Jiang Qinghan frankly replied.

Taking a deep sigh, Su Tao responded, “Why are you judgemental with me? There isn’t any sexual classification before a doctor, and male doctors are also welcome in gynecology nowadays. Furthermore, I’m not asking you to strip yourself naked. I’m just helping you to put some ointment on.”

If it was someone else, Su Tao wouldn’t have taken such an effort to persuade them. After all, he was the famous Divine Physician Su that his patients were even willing to take the backdoor for his treatment, not to mention that he wasn’t even demanding money for treating Jiang Qinghan.

Furthermore, if Jiang Qinghan went to a hospital, wouldn’t it be the same if it was a male doctor or nurse that applied ointment for her?

“Forget it. I won’t force you.” In the end, Su Tao decided to give up with indignance.

“Wait!” Jiang Qinghan was feeling guilty. She felt that she should trust Su Tao. After all, her impression of Su Tao was pretty good, and he even took a bullet for her!

“What?” Su Tao looked at Jiang Qinghan with puzzlement.

“Close the door, first.” Jiang Qinghan started to unbutton her shirt.

Unwillingly sitting on the chair, Su Tao put on a stern expression as he sat before Jiang Qinghan.

Although Jiang Qinghan felt that it’s a little inappropriate, she still removed her coat and the collared shirt that she wore inside.

When Su Tao saw her wounds, he noticed that they were pretty serious, so he sighed, “Luckily, you allowed me to treat you. Otherwise, there would be scars left behind, and you wouldn’t be able to wear a tank top or short skirt in summer.”

“I don’t wear them, to begin with.” Jiang Qinghan said as her face sank.

Su Tao did not speak any further, but focused on treating Jiang Qinghan’s wounds. Although she had removed two outer pieces of clothing, she was still wearing her bra, and it wouldn’t be easy to convince her to remove it. Knitting his brows, Su Tao first dealt with the wounds on her elbow, and when Jiang Qinghan saw Su Tao’s brows locked together, she coughed, “Wait, you turn around first!”

Looking at Jiang Qinghan in confusion, Su Tao still heeded her words and turned around.

“Done, you can turn back now.” Roughly a round dozen seconds later, Jiang Qinghan’s voice resounded.

When Su Tao turned around, he noticed that Jiang Qinghan had removed her bra, wearing only a tight-fitting shirt.

Although Su Tao had seen the bodies of numerous women, he couldn’t help feeling his throat tightening when he saw Jiang Qinghan’s body. Through her training, there wasn’t a piece of fat on her body. Her entire body was tight and fair. He suddenly realised that Jiang Qinghan’s charm lies in the fact that one wouldn’t have any profane thoughts. It was pure, and positivity was the appropriate word to describe her.

“Are you done looking?” Jiang Qinghan suddenly realised that she had overestimated Su Tao.

Gulping down a mouthful of saliva, Su Tao noticed the anger on Jiang Qinghan’s face, so he looked up and down her body to conceal the awkwardness. This time, he was paying attention to the wounds. Actually, Jiang Qinghan’s injuries weren’t as serious as he'd imagined. At least he was confident about dealing with them.

He smiled. “Done, there are a total of ten-odd small wounds. Don’t worry, I will deal with them as fast as possible, and I guarantee that it won’t hurt!”

Being jested by Su Tao, Jiang Qinghan also didn’t feel that angry anymore.

Furthermore, Su Tao’s gaze wasn’t that disgusting, and he was attentive when he was treating her wounds. It was as if a veteran artisan was treating his art with utmost care and focus. Thinking about how she applied medicine for Su Tao earlier, even she didn’t manage to keep her calm to such a level.

Dipping the swap in alcohol, Su Tao carefully cleaned the wounds before using another swap to dip on the ointment made from the Hundred Flower Pellet with a little water and applied them to the wounds. It was magical, the crimson wounds swiftly started to change colors. After he dealt with the wounds, he would use a dry swap to absorb the ointment that was spilling from the wound. It was akin to a chef working on the presentation of his dish.

After he was done with the wounds on her back, he proceeded to treat the wounds on her front. Since it was more complicated on the front, he took a much longer time.

When he finished his treatment, he indifferently walked out of the room before he swiftly shut the door and gasped for breath.

Fuck, that was too bloody exciting!

It was especially when he was dealing with those few wounds located at sensitive locations, it felt as if he was poking on cotton…

When Su Tao entered the room, he noticed a tickling sensation on his nose. He immediately pinched his nose and gave a soft wipe, which he saw a trace of blood.

Jiang Qinghan was dressed in clothes, and marks from the cats’ claws and teeth could be seen. It was precisely because of that that the view was more impactful than the tiger bone alcohol.

In his heart, he fanned himself with a slap and tried his best to keep calm.

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