Chapter 256 - I can’t teach Su Tao

That medicinal alcohol was an authentic tiger bone alcohol that he found in his grandfather’s room.

It was extremely costly in the market. The price of 500g was around ¥4,000. Furthermore, the price would be higher if a TCM pharmacy produced it.

Although tiger bone alcohol was beneficial to the body, it cannot be drunk excessively, especially one that was brewed by Su Guangsheng. One cup was the limit, and overdosing would over-nourish the body.

After drinking three cups of it, Xu Rui could feel a warm sensation spreading out from his abdomen. It felt like he was being cooked as beads of sweat covered his forehead.

Because tiger bone alcohol could help expel coldness, it was normal for the body to heat up.

Seeing that there was no response, Yan Sha continued to propose toasts to Xu Rui with her drink, which the latter was puzzled at her sudden show of goodwill. However, he still wore a smile and drank two more cups.

With five cups in his stomach, the medicinal effect started to kick in. He was suddenly covered in sweat and felt a swelling sensation from his abdomen.

Aside from expelling coldness, tiger bone alcohol could also nourish the male sexual organ, which was more effective than those pills on the market.

“Mr. Xu, what’s wrong? Are you sick?” Jiang Qinghan asked after seeing Xu Rui’s face turning red.

“I’m fine! This alcohol is pretty powerful, and I'm just feeling a little dizzy.” When Xu Rui looked at Jiang Qinghan, he felt that his view of her was changing. Her curly brows and lips were especially charming, and they seemed to be provoking his inner demons.

While he could still maintain his rational, he suddenly felt that something was amiss, that there might be an issue with this alcohol.

When Su Tao saw that Yan Wujin was going to pour a second cup after finishing the first, he immediately stopped him and explained with a smile. “This alcohol cannot be drank too much. Although the alcohol content isn’t high, it was made with precious herbs. So one person can only drink a cup a day. Overdosing will cause side effects.”

He had previously warned Xu Rui about it, but the latter was too prideful, as he had expected, so the latter ignored his advice as a physician.

It was something Xu Rui brought upon himself, and Su Tao was laughing in his heart.

Although Xu Rui’s ears were starting to buzz, he could still hear Su Tao’s words and bitterly yelled inwardly. No wonder Yan Sha was showing so much goodwill to him today. It turned out to be a trap!

Casting an unhappy glance at Yan Sha, Jiang Qinghan then turned to look at Su Tao. She instantly figured out that the two of them had ganged up.

If Su Tao hadn’t told Yan Sha about the medicinal effect beforehand, why would she purposely try to make Xu Rui drink?

One of them played the role of a hero while the other played the role of a villain to trick Xu Rui.

Xu Rui suddenly felt as if his entire body was on fire and his inner demons were growing. He stood up with great difficulty and said, “I suddenly remembered that I have some things to handle, so I’ll take my leave first!”

“Let me send you!” Jiang Qinghan replied in astonishment as she stood up. When she saw how Xu Rui was staggering, she wanted to support him, but she managed to stop herself.

“No need!” Xu Rui bent his waist and rushed out. He had no idea how long the heat would stay in his body, and he felt that Jiang Qinghan was becoming more and more charming in his eyes. He feared that he might behave rudely if he continued to stay.

Seeing Xu Rui’s appearance, Jiang Qinghan instantly felt disgusted. Why did I stay in contact with such a shameless fellow? Her face turned red before she sighed out. But when she noticed that Xu Rui’s blazer was still on the hanger, she immediately chased after him. However, Xu Rui had already boarded his car and it sped off.

“Boss, you seem unwell. Should I send you to the hospital?” His subordinate asked in puzzlement after seeing how Xu Rui held onto his stomach. Could it be that his stomach is unwell? Is it diarrhea?

“Hospital your head!” At this moment, Xu Rui felt that his member was on the verge of exploding, so he continued, “Find a nearby salon!”

“Boss, it’s the second day of Chinese New Year. So the salons aren’t open yet.” The subordinate was confused by Xu Rui’s sudden request.

“Fuck! Then bathhouses, those with massage services!” Xu Rui gritted his teeth.

The subordinate finally understood that his boss was interested in health maintenance. Thus, he smiled. “You should’ve said so earlier! I’ll bring you to a place, and I guarantee their superb skills!”

While Xu Rui’s breathing turned rough, his mind constantly flashed with the image of Jiang Qinghan. He was confused and felt regret at the same time. He had embarrassed himself before Jiang Qinghan today.

Seeing how effective the tiger bone alcohol was, Yan Wujin did not dare to drink anymore and immediately stored it. This is a treasure!

When Jiang Qinghan noticed how Su Tao and Yan Sha were smiling as they winked at each other, she became pissed, but she couldn’t ask about it and decided to treat it as a misunderstanding. As for Xu Rui, he was just a minor character, which she decided to leave him be.

After all, Xu Rui’s matter involved the secrets of man and woman. One of them was her daughter, while the other was her disciple. Therefore, she couldn’t ask this awkward question.

But it was also due to the absence of Xu Rui that the atmosphere at the dining table became better.

Through her own connections, Jiang Qinghan had already found out Su Tao’s experience in Baihe City. However, she still couldn’t help inquiring. When she heard that Bei Xuqing was under investigation, she wore a grave expression and sighed, “I never expected that there would be such a major oversight by the orphanages that gave the villain a chance.”

Su Tao sighed as he replied, “Most of those imprisoned children were from orphanages, and the existence of those orphanages weren’t legal. Some of them were established by kind people, while others were criminals trying to seek benefits.”

Shaking her head, Jiang Qinghan sighed again, “I watched a piece of news some time ago that an orphanage was caught on fire and adoption was stopped. The orphanage set up by a kind-hearted mother that wasn’t approved by the authorities was dissolved. In modern times, adopting orphans is truly a problem with no one paying attention to it!”

In the end, Su Tao decided to reveal his own plans and smiled, “The first action after the establishment of the TCM Alliance was to push forth the Qihuang Charity Funds to help the orphans.”

Nodding her head, Jiang Qinghan supported, “This is a meaningful deed, and you have my support.”

Sitting on the side, Yan Sha also echoed along, “Senior Brother, I’m supporting too!”

“How are you going to support?” Jiang Qinghan rebuked as she rolled her eyes.

“Uhh… I will contribute one month of my allowance!” Yan Sha felt that she should support her own Senior Brother in this matter. However, she was still a high school student, so there was a limit to how much she could help.

Yan Wujin smiled as he commented, “One must have dreams, and your life is meaningful. Thinking about it now, I’m feeling guilty that I couldn’t leave any wealth for society when I’m about to enter the coffin.”

Su Tao immediately responded, “You’re a Martial Arts Grandmaster, and making it known is your wealth!”

“You know how to speak!” Waving his hand towards Su Tao, Yan Wujin continued, “We’ll rest for a bit, then I’ll teach you a few moves to exercise my bones. Otherwise, I will be guilty to receive your precious tiger tone wine, and bootlicking!”

Hearing that Yan Wujin was going to teach him personally, Su Tao was excited. But then again, he would be happier if Jiang Qinghan was the one teaching him.

Standing in the courtyard, Yan Wujin raised his hands and he started to demonstrate a fist technique.

Although his fists were simple and looked nothing special, Su Tao could notice many things. Reaching Yan Wujin’s realm, he had already combined power and gentleness together.

Although he was just casually brandishing his fists and legs, they easily split the air, showing the power behind them. If an ordinary person suffered a blow, they would practically lose the ability to fight.

Yan Wujin demonstrated for half an hour. Every single move of his wasn’t the same, and they concealed the profundities of martial arts. It was something that he had comprehended after practicing the mighty Eight Extremes Fist and gentle Taichi Fist for years.

It was as if his techniques were telling a story, and this was the strength that granted him the right to establish a school.

Finally, Yan Wujin stopped. Although his face was a little red, he wasn't out of breath. Casting a glance at Su Tao, he was surprised and asked, “Why are you tearing up?”

“I was touched!” Su Tao falsely replied as he wiped his tears.

Those tears were out of his control. Could it be that Yan Wujin infected him?

“Interesting!” Nodding his head, Yan Wujin asked, “Why don’t you give it a try?”

When Su Tao stood at the center of the courtyard, trying to recall Yan Wujin’s moves, it was weird. For some reason, he felt bewildered despite remembering them clearly.

“What’s wrong with Senior Brother?” Yan Sha was perplexed.

After Jiang Qinghan pondered, she sighed, “He’s at a loss!”

Although Su Tao had an achievement in the Pulse Art, it was too hard for him to perform Yan Wujin’s techniques that the latter had refined for his entire life in one go.

Not mentioning 90%, Su Tao could be considered a genius in martial arts if he could even demonstrate 10% of it!

At this moment, Su Tao was confused. Although every single move was imprinted in his mind due to his excellent memory, he felt that it wasn’t as good when he performed it. He lacked grace compared to Yan Wujin, and it felt weak.

Taking a deep breath, Su Tao raised his right hand with his index and middle finger stuck together before he started to brandish!

Jiang Qinghan had shock in her eyes. Su Tao was practicing the Jiang Clan Swordplay while displaying 30% of the charm of Yan Wujin’s moves.

His fingers were graceful as they made beautiful arcs across the sky. They were swift like a bolt of lightning, and at the same time, it was unrestrained.

“Dad, I can’t teach Su Tao!” Jiang Qinghan helplessly said after a brief moment.

“You were never meant to teach. You’re just his master nominally.” Yan Wujin looked at Su Tao as he nodded his head in satisfaction.

Jiang Qinghan bitterly smiled, but it was understandable. Not only was Su Tao, a talented physician, but his comprehension in martial arts was also extraordinary.

Although Su Tao’s moves looked clumsy and inexperienced, he could inherit Yan Wujin’s mantle entirely after putting some effort into it.

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