Chapter 255 - Second day of Chinese New Year, sending master gifts

Along with Su Tao’s return to Hanzhou City, the Three Flavour Hall’s operation resumed. Being in the service industry, you had to wake up earlier than birds and sleep later than dogs. Thus, he couldn’t afford to put on airs just because the Three Flavour Hall was now famous. With Chu Huilin, Mo Sun’er, and his disciples returning home to celebrate the holiday, he was the only doctor there.

But since Chinese were superstitious, they wouldn’t visit a doctor unless absolutely necessary. Thus, there wasn’t much business today.

Around 5 p.m., Xia Yu came in with a woman, which Su Tao took quite a while before he recognised that it was Di Yuqin, the celebrity that had passed her prime in the entertainment industry. He secretly gave Xia Yu a thumbs-up, since the latter managed to take down this woman.

“Physician Su, I have to thank you for your prescription. I’ve felt that my body has improved recently.” Due to consuming placenta products, Di Yuqin caught Hepatitis B.

While Xia Yu tried to impress her, he managed to obtain a prescription from Su Tao, which worked pretty well for Di Yuqin. With a smile, Xia Yu said, “Physician Su, you can be considered as our matchmaker. If it wasn’t for you, I’m afraid that Di Yuqin wouldn’t accept me.”

With a weak smile, Su Tao replied, “You're too modest. With that thick skin of yours, who can escape from your pestering?”

His words had also caused Di Yuqin to roll her eyes at Xia Yu and sighed, “I hate paparazzi the most, so I never expected that I would find myself a paparazzi boyfriend. What an irony…”

“I’m not a paparazzi, but a private investigator. The concept is entirely different!” Xia Yu sourly rebuked.

Su Tao realised that the relationship of this couple seemed pretty good. Di Yuqin was extremely attractive with makeup on. Although it was a little thick, Su Tao could still tell that her psychology wasn't too good, which was linked to her liver disease. Thus, he casually grabbed a few herbs and wrapped them up with kraft paper before he instructed, “Take them once a day to strengthen your liver a little.”

Receiving the packages, Di Yuqin bumped her wrist at Xia Yu, which the latter scratched his head and awkwardly asked, “There’s a question that I’d like to ask. Will Hepatitis B be transferred from mother to child?”

His question made Su Tao smile. Many patients with Hepatitis B would have the same question. Thus, he answered, “Strictly speaking, no! Hospitals nowadays all provide vaccination for mothers, which can be applied during the pregnant state, and further vaccination after they’re born.”

Holding onto Di Yuqin’s wrist, Xia Yu smiled, “You can be at ease now, and we can have a healthy and cute baby together!”

“Thank you, Physician Su!” Di Yuqin bashfully nodded her head before she continued, “Now that my worries are resolved, I can accept you without any reservations now.”

Su Tao also awkwardly smiled at their conversation. Despite their age, they could still be so cheesy that it was like a scene from some drama, which gave him goosebumps.

Although Xia Yu was nominally an employee of the Three Flavour Hall, Su Tao was planning to shift him to the Qihuang Charity Funds. Since the former was talented in gathering information, he could sort out information for the charity fund.

While they were briefly chatting, Du Ping came, so Xia Yu and Di Yuqin bade their farewell.

Looking at Su Tao, Du Ping felt his words get stuck in his throat.

Seeing his reaction, Su Tao felt the urge to take a look at his mirror to see if there’s anything on his face that made Du Ping glare at him in this manner. He smiled. “County Chief Du, what’s wrong?”

Taking out his phone, Du Ping opened a website. “I have no idea if you’re a calamity or lucky star. Take a look at this yourself!”

When Su Tao swept a glance at it, his mood instantly turned better. It was a piece of internal information from the organisation. “The Chairman of Qinbei Corporation, Bei Xuqing, is under investigation which implicated many local officials. The Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Committee, Shao Wenfu, is also under investigation.”

Su Tao sighed before he innocently replied, “It’s not my fault!”

After a brief burst of laughter, Du Ping sighed, “You’re already famous now. Right now, everyone knows that there’s a Divine Physician in Hanzhou City under the Secretary of the Provincial Committee’s care.”

“The Secretary of the Provincial Committee stepped in this time?” How could Su Tao not figure out the meaning behind Du Ping’s words?

“Hanzhou City is truly a place with hidden figures. Who could have expected that Di Shiyuan would turn out to be the relative of that powerhouse? This was also because Di Shiyuan has been too low-profile. It was also due to your incident that he went to ask for help from that powerhouse, which revealed his tail.” Du Ping patiently explained, since he could tell that Su Tao was unaware of this matter.

With Su Tao’s wits, he could guess that Yin Kailang was probably Yin Le’s father, since he already had guesses about her background. However, he never expected that it would be so impressive. He suddenly felt like he had missed something important. With a sigh, he bitterly smiled. “Chief Di is truly unfathomable!”

After a brief pondering, Du Ping smiled and asked, “Actually, there’s a chance, if you’re interested in becoming an official.”

Shaking his head, Su Tao refused, “My focus is limited, and I can’t dump the Three Flavour Hall that my grandfather left for me. So I can only walk the path of a physician.”

His words made Du Ping feel regretful and he sighed, “What a pity.”

Su Tao smiled. “There’s nothing to pity. Even if I can’t walk that path, it’s interesting to watch someone doing it.”

Du Ping was briefly stunned before he smiled. “You’re saying that you’re going to be a spectator? Secretary Zhang mentioned that he’s intending to bring you along when he’s going to the capital next time as his advisor!”

“So you’re the middle-man?” Su Tao laughed.

“Shit, you saw through it.” Du Ping awkwardly smiled. Su Tao was too smart. No matter how he tried to beat around the bush, Su Tao could always see through it.

“I refuse!” Su Tao smiled as he shook his head.

“Secretary Zhang is the youngest Municipal Committee’s Secretary in Huainan Province with boundless prospects!” Du Ping was shocked by Su Tao’s rejection, so he tried to persuade.

“If an advisor is needed, you’re here.” Although Su Tao’s words could leave others shocked, it could also make others happy.

“Don’t joke around, or I might treat it seriously!” At this moment, Du Ping was trying his best to control his emotions, or he might expose his happiness the moment he smiled.

Some people could be companions after some tests, which Su Tao had been emphasising on quality over quantity.

He had observed Du Ping for a long time. Although the latter was smart, he was someone with both ideals and ambitions. So even if they’re not on the same path, they could be kindred spirits.

Before visiting the Yan Residence, Su Tao specially practiced the Jiang Clan’s Swordplay twice. Although he was already familiar with it, there were still room for improvement. He was fearful that Jiang Qinghan might test his improvements on a whim.

Although the atmosphere was still at zero temperature, he was covered in sweat after he finished his practice and went to shower. After changing into a new set of clean clothes, Su Tao came to his grandfather’s room and took a bottle of nourishing medicinal alcohol that was stored for years.

Fan Lihua was currently preparing dinner. She looked disappointed when Su Tao told her that he wasn’t having dinner here. However, she was satisfied. She felt comfortable here and thankful to Su Tao, despite only having only her daughter with her this holiday.

When Su Tao came to the Yan Residence, he saw a vehicle parked outside, which made his mood sink. What’s Xu Rui doing here?

When he entered, he saw Xu Rui carrying a dish while he was heading to the dining hall. He had removed his blazer, which revealed his white long-sleeved shirt and wool vest, looking more mature.

It was as if he had treated this place like his home, and he was the master here. He greeted with a smile, “Little Su? You’re here?”

Nodding his head, Su Tao wasn’t happy in his heart despite the smile on his face. Didn’t Jiang Qinghan know what sort of person Xu Rui is? Why did she still allow this wolf in?

Placing the gifts on the cabinet in the living room, he walked towards the kitchen, where he could hear the mother and daughter’s arguments from afar.

“Mom, I don’t like Xu Rui!” Yan Sha said with indignance.

“He’s a guest. He came with gifts to visit, so do you expect me to ask him to leave? That would be too rude.” Jiang Qinghan comforted.

“Make him leave! I don’t have any appetite to eat at the sight of him.” Yan Sha unyieldingly said.

Knitting her brows, Jiang Qinghan shook her head. “Shasha, you’ve grown up. You should be more sensible.”

Stomping her foot, Yan Sha furiously left the kitchen. When she saw Su Tao the moment she stepped out, she was startled. Just when she was about to speak, Su Tao placed his finger on her lips to stop her from talking.

The two of them came to the room next door, while Yan Sha’s face was red as she looked at Su Tao’s finger that was on her lips, making her feel bashful.

Seeing her reaction made Su Tao wonder if this lass was having the stirrings of love. Flicking his finger on her head, he asked, “Do you want to fix Xu Rui?”

“Of course!” Yan Sha’s eyes radiated as she nodded.

After Su Tao whispered some words in her ears, she made an ‘OK’ gesture before the two of them exchanged a look and sinisterly chuckled.

When Su Tao returned to the living room, he saw Yan Wujin returning from his stroll. Just as the two of them briefly chatted, Jiang Qinghan’s voice suddenly resounded from the dining hall, “Time to eat!”

The moment the five of them sat down, Yan Sha suddenly raised her cup with a smile. “Uncle Xu, happy new year to you. I wish you the best, and may things be smooth for you this year!”

Xu Rui was surprised by her sudden change of attitude today.

When Yan Sha poured alcohol for Xu Rui, she persuaded, “Uncle Xu, you have to drink three cups!”

Sitting to the side, Su Tao coughed, “Mr. Xu, this is medicinal alcohol, and three cups are too much!”

It was just three cups, and Xu Rui was confident in his alcohol tolerance. Although this medicinal alcohol was black with a dense herbal aroma, he felt that there wouldn’t be any harm. Thus, he smiled. “I have to give Shasha this face!” When he finished, he gulped down his cup and followed with another two.

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