Chapter 253 - When the baddie is old

Although Shao Jing tried to call her father several times, her calls weren’t answered. When the vehicle finally drove to the gates, the Bei Manor was sealed with tape by officers and a few of them were standing guard outside. Even Bei Huanyu could only stand outside the tape, while anxiously pacing back and forth.

He had also heard of the old man’s fetish. But as a filial son, he would definitely not stop his father. After all, the old man was getting on his age, and he had practically given his entire life for the family business. Even the first bucket of gold for his Huanyu Corporation came from his father, and his father was never stingy whenever his company needed money. Thus, Bei Huanyu pretended not to know about the old man’s unusual fetish, but he never expected that the old man would be in trouble because of it.

With a sunken face, he called Butler Bao.

The latter was currently in the hospital with Bei Xuqing. Due to the Bei Xuqing’s substantial injuries, he was still under the knife and wasn’t out of danger yet.

“What happened, actually? Who sent that little girl over?” At this moment, Bei Huanyu could only vent his anger out on the person who pulled the strings, which resulted in this incident.

“Young master? What’s wrong?” Butler Bao was at a loss from the abrupt question. He always held the idea that this matter would be completely resolved as long as the young master returned.

“I’m asking you a question! Answer me!” Bei Huanyu roared.

“Kang Zidong… the newly promoted General Manager of the corporation…” But just when Butler Bao wanted to continue, the phone was hung up, and he was cut off.

After getting his answer, Bei Huanyu immediately gave an order to the person beside him, “Get me Kang Zidong!”

It’s human nature to pick on the weak, and since Kang Zidong was the cause of this matter, he naturally couldn’t escape from responsibility.

After hanging up the phone, Bei Huanyu helplessly shook his head. Since he couldn’t enter the Bei Manor, for the time being, he could only leave for their other residence with Shao Jing.

Kang Zidong drank some alcohol and even played poker with friends earlier. Although he was in a drunken stupor, he could temporarily forget his pain. Suddenly, the door was knocked from the outside and everyone was briefly stunned before they hid all the cards.

Typically speaking, any raids on gambling were usually done before the festivities, and the authorities would often close an eye during the holiday.

After the door was opened, two robust men walked in and swept their glances around. “Who’s Kang Zidong?”

“I am!” Kang Zidong knitted his brows and asked in an annoyed tone, “What is it?”

One of the men walked over and said, “Mr. Bei is looking for you, so come with us!”

“Mr. Bei?” Kang Zidong asked out in puzzlement, still feeling dumbfounded.

However, the two men did not bother explaining much. One of them dragged Kang Zidong by the collar.

Kang Zidong’s brows were locked together and he felt provoked. He instantly grabbed ahold of that man’s wrist and wanted to perform a twist. However, the other man suddenly launched a jab at his abdomen. Kang Zidong immediately felt a sweet taste gurgling from his throat and he emptied all the alcohol in his stomach.

Everyone else present looked at each other in shock. They never expected that the two men would be so violent.

They were only ordinary poker friends of Kang Zidong, so they wouldn’t dare to stand out as the robust men dragged Kang Zidong out. After Kang Zidong was taken away, they started to discuss amongst themselves which fellow with the surname Bei did Kang Zidong offend. But shortly after, they continued their game of poker, as if Kang Zidong had never been there.

After Kang Zidong was given a resounding slap, he finally became smart and shut his mouth.

When he saw Bei Huanyu after being sent to a villa, he innocently looked at the latter. “Mr. Bei, what have I done wrong for you to invite me over in such a grand manner? All you need to do is call, and I will rush over immediately.”

Seeing that Kang Zidong still had no idea about Bei Xuqing’s matters, Bei Huanyu eerily smiled. “You’re the one that introduced that mute girl, Little Yuan?”

Kang Zidong was briefly stunned at the question before he nodded his head. “Yeah. Although she can’t speak, she’s obedient!”

After receiving a confession from Kang Zidong, Bei Huanyu stood up and lashed a kick against Kang Zidong’s face before stomping on the latter and hollered, “Obedient? Then should I thank you for sending us a disaster?!”

While Kang Zidong subconsciously held onto his face, Bei Huanyu unleashed a barrage of violence upon him to vent the anger in his heart.

While he was being beaten up, Kang Zidong figured out that he had invited a disaster due to Little Yuan!

When Bei Huanyu was finally exhausted, he returned to the couch and said in a grim tone, “From today onwards, you are removed from all duties in the Qinbei Corporation. Furthermore, you are to get lost from Baihe City and never appear before me ever again!”

He was beaten up twice in the past two days and felt like he was kidnapped. As a breeze blew against him, he felt himself leaving the ground before he was thrown onto the road with his head falling first.

The humming sounds of cars swooshed past. He had no idea how long he had rested before he got up with great difficulty and felt his entire world spinning.

At this moment, he wanted to slap himself. Life was too unfair. He had made so much effort to get to his current position, but it had all gone down the drain now.

Despite fixing Kang Zidong, Bei Huanyu was still in a foul mood.

The matter has already occurred, and his father was still in danger. Not to mention that his father-in-law hadn’t got back to him. All the threads led to him realising that someone was aiming at the Bei Family. As the helmsman of the Bei Family, he couldn’t panic at this moment. He had to steady his feet to keep everything from collapsing.

Suddenly, someone rushed in and reported, “Chairman has woken up! But…”

Waving his hand in annoyance, Bei Huanyu impatiently said, “What is it? Stop beating around the bush!”

“There is news that many things were discovered in the manor.” That person spoke in a soft tone as he continued, “The old man has also imprisoned… around a dozen girls in the wine cellar, and all of them aren’t over the age of 10…”

Bei Huanyu suddenly lifted a vase and threw it on the ground, shattering it into pieces, while everyone kept their silence.

After a long time, Bei Huanyu finally composed himself and ordered, “Have the legal department find a countermeasure for this issue! As long as my father is alive, anything can be discussed!”

Su Tao had also received news regarding the manor from Xie Chang and felt fearful. If he wasn’t sharp enough, Little Yuan would have fallen into that demonic grasp.

“You’ve done a great deed for the citizens in Baihe City by getting rid of that old villain.” Xie Chang’s mood was pretty good, before he continued, “When Bei Xuqing constructed his manor, he made around a dozen families lose their homes. Although someone tried to file a complaint to the city, it wasn’t useful, and they were sent to the psychiatric hospital instead.”

Letting out a sigh, Su Tao knew that the reason why Bei Xuqing could act so fearlessly was due to his relations with the authorities in the city. With a smile, he responded, “It’s still due to your help, and I’m just an outsider. How could the credit go to me?”

Waving his finger, Xie Chang smiled. “Even if you’re an outsider, you’re not simple! Even if I didn’t show up, they wouldn’t be able to do anything to you.”

Su Tao felt that Xie Chang was pretty smart. He could guess that there was an undercurrent adding momentum to this incident.

Suddenly, he thought of someone and said, “There’s still someone I’d like you to help me pay attention to. He was the one who sent Little Yuan to Bei Xuqing!”

“Who is it?” Xie Chang’s brows raised as he continued, “That sort of scum must be punished!”

Casting a glance at Lu Shimiao and saw that she had pretended not to hear them, Su Tao smiled. “Kang Zidong, he’s the general manager of Qinbei Corporation. He came from the orphanage, but he became a demon for his personal interests.”

Nodding his head, Xie Chang replied, “Don’t worry. We can’t allow such a person stay, or he will become the second Bei Xuqing when he becomes old.”

After sending Su Tao to a highway toll, Xie Chang instructed the blondy to send Su Tao safely back to Hanzhou City.

Sitting in the center of Lu Shimiao and Su Tao, Little Yuan was no longer terrified. She was quietly resting with her eyes closed. Evidently, she had already walked out of the traumatising experience.

Suddenly, Lu Shimiao sighed, “Fortunately, we rescued her in time. Otherwise, the heavens would be unfair to her and hurt her again.”

Looking at Lu Shimiao’s face, Su Tao asked with a smile, “I believe Kang Zidong’s outcome will be more terrible!”

“He deserves it!” Lu Shimiao faintly said, before she swept the strands of hair on her forehead.

Su Tao could feel a trace of regret in her words. He could roughly guess her thoughts. Although Kang Zidong had committed a mistake, they were still a family, since they grew up together. Thus, as a human, they would always show tolerance and understanding of their families.

Sensing that this topic was a little too harsh, Su Tao smiled and changed the topic, “You’ve already decided to adopt Little Yuan?”

“I am, and she’s my daughter.” Lu Shimiao nodded her head as she caressed Little Yuan’s hair and continued, “Furthermore, I’ve already considered the matter that you told me the other time.”

“You’re accepting my suggestion to be the manager of Qihuang Charity Funds?” Su Tao asked with a pleasant surprise. If Lu Shimiao was willing to take this job, then it’s excellent news for the Qihuang Charity Funds.

Lu Shimiao came from an orphanage, and she had a soft spot in her heart for the weak and unfortunate. Thus, only someone like her was qualified to handle charity’s activities.

“I will resign from my job in Jianghuai Hospital after returning to Hanzhou City!” Lu Shimiao’s gaze flickered as she solemnly answered. As a doctor, there was a limit to how much she could help others. But if she controlled a fund, she could help more people.

Her answer made Su Tao feel that his trip to Baihe City wasn’t in vain. Not only did he clear out a villain, but he also managed to obtain a trustworthy companion.

Although there weren’t any angels in the world, there were many kindhearted women in the world.

Thus, Su Tao made a call to Song Sichen before Lu Shimiao. Although Su Tao did not call to send his greetings for the holiday, Song Sichen felt gratified that Su Tao held the affairs of Qihuang Charity Funds in his heart. This was a sincere man who’s trying his best all the time. He really felt gratified to have such a junior like Su Tao.

After hearing Su Tao’s words, Song Sichen showed no objections and smiled. “We’ll go with your arrangement. You have the support of Old Dou and I!”

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