Chapter 242 - I’ll prove to you

Qinbei Cooperation was one of the pillar enterprises in Baihe City, with many factories under them that mainly dealt with the manufacturing of food, such as biscuits, potato chips, and instant noodles. They’re a giant in non-staple foods. With Su Tao included, many people here have consumed their products.

At the same time, they were targeting the kids’ market. Thus, the products of Qinbei Cooperation mostly leaned towards the young market. Therefore, doing charity for the orphanage was also a method for them to build their brand, and it’s an excellent method for building a good image for their enterprise.

The atmosphere in this room was vivacious. Everyone here were all friends whom they grew up with. Although their childhood wasn’t exactly pleasant, they still managed to grow up healthily. 

The flatwares placed on the tables were exquisite, and they’re mainly black or red potteries, which looked like pieces of art. During the event, Kang Zidong would often move around to entertain people. If it wasn’t for him, it wouldn’t be easy for everyone to be gathered here. After all, a meal in the Celestial Crane Pavilion costs ¥5,000, and only someone like Kang Zidong could afford to bear the cost of such a gathering.

After Kang Zidong drank a little too much, his face had become red and he came to Lu Shimiao, then gently placed his hand on her shoulder. With a smile on his face, he introduced, “Chairman Bei, let me introduce someone to you. She’s Lu Shimiao, the Paediatrics Department Head of a top-grade hospital. She’s also the only one amongst us with the highest academic qualifications, and she has always been my crush.”

Glancing at Lu Shimiao, Bei Xuqing smiled, “She’s classy, and the two of you look good together.”

Lu Shimiao subconsciously glanced at Su Tao, which she could see his ugly expression, so she immediately explained, “Chairman Bei, you’ve misunderstood. I’m already married.”

With a self-ridiculing smile, Kang Zidong declared, “That has always been the biggest regret in my life!”

Shaking his head, Bei Xuqing smiled. “You’re still so young, and there’s a possibility in everything!”

Looking at Lu Shimiao with a complicated gaze, Kang Zidong moved to her ears and whispered, “I will always wait for you!”

Biting her lips, Lu Shimiao subconsciously raised the glass and took a slip. She had long figured out her feelings for Kang Zidong. Liking someone and loving someone was different. In her heart, Kang Zidong had always been a Big Brother to her, and it’s impossible to convert that relationship to that of a man and woman.

Since Bei Xuqing didn’t have a big appetite, he only incessantly chatted with the two girls. When it was about time, he gently patted the back of Little Yuan’s hand and threw out a passionate invitation, “I’m happy to be able to dine with the two of you. Get Uncle Kang to bring you guys to my home to play when he’s free. At that time, I will prepare many delicious snacks for you guys.”

Little Yuan nodded her head with her eyes beamed, while the other girl was also happy as she said, “Grandpa Bei, I like you.” Thereafter, she gave a peck on Bei Xuqing’s cheek, which the latter nodded his head in satisfaction and he praised her for being obedient before leaving with smiles.

There were reporters recording it down. They were collecting material for Qinbei Cooperation’s publicity. However, Bei Xuqing was the only protagonist, while everyone else was just a supporting role. The title was “The Chairman Bei of the Qinbei Cooperation spending Chinese New Year’s Eve with kids of the orphanage.”

On the other hand, these grown-ups were achievements of Qinbei Cooperation’s service to the public.

The gathering ended at around 9:30 p.m., and Kang Zidong invited everyone to karaoke, which naturally attracted cheers from everyone.

When Kang Zidong came down to settle the bill, he realised that Bei Xuqing had already gotten someone to pay it. Thus, he adjusted his collar and walked over to Lu Shimiao with a smile. “Little Miao, want to sit in my car?”

Shaking her head, Lu Shimiao faintly smiled. “No need, Big Brother Dong. I can take Qian Qiang’s car.”

Shrugging his shoulders, Kang Zidong purposely poked fun, “Is Qian Qiang’s car more comfortable than mine? Qian Qiang, why don’t we swap our cars?”

Hearing his words, Qian Qiang immediately waved his hand and smiled. “How can that tattered van of mine be comparable to your Mercedes-Benz?”

Sighing, Kang Zidong helplessly said, “It’s a pity that someone doesn’t appreciate it.”

At this moment, Chen Juan pushed Lu Shimiao and smiled. “Why don’t you and Physician Su sit in Big Brother Dong’s car?”

Knowing that Chen Juan had an unusual feeling of Kang Zidong, Lu Shimiao sighed, “Then, we’ll take your car, then. I’ll go karaoke for a while before returning to the hotel. It’s tiring, since I’ve just returned today!”

Seeing that Lu Shimiao was willing to take his car, Kang Zidong’s mood instantly turned better. Although there was a third party, he wasn’t too bothered about that.

While Su Tao and Lu Shimiao sat in the backseat, the latter asked, “You’ve drank quite a bit earlier, can you drive?”

Conceitedly, Kang Zidong replied, “Rest assured, no one will check me for driving while intoxicated in Baihe City.”

With a bitter smile, Su Tao replied, “We’re not afraid of you being checked, but we’re concerned for our safety!”

Although Kang Zidong had no good impression of Su Tao, he still tried to keep calm for the sake of Lu Shimiao and sniffed, “The karaoke is just on the street up ahead, it won’t take long!”

Su Tao’s lips rose in disdain. If it wasn’t for fearing that Lu Shimiao might be taken advantage of by this drunkard, he wouldn’t be willing to sit in his car.

Kang Zidong was clearly used with driving while intoxicated. Thus, the vehicle swiftly arrived at their destination. When he got out of the car, he gentlemanly opened the door for Lu Shimiao and smiled towards Su Tao, “Physician Su, please head to the karaoke first. The room is B403, you can just report my name. I have some things I’d like to talk to Little Miao, privately.”

Although Su Tao responded with a smile, he did not leave.

Thus, Kang Zidong unhappily knitted his brows and helplessly said, “Didn’t you hear what I’ve just said?”

“I did, but I’m not willing!” Su Tao replied.

“What?!” Kong Zidong could feel the veins on his forehead twitching as he continued to suppress the anger in his heart.

With a sigh, Lu Shimiao said, “Zidong, just say it here if you have anything.”

Giving a suspicious look towards Lu Shimiao, Kang Zidong asked, “In front of him?”

“Yeah!” Lu Shimiao said firmly as she continued, “I’m sorry that I’ve lied to you. He’s not my colleague, but my boyfriend.”

Hearing her words, Su Tao immediately praised in satisfaction. Although this woman would be rude; sometimes, her words would make you feel comfortable, occasionally.

With a long sigh, Kang Zidong replied, “Little Miao, you know my feelings for you. Immediately, when I knew that you married Qiao Bo, for a few nights, I even had the urge to look for you in Hanzhou City for and confess my feelings to you. Am I hearing you correctly? You’ve found a boyfriend? You sure you’re not lying to me?”

“Then I’ll prove it to you!” Lu Shimiao immediately pulled Su Tao. Seeing his hands on her shoulder, she tiptoed and hooked her arms around his neck and kissed.

This entire scene looked as if it was out of a movie.

Su Tao was caught unexpected by Lu Shimiao’s sudden and forceful kiss, not to mention that it was right in front of her childhood sweetheart. Despite feeling that he has been taken advantage of, Su Tao still kept his mouth shut, since this was all under Lu Shimiao control, so there’s no need for him to put on any display with Lu Shimiao proving with her actions.

Rage spewed from Kang Zidong’s eyes before he took a deep breath and showed a smile. “I give my blessing to the two of you!”

When Lu Shimiao looked at Kang Zidong’s leaving silhouette, she revealed helplessness in her eyes.

“You’ve made use of me!” Su Tao had to admit that his view of Lu Shimiao has changed.

Turning around, Lu Shimiao glared. “You’re not happy?”

Licking his lips, Su Tao chuckled as he gestured, “It’s fine with me, even if you made use of me a hundred times again!”

“You wish!” At this moment, Lu Shimiao was already immune to Su Tao’s shameless acts and continued, “It’s also a good thing to let Big Brother Dong give up. He has to find himself, and he can’t live for someone else.”

Su Tao sighed. He had seen how earnest Kang Zidong was towards Lu Shimiao. However, a relationship was never fair. It didn’t mean that you could be compensated for how much effort you’ve put in for the person you like.

Although it might seem like Lu Shimiao has deeply hurt Kang Zidong, it also proved her kindness for him. If she made use of his feelings for her, then it would make her seem scheming.

Suddenly, Su Tao felt that Lu Shimiao was an unsophisticated woman. She’s someone that wore her heart outside; someone that dared to love and hate openly.

Even if she was covered with wounds from her failed marriage and undergone many things that made her lose her path, it was also due to that that she became more perfect.

Although Kang Zidong was in the karaoke, he didn’t have too much of a mood. His mind was replaying the scene of Lu Shimiao and Su Tao kissing.

He couldn’t accept this reality. He had done so much just so that he could stand beside Lu Shimiao with pride. But in the end, he was responded with rejection, which made him feel at a loss. He couldn’t forget Lu Shimiao, even if he knew that he had to live his life for himself and not for a woman.

“Big Brother Dong, I’ve just checked what you’ve asked of me. Lu Shimiao and Su Tao have booked two rooms in a hotel.” He received a message on his phone from a friend who worked in the police department, who had used his identity to check on them.

Instantly, Kang Zidong’s mood became better. He stood up and took the microphone. “I hope that everyone can have a good time today. I have to leave, since I have some matters to handle, but everything will be on me today.”

While everyone instantly cheered, Kang Zidong decided to give it a try.

If the two of them were a couple, why would they have to book separate rooms? That meant that there must be something suspicious, and the two of them must have played a show before him.

As for the reason? He felt that it must be because Lu Shimiao thinks that she was no longer compatible with him, since she has married once, despite having him in her heart.

When a man becomes narcissistic, it’s really frightening!

As he indulged in his narcissism, he had decided to head to the hotel and expose everything.

He was in love with Lu Shimiao for so many years, so he must do anything to obtain her. He was no longer like back then, and the current him was confident.

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