Chapter 241 - Integrating into the gathering easily

Kang Zidong was three years older than Lu Shimiao, and he was recognised as the leader in their group. He had been doing great and was currently an executive in Baihe City’s largest food manufacturing company. It was because his prospects were the best, which made him prestigious amongst the group.

He had a crush on Lu Shimiao, and everyone in the group knew about it; it was just that no one had exposed him. However, Lu Shimiao married too quickly, less than half a year after starting her job, which made everyone sigh.

It was also because Kang Zidong was too young back then. Even if he had started working after he graduated from high school and entered society early, a man had to settle their heart down if they wanted to excel. After he was informed of Lu Shimiao’s marriage, he got himself drunk, and a few years later, he made an achievement. Right now, he had no lack of women, but he kept himself single since he couldn’t let go of Lu Shimiao.

When everyone came to the famous Celestial Crane Pavilion, Kang Zidong had already prepared a private room. The renovation in the room was pretty luxurious and decorated with traditional furniture, which gave this place a refined atmosphere.

Standing at the door, Kang Zidong was dressed in a suit with gold-framed glasses. At the same time, he had a handsome face with a buzz cut hairstyle, along with a height of 5’9” that gave an elegant and refined air around him.

He took the initiative to walk over and smiled. “Shimiao, it has been a long time since we last met. You’ve not changed at all, and you’re still that skinny!”

A smile rose on Lu Shimiao’s lips as she replied, “Big Brother Dong, you’ve changed greatly.”

Kang Zidong laughed while pulling his clothes and ridiculed, “If I remove these clothes, I would just seem like a thug in the past.”

Hearing his words, Lu Shimiao shook her head. “Big Brother Dong, you’ve become more mature.”

When Kang Zidong heard her words, he felt warmth in his heart. This was the Lu Shimiao that he fell in love with; her actions and speech were always elegant.  His mind briefly wandered before he glanced at Su Tao and smiled. “This must be your colleague, right?”

Nodding her head, Lu Shimiao felt that the atmosphere was a little awkward for some reason, before she introduced, “He’s Su Tao, the best physician in Hanzhou City.”

“I see!” Although Kang Zidong looked to be filled with admiration, Su Tao could tell that the former wasn’t too bothered with him.

Nowadays, doctors did not have a high standing in society, especially physicians; their position was even bleaker, and they’re often treated as conmen.

After arranging the seats for the four of them, more people came in. There was a total of four tables, looking extremely grand. The guests that came in were all Lu Shimiao’s friends from the orphanage, which they became passionate when they saw her. They grew up in the orphanage together without any family, so they treated each other as their family.

Initially, Lu Shimiao was worried that Su Tao would feel awkward amongst the crowd. However, she never expected that he would have such strong adaptability and passionately chat with everyone.

“Little Su, I’ve seen those physicians in dramas looking extremely magical, and they can determine the illness of the patients after taking their pulse. Is that true?” A woman sitting beside Chen Juan curiously asked.

“Dramas are sometimes exaggerated, but TCM and western medicine aren’t the same. TCM emphasises experience, while western medicine relies on apparatus.” Su Tao tactfully replied.

However, his words piqued the interest of that woman and she asked with a smile, “How about this, why don’t you use me as an example?”

After a brief pondering, Su Tao smiled. “Let me take a look at you, then. You had a fever last week, and the fever only receded two days ago. But you’re not completely recovered, and you should still have the occasional cough.”

Hearing his words, shock instantly appeared in the eyes of the woman and she exclaimed, “Too magical! I, indeed, had a high fever that lasted for a few days, and not even intravenous drip could help. It had only receded two days ago.”

Anyone could tell coughs from the appearance, but being able to connect the cough to a high fever a week ago was simply too magical.

Taking out a bottle from his medical box, Su Tao retrieved a black pellet and handed it over. “The reason why you’re suffering from a high fever was due to your weak kidneys and heaty lungs. So this is why you’re still coughing even though you’ve recovered. If you don’t treat it in time, it might even develop into pneumonia. Take this pellet and watch your diet for the next three days. You should be fine.”

The woman held the pellet and looked at it for a long time. At this moment, Lu Shimiao added with a smile. “Physician Su is from a TCM Family, and he has the title of Divine Physician in Hanzhou City.”

Hearing Lu Shimiao’s words, that woman carefully stored the pellet in her purse and thanked, “Thank you, Physician Su.”

Suddenly, Chen Juan recalled something and she glanced at Qian Qiang, then bitterly smiled. “Qian Qiang sprained his waist some time ago while moving some crates. But despite all the ointment paste, he still shows no signs of recovery. Can it be treated?”

Su Tao had already noticed Qian Qiang’s injury, but he wasn’t in a position to talk about it since the other party didn’t request for help. Since his impression of this couple was pretty good, he replied, “TCM emphasises on seeking the cause. Although Qian Qiang might seem to have his waist injured, it’s mainly because he has been too exhausted for a long time. If I’ve guessed correctly, he should have stayed up late often, causing insufficient rest. It is also because of this that his muscles are injured from straining them.”

Splendor flickered in Chen Juan’s eyes and she nodded her head. “He often sleeps late at night, since he has to help out in a stall of his friend.”

Although it was disguised as helping out, it was actually a side job. Qian Qiang was exceptionally diligent. Walking over to Qian Qiang, Su Tao smiled. “Remove your jacket and lift your shirt.”

Qian Qiang chuckled, then lifted his shirt. After gently pressing on the former’s back, Su Tao had found the injury and applied pressure, then massaged it with his thumb. Qian Qiang instantly yelled out in pain, but Su Tao grabbed ahold of Qian Qiang’s shoulder and continued to apply pressure. Although Qian Qiang had a robust figure, he realised that he couldn’t even budge.

Bone Setting physicians usually had powerful hands. Although Su Tao seldom did bone setting, it didn’t mean that it wasn’t his forté. On the contrary, his bone setting skills could be considered to be at the grandmaster level. Thus, even if his hands seemed gentle, the strength behind his grip was so powerful that Qian Qiang was immobilised.

The latter’s waist injury had involved the muscles and bones, so simple massage therapy wouldn’t work. The reason why he massaged at the start was just to ease out the tension in Qian Qiang’s muscles.

The pain from the massage instantly covered Qian Qiang’s forehead in sweat. All of a sudden, Su Tao hugged Qian Qiang’s waist and pulled using the momentum of his body.

Instantly, a crack resounded, and even Qian Qiang screamed.

Everyone had fear in their eyes, wondering if Su Tao wouldn’t really injure Qian Qiang even more, right?

Gently patting Qian Qiang’s shoulder, Su Tao smiled. “Give it a try!”

Qian Qiang first tried to twist his waist before he squatted down and exclaimed, “It really doesn’t hurt anymore!”

With a bitter smile, Su Tao shook his head. “I’ve just treated the symptoms but not the cause. You have to pay attention to your rest in the future, or you will be injured again!”

A smile spread across Qian Qiang’s lips as he replied, “I’ve never studied, so I don’t know how to earn money aside from using my physique and work a few more jobs.”

Hearing his words, Su Tao did not talk much about it and returned to his seat. When the people around saw how skilful his medical skills were, they started to surround him and asked questions about their health. Through inspection, Su Tao was able to tell if they had any illnesses in the past, or if there’s anything wrong with their bodies, which his accuracy had left everyone sighing in admiration.

Sitting to the side, Lu Shimiao felt complicated in her heart. Is this fellow doing this on purpose? This was clearly Kang Zidong’s event, but the event had now revolved around Su Tao.

However, Kang Zidong was busy receiving people and did not notice anything amiss.

Finally, a distinguished guest entered, so Kang Zidong took the microphone from the attendant and announced, “Please be quiet, I will now introduce an important figure to everyone. He’s the biggest funder of our Baihe City’s orphanage, the Chairman of Qinbei Cooperation, Mr. Bei Xuqing. Not only is Mr. Bei Xuqing a successful entrepreneur, but he is also a famous philanthropist, and has donated nearly ¥10,000,000 over all these years. Let’s welcome him to our gathering!”

Bei Xuqing was in his seventies, donned in a traditional costume. His hair was mixed with black and white, looking like an elegant old gentleman. Receiving the microphone from Kang Zidong, Bei Xuqing smiled. “I have to thank everyone for your warm welcome! The reason why I’m so passionate about charity is due to learning Little Kang’s history. I’ve seen a powerful spirit from him, and I’ve also sighed in sorrow that there were so many people in the world that needed our help. Starting from next year, I will increase my donation to the orphanage to improve the children’s living environment and allow them to grow more healthily!”

His voice was deep and powerful; every single word of his resounded powerfully and inspiring.

He was placed at the main table, which was the same table as Lu Shimiao and Su Tao. However, the two seats beside him were empty. After Kang Zidong briefly went out, he came back with two girls from the orphanage and smiled. “Chairman Bei, I’ve personally invited two representatives over after knowing that you will participate in our gathering to eat with you!”

Glancing at the two girls, Bei Xuqing nodded his head and smiled. “Little Kang, you’re very attentive, and I like eating with children! Come, sit together with grandpa.”

However, Su Tao subconsciously knitted his brows. One of the girls that Kang Zidong called over was Lu Shimiao’s adopted daughter, Little Yuan.

Under normal situations, shouldn’t you call a girl that could talk to accompany the guests to eat? Why get a mute?

Naturally, other than the fact that she couldn’t speak, Little Yuan was easily the prettiest in the orphanage.

When the attendants came to serve the dishes, Bei Xuqing would regularly take food for the two girls, and even whisper in their ears.

Watching this scene, everyone started to whisper amongst themselves that this Chairman Bei was someone who loved kids!

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Seeing that this is a novel, I'm not that optimistic about this development... Kang Zidong and Bei Xuqing seems shady...

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