Chapter 240 - A heroic spirit hidden in the heart

After sending Kim Jung-ho off, Su Tao continued his treatment of Miao Doudou. Through several days of acupuncture and herbal soups, the legs of this young lady had drastically improved, and the swelling was a lot better; there was moisture on her dry complexion once again. Seeing the high school textbook beside Miao Doudou, Su Tao smiled. “Doudou is really hard-working!”

Nodding her head, Miao Doudou’s face blushed as she glanced at Xiao Jingjing and softly said, “Big Sister Xiaoxiao tells me that I have to work hard in my studies, if I want to change the fate of my family and myself.”

Miao Doudou was still young, and even her facial features weren’t fully developed. However, she had the innocence of a village girl, as well as the tenacity. The big-foot disease was a chronic disease that could torture people, and it wasn’t easy for her to maintain such a cheerful attitude.

Glancing at Xiao Jingjing, who was cleaning up the house, Su Tao smiled. “It looks like you’ve become someone’s idol now!”

Xiao Jingjing blushed and replied, “I only want to encourage her.”

Suddenly, Su Tao thought of a matter and curiously asked, “Chinese New Year is coming, so when are you going back? Have you purchased your tickets? I can give you a few more days off.”

“I’ve already bought them, and I told you that before.” Xiao Jingjing reminded.

Patting his head, Su Tao smiled. “Look at this memory of mine. Let me have a look at your ticket!”

After a brief pondering, Xiao Jingjing took out her train ticket from her purse and handed it over to Su Tao. However, Su Tao took the ticket and tore it apart, which left Xiao Jingjing shocked.

With a smile, Su Tao explained, “Your performance was pretty good this year, and your master will pay for your plane tickets to reward you. So order the tickets later.”

Hearing Su Tao’s words, Xiao Jingjing felt complicated, before she responded, “Isn’t it a little too wasteful? I bought the berth seat, and I can sleep overnight to save a few hundred.”

Although Xiao Jingjing had some savings despite being in the Three Flavour Hall for a few months, she was still from a poor family. Thus, she was extremely meticulous when it came to money.

Shaking his head, Su Tao smiled. “I have to groom you now. Although being thrifty is a virtue, you still have to increase your own experiences. As the eldest disciple of the Three Flavour Hall, if others know that you can’t even afford to sit on a plane, I would be embarrassed!”

Kneading the corner of her clothes, Xiao Jingjing unwillingly said, “Then, I’ll listen to you.” Despite her words, her eyes were still glued to the train tickets that Su Tao had torn up.

Feeling that Xiao Jingjing wasn’t firm enough, Su Tao tore the train ticket into small pieces.

 Xiao Jingjing’s expression first turned to shock before changing to heartache. She was pondering that even if she’s going to take the plane, couldn’t she at least refund the train tickets? They cost a few hundred!

How could Su Tao not understand her thoughts? Although they’re of similar age, he had already treated her like family.

Girls mustn’t be groomed too poorly, and they couldn’t bow to some money. Otherwise, they would be easily cheated in the future by others when men throw money at them.

However, Su Tao had no idea that he was also practically throwing money towards Xiao Jingjing. Although the latter was feeling heartache for the wasted train ticket, she also felt happy in her heart that she had a spot in Su Tao’s heart, and she wasn’t invisible.

As Fan Lihua glanced over at the door, Su Tao hollered her in and smiled. “Doudou’s legs are much better now.”

After looking at Miao Doudou for a long time, Fan Lihua emotionally said, “Physician Su, I really have to thank you!”

Seeing the tears welling up in Fan Lihua’s eyes, Su Tao felt complicated in his heart. This mother had done all she could to treat her daughter and even left her home to travel so far, despite the sufferings. This was the great maternal love.

As he sighed, Su Tao smiled. “Doudou would require at least half a year for her to recover completely. Since Chinese New Year is approaching, why don’t the two of you make a trip back and return after the festive season is over?”

However, Fan Lihua hesitated as his words, which Xiao Jingjing explained, “Big Sister Fan wants to celebrate her Chinese New Year in the Three Flavour Hall.”

Fan Lihua also did not hide it. Her eyes turned red, and she choked on sobs, “Physician Su, I’ll be frank with you. Doudou and I are happy with our stay at the Three Flavour Hall, and if we return, I will feel a shadow instead. Doudou’s father is actually against the idea of me bringing her out for treatment. He feels that there’s no need to invest so much time and effort on a daughter.”

When Miao Doudou heard Fan Lihua’s words, her eyes had also turned watery. After all, sexual inequalities were common in rural places.

Fan Lihua continued her speech as she sighed, “Her father has been yearning for me to bear him a son, but I can’t do it. If we really have a son, then Doudou’s life would be ruined.”

Feeling the sore spot in his heart stabbed, Su Tao said in a solemn tone, “Big Sister Fan, the Three Flavour Hall is your home from today onwards, and you can stay however long you wish. Doudou is a good girl, and I will definitely do my best to make sure she can walk again.”

Even Xiao Jingjing’s eyes had turned watery. Although this master of hers usually fooled around and treated everything lightly, he had a soft heart and a heroic spirit. In modern society, this was an extremely rare trait.

Baihe City was situated in the north of Huainan Province, and the economy was slightly inferior when compared to Hanzhou City, due to its geographical placement. Hanzhou was a standard flat land, while Baihe City had a mountain and forest terrain that’s 800 meters above sea level. Thus, it couldn’t be as smooth as flat land.

On Chinese New Year’s Eve, Su Tao followed Lu Shimiao to Baihe City to celebrate. After they passed through the train station, the two of them were instantly the focus of attention for everyone.

Lu Shimiao wore a white coat with the zipper down, revealing her black turtleneck shirt and spotted black tight-fit pants that outlined her voluptuous figure. Although her clothes showed no skin, it made her look charming, which was all due to her well-endowed figure. It could easily spark a flame in men as well.

On the other hand, Su Tao wore a gown with his medical box hanging on his shoulder. The gown wasn’t cumbersome since the interior was filled with eiderdown; it was something that Yan Jing had sent over some time ago. Although Su Tao felt weird wearing it, he still accepted this gown. He knew that he had to learn how to dress if he wanted to succeed, and as a talented physician, wearing such a traditional-style gown would make him look impressive.

Although there was a saying that humans relied on clothes, while horses relied on saddles, the figure of a person would also add points to their clothes. Wearing this thick gown, Su Tao looked elegant, especially standing beside Lu Shimiao. One of them dressing modernly, while the other dressing traditionally; one gorgeous and the other handsome. The two of them gave off an impactful sight.

“Don’t you feel warm?” Lu Shimiao looked at Su Tao with her eyes narrowed from the smile. Although she said that she didn’t want Su Tao to follow her to Baihe City, women were creatures that didn’t speak true to their hearts. When he really came over with her, she felt a sweetness in her heart.

“You’re warm? You can undress if you are!” Su Tao said as he fearlessly glanced at Lu Shimiao’s chest.

“Can’t you see that others are all looking at your weird dressing?” Lu Shimiao sourly replied before she continued, “Walking together with you is stressful!”

Looking at his own clothes, Su Tao shook his head. “On the contrary, I’m satisfied with my clothes. Anyone that dares to dress in this manner is definitely a hunk!”

Rolling her eyes at Su Tao, Lu Shimiao sighed, “Forget it. Your face is too thick, and I can’t hit through it!”

Hearing her words, Su Tao laughed, “I like your expression when you’re powerless to boast. You look cute.”

Truth be told, Su Tao actually wasn’t too satisfied with his dressing, but that’s human nature. Sometimes, you would wear clothes despite knowing that it would make you look weird and stand out. However, you still insist on showing originality!

The two of them were swallowed up by the crowd the moment they stepped out of the train, which Lu Shimiao had been paying attention to the crowd on the fence. Suddenly, she pulled Su Tao upon seeing a plate with her name written on it.

After Lu Shimiao went over, the woman who was responsible for receiving them examined Lu Shimiao and laughed, “Miaomiao, aren’t your changes a little too great? I almost couldn’t recognise you!”

Lu Shimiao hugged that woman and responded, “Little Juan, I’m happy to see you. You’ve changed, too; you’ve lost weight!”

Glancing at Su Tao, Chen Jian winked and asked with a smile, “This is your husband, Qiao Bo?”

Shaking her head as she blushed, Lu Shimiao replied, “He’s a colleague of mine!”

Chen Juan was stunned. She knew that there must be a story. However, she did not inquire about the details, but took Lu Shimiao’s luggage and changed the topic, “My boyfriend’s car is over there. Why don’t you guys come together with us?!”

When they came to the road, the door of a silver van opened and a towering man came down from the passenger seat as he opened the trunk and passionately helped Su Tao and Lu Shimiao to put up their luggage.

“This is my boyfriend, Qian Qiang.” Chen Juan introduced with a smile.

Hearing the introduction, Qian Qiang honestly chuckled, “Just call me Qiang’zi.”

At this moment, Lu Shimiao whispered a few words in Chen Juan’s ears, which the latter shook her head. “Don’t praise him. He’s just a fruit seller. There’s not a single prospect in him.”

However, Qian Qiang wasn’t furious by Chen Juan’s words, but said, “I might not have money, but I’m genuinely in love with you.”

“Shameless!” Chen Juan’s lips rose as her face blushed. Although she had an ordinary appearance, her smile made her seem approachable.

When Lu Shimiao and Su Tao exchanged a glance, they knew what each other meant. Although this couple led an ordinary life, they had a good relationship; happiness was that simple.

The four of them had immediately arrived at Baihe City’s orphanage. After Chen Juan graduated, she became a staff member of this orphanage. Since Lu Shimiao came prepared with gifts in her luggage, she started distributing them to the kids. When Su Tao saw Lu Shimiao being surrounded by the kids, he inwardly sighed. At this moment, Lu Shimiao was akin to an angel, and her smile was similar to the sunshine’s warmth.

Holding onto the hand of a girl that looked to be eight or nine years old, Lu Shimiao walked over to Su Tao.

“This is my daughter, Little Yuan.” Lu Shimiao introduced with a smile plastered on her face.

Su Tao naturally knew that Little Yuan was just Lu Shimiao’s adopted daughter. He bent down and he carried the girl, then spun her around before he smiled. “This little girl is so lustrous!”

Sourly glancing at Su Tao, Lu Shimiao spoke in a soft tone, “You’re scaring her.”

Looking at Little Yuan, Su Tao saw her face pale and he bitterly smiled. “Sorry, I was too emotional.”

He sighed and felt a headache. This girl was mute and extremely shy. Earlier, when he spun her around, she was clearly terrified, but she didn’t dare to do anything. In the orphanage, many kids had born conditions, which was the reason why they’re abandoned. However, Little Yuan could clearly tell what others were saying, so that meant that she wasn’t born mute.

After distributing the gifts, Chen Juan smiled. “The reunion meal this year isn’t in the orphanage. Big Brother Dong said that he has arranged a few tables at the Celestial Crane Pavilion. We’ve all benefited from you!”

However, Lu Shimiao showed a difficult smile as she replied, “I don’t really want to go.”

Holding onto Lu Shimiao’s hand, Chen Juan responded, “No way, you have to go. Otherwise, Big Brother Dong won’t let me off.”

Standing by the side, Su Tao was a little unhappy at this scene. Lu Shimiao must have a story with this person!

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