Chapter 238 - Fortune after the disaster

Many people might feel that gods didn’t exist in the world. But without gods, why were there so many things unexplainable through science?

Unknowingly, gods were standing on the opposite side of science.

Su Tao believed in the existence of gods, and at the same time, he didn’t.

He believed that there’s a mysterious force in the world that balances everything, which Lao-tze called it Dao, while many religions called it gods. But undoubtedly, this mysterious force definitely existed, pushing the development of society, the evolution of humankind and balancing the world.

Take sickness as an example. There were many bizarre illnesses with their corresponding treatments. Even if they’re not able to make a breakthrough in the world’s scientific problems, it was due to the mysterious force not being deciphered. Thus, no one was able to find a solution to resolve it.

Su Tao believed in the existence of this mysterious force, which was the reason why he dared to challenge the unknown in the medical industry. Gods might be known as science, but science could only be a portion of gods. In many fantasy novels, authors would categorise it as Planetary Law.

Thus, Su Tao was trying to research the ‘Planetary Law’ of medical studies.

Whether it was treating the vegetative, leukaemia, or even black magic, Su Tao had no prior experiences. However, he dared to stand before the patients, and the courage to challenge, which was something that others couldn’t accomplish.

This was the difference between a hero and a mortal.

He wasn’t perfect. Although he might be skilful, he hadn’t reached the level where he could treat any and all sicknesses. There were too many bizarre cases in the world, and even legendary doctors like Hua Tuo and Bian Que couldn’t claim that they’re confident in treating all sickness.

The reason why he had been refusing to treat Park Joong-sun and Choi Beom-gyu wasn’t that he was putting on airs, but he was indeed not confident.

Black magic was an evil art that has been passed down for thousands of years, fused with the wisdom and painstaking effort of many. As a layman, it was too unrealistic for him to claim that he could resolve it so easily!

When encountering a difficult problem, an ordinary person would choose to give up, while a genius would choose to face it.

Once again, Su Tao has fallen into a subtle state. It was a magical state that he has entered when he was treating the vegetative patient back then, and it was because of that, that he seemed to be allowed to understand the law of this world better and found a solution.

It was a mysterious and subtle sensation that cannot be explained.

He felt as if the needles were a part of his body, and they moved according to his own will with constant changes.

Although the spectators had no idea what Su Tao was doing, they could feel that Su Tao was gradually moving towards success with every single insertion of his acupuncture needles.

While acupuncture should be tedious, it was filled with magic for Su Tao.

Finally, Su Tao placed his needles back into the box and wiped the sweat on his forehead with a towel.

A few minutes later, Park Joong-sun and Choi Beom-gyu opened their eyes and looked at each other with a smile; it was as if their thoughts were linked. As if they weren’t having a nightmare, but a sweet dream while they were unconscious.

“Oppa, why are we lying here? It felt as if I’ve been dreaming for a long time.” Choi Beom-gyu asked in a soft tone.

“I’m not sure, but I was also dreaming. It’s a sweet dream with you in it.” Park Joong-sun tenderly replied.

Since the beds weren’t too far apart, their hands were tightly held together and filled with happiness.

When Shin Chae-won saw this scene, her face was covered with both joy and confusion at the same time. While she was happy that her son woke up, she was also vexed that her son seemed to have a peculiar relationship with that woman.

Su Tao sighed while looking at the couple. When he was conducting the treatment for the two of them, it felt as if he had witnessed their love story and dreams. They are a couple that were deeply in love, and it was also because of this that the love spell would be so potent.

After they’re poisoned with black magic, the two of them had fallen into an imaginary world and weren’t willing to wake up to face reality. This was also the reason why the two of them couldn’t wake up, despite the various methods that were tried.

Since Su Tao couldn’t understand Korean, he did not speak to the two of them. He just took his medical box and left. When he exited the surgery room, he saw Shin Chae-won standing outside the door impatiently wanting to enter.

Stopping Shin Chae-won, Su Tao softly said, “The patients have just regained their consciousness, so let the two of them rest for the time being.”

Standing by the side, Kim Jung-ho served as a translator. After Shin Chae-won heard the translation, she asked in puzzlement, “Does Joong-sun… share a deep relationship with that girl?”

Sighing at the sensitivity of Shin Chae-won, Su Tao sighed, “There’s a sentence in Chinese, dreaming for a thousand years. The two of them were under a love spell, and the two of them had a dream, which they experienced a thousand years together. So it’s unwise for you to separate them.”

Hearing his words, Kim Jung-ho was stunned at Su Tao’s intelligence. Although the latter wasn’t versed in Korean, he could infer from Shin Chae-won’s expression that she wasn’t too happy about the relationship between her son and that woman. After a brief consideration, Kim Jung-ho decided to translate it entirely to Shin Chae-won.

Shin Chae-won’s face was grim and she felt that Su Tao had guessed her thoughts. Instantly, this youth who seemed like he could read minds with his eyes was terrifying.

After a brief pondering, Su Tao added, “Trust me. Respect the two of them and don’t interfere. Otherwise, the consequences will be unimaginable.”

After giving his warning, he nodded his head towards Shin Chae-won and Kim Jung-ho before he left.

Although he might look cocky, Shin Chae-won and Kim Jung-ho didn’t feel hateful about it. After all, someone who’s capable of being cocky was more comfortable to accept than a flaunting arrogant person.

Thus, Shin Chae-won dispelled her thoughts of seeing her son. Turning to Kim Jung-ho, she sighed in a bitter tone, “You agree with Physician Su as well?”

Kim Jung-ho smiled. “Since external forces can’t separate a relationship, why not let it be? Otherwise, it will just be like a flooding canal that’s easy to collapse. That’s my view on it.”

Nodding her head, Shin Chae-won sighed, “Joong-sun has still disappointed me!”

Hearing her words, Kim Jung-ho knew what she meant, despite his marriage not being arranged by his family. But thinking about it, the two of them should thank this incident, since Shin Chae-won has acknowledged their relationship. Otherwise, Shin Chae-won and the SG Chaebol would absolutely not allow an unmatched relationship.

As the saying goes, ‘happiness comes after disasters, and happiness is buried by disasters.’ Although it might seem to be a disaster, it could also be the start of happiness.

Seeing Su Tao coming out, Di Shiyuan swiftly walked over and embraced the former before patting on Su Tao’s shoulder with a gratified expression. “You’ve done well!”

“It was luck!” Su Tao smiled in modest.

Hearing his response, Di Shiyuan nodded his head. This was what he liked about Su Tao; he was never complacent, despite his achievements.

At this moment, Du Ping had also walked over with a smile plastered on his face. “Divine Physician Su, you’ve really helped me greatly this time!”

“I’m not worthy of such titles!” Su Tao knew that he had to be modest at this moment, so he smiled. “Mr. Du, just call me Physician Su or call me Little Su.”

He was proud to witness Su Tao treating the two South Koreans, since it was equivalent to another round of competition in skills, which made Du Ping’s blood boil. Furthermore, Su Tao was also modest with his words, increasing it even more.

Looking at everyone crowding around Su Tao, Jiang Qinghan’s lips rose without her noticing.

“Captain, the glory of us solving the case has been stolen by your disciple!” Zhang Zhen rubbed his nose. Despite his words, his expression showed otherwise as he happily looked at Su Tao.

Jiang Qinghan recovered from the emotions and her attitude returned to that of a goddess. “It was all due to Su Tao that our case could be solved so smoothly.”

Scratching his head with a chuckle, Zhang Zhen replied, “Yeah. If it wasn’t for the fact that his medical skills would go to waste by becoming a police officer, I would really want someone like him as my colleague. In the future, we can also have it easier in our investigations.”

However, Jiang Qinghan ignored Zhang Zhen’s tease and said, “This is also a reminder for us that the key to breaking a case is down to its details. I’ve decided to make an application to arrange for an experienced forensic investigator to train us. With the foundation of a forensic investigator, it will be easier for us to solve cases in the future.”

“Training?” Zhang Zhen’s expression instantly turned bitter, since he knew that much of his leave would go down the drain.

Sitting in his own car, Zhang Ping instructed his secretary after seeing Luo Xiao boarding a car, “Let Mr. Luo leave first!”

Ten minutes after Luo Xiao’s vehicle left, Zhang Ping said, “Let’s go!”

The moment the vehicle started, Zhang Ping took out his phone and he sent a message to his superior, Yin Kailang, “Fortunately, I did not let you down. The problem in Baoyou County has been perfectly resolved!”

A brief moment later, a message was sent over, “Got it, good job!”

Zhang Ping sighed. He knew that this disturbance has caused a tremor in the entire Huainan Province. The province had practically dispatched all of their specialists, and if they still couldn’t resolve the issue, they might even have to request for specialists from headquarters.

However, no one expected that it would all be smoothly resolved by the young Su Tao.

This could be considered Zhang Ping’s second interaction with Su Tao, which they managed to resolve two crisis thanks to Su Tao. Especially this time, this matter hadn’t only involved the investment project from SG Chaebol, the organisation’s management and international relations were also affected. So thinking about it carefully, Zhang Ping was glad that it could be resolved.

According to the terms that they have formed with SG Chaebol, the SG Chaebol would no longer pursue the matter with the food poisoning. However, the organisation would certainly not let this matter go since Lu Gang, who was the mastermind, had to be held responsible. At the same time, Ma Yongguo would also be implicated. According to Zhang Ping’s thoughts, Ma Yongguo would probably arrange his resignation before an investigation could be conducted…

Furthermore, Yin Kailang could also use this matter to obtain more resources from Hong Jun…

Putting it in a nutshell, it was a great win for them!

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