Chapter 237 - Authority of Challenging Gods

The reason why Di Shiyuan was so unyielding in the negotiation was due to his confidence in Su Tao’s skills. After all, he never saw Su Tao fail.

Fearing that he might not be persuasive enough, he even gave a call to Song Sichen and talked about the possibility of SG Chaebol’s unconditional donation of ₩5,000,000,000. When Song Sichen heard about that news, he instantly rejoiced. Although the seniors in the TCM Alliance were doing their utmost best, they only managed to gather a few million in funding. If ₩5,000,000,000 were converted to China’s currency, it would be about ¥58,000,000, and it could allow them to do many things.

Through charity, they managed to put TCM before the public, and they also have many plans in place to increase the fame of the TCM Alliance. It was a series of marketing techniques, which were provided by Su Tao.

“Chairman Su, you must handle this matter beautifully for us to receive the funds.” Song Sichen persuaded earnestly.

“It’s not that I’m refusing to treat the two South Koreans, but they’re suffering from black magic!” Su Tao sighed as he explained the situation.

“Black magic?” Song Sichen was startled as he asked, “How’s the strength of the caster?”

“A black-robed witch doctor with at least fifty years of cultivation!” Su Tao bitterly smiled. Witch doctors were separated into black-robes and white-robes, with the former casting black magics, while latter resolving it.

“This is troublesome!” Song Sichen had also knitted his brows and continued, “Furthermore, you might even be targeted by the witch doctor if you resolve the black magic.”

Song Sichen was truly worthy of his title as the Heavenly Eye, with knowledge even for such matters. However, Su Tao smiled. “Forget it, I’ll give it a try, then.”

Nodding his head, Song Sichen sighed, “If you manage to treat the two South Koreans, then it’s not excessive to receive that ₩5,000,000,000!”

When Di Shiyuan heard that Su Tao had finally agreed to treat Park Joong-sun and Choi Beom-gyu, he sighed in relief. However, he could tell that he had placed Su Tao in an awkward position regarding this matter, which made him feel a little guilty.

Coming to the ICU, Su Tao saw Park Joong-sun’s mother, Shin Chae-won. Her eyes were swollen with huge eye bags. Evidently, she did not have a good sleep last night.

For her, wealth and status were nothing. As long as her son could be saved, she was willing to pay any price.

Grabbing onto Su Tao’s hands, Shin Chae-won muttered in Korean, which Kim Jung-ho translated, “Mrs. Shin is extremely concerned about her son’s health, and you will be her benefactor as long as you can treat him!”

Hearing those words, Su Tao’s impression of Shin Chae-won changed. After all, her performance didn’t give anyone a good impression of her.

Naturally, Su Tao had no idea whether Shin Chae-won was pouring her heart out at this moment or if was she trying to confuse him. However, he faintly smiled. “Please tell Mrs. Shin that I will do my best! But I’m still just a doctor, and no doctors can guarantee a 100% success rate.”

With a faint smile, Kim Jung-ho felt admiration for Su Tao’s composure. Despite the young age of this talented doctor in China, the way he did things was that of a general!

Before he entered the surgery room, Su Tao suddenly asked Kim Jung-ho, “Can you give me the personal items of Park Joong-sun and Choi Beom-gyu?”

Although Kim Jung-ho had no idea what Su Tao’s motive was, he still instructed someone to bring the luggage of the two patients over.

Seeing that Su Tao was going to open the luggage of her son before everyone, Shin Chae-won wanted to obstruct him, but Kim Jung-ho gave an eye signal to stop her.

The latter had already guessed Su Tao’s intention by now. Su Tao wanted to see if he could find any clues about the caster from the luggage.

The luggage of Park Joong-sun was extremely tidy, filled with clothes of international brands. On the other hand, Choi Beom-guy’s luggage was simpler, but she was a meticulous woman, since all of her undergarments and stockings were categorised. She even had a mild taste for cosmetic products.

Finally, Su Tao’s gaze was drawn to two butterfly jade pendants.

At the sight of this, Kim Jung-ho’s eyes lit up. He then squatted down and asked, “Are these the medium?”

Piecing the two jade pendants together, Su Tao sighed, “Indeed, the two of them are under a love spell, so the two of them need to wake up at the same time together.”

Love spells were rumoured to use black magic grease. The manufacturing method was slightly unusual, since the witch doctor would have to find the corpse of a recently buried woman. Furthermore, that woman must be exactly 49 years old. The witch doctor would then chant an incantation by the corpse for 49 days before extracting the grease from the lower chin of the corpse and mix it with other herbs.

Naturally, those were just rumours. However, love spells and druggings were related, and the butterfly jade pendants were the medium that the witch doctor had used.

Recalling how his Ghastly Thirteen Needles failed, Kim Jung-ho felt that he was, indeed, a tad inferior to Su Tao. Although he tried the Ghastly Thirteen Needles to treat Park Joong-sun, he did not have enough understanding of the black magic, nor was he able to find the cause.

Looking at the perfectly pieced jade butterfly, Shin Chae-won wore a complicated gaze. It meant that her son had a relationship with his subordinate.

Although she had heard rumours about it, she did not pay any attention to it. After all, it was normal for there to be women around her outstanding son. Regardless of how her son messed around in his love life, his marriage was something controlled by the family. However, Shin Chae-won couldn’t help feeling a little surprised. Her son wouldn’t fall for that woman like those soap operas, right?

There’s a peculiar worm introduced in the Compendium of Medical Herbs 1596, the Strong Grain Centipede, “Originated from South China and has a brown body. It can unite couples and obtain the importance of others that carries it.”

Thus, Strong Grain Centipedes were commonly used as an ingredient for love spells. Aside from that, it could also cause lethargic sleep like the Daturas and many other herbs that could cause poison to seep into the internal organs if they’re carried around for a long time.

Treating an illness would require one to find the cause of it before conducting the right treatment. The difference between a famous physician and Divine Physician lied in the fact that Divine Physicians were more bold and imaginative in the process of understanding the illness.

Through this, Kim Jung-ho had gained a new understanding of Su Tao, and he also had to admit that he was inferior in some ways.

In the surgery room, Park Joong-sun and Choi Beom-gyu were both lying on surgical beds and Su Tao held a needle in each of his hands. The speed of his movements weren’t swift, and they were inserted into the same acupoint of the two patients at the same time.

Wang Guofeng immediately rushed over when he heard that Su Tao was going to conduct the treatment for the patients.

If he felt reluctance when he lost before, then he was shocked at this moment.

The tiny needles became the focus of everyone’s attention. At this moment, everyone couldn’t even sense Su Tao’s presence. This was the highest realm of acupuncture, the legendary One with the Needles.

Although Su Tao’s movements looked slow, the needles seemed to have streaked through the air and the trajectory left a deep impression on everyone.

A famous specialist from the health department sighed, “To be able to witness such godly skills in my lifetime, it’s worth it, even if I die!” In the beginning, everyone had doubts regarding Su Tao, since the latter was too young. But after witnessing such godly skills, they had thrown their prejudice aside.

However, Su Tao didn’t have it as easy as others have witnessed. He could vaguely sense a pair of horrifying eyes staring at him that seemed to have penetrated him and were making a declaration.

“Mortal, are you really going to challenge the authority of gods?

“Do you believe in the existence of curses?

“You will suffer tribulations, and descend into the bottomless hell to undergo a hundred reincarnations!”

However, Su Tao knew that those were hallucinations. They were hallucinations created from the medicine being forced out of Park Joong-sun and Choi Beom-gyu’s bodies and the sutra on the jade butterfly.

But knowing that it’s a hallucination wasn't enough for one to be immune from it. A strong mentality was also required to persevere!

As time passed, the speed of Su Tao’s needles started to slow down. However, he managed to keep a clear mentality, since acupoints had an ingenious relationship, which was also mentioned in every acupuncture books.

He was using an acupuncture technique called the Demonic Descending Needle that was recorded in the Imperial Physician Scripture. According to the case recorded, there was an intense fight amongst the concubines of the Ming Dynasty, and after a princess from a particular country in Nanyang married the Ming Dynasty’s Emperor, many favoured concubines suddenly contracted an unusual illness with symptoms of vomiting, dizziness, and even signs of their mentality and body eroding. At this time, an Imperial Physician with the surname Hu invented this acupuncture technique to control the development of the illness. According to that Imperial Physician Hu, the concubines were suffering from Nanyang Black Magic!

“Guofeng, are you able to make out something?” Kim Jung-ho asked as he stood beside Wang Guofeng at this moment.

“He’s using a long-lost acupuncture technique!” A bitter smile rose on Wang Guofeng’s lips.

“I’m inferior when compared to him!” Kim Jung-ho said as he left shaking his head.

Wang Guofeng knew that Kim Jung-ho was afraid that his confidence would be shattered if he continued to watch. A ridiculing smile appeared on his lips. He had probably lost his confidence to face Su Tao’s medical skills a long time ago.

In the Cloud Buddhism Monastery in Bangkok; the capital of Thailand.

A monk suddenly opened his eyes. He had glossy skin and his eyes were akin to torches, causing the candle before him to flicker from his sharp gaze.

He remained in his spot for a long time and seemed to be pondering something extremely important before he rang the Buddhist bell beside him.

A brief moment later, a lady pushed the door open and entered. Despite that woman’s height being merely 4’9”, she had exquisite features and was bestowed with an ample figure.

Kneeling before the monk, she respectfully asked, “Venerable Father, are there any instructions?”

The monk took out an amulet and placed it beside that lady. “Find that person and leave behind the amulet!”

“Roger!” The lady carefully grasped the plate and slowly left.

Buddhism amulet were separated into good and evil, and the lady was holding onto an evil plate!

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