Chapter 236 - Taking advantage to extort

Su Tao brought some sticks of barbeque and alcohol from a 24/7 supermarket. After eating a few barbequed lamb sticks, Jiang Qinghan popped the can and asked, “Isn’t it unhealthy to be eating so late, not to mention barbeque?”

Nodding his head with a smile, Su Tao replied, “But we should occasionally relax.”

Sweeping a glance at Su Tao, Jiang Qinghan noticed that Su Tao hadn’t touched any of the food, despite his words. Thus, she picked up a barbeque drumstick and passed it over. “Saying one thing, yet doing another.”

Su Tao sighed. Jiang Qinghan was truly an expert when it comes to investigations, and she had seen through his thoughts. Thus, Su Tao tore a piece of meat and put it in his mouth. Although he knew that barbeque was the root of all evil, and even belonged to the cause of various illnesses, it was unavoidable for him to patron it tonight. After all, the fragrance of the meat had opened his appetite.

After taking a few bites, Su Tao placed down his chopsticks and looked at Jiang Qinghan, who was eating seriously, and smiled. “Master, don’t you feel tired of living like this?”

“I’m already used to it!” Jiang Qinghan wiped her mouth with a napkin and continued, “Everyone has their role. You’re a physician, and your duty is to save lives; I’m a law enforcer, and bringing justice is my duty. Although it feels somewhat tiring on occasion, it is more satisfying most of the time.”

“I’ve been pondering about this matter for some time, but I feel that I should warn you about it.” Su Tao briefly hesitated before he continued, “Xu Rui is not a good person.”

Hearing his words, Jiang Qinghan was stunned, before she chuckled, “I know. He was the one who punctured the tires on your vehicle, right?”

“I never expected that you’d already find out about that!” Su Tao bitterly smiled.

Winking her eyes, Jiang Qinghan naturally said, “Don’t underestimate my intelligence. How can I not know what kind of person Xu Rui is? After seeing the attitude of you and Yan Sha that day, I’ve made a brief check on him. After all, it’s nothing tough for me!”

Raising his thumbs, Su Tao praised, “The Bella of Hanzhou City’s Police Department truly deserves her reputation.”

Jiang Qinghan also responded with a thumb back to Su Tao. “You’re pretty good yourself. You deserve the title as a Young Divine Physician. If it wasn’t for the fact that you already have a business of your own, I might consider hiring you as a forensic investigator. That way, the strength of the police department would become stronger.”

Hearing her words, Su Tao immediately waved his hand with a smile. “Forget it. Being a forensic investigator is not a good occupation!”

“Why is that?” Jiang Qinghan said somewhat unhappily with her brows knitted.

Being a forensic investigator was genuinely an occupation that received discrimination. But without it, there would be more criminals getting away from the law.

“If you reveal that your occupation is that of a forensic investigator, I’m afraid many girls will frown at me. Even when you're intimate with her, she will feel fearful.” Putting it in a nutshell, Su Tao meant that being a forensic investigator was not a suitable career for wooing girls.

“I’m just talking about it, nothing serious. Can’t you even play along?” However, Jiang Qinghan did not refute his words. After all, who would want to date someone that touches corpses every day?

“Although I don’t want to become a forensic investigator, I won’t refuse if you need my help, and I can give you my opinion for free. Is that good enough?” Su Tao replied with a smile. For some reason, Su Tao felt that this conversation had pulled their relationship closer.

So, it turned out that Jiang Qinghan wasn’t as cold as her outer appearance. After you’ve gotten familiar with her and have a common topic, the boundary between them would melt.

Luo Xiao finally ended the meeting with the management in the province at 3 a.m. and he returned to his hotel in Qiongjin City that he usually resided in. Not only was it the place that he stayed at, but it’s also the place where he worked. Although there was an office provided by the province, he could mostly be found in the suite provided especially for him in the hotel, dealing with various affairs.

This suite had a total of four bedrooms and two living rooms. Although the decoration wasn’t luxurious, it had a set of yellow pear wood furniture, and just the cost of them alone wasn’t a small amount. There was also an antique shelf placed in a corner with all sorts of exquisite things on display, and most of them were antiques from before the Ming Dynasty. Luo Xiao was especially fond of an office with an atmosphere of antiques, but if they were placed in the province’s office, it would be nitpicked by others.

Although he had just separated from his immediate superior, Hong Jun, they couldn’t talk due to the rushed meeting. Taking a sip of the tea that his secretary brewed for him, he made a call to Hong Jun, “Mr. Hong, I’m sorry that I did not handle this matter well. I’ve already gotten someone to inform Lu Gang to assume responsibility by himself!”

Shaking his head, Hong Jun replied, “The matter this time isn’t small, and I’m afraid that it can't be settled with just Lu Gang. I’m afraid that the South Korean side won’t agree to it.”

Gritting his teeth, Luo Xiao asked, “Then Ma Yongguo will also have to be punished?”

Having two important leaders of the county’s organisation to assume responsibility to appease South Korea’s party.

Hong Jun sighed, “Can’t you tell from Mr. Yin’s tone today? He had mentioned the readjustment of the core members in the province’s organisation twice. Although it wasn’t blatantly, his objective was clear. He’s trying to use this matter to reshuffle the management!”

Recalling this matter, Luo Xiao was shocked, “Are you really going to let him do it?”

Hong Jun bitterly smiled. “I’m afraid that you still don’t understand Mr. Yin’s character. He belongs to those that make a move after meticulous planning. The moment he decided on a matter, it’s practically final.”

Disappointment flickered in Luo Xiao’s eyes as he apologised, “I’m sorry, I’ve disappointed you.”

After a brief moment of silence, Hong Jun gave an order, “Since it has already come to this point, there’s no need to keep pondering about it. Right now, we have to appease the party from South Korea. Dispatch all the elite doctors, and if Park Joong-sun can be treated, then the party from South Korea might be able to forgo the matter on the food poisoning! This way, we will be able to reduce the negative effects!”

Hearing those words, Luo Xiao wore a helpless expression. He had practically dispatched all the specialists from Huainan Province, but they were all still powerless against Park Joong-sun’s condition. Thus, he wasn’t confident that he could carry out Hong Jun’s orders. However, you can never veto an order of your superior in an organisation. Hence, Luo Xiao responded with a solemn tone, “Please don't worry. I will do my best to make up for this matter.”

This confrontation was practically a hidden clash between Hong Jun and Yin Kailang. The result was that Yin Kailang had successfully made a breakthrough and let Hong Jun suffer a loss. Furthermore, it was something that couldn’t be cleaned up shortly.

The next morning, Di Shiyuan came to the county’s hospital in a Honda that served the military for years. Upon his arrival, he first conducted a meeting with regards to Park Joong-sun and Choi Beom-gyu before looking for Su Tao.

The county hospital’s President's office was being used as a temporary office. When Su Tao saw Di Shiyuan, he sighed, since he knew that the latter must be here as a go-between. Du Ping must have suggested to Zhang Ping to get Di Shiyuan over to persuade him in regards the two patients.

“Last night, I participated in a meeting with many important figures about SG Chaebol’s representatives being poisoned in Hanzhou City, and their heir still being unconscious. Although this matter has been temporarily suppressed, it will be raised to the international level if it’s not resolved.” The two of them were the only ones here. Holding onto a teacup, the mist rose, fogging his spectacles, so Di Shiyuan removed them and looked at Su Tao with a solemn gaze. “I know that you must be able to deal with it. So I’d like to ask you to treat Park Joong-sun and Choi Beom-gyu for the country’s sake.”

It was another moral kidnapping technique. Su Tao sighed and seriously replied, “Park Joong-sun’s condition is a little complicated, and it’s not a simple medical problem here.”

Nodding his head, Di Shiyuan smiled. “I understand. Otherwise, not even Wang Guofeng and Kim Jung-ho, the top talented physicians of China and South Korea, would be so helpless against it.”

With a smile, Su Tao shook his head and did not respond to those words. Di Shiyuan was a skillful fisher, and he would be baited if he’s careless.

After a brief pause, Di Shiyuan sighed, “The reason why I’m asking you in regards to this matter is not simply because many people in the province are currently paying attention to this matter, but South Korea’s side also submitted a request to us!”

Su Tao was shocked by those words, so he exclaimed, “My reputation is so great now?”

Di Shiyuan laughed, “You’ve once exhibited your medical skills before Kim Jung-ho in Yuhang City, so he suggested you to Park Joong-ho’s mother, Mrs. Shin.”

It was unexpected! However, Su Tao did not have any favorable opinion of the smiling tiger, Kim Jung-ho. That fellow must know the consequences, if he managed to resolve the black magic that made Park Joong-sun and Choi Beom-gyu unconscious.

Looking at Su Tao’s uncertain expression, Di Shiyuan weakly said, “You’re being forced. Shin Chae-won sent a request to the embassy to request for your help with the two patients. Strictly speaking, this is a political assignment that cannot be pushed away.”

With a bitter smile, Su Tao asked, “Can I refuse?”

After a brief pondering, Di Shiyuan replied, “Let me explain it to you, then. Perhaps you won’t be able to refuse it after hearing it.”

Knowing that Di Shiyuan was a fox that wouldn’t let South Korea off so easily, he must have taken the opportunity to extort them. Thus, Su Tao asked, “Let’s hear it, then.”

“I have come to an agreement of three conditions with them. Firstly, as long as you’re willing to help, they will not pursue the matter with the food poisoning and continue to cooperate with us and put Hanzhou City as a serious consideration for investments; secondly, even if you’re not able to treat the two patients, you will not be held responsible; thirdly, if you manage to treat the two of them, SG Chaebol will use action to express their gratitude. Doesn't the TCM Alliance lack funds? So they will make an unconditional donation of ₩5,000,000,000 under SG Chaebol’s name.” As Di Shiyuan spoke, a smile appeared on the corner of his lips.

When Su Tao heard those conditions, he was shocked. Di Shiyuan was truly a cunning fox. All three terms benefited China, and Su Tao had no idea how Di Shiyuan was able to obtain such unfair conditions with that tongue of his.

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