Chapter 235 - Master has a formidable leg strength

Su Tao managed to speculate the lifestyle of Park Joong-sun for the past month through the latter’s body condition. Thus, he explained, “Park Joong-sun and his subordinate must have gone to Thailand for a work-related trip a month ago, and it was at that time that he had contact with the black magic! Furthermore, the one that cast the black magic on him must be someone from the SG Chaebol.”

With puzzlement on his face, Zhang Zhen asked, “Then, how were you able to determine that it was a month ago with such accuracy?”

“The climate varies in every country, and that is the same for their temperature. While South Korea has a sub-tropical climate, Thailand has a standard tropical monsoon climate. In November, South Korea would be at a low temperature, while Thailand’s temperature is around 25°C. The difference in temperature will cause the organs in our bodies to readjust. Not only would there be changes to the skin and pores, but the circulation of their blood flow would also change.”

With a smile on his face, Su Tao continued, “He had consumed an herb known as Thailand’s magical herb, the Gynura Divaricata. The origin of this herb comes from Singapore, but it’s more commonly used in Thailand now. It can be used to prevent many illnesses, and the effect of it takes about one month!”

“Then why did you think that someone from the SG Chaebol would make a move against Park Joong-sun?” Jiang Qinghan asked as she brushed her fringe.

“A witch doctor won’t cast black magic on a stranger for no reason. Since Park Joong-sun is the heir of SG Chaebol, then he must have many competitors.” Su Tao continued to analyse, “If I’ve guessed correctly, this must be related to Lee Jun-hyuk, since the two of them have a direct competitive relationship.”

As someone with experience, Zhang Ping’s interest was piqued from Su Tao’s meticulous analysis, so he smiled. “I never expected that there could be so much knowledge behind an illness.”

“Every single industry has a specialisation, and those who are experienced with TCM would be able to see through it.” Su Tao smiled modestly as he continued, “But no one is as daring enough as me to speak it out loud!”

Black magic implicated evil arts, and it would undoubtedly cause criticism if it was mentioned directly.

Hearing Su Tao’s words, Zhang Ping knew that this person was a talent. Although they’ve met once in Di Shiyuan’s office, he now gained a deeper understanding of Su Tao.

“So, can you treat Park Joong-sun’s illness?” Zhang Ping sighed and frankly said, “His father, Park Yong-ha, is extremely influential in South Korea. If you’re able to treat him, it will be a great contribution to our organisation! So I’d like to ask for your help with regards to this matter.”

Shaking his head, Su Tao refused, “I can’t treat it. If not even a young and famous doctor of South Korea like Kim Jung-ho can treat him, then even I am helpless against it!”

Hearing Su Tao’s response, Zhang Ping was stunned. At this moment, his secretary came in and whispered in his ears.

Shortly after, Zhang Ping’s expression relaxed and he waved his hand to signal his secretary to leave before smiling. “I’ve just received news that the SG Chaebol’s personnel has grounded Lee Jun-hyuk.”

Hearing the news, Du Ping had also felt relieved and smiled. “Now the pressure is no longer on us.”

Since they’ve found the culprit for the food poisoning, which Lu Gang was involved in this matter, what they should be worrying about now was the mastermind behind the whole incident.

When Zhang Ping left Su Tao’s dorm, he suddenly stopped and turned to Du Ping, then asked, “Do you think that Su Tao can treat Park Joong-sun?”

Du Ping sighed, “I think he should be able to do it. But the reason why he’s not willing is mainly to avoid trouble. If he managed to treat Park Joong-sun, then it would be a piece of good news for everyone. However, failing would mean that he would have to shoulder the responsibility!”

Gently patting on Du Ping’s shoulder, Zhang Ping commented, “Your analysis is becoming more mature!”

Hearing the praise, Du Ping felt his heart tickling. He’s walking on the political route of a secretary, and the further Zhang Ping progressed in the organisation meant that his prospects would be smoother.

Sensing that the master and disciple had some things to talk about, Zhang Zhen tactfully excused himself and headed back to his lodging.

“Why are you refusing to treat Park Joong-sun?” Jiang Qinghan curiously asked with her gaze flickering after Su Tao poured a cup of water for her.

“Master, why do you feel that I’m refusing to treat him?” Su Tao also looked at Jiang Qinghan with curiosity.

Nodding her head, Jiang Qinghan replied, “Your medical skills are clearly higher than most, and you’ve only taken a look at him to figure out so many things, not to mention analysing the events going on in the background. I’m afraid that I’m not the only one feeling that, but Mr. Zhang and Mr. Du also feels that you must be able to treat Park Joong-sun.”

Shrugging his shoulders, Su Tao weakly replied, “Things aren’t as simple as you have imagined!”

However, Jiang Qinghan still tried to persuade, “If you’re able to treat Park Joong-sun, that would mean that SG Chaebol would owe Hanzhou City’s organisation a huge favor, and that means that the investment will be settled. Furthermore, the SG Chaebol might also be able to forgo the food poisoning incident if you can treat Park Joong-sun.”

With a bitter smile, Su Tao responded, “Master, you’re treating me like a deity! Although my medical skills are pretty good, black magic isn’t something that’s so easily resolved. Not to mention that treating it would make me the mortal enemy of the caster, and that would mean unceasing troubles!”

He wasn’t trying to find an excuse for Jiang Qinghan, but witch doctors were incredibly vindictive. If a witch doctor finds out that someone could resolve their unique prescription, they would undoubtedly spare no cost to get rid of the threat.

There were two possibilities why Kim Jung-ho didn’t manage to treat Park Joong-sun. One factor might be his insufficient skill, and another being the consequences. On this matter, Su Tao felt that the possibility of the latter was much higher!

“Are you going to disregard a life out of a witch doctor’s revenge? If that’s the case, then I’m disappointed in you!” Jiang Qinghan reprimanded with a cold expression.

“Well, if you’re the patient, I will surely do my best, even if I’m going to offend Yama.” Su Tao knew that Jiang Qinghan was trying to prod him. Thus, he could only play the tender card to defend.

Instantly, his words made Jiang Qinghan’s heart ripple and she recalled how he took a bullet for her. She knew that he wasn’t spouting bullshit, and he might really have his own difficulties for treating Park Joong-sun. In the end, she helplessly stood up. “I can’t persuade you. It’s getting late now, so I will not disturb your rest any further.”

“Where are you going to stay? Why don’t you stay here?” Su Tao instantly realised that he didn’t finish his intentions. After all, there were so many dorms in the hospital, and Jiang Qinghan could save on the trouble of traveling.

After a brief pondering, Jiang Qinghan agreed, “Help me inform Mr. Du about that then. I happen to need to work overtime to sort out the case since I have to hand a report to Chief Mei tomorrow morning. Although the lodging isn’t that far away, time will still be wasted on traveling.”

Immediately, Su Tao made a call to Du Ping, which the latter swiftly arranged the matter. The personnel in the hospital came over to unlock the dorm next door. When Su Tao took a glance at the interior of the dorm, he realised that it wasn’t any different from his. After the hospital personnel left, Su Tao realised that the dorm was lacking an air conditioner remote. With such cold weather, it won’t do without the air conditioner. Therefore, he returned to his room and brought his remote over.

At this moment, Jiang Qinghan was already bending over the desk to sort out the documents regarding this case. However, Su Tao did not leave, but watched her.

All of a sudden, Jiang Qinghan turned her head over and looked at Su Tao in surprise and asked, “Why are you still here? It’s getting late!”

With a smile plastered on his face, Su Tao replied, “I’m afraid that you might be lonely here by yourself!”

Sourly rolling her eyes at Su Tao, Jiang Qinghan’s fingers swiftly tapped on the keyboard. “I’m not afraid of loneliness! If you’re standing here, I will feel disrupted!”

Knowing that Jiang Qinghan was trying to chase him away on purpose, Su Tao coughed, “Master, do you believe in ghosts?”

“Nope, I’m an atheist!” Jiang Qinghan coldly replied with a stern expression.

“On the contrary, I believe in them!” Su Tao sighed as he continued to blabber, “I’ve previously treated a Tomb Raider, and I was shocked when he rolled up his sleeves. His arm was covered with green hair and pus that looked as if he was cursed.”

“Are you done?!” Jiang Qinghan stood up and pointed in the direction of the door. “Leave, now!”

Su Tao laughed before he stood up and winked. “Master, I heard that the hospital is filled with Yin Energy, and it’s a place where most spirits gather!”

However, he swiftly dodged before Jiang Qinghan could even throw her teacup over, and had already shut the door.

“Stinking brat!” Jiang Qinghan sourly cussed. That disciple of hers showed an old and experienced bearing when he was making an analysis. But in just a blink, he had turned childish.

Normal women were afraid of ghosts and spirits, but Jiang Qinghan was a standard masculine woman. So how would she fall for it?

She’s currently immersed in the joy of the case. She was fascinated when it came to investigations, since it felt satisfying when she managed to solve a complicated case. Under Su Tao’s help, she managed to solve this food poisoning case, and she was currently immersed in this joy.

While she was sorting out the investigation reports, her door was suddenly knocked. She subconsciously knitted her brows. It’s 2 a.m. in the middle of the night. So who would knock on her door at this timing?

She couldn’t help recalling the words that Su Tao said before he left, but she shook her head shortly after. Su Tao couldn’t be so childish, right? Pranking her instead of sleeping at this timing?

Glancing through the peephole on the door, she snorted when she did not see anyone. She swiftly opened the door and her figure bolted out, then lashed a kick towards the silhouette that was leaning on the wall.

“Master has a formidable leg strength!” Su Tao awkwardly smiled while using his finger to brush aside the leg that was on his Adam's apple while gulping down a mouthful of saliva.

If Jiang Qinghan didn’t pull back in time, it would have been on his throat, and he would probably be on the ground by now.

The prowess of Hanzhou City’s Police Department’s Bella truly was extraordinary.

When Jiang Qinghan saw the plastic bag on Su Tao’s hands with disposable food packaging in it, she knew that he’s probably here to deliver supper. Thus, she sourly glanced at him before she barked, “What are you doing, trying to prank in the middle of the night?”

Waving the supper in his hands that permeated an aromatic fragrance, Su Tao smiled. “I’m not pranking you, but I’m here to give you a surprise. You’ll need to replenish your energy after working so late. Otherwise, not only will it be harmful to your stomach, but it will also affect your other bodily functions!”

“At least you’re filial!” Jiang Qinghan smiled. She knew that she had misunderstood Su Tao.

But it was this smile of hers that left Su Tao absent-minded!

Jiang Qinghan’s smile was beautiful. It was akin to the light of spring that melted snow; it felt warm.

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