Chapter 234 - The Truth Revealed

The ward wasn’t a place for disputes, and any talks had to be done on the table. Thus, South Korea and China parties tactfully separated and made preparations for the discussion tomorrow.

Sitting in a hotel room, Lee Jun-hyuk was kneeling before Shin Chae-won as he pleaded, “Aunty, please don’t believe in Kim Jung-ho’s words, he’s trying to frame me! I have absolutely nothing to do with Joong-sun being unconscious!”

Although Lee Jun-hyuk was the person responsible for SG Chaebol’s operation in China, he was inferior to Shin Chae-won, since she and her husband, Park Yong-ha, were the ones controlling SG Chaebol.

Casting a glance at Kim Jung-ho, Shin Chae-won said, “Jung-ho, take the evidence out and have him shut his mouth!”

Thus, Kim Jung-ho took out his phone upon her instruction and opened up his bank application. “Not long after we got down the airport, he intentionally put me in the same vehicle with him and gave me a sum of money, hoping that I could hold my hands back from treating Joong-sun!”

Immediately, Lee Jun-hyuk viciously looked at Kim Jung-ho and cursed, “Kim Jung-ho, you backstabber! You’re despicable and shameless!”

Hearing those words, Kim Jung-ho helplessly smiled. He realised that Lee Jun-hyuk was not only a lunatic, but he’s also an idiot. How could his small favours be comparable to the backing of Park Yong-ha and Shin Chae-won?

Although he really was lacking in funding recently, he’s not that shortsighted. As the medical consultant of SG Chaebol, he was equivalent to an intangible asset. So how could he be moved for merely ₩500,000,000?

Raising her hand, Shin Chae-won slapped Lee Jun-hyuk’s face. “Jun-hyuk, how can you harm Joong-sun, he is your cousin!”

At this moment, Lee Jun-hyuk knew that he couldn’t hide the matter anymore. He never expected that not only would Kim Jung-ho not help him, the latter even bit him back and used the bribery money against him.

Feeling the burning sensation on his cheek, Lee Jun-hyuk raised his head and looked at Shin Chae-won with disdain. “So what if he’s my cousin? Why is he the heir to SG Chaebol and not me?! I’ve worked so hard in China for so many years, and you’re going to give all my effort to him with an order? That’s not fair!”

Disappointment flickered in Shin Chae-won’s eyes as she said, “The reason why your grandfather called you back was due to you being unproductive in China, and there’s also a huge issue with the company’s accounts. If you’re hard-working enough and made an achievement that everyone acknowledged, you would certainly be put in a better position. However, you’ve disappointed us. You should hand the antidote to Joong-sun now, and we will consider your punishment with discretion. After all, we’re a family!”

A sinister smile appeared on Lee Jun-hyuk’s lips as he refuted, “Family? You’re actually using that term with me in SG Chaebol’s cruel environment? I’ve investigated the cause of my mother’s death, and you can’t shirk from the responsibility!”

“Nonsense!” Slapping Lee Jun-hyuk again, Shin Chae-won threatened, “Hand over the antidote now, or no one can save you!”

“I don’t have the antidote, and did you think that I would hand it over even if I did have it?” Lee Jun-hyuk shook his head and laughed, “I’ve already made preparations if this matter is exposed. I will not let Joong-sun go, and I will drag him to hell with me! But of course, he will go ahead first!”

“Take him away and watch him closely!” Shin Chae-won knew that it’s futile to speak with this person who didn’t have any shred of humanity.

Watching Lee Jun-hyuk being taken away, Shin Chae-won took out a feminine cigarette from her pocket with her wrist trembling and lit it. Then she took a puff before asking, “Jung-ho, is there really no way to treat Joong-sun?”

Solemnly nodding his head, Kim Jung-ho responded, “Black magic is an extremely mysterious evil art. Although I’ve studied TKM for a long time, and have seen patients in similar conditions, treating it requires some luck. Joong-sun is too unfortunate, since the person who cast the black magic on him is so powerful that even I’m helpless!”

Tear beads rolled down from the corner of Shin Chae-won’s eyes. She’s a strong woman, but at the same time, she’s also a mother; despite having an unyielding side to her, there’s also a tender side.

“With Jun-hyuk’s character, he won’t hand over the antidote.” Shin Chae-won helplessly said, before she asked, “Is there really no way to save Joong-sun?”

All of a sudden, a silhouette flashed in Kim Jung-ho’s mind, so he suggested, “There might be someone capable of dealing with this situation!”

“Who is it? Even if he’s at the end of the world, I’ll find him at all costs!” When Shin Chae-won heard Kim Jung-ho’s words, it felt as if she had grabbed onto the last hope.

“He’s a physician in China, and he was together with us earlier.” Kim Jung-ho said with a weak smile on his face.

Shin Chae-won knew why Kim Jung-ho would react in this matter. Although the representative from SG Chaebol was poisoned, everyone has already been treated. On the other hand, the two patients that were still unconscious had nothing to do with China’s party.

Even now, China’s party was suspecting if they’re purposely trying to shove the responsibility over to them and cause disharmony between the two countries.

Luo Xiao travelled back to Qiongjin City late in the night. Just a moment ago, he received a notice from the province to discuss how to handle SG Chaebol. Luo Xiao massaged his temples in the vehicle as his secretary informed, “Shi Jiabin is calling!”

“Reject the call! You tell him to clean his mess himself, and I won’t take part in this matter!” Luo Xiao coldly instructed.

The efficiency of Hanzhou City’s police was too swift. Initially, he was just going to find an excuse tomorrow to have someone take over the case. At that time, he could manipulate the matter as he wished. However, the criminal police have already found the suspect who poisoned the foreign guests within twelve hours. It was beyond of Luo Xiao’s expectations.

He was extremely disappointed in this matter. He initially wanted to make use of this matter to shake the situation in the organisation’s operation in Huainan Province. Zhang Ping was the general of a leader in the provincial organisation, and if he could make Zhang Ping suffer a loss, it would be akin to breaking a limb of that figure.

Disputes often emphasised on making small actions to have a significant effect. By setting a trap on Zhang Ping, it would be able to set a fire in that figure’s backyard, and that was his objective.

However, Luo Xiao never expected that the development of this situation would go beyond his expectations. Most importantly, the criminal police have already found the culprit, which instantly turned the situation around.

Shi Jiabin was a supervisor who dealt with human resources and belonged to the same camp as Luo Xiao. On the other hand, Shi Jiabin was once a comrade-in-arms with Ma Yongguo, which was the reason why they cooperated this time, due to their relationship.

But Luo Xiao now had to cautiously deal with this situation and avoid having contact with Shi Jiabin. After all, this was a stick of dynamite, and even he had no idea who would be caught in the explosion if this blew up!

“Mr. Hong Jun just called, do you want to answer it?” Seeing Luo Xiao’s unpleasant emotions, the secretary asked with caution.

“Aren’t you speaking nonsense? How can I not answer his call?!” Right now, he was more afraid of receiving a call from his superior, Hong Jun, the Vice-Head of the provincial organisation.

Taking the phone over, Hong Jun’s solemn voice resounded from the other side, “Old Luo, how’s the situation?”

With a bitter smile, Luo Xiao shook his head. “The situation is extremely complicated, and we’ve already found out that someone in Baoyou County schemed the poison! This matter is now involved in the internal struggles amongst a few important personnel in the county organisation.”

Knocking his finger on the table, Hong Jun unhappily said, “If there’s a struggle on the inside, then it should be dealt with internally. How can our foreign guests be implicated in the struggle?”

Luo Xiao tried to explain in an awkward tone, “This matter isn’t that serious yet. The foreign guests aren’t in a serious situation, and they will recover after some simple treatments.”

“Why did I hear that the two of them are still unconscious?!” Hong Jun knitted his brows and continued, “Old Luo, although special means are sometimes required in handling matters, someone has overstepped their boundary this time. This incident has already attracted the attention of headquarters, and if it cannot be properly resolved, you and I will not have a good time!”

Hong Jun had a fiery temper, to begin with, and was the complete opposite of the refined Yin Kailang. Thus, he didn’t even give Luo Xiao the chance to explain and immediately ended the call.

Hearing the busy tone, Luo Xiao was helpless. He knew that this matter had blown up. So he couldn't be free from this matter, even if he wanted to.

In Su Tao’s ward, Zhang Ping, Du Ping, Jiang Qinghan, and Zhang Zhen were discussing the current situation. However, the matter was no longer that serious, since the truth has been revealed, and it had nothing to do with Du Ping.

“I never expected that Lu Gang would be so outrageous and implicate a foreign guest to deal with me! What a vile action!” Du Ping read the statement from the culprit before he said with lingering fear. If the truth hadn’t come to light, then he would probably be finished.

Glancing at Zhang Ping, Zhang Zhen straightforwardly said, “Standing behind Lu Gang is a leader of your organisation, Ma Yongguo, and there’s someone else standing behind him as well. So if we continue our investigation, I’m afraid that we will drag a whole bunch of people into this matter.”

Waving his hand to stop Zhang Zhen, Zhang Ping replied, “That’s enough with the investigation. I will inform the leaders of the province that we’re not going to continue to investigate and let them decide on this. You guys have done well in this matter, and it’s a great contribution for such a swift investigation. I will give feedback to the relevant department and reward your team!”

With a faint smile, Jiang Qinghan glanced at Su Tao and frankly said, “It’s mainly all due to Su Tao providing an important trail for us. If it wasn’t for his clue, we wouldn’t have been able to find the actual crime scene, and our investigation would certainly have hit a dead-end.”

Wearing a smile on his face, Zhang Ping turned to look at Su Tao and asked, “Why were you able to guess the entire cause and effect after examining Park Joong-sun and Choi Beom-gyu?”

With the current development, there’s no need for Su Tao to keep the suspense. The reason why he didn’t talk about it earlier was out of fear that it might be leaked out and allow the masterminds to play it to their advantage.

“Since the culprit could falsify the crime scene, they could create all sorts of obstructions for us as well. However, the body of a patient will not lie.” Su Tao tried his best to explain, “When I took Park Joong-sun’s pulse, I found out that his condition wasn’t the same as the rest. Thus, I instantly figured that there’s a chain behind the case, and the culprits weren’t on the same side.”

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