Chapter 233 - The story’s reversal

In the Book of Changes, Yin and Yang were classified as Dao. Similarly, humans were also separated into Yin and Yang; Yang meant the human body, while Yin meant the soul.

When the human body was ill, it would be in the form of a flu and fever, the Yang Illnesses; If the soul was sick, then it would be in the form of mental illnesses such as insanity, the Yin Illnesses.

In more simplified terms, Yang Illnesses meant physiological illnesses, while Yin Illnesses meant psychological illnesses.

Since the unconscious state of Park Joong-sun was due to black magic, it meant that not only was his physiology injured, but his soul was also affected. Thus, it’s known as the Yin Illness. The reason why Kim Jung-ho opted for the Ghastly Thirteen Needles was to target this illness.

Roughly more than an hour later, Kim Jung-ho came out of the surgery room with his forehead covered in sweat. He no longer had the refined appearance from before. What he did wasn’t as simple as acupuncture, but an acupuncture session that required him to focus his soul. Thus, it wasn’t a small difficulty.

Shin Chae-won swiftly went up and anxiously asked, “How’s Joong-sun?”

Her biggest reliance was Kim Jung-ho, who was exceptionally talented with his medical skills. The latter’s status in the Korean medical industry had exceeded medical studies, and he had relied on his medical skills to become a celebrity. It was akin to the Queen of Figure Skating, Kim Yeon-ah, who received the love of her fellow countrymen.

It worked the same for every single industry. The moment you reached the pinnacle, it would be akin to a name card of the trade, which Kim Jung-ho had achieved that.

Compared to him, Wang Guofeng was a lot more lacking.

Shaking his head with a bitter smile, Kim Jung-ho spoke in Korean, “Ordinary methods can’t deal with the black magic that he’s under. I’ve already done my best, but I can only alleviate his condition for the moment. If you want to treat him completely, then you have to find the one that cast the black magic on him!”

Black magic wasn’t a secret amongst the upper echelons in South Korea, and it was especially popular amongst the upper-class women, which could be seen from those Korean historical dramas. During a power struggle in the palace, there would often be a plot regarding black magic by using a straw figurine with the person’s birth data on it before muttering some curse to cast black magic on their victims.

Actually, the theory of black magic wasn’t that profound. Aside from curses, medicine was also used in black magic. The witch doctor would use secretive and special methods to make their victim take the medicine, leading to their mental confusion-state.

Naturally, those medicines were incredibly mysterious, and every witch doctor would use a different formula. Thus, special antidotes were required to dissolve the black magic, so there’s a great difficulty for Kim Jung-ho to dispel the black magic on Park Joong-sun in such a short amount of time.

“How did my son get involved in the vile arts of black magic?!” Shin Chae-won’s eyes turned red. She couldn’t accept this fact.

“I’m not sure of the exact situation!” Kim Jung-ho felt that he had to keep this a secret for the time being. At least it wasn’t appropriate to be announced at this moment.

As Shin Chae-won looked through the mirror, she couldn’t put her emotions into words. All along, Park Joong-sun was her pride. Not only was he blessed with an outstanding appearance, but he has also been trying to improve himself. Thus, he was valued by his father and grandfather, and if there wasn’t any mishap, he would become the heir of SG Chaebol in the future.

Finally, the repressed anger in her heart finally started to leak and she pointed at China’s party, then roared, “If anything happens to my son, I will certainly make you guys pay the price!”

However, the translator had kept the first half of the sentence and translated the second half of it.

The China party wore ugly expressions, since it was an indisputable fact that Park Joong-sun’s mishap occurred within the country.

Stepping forth, Zhang Ping comforted, “Mrs. Shin, don’t worry. We’re trying our best to transfer our best doctors over to treat Department Chief Park, and I believe that everything will be fine.”

Before the translator could finish translating, Shin Chae-won coldly said, “I have no need for you to shed crocodile tears. I will inform my husband in a moment to give up on the investment project in China, and let him give up on a vile country like China.”

When the translator translated her words, he also wore an unsightly expression, since Shin Chae-won’s speech was extremely strong, which put China’s party in a difficult situation.

Shin Chae-won’s emotions have also reached the breaking point. If her son could wake up, she might be able to forgo all matters. However, even Kim Jung-ho was helpless, which meant that there’s a possibility that her son might never wake up. Whether it was from the angle of a mother or the family, Shin Chae-won could no longer maintain her composure.

Luo Xiao, who had kept his silence on the side, knew that he couldn’t stay silent anymore, so he said, “Mrs. Shin, please calm down. Since it has already occurred, what we should do right now is to resolve the issue, and not complicate the situation.”

Shaking her head, Shin Chae-won’s mind was currently filled with anger, so she continued, “Tomorrow, the foreign news will report that your organisation is using an investment as a pretence to harm foreign businessmen. As for the rest, I will get a lawyer to talk on my behalf. You guys must compensate us for this matter, and also find the culprit for us to handle!”

The compensation that Shin Chae-won wanted was undoubtedly an unacceptable price that would blow up the matter, and the government would also suffer a loss. Thus, China’s party couldn’t help feeling depressed.

However, Luo Xiao was, after all, a figure. Thus, he was also placed in an awkward position from Shin Chae-won’s attitude. But at this moment, he could only direct his rage at his subordinate, so he turned to Zhang Ping and ordered, “Zhang Ping, you’re Hanzhou City’s management, and you must be held responsible with regards to this matter. As for your actual punishment, I will report this to the provincial branch for discussion.”

Zhang Ping was the manager of the organisation’s operation in Hanzhou City. Thus, the matter would have to be raised to the provincial organisation, and a meeting amongst the higher management had to be held for this matter, which Luo Xiao said it after careful deliberations.

Hearing those words, Zhang Ping’s face was unsightly and he felt his anger penting up with nowhere to vent. Although this was an unexpected event, it had occurred under his jurisdiction, and he wouldn’t be able to shirk from the responsibility.

When Du Ping saw Zhang Ping being reprimanded, he could only bitterly bear it, before he stepped forth. “Mr. Luo, this is a complicated matter, and someone is trying to cause trouble with ill intentions. So you can’t push the blame all on Mr. Zhang!”

Since Lu Xiao had his rage all pent up, he instantly directed it onto Du Ping, since the latter stood out, “Didn’t I suspend you? What are you still doing here?”

Du Ping had plucked up his courage, since he knew that Luo Xiao had an honourable status, and if he didn’t fight for it, he and Zhang Ping would suffer injustice. Thus, he revealed the investigation, “The criminal police have found the suspect who laid the poison in the hotel, and this is an act of poisoning with intention.”

After a brief stun, Luo Xiao looked around. Du Ping’s words were naturally heard by the South Koreans as well. Thus, his eyes turned red and he wondered if Du Ping had gone insane. Wasn’t this directly telling them that China was responsible for this matter?

Pointing his finger at Du Ping’s nose, Lu Xiao hollered, “Du Ping, you will take responsibility for the words you’ve said!”

Nodding his head, Du Ping refuted, “Mr. Luo, everyone here can be witnesses to it. I will take responsibility for the words I’ve said!”

Hearing the translation of their conversation, Shin Chae-won started to roar and pounce towards Luo Xiao, “You murderers! Treat my son this instant, now!”

It was also beyond Luo Xiao’s expectation that Du Ping would reveal the investigation details in a publically suicidal manner. As the highest-ranking official from the organisation, it was natural for Shin Chae-won to look for him and demand an explanation.

Although Shin Chae-won was an upper-class woman, she showed shrewish behaviour of a Korean aunt that’s not any inferior to an aunt in China. In just a brief moment, Luo Xiao’s clothes were a mess, and even his tidy hairstyle had also turned into a mess.

It took a great effort for others to separate the two of them, while Lee Jun-hyuk watched the whole event from the side. The situation was developing according to his plan.

Just a moment ago, he was left anxious that Kim Jung-ho would treat Park Joong-sun. If that’s the case, then all his plans would go down the drain. However, he had to admit that Kim Jung-ho’s acting was so marvellous that he even tricked him.

Amid the chaos, Du Ping came to Zhang Ping and whispered in the latter’s ears. Hearing those words, Zhang Ping’s gaze flickered and he turned to Su Tao, who was standing not too far away from them.

Seeing Zhang Ping’s gaze, Su Tao nodded his head, which gave Zhang Ping an assurance in his heart. Clearing his throat, Zhang Ping said in a voice that wasn’t loud, yet powerful, “Everyone, please calm down. We’re not finished with Mr. Du’s words. I admit that we’re responsible for the poisoning behind the South Korean personnel; but we have nothing to do with the two patients still being unconscious.”

At this moment, Shin Chae-won and Luo Xiao had already been separated. There were many reasons that caused the chaotic situation, with both language and cultural barriers being one of the factors.

Earlier, Shin Chae-won was too emotional, and only managed to calm herself down at this moment, then she asked, “Who are you going to push the responsibility to now?”

Shaking his head, Zhang Ping responded, “The reason why Department Chief Park and Section Chief Choi are still unconscious is due to black magic, and it was a month ago, before they came to China. As for their destination, they should have gone to Thailand.”

After Shin Chae-won heard Zhang Ping’s explanation, her gaze fell to Kim Jung-ho. The latter also cast a glance at Su Tao and sighed in his heart. That young and talented physician was genuinely formidable. Su Tao already managed to see through Park Joong-sun’s condition.

“Black magic?” When Luo Xiao heard that explanation, he had shock on his face and pondered if Zhang Ping had gone insane. He’s the city’s management, so how could he speak such superstition crap like black magic in public?

Compared to making mistakes, talking incoherently was even more fatal!

However, Luo Xiao was surprised when he saw Shin Chae-won calmly taking this. Could it be that this maniac accepted the explanation?

“I’m even suspecting whether South Korea is trying to stir disputes on purpose by causing pressure from public opinion of the international community.” Zhang Ping continued to speak unhurriedly.

If Park Joong-sun had contact with the black magic before he came to China, which suddenly experienced an outbreak when he came to China, then it could be considered South Korea’s meticulous scheme.

Thus, the South Korean side had to consider if they’re going to spread this matter. After all, someone managed to see through that the two’s condition had nothing to do with food poisoning.

At this moment, Kim Jung-ho approached Shin Chae-won’s ear and he whispered a few words. Hearing his words, Shin Chae-won tidied up her clothes and restored her appearance back to an upper-class woman before she said, “It’s getting late now, and my son needs to rest. We’ll discuss it again tomorrow.”

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