Chapter 232 - Ghastly Needles, Black Magic

Kim Jung-ho was intentionally placed in another vehicle by Lee Jun-hyuk. Adjusting his collar, Lee Jun-hyuk showed his usual smile. “Jung-ho, it has been a long time since we last met.”

“Was it two years?” Kim Jung-ho looked at Lee Jun-hyuk’s face and knew that the latter must have undergone plastic surgery again. Back then, his face wasn’t as stylish as it was now. “The last time we met was on Jun-na’s birthday, and you were still a fatty back then. I never expected that you would lose weight so quickly. Where did you get that surgery done? The effect seems pretty good!”

Lee Jun-hyuk was briefly stunned before he felt his face burning. He could tell the disdain in Kim Jung-ho’s words. He tried his best to suppress the rage in his heart and responded, “Jung-ho, you’re still as arrogant as before in your speech! Jun-na confessed to you on her birthday back then, but it was a pity that you didn’t even spare a glance at her and left my lovable sister in pain for years.”

“Years? I heard that she found a boyfriend in Europe in the second month, and her boyfriend looks pretty handsome!” Kim Jung-ho refuted without any hesitation. He watched Lee Jun-hyuk’s sister grow up since young, and despite the fact that she had gone plastic surgery, her face couldn’t be evaluated as lovable. Instead, it was a disgusting fox face.

Sniffing his nose, Lee Jun-hyuk lowered his voice, “Fine, let’s not talk about that anymore. I would like to ask for your help!”

Looking at Lee Jun-hyuk with a complicated gaze, Kim Jung-ho asked, “Don’t tell me that you’re related to Joong-sun’s condition?”

However, Lee Jun-hyuk did not directly respond to that question, “I know that your medical skills are superb, but don’t treat Joong-sun this time!”

Falling into a brief silence, Kim Jung-ho continued to probe, “The competition for the heir of SG Chaebol has actually progressed to this point, what a shock!”

Lee Jun-hyuk gave out a promise, “As long as you agree, you will always be SG Chaebol’s Chief Medical Consultant.”

Shaking his head, Kim Jung-ho smiled. “If I managed to treat Joong-sun, he will be extremely grateful to me in the future, and he will also take good care of me!”

“That fellow is useless!” Lee Jun-hyuk realised that Kim Jung-ho wasn’t easy to deal with, so he continued to offer, “If you can keep your hands to yourself, I will give you a sum of funding. According to what I’ve heard, you’re preparing to build your own Medical Center, and you should be lacking in funds.”

Holding onto his chin, Kim Jung-ho didn’t look at Lee Jun-hyuk on purpose and said, “You’re an ambitious fellow, but you’re not hateful!”

When Lee Jun-hyuk heard that evaluation, his gaze flashed with a trace of pride, since he knew that Kim Jung-ho has agreed.

Sitting in the car, Lee Jun-hyuk gave a call to his secretary and instructed his secretary to transfer ₩500,000,000 to Kim Jung-ho’s account, openly!

Seeing Kim Jung-ho closing his eyes, Lee Jun-hyuk didn’t continue to speak. Since he had made the transfer, that meant that Kim Jung-ho was already on the same ship as him, which the latter wouldn’t be able to get off for the time being.

No one imagined that a small county would gather so many powerful specialists in such a short time, with both western doctors and TCM physicians all trying to treat Park Joong-ho and Choi Beom-gyu.

Seeing so many specialists here, Wang Guofeng suddenly felt that his existence was unnecessary. Despite his fame at such a young age, he was still lacking when compared to his seniors.

But due to the fact that this matter was related to the mysterious evil arts of black magic, no one dared to speak a word, even if they’ve noticed it, since it wasn’t scientific!

When a familiar silhouette showed up, Wang Guofeng’s gaze turned cold. However, he went up without any hesitation.

“Brother Guofeng, it has been a long time!” Kim Jung-ho was a refined fellow, and no one would feel loathful for him when they see him.

Shaking hands with Kim Jung-ho, Wang Guofeng shook his head and said in a refined manner, “Physician Kim, I also never expected that I would see you here.”

With the corner of his lips raised, Kim Jung-ho humorously said, “If the doctors in China were capable, then I wouldn’t have to come all the way over! Naturally, I have to thank you for being helpless, which puts the worth in me as SG Chaebol’s specially-hired medical consultant, isn’t it?”

Immediately, Wang Guofeng’s face turned ugly. If it was someone else, he might refute their words. However, he had lost to Kim Jung-ho, so the latter did possess the qualification to jeer at him.

However, Wang Guofeng still managed to maintain his composure. “Then I’ll see if the numero uno of TKM, Kim Jung-ho has the ability to treat the two of them!”

Hearing the response, Kim Jung-ho laughed. Although he has been launching assaults at Wang Guofeng, he displayed the attitude of a reputable doctor that gave out a fresh breeze-like sensation to others.

When Wang Guofeng faced Kim Jung-ho, he couldn’t help reflecting on their gap!

Zhang Ping’s expression was unsightly, since all the pressure was now on him. Just a moment ago, his superiors had given him a call, saying that he would be held responsible if the two patients were not treated. Despite being a self-disciplined and cautious person, he expected that he would land into such a situation from this stir.

Standing outside the hospital, Zhang Ping couldn’t help taking out his cigarette box, wanting to relax with the help of tobacco. But at this moment, he saw Du Ping running over and shoved the cigarette box back into his pocket. “Any progress?”

“We’ve found the culprit! He was jailed a few years ago for a similar offense, and it was him in this incident as well!” Du Ping handed the documents over to Zhang Ping.

Hearing some progression, Zhang Ping’s face loosened up and asked, “What’s his motive?”

Du Ping softly replied, “When he was in jail, his wife had remarried and left behind their daughter and his parents. His family is suffering from poverty, and his father just happens to be seriously ill. Thus, he needed money, and someone approached him at that moment!”

With the culprit found, Zhang Ping could finally feel relieved, so he continued, “The efficiency from the police this time is pretty good!”

“Jiang Qinghan and her team are the ones in this investigation.” Du Ping further added, “She has also been consecutively breaking cases; she’s a great talent!”

Nodding his head, Zhang Ping responded, “I’ve seen her information. Women managing cases are more dedicated and meticulous.”

Du Ping knew that if it was any other time, Zhang Ping would directly give a reward to Jiang Qinghan. But it was a pity that this case was extremely complicated, and even if they managed to find the culprit, the predicament was still yet to be solved.

Taking out another document from his bag, Du Ping continued, “Five years ago, Lu Gang was once a teacher in that school. Due to the serious matter back then, Lu Gang had some interaction with the culprit, so I suspect that he might be involved!”

With a bitter smile, Du Ping replied, “Then it looks like Ma Yongguo is also related in this case!”

Lu Gang was Ma Yongguo’s loyal comrade, and it wouldn’t be a simple matter since the top official of Baoyou County was involved.

Exhaling in relief, Du Ping knew that he could now avoid half of the responsibility on this matter with such a progression on the case and asked, “What should we do now?”

A cold light flickered in Du Ping’s eyes as he instructed, “Continue to investigate in regards to those involved. Regardless of their status, we will hit them all at once!

“Secretary Zhang, I’m sorry to make you worry!” Du Ping sighed.

Patting Du Ping’s shoulder, Zhang Ping responded, “Little Du, this was initially targeted at me, but you were hit by a stray bullet since you stood at the front. Don’t worry, as long as you’re not guilty, the truth will come to light!”

After separating from Zhang Ping, Du Ping came to the dorm and looked for Su Tao. While the others were all anxious, Su Tao was still as calm as always.

“Just as you’ve analysed, the hotel was the crime scene, and we’ve already managed to lock down on our initial suspect.” Du Ping felt admiration for Su Tao. Although Jiang Qinghan’s effort was undeniable in the progression of the case, it was also due to Su Tao’s judgment and analysis that played a key role.

“What’s the situation with the patients?” Su Tao could predict that there were lots of specialists in the hospital to look at the patients by now.

“Wang Guofeng and the other specialists are helpless. South Korea’s side has also dispatched a specialist over, a young doctor named Kim Jung-ho. It is said that he has a huge reputation back in his country!” Du Ping helplessly sighed, before he continued, “Although the case has already come to light, and I still have to bear the responsibility, since my negligence allowed the foreign guests to be poisoned!”

Su Tao nodded his head. He never expected that Kim Jung-ho would show up. Carrying his medical box, he smiled. “Let’s go. Since everyone is here, there’s no need to wait till tomorrow. We can uncover the veil tonight.”

What is Su Tao trying to do? But despite the puzzlement, Du Ping still followed Su Tao out.

In the county hospital, Park Joong-sun has already been shifted to the surgery room, with the group of experts from the province standing outside the glass, observing the treatment. Kim Jung-ho did not use many tools, nor did he require any helper. He simply opened up his medical box and started to perform acupuncture for Park Joong-sun by himself.

Roughly half an hour later, Kim Jung-ho’s movements left many specialists from Huainan shocked.

“The Ghastly Thirteen Needles!” Wang Guofeng had shock in his eyes when he looked at Kim Jung-ho’s techniques.

He had heard of this acupuncture technique, but it was a legend passed down through words. Thus, he did not look into it seriously.

In reality, some people would be contracted with inexplicable illnesses that even top hospitals and doctors were helpless against.

Those conditions were known as Yin Illness, or more often known as Evil Illnesses, basically what others would go by bewitched or possessed. In history books, the Ghastly Thirteen Needles was invented by Zhang Daoling from ancient times meant to dispel all evil. It was a secret that’s forbidden for outsiders of the Yixuan Clan.

“In all illnesses related to evil, the needles only have to recognise thirteen acupoints. First the Guigong Acupoint, next, the Guixin Acupoint…”

This was the rhyme circulated with regards to the Ghastly Thirteen Needles, but it still required clever variations when it came to the actual treatment.

Thus, Kim Jung-ho using the Ghastly Thirteen Needles was undoubtedly the best treatment method.

This also gave Su Tao a deeper understanding of Kim Jung-ho. This fellow was strong, and at least two or three levels above Wang Guofeng! He had also looked into the Ghastly Thirteen Needles. Although it looked simple, it required a great amount of energy. Speaking in more abstract terms, you have to put your soul into it. Thus, he could tell that Kim Jung-ho’s medical skills have entered the finest realm.

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The Guigong and Guixin Acupoints are actually referencing from the techniques itself. Their actual names are Renzhong and Shaoshang Acupoints respect

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