Chapter 231 - The situation continues to escalate

As time passed, Jiang Qinghan, who thought that she could find some clues, returned empty-handed!

“The hotel where the guests from South Korea were staying at had all of their surveillance footage wiped.” She gave a call to Du Ping and continued, “Although there isn’t any actual evidence, it has indirectly proven that the South Korea representatives weren’t poisoned in the restaurant, but the hotel instead.”

A powerless expression flickered in Du Ping’s eyes as he continued, “Since it occurred in the hotel, then as the organiser, we can’t avoid the responsibility. After all, it’s negligence on our part.”

Seeing as Du Ping had the concept of the general situation, Jiang Qinghan requested in a solemn voice, “I need a name list from you.”

“What name list?” Du Ping calmly asked. It was a bad habit of his to say half of what he had intended.

Despite knowing that she wanted, Du Ping still wanted to hear it from Jiang Qinghan’s mouth. However, Jiang Qinghan’s mind was focused on the investigation, and she couldn’t be bothered to beat around the bush. “I need a list of those who are discontent with you. This matter is clearly targeting you.”

Knitting his brows, Du Ping responded, “I’ll give you a name list of a few people later. But you must ensure the confidentiality of it. If it’s leaked out, not only will it affect me, but you will also be affected.”

Jiang Qinghan knew that Du Ping had thought deeply about this matter. If the name list was leaked, the struggle for power in the company would go from the shadow to light. Thus, she had to pay extra attention to this matter. After all, this was a serious matter with severe consequences. Any conflict was built on the foundation of balance, and no one would fall out entirely unless as a last resort.

Most importantly, Du Ping didn’t have absolute trust in Jiang Qinghan, so he couldn’t bare his heart to her.

Shortly after, Jiang Qinghan’s phone vibrated and she received a few names, which she deleted them after looking at it. At the same time, Zhang Zhen had also called to report the result of his filtering.

“There are five who hold criminal records from using poison. After excluding one middle-aged female, who poisoned her sisters-in-law, the remaining four are extremely suspicious.” Zhang Zhen patiently read through the report as he continued, “Among the four of them, there’s one that holds the highest suspicion. He once poisoned a High School cafeteria five years ago, causing hundreds of students to suffer from food poisoning. Furthermore, he was just released a while ago!”

Jiang Qinghan continued to pursue, “What’s his identity, and what was his motive back then?”

“The name of this person is Gao Mingfei, a Chemistry Teacher of Baoyou High School. Back then, he had some arguments with the Principal, which was the reason why he planned the poison in the cafeteria.” Zhang Zhen helplessly continued, “The character of this person is a little extreme, and he can be considered an extreme intellectual nationalist; despite his polished appearance outside, he’s someone with meticulous thoughts. If he didn’t surrender himself back then, I’m afraid that no one would have found out that he’s the culprit. Back then, everyone even misunderstood, thinking that the food poisoning incident was an accident.”

Although the two cases share a similarity, they would require the suspect’s motive for committing the crime in a case. Otherwise, they couldn't prove that Gao Mingfei was behind this incident.

Thus, Jiang Qinghan ordered, “I will give you a name list later, see if any of them are related to Gao Mingfei.”

“Alright, I’ll wait for your information.” Zhang Zhen finally felt relieved, and his work for half a day wasn’t in vain. It appears that they’re endlessly close to the truth now.

On the other hand, Wang Guofeng had also informed his father about Park Joong-sun and Choi Beom-gyu’s conditions.

Although Wang Ru wasn’t present to diagnose the patients personally, he already knew what was going on from the information that Wang Guofeng had provided. Thus, he knitted his brows. “Guofeng, this case isn’t as simple as food poisoning!”

Nodding his head, Wang Guofeng sighed, “I’ve also realised that, but what else could it be?”

Hearing those words, Wang Ru sighed at Wang Guofeng’s lack of experience. Despite being the Vice-Principal of Huainan’s TCM University, and also receiving patients in the province’s hospital, Wang Guofeng wasn’t exposed widely enough. Thus, he was a little lacking when it came to unusual cases. However, it was also reasonable that Wang Guofeng couldn’t identify the illness of the two South Koreans.

“If I’ve guessed it correctly, it should be black magic!” Wang Ru’s eyes flickered with a trace of hesitation.

“Black magic? Isn’t that superstitious?” Wang Guofeng never expected that his father would give him such an answer.

South Korea’s black magic and witchcraft poisonous insects belonged to the classification of witch doctors, and due to the mystery of them, they were only circulated within a small range. However, you couldn’t deny that the art of witch doctors were entirely phony. Their herbal studies even exceeded TCM in some factors.

Thus, Wang Ru patiently explained, “I once met a South Korean monk, and he had once used black magic to help an old man, who had been suffering from a stroke for years to walk normally for a short period. Although black magic can harm others, it can also save others.”

He was somewhat disappointed in Wang Guofeng’s response. In the eyes of many, TCM was also no different from superstitions. The art of witch doctors was an integral branch of medical studies as well, which Wang Guofeng was clearly in disdain about this matter.

Although Wang Guofeng had no favourable opinion about witch doctors, he believed it due to his absolute trust in his father’s medical skills. Thus, he asked in doubt, “Is there any way to treat the two of them?”

After a brief silence, Wang Ru shook his head. “Every witch doctor that practices black magic would generally pick only one successor, and only they know what they’ve used. Thus, we have to find that witch doctor who performed the black magic to treat the two of them.”

With a bitter smile, Wang Guofeng shook his head. “Dad, how can I explain this reasoning? I’ve come over with Luo Xiao, and if I told him what you told me, how would he look at me?”

His tone had turned a little annoyed. He still initially hoped to obtain the answer from his father.

After some pondering, Wang Ru ordered, “Speak the truth. Concerning this matter, you’re not suitable to take part. After all, your ability is still lacking.”

Disappointment flickered in Wang Guofeng’s eyes as he responded, “Then I’ll ask Master and see if he has any ideas!”

Wang Ru sighed that his son was a little too stubborn. Despite knowing that he’s not capable of resolving this issue, he still wanted to take up this matter, and that’s merely being reckless!

He had also sensed the changes in his son, who had become a little more rash recently and no longer was as composed as before.

After calling his master and told him about the situation, the Medical Dao Sect’s Sect Master deeply sighed, “Your father’s judgment is correct. The two of them should be under medicinal black magic. The medicinal black magic has tens of thousands of uses, and it’s the research of several generations of witch doctors. Thus, we need that particular antidote for it to resolve the issue.”

Wang Guofeng couldn’t swallow this matter down, so he pursued, “Will there be any effect if I use the Detoxifying Pellet and Detoxifying Acupuncture Technique?”

With a solemn voice, the Medical Dao Sect’s Sect Master responded, “Guofeng, patients aren't experimental subjects, and you can’t take any risk if you’re not confident! Don’t forget this principle!”

In the end, Wang Guofeng helplessly sighed, “Understood.”

Thus, he went to look for Luo Xiao and told the latter about this matter. Upon hearing the explanation, Luo Xiao had disappointment in his eyes and sighed, “Guofeng, you’re the youngest and most talented specialist in the province. If you can’t treat them, who will be able to treat the two of them?”

Wang Guofeng could only sigh and comforted, “Even if we can’t treat the two of them, we can make it clear that the reason the two patients are unconscious has nothing to do with food poisoning!”

Waving his hand, Luo Xiao said with a solemn expression, “There’s no meaning in talking about this right now. Even if it’s not related to us, we also won’t be able to avoid responsibility.”

After Wang Guofeng left the room, Luo Xiao had a complicated gaze, before he dialled Hong Jun’s mobile to report about this situation, “The situation is troublesome now. The two foreign guests are still unconscious, and our specialist is helpless!”

With his brows knitted, Hong Jun unhappily said, “How did this matter become so complicated?”

Luo Xiao helplessly replied, “The two foreign guests being unconscious actually has nothing to do with the food poisoning, and it’s just a coincidence!”

Knocking his finger on the table, Hong Jun instructed, “The SG Chaebol is an influential enterprise, and Foreign Affairs are pressuring the province now. There are a lot of great figures directing their attention towards Hanzhou, so you must deal with this situation appropriately.”

After hanging up the phone, Hong Jun’s face was solemn. His subordinates were too worrisome in handling stuff.

A middle-aged man picked up a red fixed phone. Generally, this fixed phone wouldn’t ring, but if it did, it meant that there’s a critical matter.

“Old Yin, the matter in Huainan has blown up.” A robust voice slowly said, then continued, “South Korea’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has been applying pressure on our organization.”

With a faint smile, the middle-aged man responded, “Our relationship with South Korea has been shaky recently, and they’ve finally caught something on us!”

Seeing that the middle-aged man could still maintain his composure, the caller sighed, “The SG Chaebol is one of South Korea’s four major chaebols, and the unconscious Park Joong-sun is the eldest son of the Vice-President, Park Yong-ha. Park Yong-ha has been someone we’re trying to get on our side, and he could act as a go-between in South Korea’s politics. If anything happens to his son, then we will be losing a powerful helper.”

South Korea and America have been establishing strategic cooperation in their economy. Although it was said to be targeting North Korea, they were also issuing a provocation to the neighbouring countries. Through their own methods, China has been trying to crumble this solid relationship. Furthermore, they had numerous other tactics to penetrate their government!

Indeed, there’s no small issue when foreign affairs were involved. The middle-aged man was briefly stunned. He never expected that this situation would be so serious. The phone was already hung up and he rubbed his temples, pondering for a long time before he issued an order!

Regardless of the costs, Park Joong-sun must be treated!

Instantly, the entire healthcare system in Huainan Province became busy. The province had to coordinate with the organization’s request. Thus, they formed the strongest group to head over to Baoyou County to assist. Everyone was racing against time. They’re worried that the situation in Baoyou County might worsen.

At the same time, a private plane landed on Hanzhou City’s airport and a dozen people walked out. Standing at the front was a middle-aged woman wearing sunglasses with a handsome youth following behind her wearing a gentle smile on his face.

When Lee Jun-hyuk saw the group coming out of the airport, he immediately went forth. “Aunt, welcome to Hanzhou!”

“How’s Joong-sun?” Shin Chae-won removed her sunglasses and asked with concern.

“Cousin is still unconscious, but there’s no danger to his health for now!” Lee Jun-hyuk immediately reported.

“Let us head to the hospital now. Doctor Jin has also come with us, and I believe that nothing will happen to Joong-sun!” Shin Chae-won looked at the person beside her, who was the hottest talent in TKM right now, Kim Jung-ho!

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