Chapter 230 - The complicated case

“Captain, we’ve obtained the information on Park Joong-sun and Choi Beom-gyu from South Korea’s side.” Zhang Zhen handed a pile of documents over to Jiang Qinghan. He was puzzled why the latter would want the information on the two unconscious patients.

After reading the documents, Jiang Qinghan furrowed her brows. “Park Joong-sun and Choi Beom-gyu were fellow students back in university. Despite poverty, Choi Beom-gyu was extremely hard-working and became Park Joong-sun’s assistant after graduation. Later, when Park Joong-sun became the Department Chief of SG Chaebol’s Investment Department, Choi Beom-guy had also successfully become the Section Chief. The two of them also have a close relationship, and they’re even rumoured to be lovers in the company.”

Zhang Zhen sighed as he rubbed his brows in exhaustion. “Why do I feel that this case is the storyline of a South Korean drama? The Cinderella and the charming prince?”

In the morning, Jiang Qinghan led her team to participate in the investigation of the foreign guests’ food poisoning in Baoyou County. Although there were many clues, it was a mess when they started to analyse it.

“There are too many suspicious points in this case.” Zhang Zhen felt that his IQ was reaching the limit as he continued, “Firstly, why were only the South Koreans poisoned? Secondly, why are the other South Korean personnel fine, while only Park Joong-sun and Choi Beom-gyu are unconscious? Thirdly, we’ve already taken a look at the restaurant’s ingredient supplies, and the surveillance camera, but there’s nothing amiss. We’ve even interrogated the chef and waiters, but none of them possessed any motive to poison. Last but not least, the news got around too quickly; it’s as if there’s a mastermind behind this matter trying to blow it up!”

When Jiang Qinghan rubbed her brows, her phone suddenly rang. The Vice-Bureau Chief, Mei Dongcheng’s voice resounded, “Captain Jiang, how’s the investigation coming along?”

“There’s no progress at the moment!” Jiang Qinghan frankly reported, then continued, “There are too many suspicious points!”

After a brief pause, Mei Dongcheng slowly said, “We just received a clue that the poisoning might not have taken place in the restaurant, but the hotel instead; the hotel that they’re staying at.”

“The hotel?” Jiang Qinghan’s eyes lit up as she replied, “That makes sense why no one amongst the Baoyou County’s government was food poisoned!”

Mei Dongcheng reminded, “Furthermore, take a look to see if there’s anyone in Baoyou County that has a history with poison, especially those that use food poison. All of them are your targets to investigate.”

Jiang Qinghan suddenly felt released, before she curiously asked, “Chief Mei, may I ask where you get those clues from?”

Since Mei Dongcheng did not make a trip to Baoyou County, he must have obtained the clues from someone else. Thus, Jiang Qinghan felt that if she could find that person to aid in her investigation, it wouldn’t take long for them to solve the case.

With a cough, Mei Dongcheng responded, “I’ll give you the contact of the person-in-charge at Baoyou County. He personally experienced the whole process himself, and you might be able to find some clues from him.”

When he hung up the phone, he sent the contact of Du Ping over to Jiang Qinghan. The city had already issued an important order concerning this incident that it must be solved within three days. Therefore, Mei Dongcheng was also under enormous pressure, and he could only dispatch his best officer, Jiang Qinghan, to investigate this case.

Holding onto his chin, Mei Dongcheng felt that this case wasn’t simple as well, and it might implicate a contest of all aspects. Otherwise, Luo Xiao also wouldn’t make a trip personally over to supervise the investigation.

After Jiang Qinghan called Du Ping, the latter asked for her location before he got the chauffeur to send him and Su Tao over.

When Jiang Qinghan saw Su Tao, she was startled and curious as to why she would always run into Su Tao during her investigations.

With a smile, Zhang Zhen walked over to Su Tao and greeted, “Physician Su, we meet again!”

Zhang Zhen had a good impression of Su Tao, and it was all due to the latter’s help that they could resolve the few previous cases; such as She Wei’s abduction, and Hanzhou City’s underground placenta research facility. Even recently, if it wasn’t for Su Tao’s help in the Nitta Watanabe case, he and Jiang Qinghan would probably have been killed by the hitmen.

“I invited him over to help with the treatment of Park Joong-sun and Choi Beom-gyu.” Du Ping introduced.

“Is he the one who realised that the clue might lie in the hotel?” Zhang Zhen curiously asked.

Nodding his head, Du Ping sighed, “Not only is Physician Su superb in his medical skills, his observation and speculation abilities are also shocking.”

When Jiang Qinghan saw Su Tao winking at her on purpose, she cleared her throat. “We will split in two ways; I will head over to the hotel and check on the surveillance camera, and Zhang Zhen, you will bring men to investigate whether there’s any possible suspect. After that, we will make a comparison and find the most suspicious suspect.”

An experienced criminal officer would be occasionally sensitive in cases, and Jiang Qinghan could smell the key in solving the case. Thus, she felt that she could break the case if she progressed in that direction.

When she got into the jeep, she started the vehicle and looked at Su Tao. “Why don’t you follow me?”

Shaking his head, Su Tao responded with a smile, “My duty here is a physician, and I have to go to the hospital later.”

Jiang Qinghan did not continue to speak upon being rejected, but turned the jeep around and drove off.

Su Tao sighed at how this master of his didn’t even chat a little with him, how impatient!

If she could behave in a little coquettish manner and beg him, he might be willing to follow her to the hospital.

In the county hospital, Wang Guofeng’s brows were tightly knitted in the ICU. The patient’s statistics were normal; however, they’ve been unconscious as if they were in a vegetative state.

This made him suddenly recall how Su Tao treated a vegetative patient during the Physician King Tournament, and that patient has completely recovered now. On the other hand, his patient’s fingers might have moved, but he was still unconscious.

Even if he’d done his best, he lost the trust of his patient’s next-of-kin, and they intended to have Su Tao to take over the treatment. This was a massive blow for any doctor.

When Wang Guofeng came out half an hour later, he helplessly shook his head toward Luo Xiao and frankly said, “The two patient’s situation is extremely peculiar, they’re practically in suspended animation. It’s not as simple as food poisoning, and there seem to be other reasons.”

Hearing Wang Guofeng’s words, Luo Xiao asked in puzzlement, “You can’t tell the other reasons?”

“I’ve never seen this before!” Wang Guofeng awkwardly smiled. He believed that Su Tao also couldn’t find the reason. Otherwise, the latter would have treated the patients yesterday.

The SG Chaebol was an essential strategy for Huainan Province, and they represented an enormous investment in a new field. Thus, Luo Xiao ordered, “Physician Wang, you’re the top specialist in the province, and have enjoyed the allowance of the government. Soldiers are nurtured for a time to be used, so you can’t drop the ball now!”

With an awkward smile, Wang Guofeng responded, “How about this, why don’t you let my master and father know about the patients’ situation? I believe that they’re able to deal with this.”

Luo Xiao knew who the identities of Wang Guofeng’s master and father were; they’re practically national physicians. Thus, he swiftly nodded his head. “It’d be best if we could have them to make a trip over!”

Wang Guofeng knew that Luo Xiao didn’t trust him, and the latter had limited knowledge in TCM, believing that the older the physician, the more respect they would receive. Although he was unhappy in his heart, Wang Guofeng still complied, “Let me give them a call!”

In an office in the Baoyou County, fog covered the room, where Ma Yongguo’s loyal comrade, Lu Gang, sat before him. The two of them had a good relationship, and they’re currently discussing the matter in the county.

“There was an order to suspend Du Ping earlier.” Lu Gang said as he smoked.

Ever since Du Ping was dispatched to Baoyou County, he had interfered in many affairs for the sake of showing achievements. Thus, Lu Gang’s space has shrunk. However, he couldn’t feel happy about the news of Du Ping being suspended. The situation has gone out of his expectations. It was initially just a struggle for power between the two of them, but there was a loophole that was exposed.

It had attracted the importance of the city, and they’ve dispatched the best officer to investigate this matter. Thus, Lu Gang was feeling uneasy, wondering when his door would be knocked.

“This matter has already blown up!” Ma Yongguo tapped his finger on the leather couch and continued, “Isn’t it just food poisoning? So why are the two of them in the ICU now?”

Lu Gang wore an innocent look as he replied, “From the news I’ve obtained from the county hospital, the conditions of the two are extremely special, and they’re unconscious. It’s just that it has nothing to do with food poisoning!”

Waving his hand in annoyance, Ma Yongguo solemnly said, “There’s no need to discuss that right now. Give that person a sum of money and get him to flee!”

Lu Gang immediately stood up and promised, “Don’t worry. Even if they found out about it, I will bear all the responsibility, and it won’t implicate anyone else!”

“I believe that you can handle this matter well, and will not disappoint me!” Ma Yongguo also stood up and patted Lu Gang’s shoulder before tossing a big envelope over. “Bribe with this money. Money can make the world go round!”

The envelope was thick, which Lu Gang glanced at Ma Yongguo with surprise, since he knew that the latter had also realised the graveness of this matter. Thus, he was going to slice his flesh to resolve this matter!

Lee Jun-hyuk sat in the corner of the hospital’s lounge with a cigarette in his hand and his assistant standing beside him.

“Sir, even the specialist from China, couldn’t treat Department Chief Park.” The assistant had a flash of joy in his eyes as he continued, “This is a piece of great news for you. Those fools from China even tried to poison us, which helped you conceal your plan!”

Interrupting his assistant with a wave of his hand, a cold gaze flashed across his face and he asked, “Who did the Chaebol arrange to come over?”

“Kim Jung-ho!” The assistant further suggested, “Your relationship with him has always been good, should we greet him about this matter?”

“No need!” Lee Jun-hyuk raised his hand and the assistant came over, then extinguished the cigarette, which he had only taken a puff and threw it to the dustbin. “Kim Jung-ho is a smart person, and he knows which side to stand on.”

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